Chronography of Zambia

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Demography of Zambia


2001, Levy Mwanasawa of the MMD won Presidential elections.

31/10/1991, President Kaunda of Zambia was heavily defeated in multi-party elections. Frederick Chiluba won for the MMD.

1972, UNIP one party rule.

24/10/1964. Northern Rhodesia became the independent Republic of Zambia.Kenneth Kaunda was the first President.This ended 75 years of British rule.

11/8/1964, A Christian-sectarian based rebellion in Zambia, the Lumpa Church, led by Alice Lenshina ended.

22/1/1964, Kenneth Kaunda, leader of the United National Independence Party, became the first President of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia).

18/5/1960. The Queen Mother opened the Kariba dam on the Zambesi River.

20/4/1959, ANC activities were suppressed in Zambia.

6/1959, The wall of the Kariba Dam (Zambia-Zimbabwe border) was completed.

6/11/1956. Work began on the Kariba High Dam on the River Zambesi, between Zambia and Zimbabwe. See 18/5/1960.

1924, Zambia became a British protectorate.

28/4/1924, Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia�s first President, was born in Lubwa.

1910, The city of Lubumbashi was founded, originally called Elizabethville, in the copper mining area of Shaba, Zambia.

1905, The city of Lusaka was founded.


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