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The names, numbering and dates of the Popes, and names and dates of antipopes, is from the Catholic Encyclopedia,

31 December 2022, Former Pope Benedict XVI died aged 95.

13 March 2013, The 266th Pope was elected (born 17 December 1936), he took the name Francis I. This name broke a tradition, dating from Pope Lando (913-914) that no Pope takes a name not already used by a predecessor.

28 February 2013, Pope Benedict XVI (265th Pope) resigned, the first Pope to do so since Gregory XII in 1415, and the first voluntary resignation since Celestine V in 1294.

24 April 2005, An inauguration ceremony was held for Joseph Ratzinger, in which he took the name Pope Benedict XVI, becoming the 256th Pope of the Catholic Church.

19 April 2005, Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI (265th Pope) on the second day of the Papal Conclave.

8 April 2005, Funeral of Pope John Paul II at St Peters, Rome.

2 April 2005, Pope John Paul II (264th Pope), elected 16 November 1978, died aged 84.�� Four million people travelled to The Vatican to mourn him.

16 November 1978. Karol Wojtyla, from Poland, Archbishop of Cracow, became the first non-Italian Pope since 1542, as Pope John Paul II (264th Pope). See 2 April 2005.

28 September 1978. Pope John Paul I (263rd Pope) died, after just 33 days in office.

26 August 1978. After the death of Pope Paul VI (262nd Pope) on 6 August 1978, Cardinal Albino Luciani was elected Pope John Paul I.

30 June 1963. Coronation of Giovanni Batista Montini as Pope Paul VI (262nd Pope).

21 June 1963, Giovanni Battista Montini was elected as Pope Paul VI.

3 June 1963, Pope John XXIII (261st Pope), Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli, died.

28 November 1958. Cardinal Roncalli, aged 81, was elected Pope John XXIII (261st Pope), succeeding Pope Pius XII (260th Pope), who died on 9 November 1958.

2 March 1939, Pope Pius XII (260th Pope) took office.

10 February 1939. Death of Pope Pius XI (259th Pope). Pope Pius XII was crowned on 2 March 1939.

16 April 1927, Pope Benedict XVI was boorn.

22 January 1922, Pope Benedict XV (258th Pope) died. Pope Pius XI (259th Pope) acceded 6 February 1922 (died 1939)

3 September 1914. Pope Benedict XV (258th Pope) was elected (died 1922).

20 August 1914. In Rome, Pope Pius X (257th Pope) died.

17 November 1912, Pope John Paul I was born.

9 August 1903, Pope Pius X (257th Pope) was crowned before a crowd of 70,000 in Rome.

4 August 1903, Guiseppe Sarto was elected as Pope; he took the name Pius X.

20 July 1903, Leo XIII (Gioacchino Vincenzo Pecci), (256th Pope) Pope since 1878, died aged 93.

23 September 1897, Pope Paul VI was born as Giovanni Battista Montini in Concesio, near Brescia, Italy.

20 February 1878. Pope Leo XIII (Gioacchino Vincenzo Pecci) (256th Pope) was elected, after a third ballot, following the death of Pope Pius IX (255th Pope) (see 7 February 1878). Pope Leo XIII then began negotiating with the German government to end the crackdown on the influence of the church in Germany, or Kulturkampf.

7 February 1878, Pope Pius IX (255th Pope) died after a reign of over 31 years was succeeded by Pope Leo XIII (256th Pope) (Gioacchino Vincenzo Pecci). See 20 February 1878.

16 June 1846, Pope Pius IX (255th Pope) was elected, beginning the longest reign in the history of the Papacy.

1 June 1846, Pope Gregory XVI (254th Pope) died.

2 February 1831, Pope Gregory XVI (254th Pope) acceded.

1 December 1830, Pope Pius VIII (253rd Pope) died.

31 March 1829, Pope Pius VIII (253rd Pope) acceded.

10 February 1829, Pope Leo XII (252nd Pope) died.

28 September 1823, Pope Leo XII (252nd Pope) was elected Pope.

20 August 1823, Pope Pius VII (251st Pope) died.

14 March 1800, Pope Pius VII (251st Pope) was elected (died 1823)

29 August 1799, Pope Pius VI (born 1717) (250th Pope) died.

15 February 1775, After a long conclave, Pope Pius VI (250th Pope) acceded. Formerly Cardinal Gianangelo Braschi, died 1799.

22 September 1774, Pope Clement XIV (249th Pope) died.

19 May 1769, Pope Clement XIV (249th Pope), formerly Cardinal Lorenzo Ganganelli, acceded, died 1774.

2 February 1769, Pope Clement XIII (248th Pope) died.

3 May 1758, Pope Benedict XIV (247th Pope) died. Pope Clement XIII (248th Pope), acceded, formerly Cardinal Carlo della Torre Rezzonico(from 1737); he died in 1769.

6 February 1740, Pope Clement XII (246th Pope) died. Pope Benedict XIV (247th Pope), acceded, formerly Cardinal Prospero Lambertini, died 1758.

