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26/11/2006, Graham Roope, cricketer, died (born 12/7/1946)

24/5/2006, Eric Bedser, cricketer, died (born 4/7/1918)

30/12/2005, Eddie Barlow, cricketer, died (born 12/8/1940)

18/6/2005, Syed Mushtaq Ali, cricketer, died (born 17/12/1914)

30/5/2005, Fazal Mahmood, cricketer, died (born 18/2/1927)

1/3/2005, Brian Luckhurst, cricketer, died (born 5/2/1939).

1/6/2002, Hansie Cronje, cricketer, died.

25/2/2001, Sir Donald Bradman, cricketer, died.

20/4/1995, Robert Wyatt,cricketer, died (born 2/5/1901).

30/3/1995, Tony Lock, cricketer, died.

27/12/1994, Peter May, cricketer, died (born 31/12/1929).

16/6/1993, Lindsay Hassett, Australian cricketer, died.

28/5/1993, Charles Barnett, cricketer, died.

24/7/1991, Frederick Brown, cricketer, died (born 16/12/1910).

7/3/1987, Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar became the first to scored 10,000 runs in Test Cricket.

23/7/1985, John Wardle, cricketer, died (born 8/1/1923).

15/6/1985, Percy Fender, cricketer, died (born 22/8/1892).

20/4/1982, Andrew Sandham, cricketer, died.

14/3/1981, Ken Barrington, cricketer, died (born 24/11/1930).

5/2/1979, Edward Paynter, cricketer, died (born 5/11/1901).

22/11/1978, Herbert Sutcliffe, cricketer, died (born 24/11/1894).

18/10/1978, Frank Woolley, cricketer, died (born 28/5/1887)

21/11/1977, Kerry Packer launched his World Series cricket in Melbourne. Packer had bene unable to secure broadcasting rights with the Australian Cricket Board, so he signed 60 players to start their own series.

15/1/1977, Simon James Cook, British cricketer, was born in Oxford, England

8/11/1976, Brett Lee, cricketer, was born.

5/9/1976, Arthur Gilligan, cricketer, died (born 23/12/1894).

29/12/1974, Brad Hodge, cricketer, was born.

19/12/1974, Ricky Ponting, cricketer, was born.

29/10/1974, Michael Vaughan, cricketer, was born

5/9/1974, Rawl Lewis, West Indian cricketer, was born in Grenada.

31/12/1973, Mohammad Iqbal, Pakistani born Canadian cricketer, was born.

8/7/1973, Wilfred Rhodes, cricketer, died (born 29/10/1876).

7/8/1971, Dominic Cork, cricketer, was born

5/1/1971, International One Day Cricket began when England played Australia in Melbourne.

28/6/1970, Mushtaq Ahmed, cricket player, was born.

14/2/1970, Herbert Strudwick, cricketer, died.

20/11/1969, Sir George Oswald, cricketer, died (born 31/7/1902).

12/12/1968, Walter Robins, cricketer, died (born 3/6/1906)

28/3/1968, Nasser Hussain, cricketer, was born.

14/2/1968, Chris Lewis, cricketer, was born

26/11/1967, Ridley Jacobs, West Indian cricketer, was born.

1/1/1967, Maurice Leyland, cricketer, died (born 20/7/1900).

14/9/1966, Aamer Sohail, Pakistani cricketer, was born in Lahore

22/5/1966, Thomas Goddard, cricketer, died.

5/1/1966, George Duckworth, cricketer, was born.

31/8/1965, Willie Watson, New Zealand cricketer, was born.

8/8/1965, Angus Fraser, cricketer, was born.

28/1/1965, Alfred Freeman, cricketer, died(born 17/5/1888).

1963, The old distinction between �gentlemen� (who played for the fun of it, amateurs) and �players� (who played for a living, professionals) was abolished, and the two groups no longer had separate entrances at Lords.

21/12/1963, Leeds Rugby Club, the first with undersoil heating, used it during a game with Dewsbury.

1/12/1963, Arjuna Ranatunga, Sri Lankan cricketer, was born.

13/9/1963, Robin Smith, cricketer, was born.

