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28/10/2006, Trevor Berbick, boxer, died (born 1/8/1954)

11/5/2006, Floyd Patterson, boxer, died (born 4/1/1935)

2/2/2005, Max Schmeling, boxer, died (born 28/9/1905)

23/7/1991, Peter Kane, boxer, died.

2/6/1991, Ashley Williams, Welsh amateur boxer, was born.

22/4/1991, Jackie Berg, boxer, died (born 28/6/1909).

23/5/1990, Rocky Graziano, US middle-weight champion boxer, died

3/3/1984, John Monaghan, boxer, died (born 21/8/1920).

18/7/1983, Donald Cockell, boxer, died (born 22/9/1928).

27/3/1983, Robert Guerrero, US boxer, was born.

26/6/1979, Muhammad Ali retired as world heavyweight boxing champion. He made two comebacks in 1980 and 1981 but lost both.

28/11/1976, Leonard Harvey, boxer, died (born 11/7/1907).

20/11/1971, Joe McAvoy, boxer, died (born 20/11/1908).

26/10/1971, Audley Harrison, boxer, was born.

15/3/1971, John Brown, boxer, died (born 29/11/1909)

20/10/1970, Ted Lewis, boxer, died (born 24/10/1894).

8/11/1969, Henry Mallin, boxer, was born (died 8/11/1969).

24/8/1968, James Toney, US boxer, was born.

10/8/1967, Riddick Bowe, boxer, was born.

8/8/1966, Christopher Eubank, boxer, was born in Dulwich, London.

30/6/1966, Mike Tyson, boxer, was born.

17/5/1966, Randolph Turpin, boxer, died.

25/7/1965, Frederick Mills, boxer, died (born 26/6/1919).

5/2/1965, Jeff Harding, Australian boxer, was born.

19/10/1962, Evander Holyfield, boxer, was born

16/11/1961, Frank Bruno, boxer, was born in Hammersmith, London.

28/2/1961, Barry McGuigan, world featherweight boxing champion, was born.

22/4/1960, Lloyd Honeyghan, boxer, was born in Jamaica.

20/7/1956, Charles Magri, boxer, was born in Tunis, Tunisia.��

17/5/1956, �Sugar� Ray Leonard, boxer, was born.

12/1/1956, Nelson Tarleton, boxer, died (born 14/1/1906)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

10/5/1955, Tommy Burns, Canadian boxer, died aged 73.

5/11/1953, Dennis Andries, boxer, was born in Georgetown, Guyana.

17/8/1951, Alan Minter, boxer, was born.

27/5/1951, John Conteh, boxer, was born in Liverpool.

1/3/1949, Joe Louis retired as world heavyweight boxing champion.

13/2/1949, Thomas Palmer, boxer, died (born 19/1/1876).

18/7/1948, James Watt, boxer, was born.

12/1/1947, Joe Frazier, heavyweight boxing champion in the 1970s, was born.

10/6/1946, Jack Johnson, US boxer, died aged 68.

28/6/1945, Kenneth Buchanan, boxer, was born in Edinburgh.

5/3/1943, Billy Backus, American boxer, was born.

18/12/1942, Cassius Clay, champion boxer, was born in Kentucky.

13/10/1942, Walter McGowan, boxer, was born.

17/1/1942, Muhammad Ali, American boxer, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, as Cassius Clay.

7/5/1938, John Caldwell, boxer, was born.

28/2/1938, Terence Spinks, boxer, was born.

15/10/1935, Richard McTaggart,boxer, was born.

10/10/1935, David Charnley, boxer, was born.

4/1/1935, Floyd Patterson, US professional boxer, was born.

20/8/1931, Don King, boxing promoter, was born.

22/9/1928, Donald Cockell, boxer, was born in Battersea, London (died 18/7/1983).

8/8/1928, Peter Keenan, boxer, was born in Glasgow.

18/8/1925, Terry Allen, British boxer, was born (died 8/4/1987).

30/1/1925, Jim Driscoll, boxer, died (born 15/12/1880).

19/9/1922, Willie Pep, boxer, was born (died 23/11/2006)

1921, The World Boxing Association was founded in the USA. Originally known as the National Boxing Association, it changed its name in 1862 as the sport became more international.

18/1/1921, Bruce Woodcock, boxer, was born.

17/1/1921, Austin Rice, US boxer, died aged 48.

3/5/1921, Sugar Ray Robinson, African-American boxer, was born (died 1989)

26/11/1920, Richard Turpin, boxer, was born (died 7/7/1990).

21/8/1920, John Monaghan, boxer, was born (died 3/3/1984).

3/5/1920, US boxer Sugar Ray Robinson was born.

2/9/1911, John Peterson, boxer, was born (died 22/11/1990).

1909, The first Lonsdale Belt was presented by the 5th Earl of Lonsdale (1857-1944).

29/11/1909, John Brown, boxer, was born (died 15/3/1971)

28/6/1909, Jackie Berg, boxer, was born (died 22/4/1991).

20/11/1908, Joe McAvoy, boxer, was born (died 20/11/1971).

11/7/1907, Leonard Harvey, boxer, was born (died 28/11/1976).

14/1/1906, Nelson Tarleton, boxer, was born (died 12/1/1956)

2/11/1900, "Terrible Terry" McGovern successfully defended his title as featherweight boxing champion against challenger Joe Bernstein in a bout at Louisville.

31/1/1900, John Sholto Douglas, Marquess of Queensberry, died aged 55. He had successfully pushed for the 1867 adoption of rules for boxing that still apply and that bear his name, although they were actually authored by John Graham Chambers.

2/11/1895, Jack Dempsey, boxer, died (born 15/12/1862)

24/6/1895, Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight boxing champion, was born.

24/10/1894, Ted Lewis, boxer, was born (died 20/10/1970).

1/6/1892, Henry Mallin, boxer, was born (died 8/11/1969).

12/5/1892, William James Wilde, boxer, was born (died 10/1/1969).

31/8/1889, William Wells, boxer, was born (died 11/6/1967)

15/12/1880, Jim Driscoll, boxer, was born (died 30/1/1925).

19/1/1876, Thomas Palmer, boxer, was born (died 13/2/1949).

1866, The Queensberry Rules were introduced, making boxing safer and better organised.

26/3/1866, Jack McAuliffe, boxer, was born (died 5/11/1937).

15/12/1862, Jack Dempsey, boxer, was born in Kildare, Ireland (died 2/11/1895).

26/5/1863, Robert Fitzsimmons, boxer, was born (died 22/10/1917).

9/3/1863, John Gully, English boxer, died (born 21/8/1783).

17/4/1860, The first world heavyweight was held in Farnborough, UK. It ended in chaos, with both contestants too badly inured to fight on.

8/4/1831, James Mace, boxer, was born (died 30/11/1910).

21/8/1783, John Gully, English boxer, was born (died 9/3/1863).

16/8/1743, The earliest prize-ring code of boxing drawn up in England by champion fighter Jack Boughton. From 1740, public boxing matches became popular in Britain.

8/12/1734, James Figg, champion boxer, died in London.

1704, Jack Broughton was born. He drew up the Queensberry Rules. He died in 1789.

1695, James Figg, early British boxing champion, was born in Oxfordshire (died 8/12/1734).


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