12 July 1730, Pope Benedict XIII (245th Pope) died. Pope Clement XII (246th Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Lorenzo Corsini, died 1740,

1724, Pope Benedict XIII (245th Pope) acceded (died 1730)

7 March 1724, Pope Innocent XIII (244th Pope) died.

8 May 1721, Pope Innocent XIII (244th Pope) acceded (died 1724).

19 March 1721, Pope Clement XI died.

31 November 1705, Pope Clement XIV was born.

1700, Pope Clement XI (243rd Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Gian Francesco Albani, died 1721.

27 September 1700, Pope Innocent XII (242nd Pope) died.

7 March 1693, Pope Clement XIII was born.

12 July 1691, Pope Innocent XII (242nd Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Antonio Pignatelli, died 1700.

1691, Pope Alexander VIII (241st Pope) died.

1689, Pope Alexander VIII (241st Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni, died 1691.

12 August 1689, Pope Innocent XI (240th Pope) died.

21 September 1676, Pope Innocent XI (240th Pope), acceded, formerly Cardinal Benedetto Odescalchi (died 1689).

22 July 1676, Pope Clement X (239th Pope) died.

1670, Pope Clement X (239th Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Emilio Altieri, born 1590, died 1676.

1669, Pope Clement IX (238th Pope) died.

1667, Pope Alexander VII (237th Pope) died. Pope Clement IX (238th Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Giulio Rospigliosi, died 1669.

1655, Pope Alexander VII (237th Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Fabio Chigi, died 1667.

7 January 1655, Pope Innocent X (236th Pope) died.

22 July 1649, Pope Clement XI was born in Urbino, Italy.

15 September 1644, Pope Innocent X (236th Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Giovanni Battista Pamfili (died 1655).

29 July 1644, Pope Urban VIII (235th Pope) died.

6 August 1623, Pope Urban VIII (235th Pope) acceded, formerly Cardinal Maffeo Barberini (died 1644).

8 July 1623, Pope Gregory XV (234th Pope) died.

9 February 1621, Pope Gregory XV (234th Pope) acceded (formerly Cardinal Alexander Ludovisi, died 1623).

28 January 1621, Pope Paul V (233rd Pope) died.

22 April 1610, Pope Alexander VIII was born.

1 April 1605, Cardinal Alessandro de Medici elected as Pope Leo XI (232nd Pope) (April 1605), but died that year. Pope Paul V (233rd Pope), formerly Cardinal Camillo Borghese, acceded (died 1621).

5 March 1605, Pope Clement VIII (231st Pope) (born 1533) died.

30 January 1592, Pope Clement VIII (231st Pope) acceded (formerly Cardinal Ippolito Aldobrandini) (died 1605).

30 December 1591, Pope Innocent IX (230th Pope) died.

29 November 1591, Pope Innocent IX became the 230th Pope.

16 November 1591, Pope Gregory XIV (229th Pope) died.

5 December 1590, Pope Gregory XIV (229th Pope), formerly Cardinal Niccolo Sfomdrato, acceded (died 1591).

27 September 1590, Pope Urban VII died.

15 September 1590, Pope Urban VII (228th Pope), formerly Cardinal Giambattista Castagna, acceded, but died 12 days later.

27 August 1590, Pope Sixtus V (227th Pope) died.

13 July 1590, Pope Clement X was born in Rome.

24 April 1585, Pope Sixtus V (227th Pope), formerly Cardinal Felice Peretti, acceded.

10 April 1585, Pope Gregory XIII (226th Pope) died.

14 May 1572, Pope Gregory XIII acceded (226th Pope) . Formerly Cardinal Ugo Buoncompagni (born 1502), he died in 1585.

1 May 1572, Pope Pius V (225th Pope) (born 1504) died.

8 January 1566, Pope Pius V (225th Pope) acceded. Formerly Cardinal Michaele Ghisleri (1504 � 1572)

9 December 1565, Pope Pius IV (224th Pope) died (born 1499).

25 December 1559, Pope Pius IV (born 31 March 1499), (224th Pope) acceded ((formerly Cardinal Giovanni de Medici, died 1565).

9 August 1559, Pope Paul IV (223rd Pope) died, aged 83. In Rome his statue was torn down, the prisoners of the Inquisition freed, and Inquisition records destroyed.

23 May 1555, Pope Paul IV (223rd Pope) acceded (formerly Cardinal Giovanni Pietro Caraffa).

30 April 1555, Pope Marcellus II (formerly Cardinal Marcello Cervino) (222nd Pope) died, aged 54. He was succeeded by Pope Paul IV. Paul ordered that the Jewish quarter in Rome be walled, creating the Ghetto of Rome. Palestrina was appointed a member of the Pontifical Choir by Paul IV without examination creating resentment amongst the other choir members.