2/5/1963, Jack Crawford,cricketer, died (born 1/12/1886).

7/2/1963, Arthur Carr, cricketer, died (born 21/5/1893).

30/1/1963, Pelham Warner, cricketer, died (born 2/10/1873).

30/10/1962, Courtney Walsh, cricketer, cricketer, was born.

27/5/1962, Ravi Shastri, cricketer, was born.

2/10/1961, Reginald Spooner, cricketer, died (born 21/10/1880).

3/6/1961, Kevin Arnott, Zimbabwean cricketer, was born

26/1/1961, Morris Nichols,cricketer, died (born 6/10/1900).

29/12/1960, David Boon, cricketer, was born.

7/9/1959, Kevin Curran, cricketer, was born.

1/9/1959, Carole Hodges, cricketer, was born.

11/7/1959, Charles Parker, cricketer, died.

4/7/1959, Janette Brittin, cricketer, was born.

18/5/1959, Graham Dilley, cricketer, was born.

9/9/1958, Charles Macartney, Australian cricketer, died aged 72

26/6/1958, George Gunn, cricketer, died (born 13/6/1879).

18/6/1958, Douglas Jardine, cricketer, died (born 23/10/1900).

26/3/1958, Philip Mead, cricketer, died (born 9/3/1887).

7/12/1957, Geoff Lawson, cricketer, was born.

20/10/1957, Chris Cowdrey, English cricketer, was born.

29/9/1957, Chris Broad, cricketer, was born

8/4/1957, Frank Chester, cricketer, died.

1/5/1957, Rick Darling, Australian cricketer, was born.

7/9/1956, Charles Fry, cricketer, died (born 25/4/1872).

28/6/1956, Shropshire Cricket Club was founded.

18/5/1956, Maurice Tate, cricketer, died (born 30/5/1895).

23/12/1955, Leonard Braund, cricketer, died (born 18/10/1875).

24/11/1955, Ian Botham, cricketer, was born.

15/9/1955, Abdul Qadir, cricketer, was born

11/5/1955, Gilbert Jessop, English cricketer, died aged 80.

20/6/1954, Allan Lamb, cricketer, was born.

10/5/1954, George Hirst, cricketer, died (born 7/9/1871).

26/1/1954, Kim Hughes, cricketer, was born

27/12/1953, Kevin Wright, cricketer, was born.

23/7/1953, Graham Gooch, cricketer, was born.

1/4/1953, Aftab Baloch, Pakistan cricketer, was born in Karachi, Pakistan

12/12/1952, Charles Kortright, cricketer, died.

8/9/1952, Geoff Miller, cricketer, was born.

23/1/1952, Omar Henry, South African cricketer, was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

20/3/1951, Madan Lai, cricketer, was born.

24/2/1951, Derek Randall, cricketer, was born.

29/1/1951, Andy Roberts, cricketer, was born.

16/8/1950, Jeff Thomson, Australian cricketer, was born.

10/10/1949, Lance Cairns, cricketer, was born

18/7/1949, Dennis Lillee,cricketer, was born.

30/5/1949, Robert Williams, cricketer, was born.

21/3/1949, Alvin Kalicharan, cricketer, was born.

22/12/1948, Chris Old, cricketer, was born.

12/9/1948, Max Walker, Australian cricket player, was born.

7/8/1948, Greg Chappell, cricketer, was born.

10/4/1948, Cumberland Cricket Club was founded.

1947, Cricket matches in England attracted 2 million paying spectators. This figure dropped to 500,000 by 1970.

4/11/1947, Rodney Marsh, Australian cricketer, was born.

13/7/1947, Warwick Armstrong, cricketer, died aged 68

9/3/1947, Stanley Jackson, cricketer, died (born 21/11/1870).

12/7/1946, Graham Roope, cricketer, was born (died 26/11/2006)

6/10/1946, Anthony Grieg, cricketer, was born.

6/9/1946, Roger Knight, secretary of the MCC, was born.

8/6/1945, Derek Underwood, cricketer, was born.

18/5/1945, BS Chandrasekhar, cricketer, was born.

17/4/1944, John Hearne, cricketer, died (born 3/5/1867).

