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19/12/2006, Arthur �Scobie� Breasley, horse racing champion, died (born 7/5/1914)

31/10/2005, Bill Marshall, racehorse trainer, died (born 14/9/1914).

5/8/2005, Bertie Hill, Olympic equestrian, died (born 7/2/1927)

20/12/1993, Charles Smirke, champion jockey, died (born 23/9/1906).

9/5/1992, William Nevett, horse racing champion, died (born 26/3/1906).

9/10/1991, Bryan Marshall, horse racing champion, died (born 29/2/1916).

30/10/1989, Seamus Hayes, show jumping champion, died.

11/4/1989, Douglas Smith, champion jockey, died (born 21/11/1917).

16/8/1986, Ryan Price, champion jockey, died.

1984, The Breeders Cup, end of season horse race in the USA, was first held.

1/6/1983, Caroline Bradley, equestrian showjumping, died (born 14/4/1946).

8/11/1981, Tim Brookshaw, champion jockey, died (born 25/3/1929).

12/7/1981, Frederick Rimell, champion jockey, died.

22/1/1981, Thomas Weston, champion jockey, died.

20/6/1980, Patrick Prendergast, champion jockey, died (born 5/8/1909).

6/1/1979, Charles Elliott, horse racing champion, died.

2/4/1977, Red Rum became the first horse ever to win three Grand Nationals.

12/5/1972, Eric Ephraim Smith, champion jockey, died.

16/1/1969, Norman Williamson, champion jockey, was born.

19/12/1968, John Jarvis, horse racing champion, died (born 28/12/1887).

28/11/1967. Horseracing was suspended in Britain because of an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.

1965, The World Equestrian Championships for women were first held. In 1978 the women�s and men�s Championships were merged.

17/9/1964, Karen Dixon, equestrian champion, was born.

20/5/1964, Joseph :Lawson, horse racing champion, died.

18/1/1964, Richard Dunwoody, champion horse racer, was born.

1962, The British Showjumping Derby was first held.

7/8/1961, Walter Swinburn, champion jockey, was born.

8/6/1961, Mary King, equestrian rider, was born.

1960, The first showjumping meeting at Hickstead, Sussex, UK, was held.

4/9/1960, Henry Persse, champion jockey, died.

17/3/1960, Michael Whitaker, show-jumping champion, was born.

22/6/1959, Michael Kiname, horse racing champion, was born.

12/12/1958, William Higgs, horse racing champion, died (born 8/2/1880).

13/6/1958, Peter Scudamore, champion jockey, was born.

5/2/1958, Joe Childs, jockey, died.

1957, The European Equestrian Championships were first held.

17/5/1957, Michael Roberts, jockey, was born.

16/5/1957, Nigel Twiston-Davies, racehorse trainer, was born.

9/6/1955, Stephen Smith Eccles, champion jockey, was born.

1/2/1955, Virginia Leng, equestrian champion, was born.

22/2/1954, Ian Stark, equestrian champion, was born.

1953, The World Equestrian Championships for men were first held.

7/11/1953, Lucinda Green, equestrian champion, was born.

9/6/1953, Frederick Darling, horse racer, died (born 15/5/1884)

1/6/1953. Gordon Richards became the first jockey to be knighted.

13/12/1952, John Francombe, champion jockey, was born.

13/4/1952, Easter Sunday. John O�Neill, equestrian champion, was born.

18/3/1952, Patrick Eddery, horse racing champion, was born in Galway, Ireland.

20/8/1950, Ann Moore, equestrian champion, was born.

3/2/1950, Michael Dickinson, horse racer, was born.

1949, The Horse of the Year event was first presented by the British Show Jumping Association, at Harringey Arena. It moved to the Empire Pool at Wembley in 1959.

1949, The first annual Badminton thtree-day eventing competition.

7/4/1949, Luca Cumani, racehorse trainer, was born.

27/1/1949, Graham Thorner, champion jockey, was born.

13/6/1948, Sandy Barclay, jockey, was born.