10 April 1555, Pope Marcellus II was elected Pope.

23 March 1555, Pope Julius III (221st Pope) died (born 1487), aged 67. He was succeeded by Pope Marcellus II,

17 September 1550, Pope Paul V was born.

8 February 1550, Julius III (221st Pope) acceded (born 1487). Prevoiously Cardinal Giovanni del Monte, he died in 1555.

10 November 1549, Pope Paul III (220th Pope) died.

11 February 1535, Pope Gregory XIV was born.

13 November 1534, Pope Paul III (220th Pope), formerly Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (1468-1549) acceded.

25 September 1534, Pope Clement VII (219th Pope) died after eating poisonous mushrooms (born 1475).

9 January 1554, Pope Gregory XV was born.

19 November 1523, Pope Clement VII (219th Pope) (died 1534) succeeded Pope Adrian VI .

14 September 1523, Pope Adrian VI, Adrian Dedel, Dutch, (218th Pope) died, aged 64. The last non-Italian Pope until John Paul II (acceded 1978), he allied with the Holy Roman Emperor, Venice and England against France. This split the forces of Christendom, resulting in the loss of Rhodes to the Ottoman Turks.

9 January 1522, Pope Adrian VI (218th Pope) acceded (died 1523)

13 December 1521, Pope Sixtus V (Felice Peretti) was born in Ancona.

1 December 1521, Pope Leo X (217th Pope) died.

4 August 1521, Pope Urban VII was born.

11 March 1513, Pope Leo X (217th Pope) acceded.

21 February 1513, Pope Julius II (216th Pope) died.

31 November 1503, Pope Julius II (216th Pope) succeeded Pope Pius III.

18 October 1503, PopePius III died.

22 September 1503, Pope Pius III (215th Pope) (Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini) succeeded Pope Alexander VI.However he died on 18 October 1503.

18 August 1503. Death of Pope Alexander VI (214th Pope), or Rodrigo Borgia, aged 74.

7 January 1502, Pope Gregory XIII was born.

6 May 1501, Pope Marcellus II was born.

10 August 1492. Pope Innocent VIII (213rd Pope) was succeeded by Rodrigo de Borgia. He took the name Pope Alexander VI. Rodrigo Borgia had bribed enough cardinals to ensure his election as Pope. See 18 August 1503.

24 July 1492, Pope Innocent VIII (213rd Pope) died.

29 August 1484, Pope Innocent VIII (213rd Pope) acceded (died 1492)/

12 August 1484, Pope Sixtus V (212nd Pope) died, and was succeeded by Pope Innocent VIII.

9 August 1471, Pope Sixtus IV (212nd Pope) acceded (died 1484)

25 July 1471, Pope Paul II (211st Pope) died, aged 54. He was succeeded by Pope Sixtus IV.

30 August 1464, Pope Paul II (211st Pope) acceded (died 1471)

14 August 1464, Pope Pius II (210th Pope) died.

1458, Pope Pius II (Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini) (210th Pope) acceded (died 1464)

6 August 1458, Pope Calistus III (209th Pope) died.

8 April 1455, Pope Callistus III (born 1378) (209th Pope) acceded (died 1458).

24 March 1455, Pope Nicholas V (208th Pope) died.

1448, Pope Nicholas V (208th Pope) acceeded.

23 February 1447, Pope Eugene IV (207th Pope) died.

9 May 1439, Pope Pius III was born in Siena.

3 April 1431, Pope Eugene IV (207th Pope) acceded (died 23 February 1447). Opposed by antipope Felix V (Amadeus of Savoy)

20 February 1431, Pope Martin V (206th Pope) died (acceded 1417).

22 December 1419, Pope John XXIII, Baldassare Cossa, antipope, died.

1417, Pope Benedict XIII, Pedro de Luna, antipope, acceded 1394, was deposed by the Council of Constance. However he maintained his position as �Pope� until his death. In Rome, Martin V (died 1431) was elected as true Pope (206th Pope); end of the Great Schism.

18 November 1417, Pope Gregory XII (205th Pope) was killed (acceded 1406).

29 May 1415, Pope John XXIII, Baldassare Cossa, antipope, acceded 1400, was deposed by the Council of Constance.

17 May 1410, AntiPope John XXIII, formerly the Neapolitan, Baldassare Cossa, acceded.

4 May 1410, anti-Pope Alexander V died at Bologna, possibly poisoned. He was succeeded by the Neapolitan Cardinal Baldassare Cossa, elected Pope on 17 May .1410 at Bologna, who ruled until 1415 as anti-Pope John XXIII.

26 June 1409, Pope Alexander V, Pietro Philarghi, antipope, acceded (ruled to 1410).

5 June 1409, The Council of Pisa deposed Pope Gregory XII of Rome and antiPope Benedict XIII of Avignon, and elected antiPope Alexander V.

1378-1417 The Great Schism of the Papacy, with rival Popes in Avignon and Rome.

30 November 1406, Pope Gregory XII (205th Pope) acceded.

6 November 1406, Pope Innocent VII (204th Pope) died.

17 November 1404, Pope Innocent VII (204th Pope) acceded (died 1406).

1 November 1404, Pope Boniface IX died.

1400, Pope John XXIII, antipope, Baldassare Cossa, acceded. Ruled until 1415.