26/9/1943, Ian Chappell, cricketer, was born.

12/8/1943, Bobby Peel, British cricketer, died aged 84.

6/8/1943. Thomas William Garrett, cricketer for Australia, died in Sydney (born 26/7/1858 in Wollongong, New South Wales).

31/7/1943, Hedley Verity, cricketer, died (born 18/5/1905).

12/7/1943, Bruce Taylor, New Zealand cricketer, was born.

15/6/1943, Cecil Parker, cricketer, died (born 18/2/1886)

6/6/1943, Asif Iqbal, cricketer, was born.

23/10/1941, Colin Milburn, cricketer, was born (died 28/2/1990).

1/12/1940, Michael Denness, cricketer, was born.

30/3/1940, Norman Gifford, cricketer, was born.

19/7/1939, Thomas Hayward, cricketer, died.

12/6/1939, Geoff Griffin, South African cricketer, was born (died 16/11/2006)

11/6/1939, Rachel Heyhoe Flint, cricketer, was born.

5/2/1939, Brian Luckhurst, cricketer, was born (died 1/3/2005).

14/8/1938, Hugh Trimble, cricketer, died.

6/7/1938, Tony Lewis, cricketer, was born.

12/9/1937, Wes Hall, cricketer, was born.

9/6/1937, Sven Conrad Stayers, Guyanese cricketer, was born in Georgetown, Guyana (died 2005)

4/3/1937, Graham Dowling, cricketer, was born.

11/2/1937, Bill Lawry, cricketer, was born.

1936, The Forty Club was established in England by Henry Grierson for cricketers over 40, to facilitate circket playing by middle-aged people.

28/7/1936, Sir Garfield Sobers, West Indies cricketer, was born.

3/2/1936, Bobby Simpson, Australian test cricketer, was born.

29/7/1934, Alfred Scott, West Indian cricketer, was born.

15/9/1933, Colin Ingleby Mackenzie, cricketer, was born (died 9/3/2006)

30/6/1933, Michael Smith, cricketer, was born.

2/4/1933, Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Indian cricket batsman, died.

16/2/1933, England won the Ashes against Australia using a controversial �bodyline� bowling technique, aiming the cricket ball at the batsman�s legs and body, making the game more dangerous.

17/1/1933, John Henry Hodges, cricketer for Australia, died in Collingwood, Victoria (born 31/7/1856 in Collingwood, Victoria).

24/12/1932, Colin Cowdrey, cricketer, was born.

24/11/1932, Frederick Titmus, cricketer, was born.

8/1932, Suffolk Cricket Club was founded.

25/6/1932, The first England � India test cricket match began at Lords, London.England won by 158 runs.

8/6/1932, Raymond Illingworth, cricketer, was born.

24/3/1932, George Harris, cricketer, died (born 3/2/1851).

29/1/1932, Raman Subba Row, cricket administrator, was born.

21/10/1931, James Parks, cricketer, was born.

4/7/1931, Peter Richardson, cricketer, was born.

6/2/1931, Frederick Trueman, cricketer, was born.

19/12/1930, John Douglas, cricketer, died (born 3/9/1882).

27/11/1930, John Tyldesley, cricketer, died (born 22/11/1873).

24/11/1930, Ken Barrington, cricketer, was born (died 14/3/1981).

6/10/1930, Richie Benaud, cricketer, was born

6/6/1930, Frank Tyson, cricketer, was born.

1/8/1929, Syd Gregory, Australian cricketer, died.

5/7/1929, Tony Lock, cricketer, was born (died 30/3/1995).

6/3/1929, David Sheppard, cricketer, was born.

16/6/1927, Thomas Graveney, cricketer, was born.

18/2/1927, Fazal Mahmood, cricketer, was born (died 30/5/2005)

4/6.1926, Frederick Spofforth, Australian cricketer, died.

28/3/1926, Pahlan Ratanji Umrigar, cricketer, was born (died 7/11/2006)

7/11/1925, Mary Duggan,cricketer, was born (died 10/3/1973).

26/2/1925, Sir Everton Weekes, cricketer, was born.

