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Newspapers � UK,

10 July 2011, In Britain, the News of the World published its last edition, forced to close by a phone-tapping scandal and consequent withdrawal of advertising.

21 January 2005, Reginald Cudlipp, Editor of the News of the World, died (born 11 December 1910).

18 April 2001, Woman�s Realm, a 43-year-old ladies magazine, was closed by its publishers, IPC media.

1999, The Metro, a free newspaper distributed on public transport, was launched. It was produced by Associated Newspapers, part of the Daily Mail Group.

15 November 1995, The Today newspaper ceased publishing.

1/1994, The Guardian had a readership of 1,458,000, of whom 53% were men. Its ABC1 readership was 401,705, or about 84% of all ABC1 readers; however this fugure of 401,705 was down 4.4% on a year earlier, due to a price cut by the Times

1992, In Britain the Weekly Journal, a publication amed at Black professionals, was launched. It had a circulation of 25,000 in 1998.

1992, Lord Snooty was dropped from The Beano.

8 April 1992, Punch magazine published its last issue. However it was resurrected in 1996.

25 March 1992, United Newspapers announced the closure of Punch magazine, after 150 years of publication.

5 December 1991, Sons of the late Robert Maxwell called in the administrators in an attempt to msalvage the Maxwell business empire, then facing debts of over US$ 1 billion.

1 January 1991, The Press Complaints Commission was founded, replacing the Press Council (see 21 July 1953).

1990, In Britain, the Independent on Sunda was launched.

13 December 1990, The Northern Echo newspaper, Darlington, UK, became the first paper to appear on CD-ROM.

10 May 1990, The European newspaper was launched by Robert Maxwell.

1989, The Daily Sport was founded in Manchester.

17 September 1989, The Sunday Correspondent was launched. It closed in 11/1990.

1988, The Scotland on Sunday was founded.

1988, In Britain, Hello! Magazine was founded, a version of the Spanish !Hola! periodical. It reports good news about famous people.

11/1988, The Post newspaper was founded by Eddie Shah. It closed after just 33 issues.

1 November 1988, Batman�s faithful sidekick, Robin, was killed off by The Joker after a reader�s poll of DC Comics voted he should go.

1987, The Times and Sunday Times moved offices from Fleet Street, central London, to Isle of Dogs, Docklands. In 1986 they had also opened a new print plant in Manchester.

2/1987, The London Daily News was launched by Robert Maxwell. It closed in 7/1987 when the Evenoing News was temporarily relaunched.

1986, The Sunday Sport was founded in Manchester,

6 October 1986, In Britain a new newspaper, The Independent, began publication.

15 May 1986, Theodore H White, journalist, died.

4 March 1986, The first issue of the newspaper �Today� appeared; it was published by Eddie Shah. It was Britain�s first daily newspaper to be printed in colour.

25 January 1986, Overnight, to avoid Trades Union objections, the Times, Sunday Times, The Sun and News of the World moved from Fleet Street London to a new production plant at Wapping.

1983, Eddie Shah founded the Messenger Group, producing free newspapers nwith non-Union labour.

1983, The Asian Times was established in the UK for the Asian Community, In 1998 it had a circulation of just over 30,000.

1982, The Mail on Sunday began publication.

1981, The Caribbean Times, a weekly newspaper, was established. By 1998 it had a circulation of 24,500.

12 February 1981, Rupert Murdoch bought The Times.

31 October 1980, The London Evening News closed. The Evening Standard became The Standard.

1979, The subversive magazine Viz began publication.

13 November 1979, The Times reappeared after a year�s absence.

9/1979, Now magazine first appeared, founded by James Goldsmith. It closed in 3/1981.

30 November 1978, The Times stopped publication because of an industrial dispute. Industrial relations problems continued at The Times until 13 November 1979.

1 November 1978, The British newspaper The Daily Star went on sale in the north and midlands.It was owned by Express newspapers.