4/6/1948, Robert Champion, horse racing, was born

3/4/1948, Mary Gordon-Watson, equestrian champion, was born.

3/3/1948, Sir Mark Prescott, racehorse trainer, was born

29/2/1948, Dermot Weld, champion jockey, was born.

7/1/1948, Jane Bullen, equestrian events champion, was born.

6/6/1947, Marion Mould, equestrian champion, was born.

14/5/1946, Robert Davies, horse racing, was born.

14/3/1946, Alison Dawes, show jumper, was born.

15/11/1945, Thomas Stack, champion jockey, was born.

29/5/1945, Martin Pipe, champion jockey, was born.

12/12/1945, Frederick Fox, champion jockey, died (born 2/1888).

14/8/1944, Robyn Smith Astaire, US jockey, was born in San Francisco, California.

28/2/1943, Ron Barry, champion jockey, was born in Limerick, Ireland.

3/8/1941, Joshua Gifford, champion jockey, was born.

31/8/1940, Paul Kelleway, horse racing champion, was born in London.

18/3/1940, Kathy Hutchinson, race horse trainer, was born.

1/3/1940, David Broome, show jumping champion, was born.

21/12/1939, Greville Starkey, champion jockey, was born.

10/7/1939, John Dunlop, racehorse trainer, was born.

29/12/1938, Robert Harvey Smith, champion jockey (show jumping), was born.

4/12/1938, Richard Meade, equestrian champion, was born.

4/8/1937, Elizabeth Ann Drummond, equestrian champion, was born.

10/6/1937, Edward Harty, horse racing champion, died.

10/4/1937, Stanley Mellor, horse racing champion, was born.

2/4/1937, Barry Hills, racehorse trainer, was born.

21/12/1935, Geoff Lewis, horse racing champion, was born.

4/11/1935, Lester Piggott, jockey, was born.

25/10/1934, Joseph Mercer, horse racing champion, was born.

14/10/1934, George Bowman, equestrian champion, was born.

8/9/1932, Alan Oliver, equestrian champion, was born.

25/3/1929, Tim Brookshaw, champion jockey, was born (died 8/11/1981).

15/11/1928, Emmanuel Mercer, horse racing champion, was born (died 26/9/1959).

1926, Chepstow racecourse opened.

20/9/1926, Frederick Winter, champion jockey, was born.

27/3/1925, Double Chase won the 84th Grand National horse race at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England.

24/3/1922. Only 3 of the 32 horses in the Grand National finished the race.

21/2/1922, John Porter, champion jockey, died (born 2/3/1838).

27/12/1920, Bruce Hobbs, jockey and trainer, was born (died 22/11/2005)

31/10/1920, Richard Francis, champion jockey, was born.

7/4/1920, Arthur Stephenson, champion jockey, was born (died 3/12/1992).

7/1/1920, Aubrey Brabazon, horse racing, was born.

14/9/1919, Tim Molony, horse racing champion, was born (died 14/12/1989).

21/11/1917, Douglas Smith, champion jockey, was born (died 11/4/1989).

13/7/1917, Thomas Cannon, champion jockey, died (born 23/4/1846).

30/11/1916, William Carr, jockey, was born (died 19/10/1985).

29/2/1916, Bryan Marshall, horse racing champion, was born (died 9/10/1991).

20/2/1916, Eddie Arcaro, American jockey, was born in Cincinnati (died 1997)

16/3/1915, Britain�s Jockey Club decided that the War should not stop horse racing.

14/9/1914, Bill Marshall, racehorse trainer, was born (died 31/10/2005).

7/5/1914, Scobie Breasley, jockey, was born

9/1/1914, Derek Allhusen, equestrian sportsman, was born.

2/8/1913, Frank Weldon, equestrian champion, was born (died 21/9/1993).

8/11/1910, Fulke Walwyn, champion jockey, was born (died 18/2/1991).

24/3/1910, Noel Murless, horse racing champion, was born (died 9/5/1987).

