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26/2/2005, Max Faulkner, golfer, died (born 29/7/1916).

25/7/1997, Ben Hogan, golfer, died.

13/4/1997, 21 year olf Tiger Woods became the youngest ever winner of the US Masters.

21/7/1978, Henry Longhurst, golfing champion, died (born 18/3/1909).

16/9/1977, Charlotte Leitch, golfer, died (born 13/4/1891)

8/6/1976, Lindsay Davenport, tennis player, was born.

30/12/1975, Tiger Woods, US golfer, was born.

31/5/1975, Peter Alliss, British golfer, died (born 8/1/1897)

19/7/1972, Harold Weetman, golfer, died.

8/8/1970, Johnny Goodman, US golfer, died aged 60.

16/6/1970, Phil Mickelson, golf player, was born.

17/10/1969, Ernie Els, golfer, was born

28/4/1966, John Daly, golf player, was born.

5/2/1966, Jose Maria Olazabat, golfer, was born

15/1/1964, George Duncan, golfer, died (born 16/9/1883).

5/10/1963, Laura Davies, golf champion, was born.

10/2/1963, John Taylor, golfer, died.

8/8/1962, Archie Compston, golfer, died.

27/8/1959, Bernhard Langer, golfer, was born.

7/3/1959, Tom Lehman, golfer, was born.

9/4/1957, Seve Ballesteros, champion golfer, was born (died 7/5/2011)

28/1/1957, Nick Price, golfer, was born.

6/1/1957, Nancy Lopez, US golfer, was born.

20/1/1955, Curtis Strange, golfer, was born.

26/8/1954, Howard Clark, English golfer, was born.

28/10/1953, Mark James, golf champion, was born.

24/8/1953, Samuel Torrance, golfer, was born.

27/11/1950, James Braid, golfer, died (born 6/2/1870)

29/4/1949, Mary McKenna, golfing champion, was born.

29/4/1947, Johnny Miller, golfer, was born.

18/2/1947, Jose-Maria Canizares, golfer, was born.

24/11/1946, Vivien Saunders, champion golfer, was born.

3/6/1945, Brian W Barnes, golfer, was born.

18/2/1945, Judy Rankin, US golfer, was born.

7/7/1944, Tony Jacklin, British golf champion, was born in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.

26/8/1943, Edward Ray, golfing champion, died (born 28/3/1877).

2/12/1940, John Ball, golf player, died (born 24/12/1861)

29/4/1939, Mary McKenna, golfing champion, was born.

10/12/1938, Billy Dunk, golfer, was born.

1/2/1938, Jacky Cupit, golfer, was born.

7/4/1937, Angela Bonallack, golfer, was born.

11/4/1936, Isabella Robertson, golf champion, was born.

1/11/1935, Gary Player, South African golfer, was born.

1934, The US Masters golf tournament was first held.

28/7/1932, Horace Hutchinson, golfer, died (born 16/5/1859).

2/2/1930, Bernard Hunt, golf champion, was born.

3/6/1927, The first Ryder Cup Golf Match between the UK and USA was held in Worcester, Massachusetts. The USA won.

1927, Entrepreneur Samuel Ryder donated the Ryder Cup, the tournament for which is now played alternately in the USA and the UK.

26/4/1927, Philomena Garvey, golfer, was born.

24/5/1925, William Park, golfer, died.

15/2/1925, Eric Brown, golfer, was born.

21/12/1924, Christy O�Connor, golf champion, was born.

13/2/1918, Patty Berg, golfer, was born (died 10/9/2006).

4/3/1917, Pamela Barton, golfer, was born.

1916, The US Professional Golfers Association tournament was first held.

2/9/1915, Percy Lucas, golf champion, was born.

9/10/1913, Harry Bradshaw, golfer, was born.

27/5/1912, Sam Snead, US golfer, was born.

4/2/1912, John Byron Nelson, golfer, was born (died 26/9/2006).

18/3/1909, Henry Longhurst, golfing champion, was born (died 21/7/1978).

24/5/1908, Tom Morris, golfer, died (born 17/6/1821).

1901, In Britain, the Professional Golfer�s Association was formed.

1901, The term �nineteenth hole� for the bar in the golf club house was first used (a standard golf course has 18 holes).

1901, Sunningdale Old Golf Course opened. The more difficult New Golf Course opened in 1922.

17/11/1901, Joyce Wethered, champion golfer, was born.

8/1/1897, Peter Alliss, British golfer, was born (died 31/5/1975).

4/10/1895, The US Golf Association hosted the first US Open Men�s Golf Championship, on a 9-hole course in Newport, Rhode Island.

13/4/1891, Charlotte Leitch, golfer, was born (died 16/9/1977)

1889, Royal Birkdale Golf Club was founded, as Birkdale Golf Club; the Royal was added in 1951.

19/1/1887, Abraham Mitchell, golfer, was born (died 1947).

16/9/1883, George Duncan, golfer, was born (died 15/1/1964).

9/2/1883, Garnet Carter, inventor of miniature golf, was born.

28/3/1877, Edward Ray, golfing champion, was born (died 26/8/1943).

7/9/1876, Bernard Darwin, golfer, was born (died 18/10/1961).

9/5/1870, Harry Vardon, golfer, was born (died 20/3/1937).

6/2/1870, James Braid, golfer, was born (died 27/11/1950)

1869, Royal Liverpool Golf Club was founded, gaining its Royal in 1871.

12/1/1869, Harold Hilton, golf champion, was born (died 5/3/1942).

24/12/1861, John Ball, golf player, was born (died 2/12/1940).

17/10/1860. The first professional golf tournament, the British Open, was held at Prestwick, Scotland. It was won by Willie Park.

16/5/1859, Horace Hutchinson, golfer, was born (died 28/7/1932).

17/6/1821, Tom Morris, golfer, was born (died 24/5/1908).

1791, The Burntisland Golf Club was founded.

1787, The Glasgow Golf Club was founded.

1786, The first golf club in the USA was founded at Charleston Green, near Charleston, South Carolina, byb a local clergyman, Henry Purcell.

1786, The Crail Golfing Society was founded.

1780, The Royal Aberdeen Golf Club was founded.

1774, The Royal Musselburgh Golf Club was founded.

1766, The Royal Blackheath Golf Club was formed.

1761, Bruntsfield Links Golf Club was formed.

14/5/1754, The Royal and Ancient (St Andrews) Golf Club was founded. The first game was played here this day.

1744, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (Muirfield) was founded.

1735, The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh was founded.

6/3/1457, King James II of Scotland banned golf, because it distracted men from archery training. There was a constant threat of invasion from England, The ban was reiterated in 1471 and 1491, and was not formally lifted until 1744.


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