1394, Pope Benedict XIII, antipope, Pedro de Luna, acceded. Ruled till 1417.

16 September 1394, Pope Clement VII, antipope, died.

1389, Pope Boniface IX (203rd Pope) elected at Rome (died 1404)

13 October 1389, Pope Urban VI died.

20 September 1377, Pope Clement VII, antipope, Robert of Geneva, acceded. Ruled until 1394.

8 April 1378, Pope Urban VI (202nd Pope) acceded. Ruled until 1389.

27 March 1378, Pope Gregory XI died.

1305-1377 The Avignon Period of the Papacy

30 December 1370, Pope Gregory XI (201st Pope) acceded (died 1378)

19 December 1370, Pope Urban V died.

28 September 1362, Pope Urban V (200th Pope) acceded (died 1370).

12 September 1362, Pope Innocent VI died.

18 December 1352, Pope Innocent VI (199th Pope) acceded (died 1362)

6 December 1352, Pope Clement VI (198th Pope) died.

7 May 1342, Pope Clement VI (198th Pope) acceded (died 1352).

25 April 1342, Pope Benedict XII died.

1334, Pope Benedict XII (197th Pope) acceded (died 1342).

4 December 1334, Pope John XXII died at Avignon, aged 85, after an 18-year Papacy. He was succeeded by Jacques Fournier, who became Pope Benedict XII. He reigned until 1342.

17 May 1328, Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV (Louis of Bavaria) declared Pope John XXII deposed, and elected Pope Nicholas, antipope. He.ruled until 1330.

7 August 1316, Pope John XXII (196th Pope) acceded (died 1334).

20 April 1314, Pope Clement V died.

5 June 1305, Bertrand de Got, Archbishop of Bordeaux, was elected Pope Clement V (French, 195th Pope) acceded (died 1314).

7 July 1304, Pope Benedict IX died. Pro and anti-French cardinals were iunable to agree on a siuccessor until June 1305.

1303, Pope Benedict IX, (194th Pope), acceded. Ruled until 1304.

11 November 1303, Pope Boniface VIII died.

19 May 1296, Death of ex-Pope Celestine V, who abdicated as Pope on 13 December 1294 and thereafter lived, under house arrest but in luxury, at a castle near Ferentino.

23 December 1294. Boniface VIII (193rd Pope, died 1303) was made Pope in succession to Celestine V, 192nd Pope, who abdicated after 5 months on 13 December 1294.

5 July 1294, Pope Celestine V, 192nd Pope acceded.

4 April 1292, Pope Nicholas IV died.

22 February 1288, Pope Nicholas IV, 191st Pope, took office. Ruled until 1292.

3 April 1287, Pope Honorius IV (190th Pope) died.

2 April 1285, Pope Honorius IV (190th Pope) acceded (died 1287).

28 March 1285, Pope Martin IV died.

22/21281, Pope Martin IV (189th Pope) acceded (died 1285)

22 August 1280, Pope Nicholas III died. He was the first Pope to make his residence at The Vatican.

25 November 1277, Pope Nicholas III (188th Pope) acceded (died 1280).

20 May 1277, Pope John XXI died.

1276, No less than four Popes ruled this year; Gregory X (184th Pope), Innocent V (185th Pope), Hadrian V (186th Pope), and John XXI. (187th Pope).

8 September 1276, Accession of Pope John XX1.

22 June 1276, Pope Innocent V (185th Pope) died.

10 January 1276, Pope Gregory X (184th Pope) died.

1 September 1271, Pope Gregory X (184th Pope) acceded.

29 November 1268, Pope Clement IV (183rd Pope) died; the Papacy lay vacant for three years, until 1271.

5 February 1265, Pope Clement IV (183rd Pope) acceded (died 1268)

2 October 1264, Pope Urban IV died.

29 August 1261, Pope Urban IV (died 1264) succeeded Pope Alexander IV as the 182nd pope, the last man to do so without being a cardinal first

25 May 1261. Death of Pope Alexander IV (181st Pope). Rinaldo Conti was elected Pope Alexander IV at Naples, after the death of Pope Innocent IV, (180th Pope) on 12 December 1254.

12 December 1254, Pope Alexander IV (181st Pope) acceded (died 1261).

7 December 1254, Pope Innocent IV (180th Pope) died.

25 June 1243, Pope Innocent IV (180th Pope) acceded (died 1254). He started the tradition of red hats for Cardinals.

22 August 1241, Pope Gregory IX (178th Pope) died. Pope Celestine IV (179th Pope) acceded, died after 17 days in office.

1227, Pope Gregory IX (178th Pope) acceded (died 1241)

18 March 1227, Pope Honorius III (177th Pope) died.

18 July 1216, Pope Honorius III (177th Pope) acceded (died 1227)

16 July 1216, Pope Innocent III (176th Pope) died.

8 January 1198. (1) Pope Celestine III (175th Pope) died.

(2) On his election as Pope, aged 37, Innocent III (176th Pope, died 1216) called for a new Crusade.