5 May 1975, The Scottish Daily News, a worker�s co-operative newspaper, was launched. However it closed in October 1975, despite intervention by Robert Maxwell.

14 October 1973, Edmund A. Chester, US journalist, died.

1972, Gay News, the largest-circulation homosexual newspaper in Britain, began publication. It ceased publication in 1983, biut was incorporated in Gay Times in 1984.

9 December 1972, Louella Parsons, gossip columnist, died.

11 May 1971. The British newspaper, The Daily Sketch, appeared for the last time. It was merged with the Daily Mail, which had changed from broadsheet to tabloid format.

13 February 1970, The first edition of The Irish Post, which has the largest circulation of a British newspaper for Great Britain's Irish community, was published.

2 January 1969, Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch bought the News of the World Group. This gave him his forst stake in Fleet Street.

11 January 1968. A new magazine, Student, hit Britain�s newsstands. Its publisher, Richard Branson, hoped the new magazine would become the voice of Britain�s youth.

2 May 1966, The Times carried news headlines on its frontpage instead of advertising for the first time. See 1939.

15 September 1964, The Sun was first published. See 16 April 1912. It failed to prosper and was bought by Rupert Murdoch in 1969. The Page Three Girl appeared in 1970. The Sun became mpore popular and overtook its main rival The Mirror in readership in 1976. In 1992 both papers had just under 3.7 million readers.

14 September 1964. The British daily newspaper, The Herald, closed and was replaced by The Sun.

9 June 1964. British newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook died, aged 85.

1963, The Sunday Mirror was founded.

14 September 1963, The first issue of The Hornet, boy�s comic, was published.

8 July 1963, The Fred Bassett cartoon first appeared in The Daily Mail.

1962, The New Society, a weekly sociology magazine, was founded. It merged with the New Statesman in 1988.

4 February 1962. The Sunday Times became the first paper to issue a colour supplement. The idea was expected to fail.

25 October 1961. The satirical magazine Private Eye was published for the first time. Pete4r Cook saved it from bankruptcy in 4/1962

5 February 1961. The Sunday Telegraph began publishing.

17 October 1960, The British daily newspaper News Chronicle ceased publication and was incorporated into the Daily Mail.

13 July 1960, Ian Hislop, editor of Private eye, was born.

1958, The Perishers cartoon strip began in the Daily Mirror. It ran until 2006.

13 November 1957, Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue, was born

10/1957, The consumer magazine Which had its first issue. Kettles were reviewed in ther first issue, and subsequently two manufacturers revised their designs to fit with thye consumer recommendations. Which�s membersDigesthip reached 100,000 by 1958, and the magazine began appearing monthly instead of quarterly. By 1991 there were nearly one million members.

5 August 1957, The Andy Capp cartoon first appeared in The Mirror newspaper.

1956, The New Scientist began publication, a popular science journal.


12/1953, |Playboy was founded by Hugh Heffner.

9 April 1926, Hugh Hefner, publisher of Playboy, was born.


21 July 1953, The first meeting of the Press Council, in London. See 1 January 1991.

20 January 1952, John Witherow, newspaper editor at The Times, was born

12 March 1951, Dennis The Menace first appeared in the USA. He first appeared in the UK in The Beano on 17 March 1951.

1950, Peak daily newspaper sales in the UK of 17 million copies, with total UK population of around 50 million.

16 March 1950, The Gambols cartoon first appeared in The Daily Express.

1948, The Daily Mirror had a circulation of 4 million, up from 1.5 million in 1939.

8 February 1940, Ted Koppel, journalist, was born.

31 March 1940, Britain rationed paper suppliesto the publishing and printing industries.

1939, The Daily Telegraph became the first London paper to break tradition and have news, rather than advertisements, on the front page. The Guardian followed in 1952, and The Times in 1966.

1938, The Picture Post first appeared, founded by Edward Hulton. It closed in 1957.