10/1/1925, Geoffrey Keighley, cricketer, was born (died 14/6/2005)

12/8/1924, Derek Shackleton, cricketer, was born.

3/12/1923, Trevor Bailey, English cricketchampion, was born.

8/1/1923, John Wardle, cricketer, was born (died 23/7/1985).

21/9/1922, Thomas Armitage, cricketer for England, died in Chicago, USA (born 25/4/1848 in Sheffield, Yorkshire)

9/2/1922, James Laker, cricketer, was born (died 23/4/1986).

14/12/1921, Oxfordshire Cricket Club was founded.

5/4/1921, Leslie Jackson, cricketer, was born.

18/8/1920, Thomas Evans, cricketer, was born in Finchley, London.

7/3/1920, Willie Watson, cricketer, was born.

20/8/1919, Gregor MacGregor,cricketer, died (born 31/8/1869).

4/7/1918, Alec Bedser, cricketer, was born.

16/4/1916, Thomas Patrick Horan, cricketer for Australia, died in Melbourne (born in Middleton, Ireland, 8/3/1854)

26/3/1916, William Edrich, cricketer, was born (died 24/4/1986).

4/4/1915, Easter Sunday. Andrew Stoddart, cricketer, died.

25/7/1914, 66 year old WG Grace batted for the last time in a competitive match, scoring 69 not out.

16/6/1914, Stewart Griffith, cricketer, was born (died 7/4/1993).

13/5/1914, Reginald Foster, cricketer, died (born 16/4/1878).

24/10/1913, Mary Hide, cricketer, was born.

5/7/1913, Alfred Lyttelton, cricketer, died (born 7/2/1857).

3/7/1911, Joseph Hardstaff, cricketer, was born (died 1/1/1990).

20/5/1911, Edward Grace, cricketer, died (born 28/11/1841).

2/4/1911, Myrtle Maclagan, cricketer, was born (died 11/3/1993).

1910, The six-runs rule for a ball batted over the boundary was introduced; previously that batter scored just 4 runs for this shot.

29/9/1908. Cheshire Cricket Club was founded.

8/8/1909, William Voce, cricketer, was born (died 6/6/1984).

25/7/1908, William Bowes, cricketer, was born (died 5/9/1987).

1907, The International Cricket Council was established (then known as the Imperial Cricket Conference).

16/1/1907, Alfred Shaw, cricketer, died.

28/9/1906, Lincolnshire Cricket Club was founded.

3/6/1906, Walter Robins, cricketer, was born (died 12/12/1968)

18/5/1905, Hedley Verity, cricketer, was born (died 31/7/1943).

29/6/1904, Thomas Emmett, cricketer for England, died in Leicester (born 3/9/1841 in Halifax, Yorkshire)

27/8/1903, Donald George Bradman, Australian cricketer, was born.

19/6/1903, Walter Hammond, cricketer, was born (died 1/7/1965).

31/7/1902, Sir George Oswald, cricketer, was born (died 29/11/1969).

11/1/1902, John Briggs, cricketer, died (born 3/10/1862).

1/12/1901, George Lohmann, cricketer, died (born 2/6/1865).

5/11/1901, Edward Paynter, cricketer, was born (died 5/2/1979).

21/9/1901, Learie Constantine, West Indian cricketer, was born (died 1971).

2/5/1901, Robert Wyatt,cricketer, was born (died 20/4/1995).

23/10/1900, Douglas Jardine, cricketer, was born (died 18/6/1958).

20/7/1900, Maurice Leyland, cricketer, was born (died 1/1/1967).

26/11/1899, Devon Cricket Club was founded

3/11/1899, Bedfordshire Cricket Club was founded.

2/9/1896, Nathaniel Thompson, cricketer for Australia, died in Sydney (born 21/4/1838 in Birmingham, England).

5/2/1896, Dorset Cricket Club was founded.

12/1895, Northumberland Cricket Club was founded.

30/5/1895, Maurice Tate, cricketer, was born (died 18/5/1956).

17/3/1895, Berkshire Cricket Club was founded.

23/12/1894, Arthur Gilligan, cricketer, was born (died 5/9/1976).