5/8/1909, Patrick Prendergast, champion jockey, was born (died 20/6/1980).

23/9/1906, Charles Smirke, champion jockey, was born (died 20/12/1993).

26/3/1906, William Nevett, horse racing champion, was born (died 9/5/1992).

5/5/1904, Gordon Richards, champion jockey, was born (died 10/11/1986).

1903, In Britain, the Jockey Club took action against the doping of horses.

29/7/1902, John Watson champion jockey, died.

18/8/1898, Matthew Dawson, jockey, died (born 9/1/1820)

3/6/1896, King Edward VII (then Prince of Wales) won the Derby on a horse called Persimmon.

28/12/1887, John Jarvis, horse racing champion, was born (died 19/12/1968).

11/10/1887, George Fordham, horse racing champion, died.

16/4/1887, Cecil Boyd-Rochfort, horse racing, was born (died17/3/1983).

8/11/1886, Frederick Archer, horseracing jockey, died.

8/11/1884, Steven Donoghue, horse racing champion, was born (died 23/3/1945).

15/5/1884, Frederick Darling, horse racer, was born (died 9/6/1953)

8/2/1880, William Higgs, horse racing champion, was born (died 12/12/1958).

21/5/1873, Herbert Cannon, champion jockey, was born (died 1/6/1962).

4/10/1871, John Scott, champion jockey, died (born 39/11/1794).

15/3/1862, Alexander Taylor, champion jockey, was born (died 28/1/1943).

21/3/1860, John Day, jockey, died (born 1793).

1859, Bangor on Dee racecourse opened.

27/4/1857, The Longchamps horseracing track opened in the Bois de Bolougne, Paris.

31/12/1851, Richard Marsh, horse racing champion, was born (died 20/5/1933).

26/9/1848, William Scott, champion jockey, was born.

23/4/1846, Thomas Cannon, champion jockey, was born (died 13/7/1917).

26/2/1839. The Grand National at Aintree, Liverpool, was first run.

2/3/1838, John Porter, champion jockey, was born (died 21/2/1922).

1837, The Bayswater Hippodrome opened.

1836, The Kings Plate and Queens Plate races began in Quebec.

29/4/1835, Bill Arnull, champion horseracing jockey, died (born 1785).

1834, Chantilly Racetrack opened 42 km north of Paris.

5/8/1832, Frank Buckle, horse racing champion, died (born 1766).

9/1/1820, Matthew Dawson, jockey, was born (died 18/8/1898).

1814, The 1,000 Guineas Flat Race for 3 year old fillies, 1.6 km, was first run at Newmarket. The most recent of the Classical Races, it was the first to be run every year.

1809, The 2,000 Guineas Flat Race, 1.6 km, for three-year-old colts and fillies (usually only entered by colts) was first run at Newmarket.

1807, The Ascot Gold Cup horse race was first ran.

8/1/1807, Sam Chifney, jockey, died

1802, Horse racing at Goodwood began.

30/11/1794, John Scott, champion jockey, was born (died 4/10/1871).

4/5/1780. The first Derby horse race was run, at Epsom.

24/9/1776. The oldest of the classic horse races, the St Leger, was first run at Doncaster.

1752, The Jockey Club, to have a ,meeting place, leased a plot of land in Newmarket and built the �Coffee Room� there. The Jockey Club gradually acquired all the training and racing land at Newmarket, and became accepted as the regulatory body for all flat racing in the UK. In 1990 the Jockey Club yielded control to the newly formed British Horseracing Board, amid concerns that the Jockey Club was too aristocratic and elitist.

17/8/1711. Ascot became �Royal� after the attendance of Queen Anne at the horse races.

11/8/1711, The first Royal Ascot horse race took place, attended by Queen Anne.

1636, Newmarket horse race course was established.

9/2/1540. The first recorded horse-racing meeting in Britain took place on Roodeye Field (now Roodee), Chester.

1174, The first recorded horse races in England.


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