29 July 1938. The first edition of The Beano comic was published.

23 May 1938, Peter Preston, editor of The Guardian, was born.

18 April 1938, The Superman hero first appeared in print in the US.

4 December 1937, The Dandy was first published, featuring Desperate Dan.

1937, The Daily Telegraph (founded 29 June 1855) amalgamated with the Morning Post.

1937, Daily newspaper sales in the UK stood at 10 million (UK population then around 48 million).

28 June 1935. The first Rupert Bear cartoon appeared in The Daily Express. It was drawn by Albert Bestall, who had taken over from Rupert�s creator Mary Tourtel.

10 March 1935, The Bill Holman comic strip Smokey Stover ran for the first time in the Chicago Tribune.

17 February 1933, Newsweek began publication.

7 January 1934, The comic book hero Flash Gordon made his debut in the USA.

1933, Hotspur comic for boys was first launched. It published until the early 1980s.

1932, The Daily Worker, aCommunist newspaper, was founded. It changed its name to Morning Star in 1966, but vreverted to The Daily Worker in 1992.

4 October 1931. The detective cartoon strip Dick Tracy, by Chester Gould, first appeared in the Detroit Mirror.

25 September 1931, Barbara Walters, journalist, was born.

1 February 1930. The Times published its first crossword.

1929, The BBC began publishing The Listener, a weekly magazine to preserve in print the best of its radio talks. In the 1950s The Listener had a circulation of around 150,000 but had fallen to less than 20,000 by 1990, and the last issue was published in January 1991.

24 July 1929, Oriana Fallaci, journalist, was born.

28 August 1929, Harold Evans, editor of The Times and Sunday Times, was born.

17 January 1929, The cartoon character Popeye the Sailor Man, created by Elzie Crisler Segar, first appeared in the comic strip Thimble Theatre.

1923, In London the Radio Times began publication. Its circulation reached 9 million by 1950.

10 June 1923. Robert Maxwell, newspaper owner, was born in Solotvino, eastern Czechoslovakia, as Ludvick Hoch.

1922, Good Housekeeping arrived in the UK, from the USA. Sold monthly, it was aimed at middle class housewives. Sat the end of 1993 it had 2.2 million UK readers, down 22% from 1982 due to the arrival of many new competitor magazines.

28 December 1922, Stan Lee, comics artist who created Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk, was born.

14 August 1922, Lord Alfred Harmsworth, British newspaper publisher who launched the London Evening News, Daily Mirror, and The Times, died.

8 November 1920, Rupert Bear first appeared in the Daily Express.

29 December 1918, In Britain the Sunday Express newspaper was first published.

31 August 1916, Danish news tabloid BT began publishing in Copenhagen.

1915, The Sunday Mirror was launched.

1915, The Sunday Herald was launched. It was later renamed The Sunday Graphic; it closed in 1960.

1914, The Sunday Post Special was launched in Glasgow, and renamed the Sunday Post in 1919.

1913, In Britain the New Statesman began publication. Fpounded by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, it was assisted by leading Fabians such as George Bernard Shaw.

1 June 1913, Lord William Deedes, editor of the Daily Telegraph 1974-86, was born.

16 April 1912, The Daily Herald began publication in London. It was produced by striking trades unionists, and became the official paper of the TUC attaining a circulationof around 2 million in the 1930s. It was losing readership by the 1960s, and was revived and rebranded as The Sun, see 15 September 1964.

1910, The Times Educational Supplement began publication.

1909, In Britain the Daily Sketch started publication; it was a tabloid retailing at� d. It merged with the Daily Mail in 1971.

25 April 1908, Edward R Murrow, journalist, was born.

7 February 1908, In Britain the Liberal newspaper Tribune ceased publication.

10 February 1907, Death of British journalist Sir William Howard Russell.

2 November 1904. The British newspaper The Daily Mirror was founded by Alfred Harmsworth. Originally sold as a woman�s paper for 1d, it was subsequently relaunched in 1915 as the Daily Illustrated Mirror and retailed at � d.

