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Welcome to the Underground Photographs area. Some of these places have been visited by Subterranea Britannica, the society dedicated to man-made and man-used underground spaces.


See https://www.subbrit.org.uk/ for more details of the society


See also London Underground for dates, maps etc.


Click below for general underground photos (historic)


London general

London sewers map

London general UG features map

London, early draft London Underground map

London Tube Railway, UK, 1930s, under construction

London Tube Train, UK, 1930s, cross-section

London Aldwych station WW2 shelter 1940

London Kingsway tram in tunnel

London Kingsway Tram 1

London Kingsway Tram 2

London Kingsway Tram 3


London World War Two

Piccadilly Circus tube shelter during Blitz, also UK WW2 propaganda posters

Holborn tube shelter during Blitz, also St Pauls, Dover cliff, Rhine rly


Mersey Tunnel, UK, under construction ca.1934



Polygonal forts, typical, pre-World War One.

1910 Fort Plan, France Image 1

1910 Fort Plan, France Image 2



Corrigedor, Philippines, WW2 tunnels



Lincoln Tunnel, USA, under construction ca.1937

New York City metro map, 1948


Click below for photographs of the Cambridge RSG bunker, visited by Sub Brit in 2017.

Asbestos sign

Back of bunker, outside

BBC room

Bunker close aerial view from south

Bunker further view south

Bunker host

Bunker plan

Bunker rear view

Bunker rear view 2

Bunker rear view 3

Bunker side view

Bunker side view 2

Bunker site map 2018

Bunker site map ca. 1940

Bunker top view south

Canteen cooker

Clothes storage


Corridor 2

Courtroom sign

Deep steps

Dressing mirror

Electrical safety notice

Electrical gear

Female dorm sign

Aerial view

Fire sign

Government departments sign

Government departments sign 2

Government loo roll

Group photo outside bunker

Kitchen area

Kitchen pantry

Male dorm sign

Oil tank room

Reinforced door

Roadway in to bunker

Sub Brit Group

Scientist room

Sick bay sign


Ventilation 2

Water ingress

Wheel valve

Winch shaft


Wiring 2

Wiring 3


Click below for underground-related photographs of Finland, visited 2019

1) P-Louhi car garage, Turku. Descends ca. 40 metres from entrance on Vasterlanggatan, below Taidemuseo, which is 40-50 metres above Vasterlanggatan, to Level 1. Has 2 levels, lowest up to 100 metres below ground level. Level 1 here, and here. There is a pedestrian exit from P Louhi, accessed up by a lift from the car park area Kauppatori Salutorget (Market Square) here.

2) Turku also has some short road tunnels through granite ridges, such as this one at Myllyande.

3) Turku also has some defensive works, probably of ca. World War Two vintage. They are aimed at defending the estuary of the River Aurajoki, which enters the Baltic just west of the city. Here, and here, and you probably don�t want to see the spider that span thatweb!!

4) The city also has some surface WW2-related defence works, concrete bunkers in the SW of the city, on high ground at Luolavouri, also once defending the Aurajoki estuary � lines of sight now largely blocked by trees and residentialblocks of flats. The bunkers have seen much attention from local graffiti artists. Pictures, here, here, here, here, and here.

5) Also some roads, e.g. here near Jyvaskala, have been adapted for possible military runway use in wartime.

6) More peaceful use of old bunkers in Kaarina, where a bunker, plan here (1), has been turned into an underground leisure centre, here, here, here and here.

7) Helsinki Metro is built very deep iin places, to get below the fjords, with a very long escalator serving this platform. Helsinki also has its share of road tunnels.

8) However the Finns have much older semi-underground storehouses, here and here. Also this old storehouse at Lappi, here, here, here, here, and here.

9) Finland is very �wired up� on the Internet and there are many roadside facilities such as here (1), here (3), here (4) and here (5).

10) Finland also has a large long-ter nuclear waste repository being constructed near Rauma, map and plan of the repository here. Source WIRED magazine, 21/4/2017, pp.119-127.

11) And if you want to drive here, here�s a shot of the Oresund Tunnel you�ll pass through on the way from Sweden.


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