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Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

20/7/1955, Desmond Douglas, table tennis champion, was born.

1933, The Corbillon Cup was donated by Marcel Corbillon, President of the French Table Tennis Association, for the women�s tournament.

14/4/1933, Diana Rowe, table tennis champion, was born.

1926, The International Table Tennis Federation was established. The Swaythling Cup was donated by Lady Swaythling, for the men�s tournament.

20/11/1922, John Leach, table tennis champion, was born.

30/4/1901, The game of ping pong was created by James Gibb.



2/2/1995, Frederick Perry, tennis champion, died (born 18/5/1909).

19/6/1992, Kathleen Godfree, tennis player, died (born 7/5/1896).

18/4/1992, Misa Eguchi, Japanese tennis player, was born.

7/7/1990, Martina Navratilova beat Zina Garrison to win a record 9th Wimbledon women�s singles.

30/6/1990, Petra Krejsova,: Czech tennis player, was born.

19/9/1988, Thiemo de Bakker, Dutch tennis player, was born.

10/11/1987, David Warburg, real tennis champion, died.

22/6/1985, Patricia Ward, tennis player, died (born 27/2/1929).

8/11/1983, Betty Nuthall, tennis champion, died (born 23/5/1911).

4/7/1982, The men�s finals of Wimbledon were scheduled for a Sunday for the first time. Jimmy Connors beat his fellow-American John McEnroe.

9/3/1982, Mirjana Lucic, Croatian tennis player, was born.

10/3/1980, Julien Jeanpierre, French tennis player, was born.

3/6/1971, Edgar Baerlin, tennis player, died (born 13/12/1879).

22/2/1970, Penelope Dora Boothby, tennis champion, died.

14/6/1969, Steffi Graf, tennis champion, was born.

1968, Tennis tournaments were opened to professional players � ending the amateur game.

3/1/1968, Kent Carlsson, Swedish tennis champion, was born.

15/9/1965, Dyan Castillejo-Garcia, professional tennis player, was born.

16/6/1964, Julian Snow, real tennis champion, was born.

13/5/1963, Penny Lumley, real tennis champion, was born.,

23/10/1962, Christo van Rensburg, South African tennis champion, was born.

19/6/1962, Michael Jeremy Bates, tennis champion, was born.

27/6/1960, Charlotte Dodd, tennis champion, died (born 29/4/1871)

7/1/1960, Dorothea Douglass, tennis champion, died (born 3/9/1878).

10/9/1959, Colin Gregory, tennis champion, died (born 28/7/1903).

18/10/1956, Martina Navratilova, tennis champion, was born in Prague.

25/4/1955, Christopher Mottram, tennis champion, was born.

27/8/1954, John Lloyd, tennis champion, was born.

27/11/1953, Peter Latham, tennis champion, died (born 18/5/1865).

8/3/1951, The International Table Tennis Federation banned Egypt, for refusing to play Israel.

6/8/1946, Blanche Bingley, tennis player, died (born 3/11/1863).

28/11/1945, Dwight F Davis, founder of the Davis Cup tennis tournament, died.

10/7/1945, Virginia Wade, tennis champion, was born.

25/6/1944, Howard Angus, British tennis player, was born.

27/7/1943, Herbert Roper Barrett, tennis champion, died (born 24/11/1873).

14/10/1941, Roger Taylor, tennis champion, was born.

30/4/1939, Karl Meiler, German tennis player was born (died 2014).

29/4/1939, Charles Dixon, tennis champion, died (born 7/2/1873).

9/8/1938, Rod Laver, Australian tennis player, was born.

3/1/1936, Michael Davies, tennis champion, was born in Swansea.

22/11/1935, Robert Wilson, tennis champion, was born.

12/11/1935, William Knight, tennis champion, was born.

9/2/1935, Randolph Lycett, tennis champion, died (born 27/8/1886).

16/8/1934, Angela Buxton, tennis player, was born.

13/6/1934, Shirley Bloomer, tennis player, was born.

21/4/1932, Angela Mortimer, tennis champion, was born.

13/6/1932, Anne Shilcock, tennis champion, was born.

20/7/1931, Herbert Baddeley, tennis player, died.