24/11/1894, Herbert Sutcliffe, cricketer, was born (died 22/1/1978).

12/11/1894, Cornwall Cricket Club was founded.

11/3/1894, John Selby, cricketer for England, died in Nottingham (born 1/7/1894 in Nottoingham)

21/5/1893, Arthur Carr, cricketer, was born (died 7/2/1963).

1/1893, Wiltshire Cricket Club was founded.

22/8/1892, Percy Fender, cricketer, was born (died 15/6/1985).

19/2/1891, John White, cricketer, was born (died 2/5/1961).

11/2/1891, John Hearne, cricketer, was born (died 14/9/1965).

24/1/1891, Alexander Kennedy, cricketer, was born (died 15/11/1959).

15/1/1891, Buckinghamshire Cricket Club was founded.

6/1/1891, Ted McDonald, Australian cricketer was born in Launceston, Australia (died 1937).

1890, Headingley Ground, Leeds, was opened. It is the County Ground of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, and has bene used for Test Matches since 1899. Leeds Rugby League Club also plays there.

3/12/1890, William Evans Midwinter, cricketer for Australia, died in Melbourne (born 19/6/1851 in St Briavels, Gloucestershire, England).

12/5/1890, In the UK, the first ever official County Championship cricket match began in Bristol.Yorkshire beat Gloucestershire by eight wickets.

8/4/1889, Henry Jupp, cricketer for England, died in Bermondsey, London (born in Dorking, Surrey, 19/11/1841).

12/2/1889, Andrew Greenwood, cricketer for England, died in Huddersfield, Yorkshire (born in Yorkshire, 10/8/1847).

5/2/1889, Elias Hendren, cricketer, was born (died 4/10/1962).

1888, Glamorgan County Cricket Club was founded

6/6/1888, Henry Rupert James Charlwood, cricketer for England, died in Scarborough, Yorkshire (born in Horsham, Sussex, 19/12/1846).

17/5/1888, Alfred Freeman, cricketer, was born (died 28/1/1965).

28/5/1887, Frank Woolley, cricketer, was born (died 18/10/1978)

9/3/1887, Philip Mead, cricketer, was born (died 26/3/1958).

1886, Warwickshire Cricket Club bought the land for the ground at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The first Test match was played there in 1902, and it is now a regular Test venue.

25/11/1886, Percy Holmes, cricketer, was born (died 3/9/1971).

18/2/1886, Cecil Parker, cricketer, was born (died 15/6/1943)

16/2/1886, Andrew Ducat cricketer, was born (died 23/7/1942).

5/4/1884, John Wisden, cricketer and compiler of Wisden record books, died in London.

16/12/1882, John Hobbs, cricketer, was born (died 21/12/1963).

3/9/1882, John Douglas, cricketer, was born (died 19/12/1930).

2/9/1882, Following England�s cricketing defeat by Australia at The Oval on 29/8/1882, a notice appeared in the Sporting Times lamenting the death of English cricket and suggesting that the body be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia. When the England team toured Australia in 1882-3 they were duly presented with an urn containing the ashes of a set of stumps. The Ashes became the subject of a major ongoing cricketing contest.

10/5/1882, Durham Cricket Club was founded.

8/4/1882, Warwickshire County Cricket Club was formed at a meeting in the Queen�s Hotel, Coventry.

21/10/1880, Reginald Spooner, cricketer, was born (died 2/10/1961).

6/9/1880, The first cricket Test match played in Britain, between England and Australia, took place at The Oval.

16/6/1880, James Southerton, cricketer for England, died in Mitcham, Surrey (born 16/11/1827 in Petworth, Sussex).

13/6/1879, George Gunn, cricketer, was born (died 29/6/1958).

30/5/1879, Colin Blythe, cricketer, was born (died 8/11/1917).

25/3/1879, Leicestershire County Cricket Club was formed in Leicester.

31/7/1878, Northamptonshire Cricket Club was founded.

16/4/1878, Reginald Foster, cricketer, was born (died 13/5/1914).

13/10/1877, Bernard Bosanquet, cricketer, was born (died 12/10/1936).