1191, Pope Celestine III (175th Pope) acceded (died 1198)

1187, Pope Clement III (174th Pope) acceded, ruled until 1191.

17 December 1187, Pope Gregory VIII (173rd Pope) died.

1187, Pope Clement III (174th Pope) acceded (died 1191).

21 November 1187, Pope Gregory VIII (173rd Pope) acceded (died 1187).

20 October 1187, Pope Urban III died.

1185, Pope Urban III (172nd Pope) acceded (died 1187).

25 November 1185, Pope Lucius III (171st Pope) died.

1 September 1181, Pope Lucius III (171st Pope) acceded (died 1185).

1178, Pope Innocent III, antipope, acceded; ruled until 1180.

1168, Pope Callistus III, antipope, accdeded; ruled until 1177.

1165, Pope Pascal III, antipope, acceded; ruled until 1168.

20 April 1164, Death of anti-Pope Victor IV.

7 September 1159, Pope Victor IV, antipope, Octavius, acceded; ruled until 1164.

1159, Pope Alexander III (170th Pope) acceded (died 1181).

1 September 1159. Death of Pope Adrian IV, (169th Pope) elected Pope on 4 December 1154.

4 December 1154. Election of Pope Adrian IV,(169th Pope). Adrian IV was Nicholas Breakespear, the only ever English Pope. This followed the death of Pope Anastasius IV (168th Pope) on 3 December 1154, who was Pope from 9 July 1153. He was a sritct disciplinarian, which led to attmepts to defame his acharacter: he had to appear before Pope Eugene III to clear his character. Adrian IV settled a dispute with Emperor Frederick I over the See of Magdeburg, and he granted the Lordship of Ireland to King Henry II of England.

1153, Pope Anastasius IV (168th Pope) acceded.

8 July 1153, Pope Eugene III (167th Pope) died.

15 February 1145, Pope Eugene III (167th Pope) acceded (died 8 July 1153)

12 March 1144, Pope Lucius II (166th Pope) acceded (died 1145)

1143, Pope Celestine II (165th Pope) acceded (died 1144)

24 September 1143, Pope Innocent II (164th Pope) died.

15 March 1138, Pope Victor II, antipope, Gregory Conti, acceded; ruled until 1138.

1130, Pope Anacletus II, antipope, acceded, ruled until 1138.

1130, Pope Innocent II (164th Pope) acceded.

14 February 1130, Pope Honorius II (163rd Pope) died.

1124, Pope Celestine II, antipope, acceded, ruled until 1124.

15 December 1124, Pope Honorius II, (163rd Pope), acceded.

1119, Pope Callistus II, (162nd Pope) acceded, ruled until 1124.

29 January 1119, End of reign of Pope Gelasius II (161st Pope)

1118, Pope Gregory VIII, antipope, acceded; ruled until 1118.

24 January 1118, Pope Gelasius II (161st Pope) acceded.

21 January 1118, Pope Paschal II died.

1105, Pope Sylvester IV, antipope, Maginulf, acceded, ruled until 1111.

1102, Pope Aleric, antipope, acceded, ruled until 1102.

September 1100, Pope Theodoric, antipope, acceded, ruled until 1100.

13 August 1099, Pope Paschal II acceded (160th Pope) (died 21 January 1118).

29 July 1099, Pope Urban II (159th Pope) died in Rome.

12 March 1088, Odo was elected Pope; he took the name Urban II (159th Pope) (died 1099).

16 September 1087, Pope Victor III died.

24 May 1086, Pope Victor III acceded (158th Pope) (died 1087).

25 May 1085. Pope Gregory VII (157th Pope) died in exile.His supporters elected Desiderius, Abbott of Monte Casino, as Pope Victor III, (158th Pope) refusing to accept the papacy of Clement III, antipope, Guibert, as being a puppet of King Henry IV of Germany. Clement III was antipope until 1100. When Victor III (158th Pope) died the cardinals elected Urban II (159th Pope) (1086-99) as Pope, a candidate favoured by Gregory VII himself.

25 June 1080, Clement III, antipope, acceded. He was antipope until 9/1100.

22 April 1073, Hildebrand was elected Pope Gregory VII (157th Pope). His election was unusual, being accomplished by Roman clergy and common people, rather than by Cardinals.

21 April 1073, Death of Pope Alexander II.

28 November 1061, Pope Honorius II, antipope, acceded; ruled until 1072.

1061, Pope Alexander II (156th Pope) acceded (died 1073)

5 April 1058, Pope Benedict X, antipope, acceded (died 1059). Parma Cathedral begun.

1058, Nicholas II, (155th Pope), acceded, ruled until 1061.

29 March 1058, Pope Stephen X (154th Pope) died.

28 July 1057, Pope Victor II died. Pope Stephen X (154th Pope) acceded (died 1058)

13 April 1055, Pope Victor II (Bavarian, 153rd Pope) acceded (died 1057)

19 April 1054, Pope Leo IX (152nd Pope) died.

1049, Pope Leo IX (152nd Pope) acceded.