27/2/1929, Patricia Ward, tennis player, was born (died 22/6/1985).

24/1/1929, Wilfred Baddeley, tennis player, died.

1/12/1928, Arthur Gore, tennis champion, died (born 2/1/1868).

20/4/1925, Herbert Lawford, tennis champion, died (born 15/5/1851).

1923, Hazel Wightman donated the Wightman Cup for women�s tennis championships. It was only available for UK-USA competitions. It was discontinued in 1990 because the tournament had become too one-sided; the USA had won 7-0 in four of the previous five years.

1922, Seeding, to rank the players, was first used at the US National Championships.

1922, King George V opened the new concrete tennis stadium at Wimbledon, seating 15,000.

8/6/1920, Anthony Mottram, tennis champion, was born.

3/4/1914, Katherine Stammers, tennis champion, was born.

1/3/1913, The International Lawn Tennis Federation was set up at a meeting in Paris attended by 13 countries.

17/8/1912, Margaret Scriven, tennis champion, was born.

23/5/1911, Betty Nuthall, tennis champion, was born (died 8/11/1993).

29/12/1910, Reginald Doherty, tennis champion, died (born 14/10/1872).

13/7/1909, Dorothy Round, tennis champion, was born (died 12/11/1982).

18/5/1909, Frederick Perry, tennis champion, was born (died 2/2/1995).

12/8/1904, William Renshaw, tennis champion, died (born 3/1/1861).

28/7/1903, Colin Gregory, tennis champion, was born (died 10/9/1959).

21/12/1902, Patrick Hughes, tennis champion, was born.

8/8/1900, The Davis Cup was founded after Dwight F Davis donated his trophy. The first matches opened this day.

7/5/1896, Kathleen Godfree, tennis player, was born (died 19/6/1992).

6/9/1892, Maxwell Woosnam, tennis champion and footballer, was born (died 14/7/1965).

1891, First French tennis championship. Until 1925 this was open to French players only.

27/8/1886, Randolph Lycett, tennis champion, was born (died 9/2/1935).

27/4/1885, Leslie Godfree, tennis player, was born (died 17/11/1971).

1881, First US tennis championship. This became the US Open in 1968.

21/5/1881, The United States Lawn Tennis Association was founded.

13/12/1879, Edgar Baerlin, tennis player, was born (died 3/6/1971).

5/7/1879, Dwight F Davis, US Secretary for War 1925-29, who donated the Davis Cup for tennis, was born in St Louis, Missouri.

8/6/1879, Ethel Larcombe, tennis champion, was born (died 10/8/1965).

3/9/1878, Dorothea Douglass, tennis champion, was born (died 7/1/1960).

9/7/1877. The first All Engfland lawn tennis championships were staged at Wimbledon, at the original site at Worple Road.

23/2/1874, Major Walker Wingfield patented the game of lawn tennis, (as distinct from �real� or royal tennis) under the name of �Sphairistike�, a version of the Greek for �playing ball�. Between July 1874 and June 1875, 1,050 of his tennis sets were sold.

24/11/1873, Herbert Roper Barrett, tennis champion, was born (died 27/7/1943).

7/2/1873, Charles Dixon, tennis champion, was born (died 29/4/1939).

3/2/1872, Sydney Smith, tennis champion, was born (died 27/3/1947).

11/1/1872, Wilfred and Herbert Baddeley, twins, tennis champions, were born.

29/4/1871, Charlotte Dodd, tennis champion, was born (died 27/6/1960)

22/9/1870, Charlotte Cooper, tennis champion, was born (died 10/10/1966).

20/5/1869, Joshua Pim, tennis champion, was born (died 15/4/1942).

2/1/1868, Arthur Gore, tennis champion, was born (died 1/12/1928).

13/2/1867, Harold Mahoney, tennis champion, was born (died 27/6/1905).

18/5/1865, Peter Latham, tennis champion, was born (died 27/11/1953).

9/10/1864, Maud Watson, tennis champion, was born (died 5/6/1946).

3/11/1863, Blanche Bingley, tennis player, was born (died 6/8/1946).

3/1/1861, William Renshaw, tennis champion, was born (died 12/8/1904).


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