15/3/1877, The first cricket Test Match, in Melbourne between Australia and England, was won by Australia.

29/10/1876, Wilfred Rhodes, cricketer, was born (died 8/7/1973).

24/11/1871, Staffordshire Cricket Club was founded.

14/10/1876, Norfolk Cricket Club was founded.

8/3/1876, Hertfordshire Cricket Club was founded.

14/1/1876, Essex County Cricket Club was founded at a meeting at The Shire Hall, Chelmsford.

18/10/1875, Leonard Braund, cricketer, was born (died 23/12/1955).

18/8/1875, Somerset County Cricket Club was founded.

19/5/1874, Gilbert Jessop, cricketer, was born (died 11/5/1955).

22/11/1873, John Tyldesley, cricketer, was born (died 27/11/1930).

2/10/1873, Pelham Warner, cricketer, was born (died 30/1/1963).

19/4/1873, Sidney Barnes, cricketer, was born (died 26/12/1967)

25/4/1872, Charles Fry, cricketer, was born (died 7/9/1956).

1871, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club was founded.

1/12/1871, Archibald MacLaren, cricketer, was born (died 17/11/1944).

7/9/1871, George Hirst, cricketer, was born (died 10/5/1954).

21/11/1870, Stanley Jackson, cricketer, was born (died 9/3/1947).

4/11/1870, Derbyshire County Cricket Club was founded at a meeting in the Guildhall, Derby.

11/8/1870, Thomas Richardson, cricketer, was born (died 2/7/1912).

1/5/1870, Fuller Pilch, cricketer, died (born 17/3/1804)

31/8/1869, Gregor MacGregor,cricketer, was born (died 20/8/1919).

25/3/1868, William Lockwood, cricketer, was born (died 26/4/1932).

3/5/1867, John Hearne, cricketer, was born (died 17/4/1044).

28/11/1866, Arthur Lilley, cricketer, was born (died 17/11/1929).

2/6/1865, George Lohmann, cricketer, was born (died 1/12/1901).

3/3/1865. Worcestershire County Cricket Club was founded at a meeting at the Stag Hotel, Worcester.

2/2/1864, Middlesex County Cricket Club was founded at a meeting at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate.

12/1/1864, Lancashire County Cricket Club was founded in Manchester.

12/8/1863, Hampshire County Cricket Club was founded in Southampton.

11/4/1863, Andrew Stoddart, cricketer, was born (died 4/4/1915).

8/1/1863, Yorkshire County Cricket Club was founded at a meeting at the Adelphi Hotel, Sheffield.

3/10/1862, John Briggs, cricketer, was born (died 11/1/1902).

1/11/1861, Alfred Mynn, cricketer, died

16/8/1860, Martin Hawke, cricketer, was born (died 10/10/1938).

1/3/1859, A second Kent County Cricket Club was founded at Maidstone.

24/9/1858, Allan Steel, cricketer, was born (died 15/6/1914).

26/7/1858, Thomas William Garrett, cricketer for Australia, was born in Wollongong, New South Wales (died 6/8/1943 in Sydney).

30/11/1857, Bobby Abel, cricketer, was born (died 10/12/1936).

12/2/1857, Robert Peel, cricketer, was born (died 12/8/1941).

7/2/1857, Alfred Lyttelton, cricketer, was born (died 5/7/1913).

25/8/1856, William Clarke, cricketer, died (born 24/12/1798)

31/7/1856, John Henry Hodges, cricketer for Australia, was born in Collingwood, Victoria (died 22/4/1899 in Sydney)

11/4/1856, Arthur Shrewsbury, cricketer, was born (died 19/5/1903).

11/5/1854, John McArthy Blackham, cricketer for Australia, was born in Melbourne (died in Sydney, 20/8/1930).

8/3/1854, Thomas Patrick Horan, cricketer for Australia, was born in Middleton, Ireland (died 16/4/1916 in Melbourne).

21/10/1851, George Ulyett, cricketer, was born (died 18/6/1898).

24/8/1851, Thomas Kendall, cricketer for Australia, was born in Bedford, England (died 17/8/1924 in Hobart, Tasmania).