9 August 1048, Pope Damasus II died.

17 July 1048, Pope Damasus II (151st Pope) acceded.

8 November 1047, Pope Benedict IX (150th Pope) regained the Papacy, and was Pope for a third time (died 1048).

9 November 1047, Pope Clement II died.

25 December 1046, Pope Gregory VI (148th Pope) deposed. The Synod of Rome elected Pope Clement II (Saxon, 149th Pope) (died 1047).

1 May 1045, Pope Gregory VI (148th Pope, deposed 1046) acceded, having bought the Papacy from the deposed Pope Benedict IX (147th Pope).

1045, Pope Benedict IX (147th Pope) regained the Papacy..

1045, Pope Sylvester III (146th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 1045, succeded by Pope Benedict IX (147th Pope), who regained the Papacy.

1032, Pope Benedict IX acceded (145th Pope, deposed 1045)

1024, Pope John XIX acceded (144th Pope, died 1032)

1012, Pope Gregory, antipope, acceded, ruled until 1012.

1012, Pope Benedict VIII acceded (143rd Pope, died 1024)

1009, Pope Sergius IV acceded (142nd Pope, died 1012)

1003, Pope John XVIII acceded (141st Pope, died 1009)

1003, Pope John XVII acceded (140th Pope, died 1003)

12 May 1003. Sylvester II, (Gerbert of Aurillac) the first French Pope (139th Pope), died. Elected in 999 with the backing of Otto III, he encouraged the Holy Roman Emperor�s ambition to re-create the Roman Empire of the west.

2 April 999, Gerbert of Aurillac, mathematician, philosopher and inventor, became Pope Sylvester II, (139th Pope) the first French Pope (died 1003)

4 February 999, Pope Gregory V (138th Pope) died.

997, Pope John XVI, antipope, acceded, ruled until 998.

996, Pope Gregory V (Saxon) acceded (138th Pope, died 999)

985, Pope John XV acceded (137th Pope, died 996)

983, Pope John XIV acceded (136th Pope, died 984)

974, Pope Boniface VII, antipope, acceded. He ruled until 974, and again from 984 to 985.

974, Pope Benedict VII acceded (135th Pope, died 983)

973, Pope Benedict VI acceded (134th Pope, died 974).

6 September 972, Pope John XIII died.

965, John XIII became Pope (133rd Pope, died 972)

964, Pope Benedict V acceded (132nd Pope, died 964)

963, Pope Leo VIII, 131st Pope, acceded; died 964.

4 December 963, Emperor Otto I The Great deposed Pope John XII. Leo VIII was elected to succeed him.

955, Pope John XII acceded (130th Pope, died 963)

946, Pope Agapetus II acceded (129th Pope, died 955)

942, Pope Marinus II acceded (128th Pope, died 946)

939, Pope Stephen IX acceded (127th Pope, died 942)

936, Pope Leo VII acceded (126th Pope, died 939)

931, Pope John XI acceded (125th Pope, died 936)

929, Pope Stephen VIII acceded (124th Pope, died 931)

928, Pope Leo VI acceded (123rd Pope, died 928)

914, Pope John X acceded (122nd Pope, died 928)

913, Pope Lando acceded (121st Pope, died 914). Thereafter, no Pope assumed a name not already used by a predecessor.

911, Pope Anastasius III acceded (120th Pope, died 913)

14 April 911, Pope Sergius III (119th Pope) died.

904, Pope Sergius III acceded (died 911). His mistress, Marioza, became the mother of Pope John XI (931-936), the aunt of Pope John XIII (965-971) and the grandmother of Pope Benedict VI (973-974)

903, Pope Leo V acceded (118th Pope), later in 903, deposed. Pope Christopher, antipope, acceded (died 904).

900, Pope Benedict IV acceded (117th Pope, died 903)

898,Pope John IX acceded (116th Pope, died 900).

897, Pope Theodore II acceded (115th Pope, died 897).

897, Pope Romanus acceded (114th Pope, died 897)

896, Pope Stephen VI (VII) acceded (113th Pope, died 897)

896, Pope Boniface VI acceded (112th Pope), died 896.

891, Pope Formosus I acceded (111th Pope, died 896)

14 September 891, Pope Stephen V died.

885, Pope Stephen V (VI) acceded (110th Pope), ruled until 891.

884, Pope Adrian III acceded (109th Pope, died 885)

882, Pope Marinus I acceded (108th Pope, died 5/884)

15 December 882, Pope John VIII was murdered. Marinus I succeeded him.

872, Pope John VIII acceded (107th Pope, died 882)

867, Pope Adrian II, aged 75, acceded (106th Pope, died 872)

13 November 867, Pope Nicholas I (105th Pope) died.

858, Pope Nicholas I, 105th Pope, acceded.

7 April 858, Pope Benedict III died.

855, Pope Anastasius, antipope, ruled until 855.

