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Further Reading on Food Deserts, Food Injustice and Nutritional Exclusion

1)    The Consuming Geographies of Food: Diet, Food Deserts and Obesity, HJ Shaw, Routledge, 2014, Full Book Description Here

2)    The Reducetarian Solution, B Kateman ed. Penguin Random House 2017, https://reducetarian.org/book

3)    Report on Food Justice, Obesity and Austerity in Cardiff and the Welsh Valleys, funded by CURA (Centre for Urban Research on Austerity). Initial results available here � full report forthcoming 2019.

4)    CURA Blog, Austerity and Food Poverty: the vicious circle of obesity, ill-health and deprivation, HJ Shaw and JJA Shaw, online at Austerity and Food Poverty: the vicious circle of obesity, ill-health and deprivation

5)    Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Justice and the Global Food Supply Chain: towards an ethical food policy for sustainable supermarkets Food SystemsHJ Shaw and JJA Shaw Routledge 2019, explicating the issue of Supermarkets and Corporate Social Responsibility in the food chain. Full description and 20% discount here



Free Sample Items

F.1)3 colour dimension choropleth map of Yorkshire-Humberside region

Red = Child obesity (11-yr-olds). Green = Households without car/van. Blue= % of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit.

Lighter Colours = worse �deprivation� index.


F.2)UK House Price choropleth map by Postcode District (a more detailed map with all Postcode areas marked and labelled can be purchased for �5.99, see Purchase Item P.3) below.


Purchase Items


P.1 Images of UK Historical changes maps. These maps are based on the Ordnance Survey 1 inch = 1 mile maps, dates from 1900 to 1950 (see Index Map for more information).

They show (superimposed on the OS maps)

1) Urbanised areas, outlined from 1900 to the present

2) Railway changes, with year and day/month of opening, closure, where known

3) Canal changes, with year of opening / closure where known

4) New road development, with year of opening where known

5) Coastal changes

6) New reservoirs, other new water features.

Free sample map here.

Click here to see thumbnail of available maps

Index map of available areas (each 12 x 18 km) here.

Price per image �1.50. Please order stating the map number(s) you require; map numbers are indicated on the Index Map.

Email hillshaw@aol.com for more details.


P.2 UK detailed house price map by Postcode District. This map marks all 2,984 UK Postcode Districts, for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, by the price of detached houses per square foot in that postcode for February 2020 (source, Zoopla). A choropleth colour code of 28 colour bands by �20 price-per-square-foot, from under �100 to over �620 per square foot has been used. For free small-format map and sample of main map click here.

Price �5.00 for image


Any queries on these products please email Dr Hillary J Shaw, hillshaw@aol.com


Paypal Link, https://www.paypal.me/HillaryShaw



Paypal Link, https://www.paypal.me/HillaryShaw