19/6/1851, William Evans Midwinter, cricketer for Australia, was born in St Briavels, Gloucestershire, England (died in Melbourne, 3/12/1890).

1/7/1849, John Selby, cricketer for England, was born in Nottingham (died 11/3/1894 in Nottingham)

18/7/1848, Cricketer W G Grace was born at Downend near Bristol.

25/4/1848, Thomas Armitage, cricketer for England, was born in Sheffield (died in Chicago, USA, 21/9/1922)

20/8/1847, Andrew Greenwood, cricketer for England, was born in Yorkshire (died 12/2/1889 in Huddersfield).

10/2/1847, Albert Hornby, cricketer, was born (died 17/12/1925).

22/8/1845, Surrey County Cricket Club was founded at a meeting at The Horns, Kennington. Its ground was The Oval, south London.

15/3/1844, Bransby Beauchamp Cooper, cricketer for Australia, was born in India (died 7/8/1914 in Geelong, Victoria)

6/8/1842, The first Kent County Cricket Club was formed.

28/11/1841, Edward Grace, cricketer, was born (died 20/5/1911).

19/11/1841, Henry Jupp, cricketer for England, was born in Dorking, Surrey (died 8/4/1889 in Bermondsey, London).

1/3/1839, Sussex County Cricket Club, the oldest, was founded.

1838, Trent Bridge cricket ground, Nottingham, opened. In 1837cricketer William Clarke had married the widow who ran the Trent Bridge Inn, Nottingham, and they developed the ground together.

16/11/1827, James Southerton, cricketer for England, was born in Petworth, Sussex (died in Mitcham, Surrey, 16/6/1880).

5/9/1826. John Wisden, original compiler of Wisden�s Cricketing Almanac, was born in Brighton, Sussex.

22/6/1814. The first cricket match was played at the present Lords Cricket Ground, between the Marylebone Cricket Club and Hertfordshire. The original Marylebone Cricket Club first played at White Conduit Fields before moving to a better ground at Dorset Square, located by an employee of the Club, Thomas Lord. Dorset Square, or Lord�s Old Ground, was utilised 1787-1810, before a move to their next venue, known as Lord�s Middle Ground. In 1813 this ground was taken for the Regents Canal, and the Club moved to their present venue in St Johns Wood, then a pleasant rural area.

17/3/1804, Fuller Pilch, cricketer, was born (died 1/5/1870).

30/7/1787, Marylebone Cricket Club, London, played its first match, against Islington Cricket Club.

31/5/1787, The first cricket match was played at Lords, north London. The match was Essex vs. Middlesex. See 22/6/1814. The ground, then at Dorset Fields (now Dorset Square, Marylebone Esate, London) was founded by Thomas Lord, Yorkshire-born entrep[reneur.

24/12/1798, William Clarke, cricketer, was born (died 25/8/1856).

30/5/1788, Marylebone Cricket Club formally codified the laws of cricket.

1785, The third stump in cricket became mandatory.

1775, First use of the third stump in cricket.

12/1748, A reference to the game of criquet being played in St Omer, France.

1744, The first formal code of rules for cricket was drawn up.

29/6/1709, The first recorded cricket match between two counties when Kent played Surrey at Dartford Brent.

16/1/1598, A legal case over land ownership made reference to a certain John Derrick who, then aged 59, attested that as a �scholler at the free school of Guldeforde� he had played �krickett;, which would thebe in the 1550s.

1477, An early form of cricket, called �hands-in-hands-out�, was banned by King Edward IV of England because it interfered with archery practice.

10/3/1300, An early reference to Creag� as played by Prince Edward, the futire King Edward II. The apostrophe after Creag signifies the dinoimutive �et�. An early sport was played in The Weald, England, where a man with a shepherd�s crook stood in front ofa gate to try and bat away a stone thrown at the crosspiece, or �bail�, of the gate. The word �bail� itself derived from Old French �bailler�, to enclose, itself from the Latin ��baculum� meaning stick. The name �cricket derives from �crok�, the old word for a shepherd�s crook. In 1300 the English Royal household paid out 100 shillings for Prince Edward to play at �creag�.


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