855, Pope Benedict III acceded (104th Pope, died 858)

847, Pope Leo IV acceded (103rd Pope, died 855)

844, Pope John, antipope.

844, Pope Sergius acceded (102nd Pope, died 847)

827, Pope Valentine (100th Pope) ruled for just 40 days. He was succeeded by Pope Gregory IV (101st Pope, died 844).

824, Pope Eugene II acceded, 99th Pope, ruled until 827.

817, Pope Paschal I acceded, 98th Pope, ruled until 824.

816, Pope Stephen IV (V) acceded, 97th Pope, ruled until 817.

28 May 816, Pope Leo III died.

795, Pope Leo III acceded (96th Pope, died 816).

25 December 795. Death of Pope Adrian I, 95th Pope, from 772 to 795.

772, Pope Adrian I (95th Pope), acceded.

3 February 772, Pope Stephen III (IV) died.

768, Pope Philip, antipope, acceded, ruled until 768.

7 August 768, Pope Stephen III (IV) acceded (94th Pope, died 772).

767, Pope Constantine II, antipope, acceded, ruled until 767.

28 June 767, Pope Paul I (93rd Pope) died.

29 May 757, Pope Paul I (93rd Pope) acceded. He succeeded Pope Stephen II (III).

26 April 757, This second Pope Stephen II (Stephen III) (92nd Pope) died 26 April 757.

26 March 752, Pope Stephen II (III) (92nd Pope) was elected, succeeding the Pope Stephen II who died that month before taking office.

March 752, Pope Stephen II (-th Pope) was elected to succeed Pope Zachary (91st Pope), However he died ofa stroke 4 days after election, before he could be installed as Pope. Therefore he is omitted from modern numbered lists of Popes.

14 March 752, Pope Zachary (91st Pope, 741-52) died in Rome.

5 December 741, Pope Zachary (91st Pope) acceded. He succeeded Pope Gregory III (90th Pope).

731, Pope Gregory III (90th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 741.

11 February 731, Pope Gregory II (89th Pope) died.

715, Pope Gregory acceded (89th Pope, died 731).

9 April 715, Pope Constantine I died/

25 March 708, Pope Constantine I, (88th Pope), was consecrated, succeeding Sisinnius.

708, Pope Sisinnius (87th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 708.

705, Pope John VII (86th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 707.

701, Pope John VI (85th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 705.

8 September 701, Pope Sergius I died.

687, Antipopes Theodore and Paschal.

687, Pope Sergius I (84th Pope, died 701)

686, Pope Conon (83rd Pope, died 687).

685, Pope John V (82nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 686.

684, Pope Benedict II (81st Pope, died 685).

682, Pope Leo II (80th Pope, died 683).

678, Pope Agatho (79th Pope), acceded. He ruled until 681.

676, Pope Donus (78th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 678.

16 June 676, Pope Adeodatus II (77th Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Donus (died 678)

11 April 672, Pope Adeodatus II (77th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 676.

672, Pope Vitalian (76th Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Adeodatus II (died 676).

657, Pope Vitalian (76th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 672.

655, Pope Eugene I (75th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 657.

16 September 655, Pope Martin I (74th Pope) died.

649, Pope Martin I (74th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 655.

642, Pope Theodore I (73rd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 649.

640, Pope John IV (72nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 642.

640, Pope Severinus (71st Pope) acceded. He ruled until 640.

638, Pope Honorius I (70th Pope) died.

625, Pope Honorius (70th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 638.

625, Pope Boniface V (69th Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Honorius I (died 638).

619, Pope Boniface V (69th Pope) acceeded, died 625.

615, Pope Adeodatus I (St Deusedit), 68th Pope, acceded. He ruled until 618.

608, Pope Boniface IV (67th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 615.

607, Pope Boniface III (66th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 607.

604, Pope Sabinian (65th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 606.

12 March 604, Gregory the Great (64th Pope), died in Rome. Aged 64, he had been Pope for 14 years. He was the son of a Senator, and wealthy, but at the age of 33 sold off his property and gave the money to the poor. He founded severalmonasteries, and entered one himself. Pope Gregory had appointed Bishop Augustine of Hippo to begin the work of introducing Christianity to the Anglo-Saxons.

3 September 590, Gregory the Great (64th Pope), died 604, was appointed Pope. He succeeded Pope Pelagius II.

7 February 590, Pope Pelagius II (63rd Pope) fell victim to the plague that devastated Rome. After a 11-year reign he was succeeded by Gregory I, age 50, as the 64th Pope (died 604).

579, Pope Pelagius II (63rd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 590.

579, Pope Benedict I (62nd Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Pelagius II (63rd Pope).

575, Pope Benedict I (62nd Pope) succeeded Pope John III (61st Pope)

574, Pope John III (61st Pope) died.

2 March 561, Pope Pelagius I (60th Pope) died. He was succeeded by Pope John III (61st Pope, died 574).

556, Pope Pelagius I (60th Pope) succeeded Pope Vigilius (59th Pope, died 555).

537, Pope Silverius (58th Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Vigilius (59th Pope, died 555)

8 June 536, Pope Silverius was consecrated.

536, Pope Agapetus I (57th Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Silverius (58th Pope, died 537)

535, Pope John II (56th Pope) died, succeeed by Pope Agapetus I (57th Pope, died 536).

533, Pope John II (56th Pope) succeeded Pope Boniface II, (55th Pope) who died in 532.

532, Pope Boniface II (55th Pope) died, succeded by Pope John II (56th Pope).

530, Pope Felix IV (III) (54th Pope) died, succeeded by Pope Boniface II (55th Pope) died 532)

526, Pope John I died,(53rd Pope) succeeded by Pope Felix IV (54th Pope, died 530)

523, Pope Hormisdas (52nd Pope) died, succeeded by Pope John I (53rd Pope, died 526)

514, Pope Hormisdas (52nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 523.

498, Pope Laurentius, antipope, acceded. He ruled until 501.

498, Pope Symmachus (51st Pope) acceded. He ruled until 514.

496, Pope Anastasius II (50th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 498.

496, Pope Gelasisus I (49th Pope) died.

492, Pope Gelasius I (49th Pope) acceded.

13 March 483, Pope Felix III (II) (48th Pope), acceded. He ruled until 492.

10 March 483, Pope Simplicius (47th Pope) died

28 February 468, �Saint� Hilary, 46th Pope, died.

10 November 461, Pope Leo I (the Great) (45th Pope, Pope since 440) died.

19 August 440, Pope Sixtus III (44th Pope) died. Pope Leo I succeeded.

31 July 432, Pope Sixtus III acceded.

422, Pope Celestine I (43rd Pope) acceded (died 432)

418, Pope Eulalius, antipope, acceded. He ruled until 419.

418, Pope Boniface I (42nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 422.

417, Pope Zosimus (41st Pope) acceded. He ruled until 418.

12 March 417, Pope Innocent I (40th Pope, Pope since 401) died.

401, Pope Innocent I (40th Pope), acceded. He ruled until 417.

399, Pope Anastasius (39th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 401.

26 November 399, Pope Siricius (38th Pope) died at Rome.

17 December 384,Pope Siricius (38th Pope) succeeded Damasus I.

366, Pope Ursicinus, antipope, acceded. He ruled until 367.

366, Pope Damasus I (37th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 384.

24 September 366, Death of Pope Liberius

352, Pope Liberius (35th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 366.

352, Pope Julius I (35th Pope) died.

337, Pope Julius I (35th Pope) acceded.

336, Pope Marcus (34th Pope) acceded. He ruoed until 336.

314, Pope,Sylvester I (33rd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 336.

311, Pope Miltiades (32nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 314.

309/310, Pope Eusebius (31st Pope) acceded.

308, Pope Marcellus I (30th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 309.

30 June 296, Pope Marcellinus (29th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 304.

283, Pope Caius (28th Pope) acceded. He ryuled until 296.

275, Pope Eutychian (27th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 283.

269, Pope Felix (26th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 274.

260, Pope Dionysius (25th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 268.

6 August 258, Pope Sixtus II (24th Pope) martyred.

257, Pope Sixtus (24th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 258.

254, Pope Stephen I (23rd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 257.

253, Pope Lucius I (22nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 254.

251, Pope Novatian, antipope, acceded. He ruled until 251.

251, Pope Cornelius (21st Pope) acceded. He ruled until 253.

236, Pope Fabian (20th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 250.

235, Pope Anterus (19th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 236.

230, Pope Pontain (18th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 28 February 235, when he was exiled by the Emnpoeror Maximinus to Sardinia, and as a consequence of this was forced tor resign the Papacy..

230, Pope Urban I died (17th Pope, Pope from 222).

222, Pope Urban I (17th Pope) acceded.

217, Pope Hippolyte, antipope, acceded. He ruled until 236.

217, Pope Callistus I (16th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 222.

199, Pope Zephyrinus (15th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 217.

199, Pope Victor (14th Pope, Pope from 189) died.

189, Pope Victor I (14th Pope), acceded.

175, Pope Eleutherius (13th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 189.

166, Pope Soter (12th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 175.

155, Pope Anicetus (11th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 166.

140, Pope Pius I (10th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 155.

136, Pope Hyginus (9th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 140.

125, Pope Telesphorus (8th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 136.

115, Pope Sixtus I (Xystus I) (7th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 125.

105, Pope Alexander I (6th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 115.

97, Pope Evaristus (5th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 105.

97, Pope Clement I (4th Pope, Pope, 88 � 97) died.

88, Pope Clement (4th Pope) acceded. He ruled until 97.

76, Pope Anacletus (Cletus) (3rd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 88.

67, Pope Linus (2nd Pope) acceded. He ruled until 76.

The Apostle Peter is, by Church tradition, reckoned as the first �Pope� of the Catholic Church, over the period 33 - 67 (from the death of Jesus). However he would not have seen himself as having this title vested in him.


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