22 February 1903, The world�s first ships newspaper was published, on the liner Etruria.

16 November 1902, George Henty, English war journalist, died (born 12/1832).

17 January 1902, The first issue of The Times Literary Supplement was published.

1901, The title The Tatler was revived for an illustrated montlymagazine specialising in upmarket social events, see 1709.

24 April 1900. 1st edition of the Daily Express printed in London. The newspaper was founded by C Arthur Pearson.

15 January 1900, George Warrington Steevens, English journalist, died of enteric fever during the siege of Ladysmith (born 10 December 1869)

16 October 1898, John Findlay, Scottish newspaper owner, died (born 21 October 1824).

3 April 1898, Henry Luce, US publisher who founded Time, Life, and Fortune magazines, was born.

1897, Country Life Magazine began publication; a revival of the former Racing Illustrated. Within a few years it had begun to focus on large country houses.

17 October 1897, Charles Dana, US journalist, died (born 8 August 1819).

6 April 1897, Walter Winchell, journalist, was born.

4 May 1896. The Daily Mail was first published, founded by Lord Northcliffe. Priced at � d (21p in 2012 prices) it was

the first mass-circulation newspaper in Britain.

1895, The Daily Record was founded in Glasgow.

19 November 1893, The first newspaper colour supplement was produced; a 4-page section of the New York World.

1891, The Irish Times was established, based in Belfast. It had a circulation of over 48,000 in 1998.

8 July 1889, The Wall Street Journal was first published. It was 4 pages long and sold for 2 cents.

16 March 1889, Samuel Hall, English journalist, died (born 9 May 1800).

6 July 1886. Box numbers were used in advertisements for the first time, by the Daily Telegraph.

1888, In London, the Financial Times was founded; a rival to the Financial News (founded 1884).The two papers later amalgamated in 1945. The Financial Times adopted its distinctive pink paper in 1893

20 October 1887, John Reed, journalist, was born.

22 February 1886, The Times became the first newspaper to have a �personal� column on its classified page.

1885, The Catholic Herald began publication, as the Glasgow Observer. It took its present name when it moved to London in 1888.

1884, The first newspaper in London devoted entirely to financial ands commercial affairs, the Financial and Mining News, appeared. It was later renamed the Financial News.

20 December 1881, Eustace Murray, English journalist, died.

25 October 1881, The Evening Illustrated Newspaper began publishing in Britain; it was the first regularly illustrated newspaper. Later renamed the Evening News, it ceased publication in 1980.

16 October 1881, The British Sunday newspaper, The People, began publication. It was later taken over by The Mirror Group.

29 April 1881, Edward Miall, English Nonconformist journalist, died (born 8 May 1809).

1 February 1880, The first edition of the theatrical newspaper The Stage was published.

22 November 1879, John Delane, editor of The Times, London, died (born 11 October 1817).

27 October 1879, The Liverpool Echo printed its first copy.

18 January 1879. The first issue of Boys Own was published by O S Beaton, husband of the famous cook book writer. Published until 1967, the journal was backed by the Religious Tract Society.

12 June 1876, Alfred Bate Richards, English journalist, died (born 17 February 1820 in Worcestershire)

1870, The Belfast Telegraph began publication.

1870, The Northern Echo, based in Darlington, began publication

23 May 1870, Mark Lemon, editor of Punch magazine, died (born 30 November 1809).

2 February 1870. The press agencies Reuters, Havas, and Wolff signed an agreement whereby they could cover the world�s news between them.

1869, The science journal Nature was first published.

11 July 1869, William Jerdan, Scottish journalist, died (born 16 April 1782).

1868, The Manchester Evening news began publication.

1868, The Western Daily Mail, a newspaper serving Wales, was established in Cardiff. In 1989 the Wales on Sunday newspaper was founded. In 1997 these papers had a circulation of 60,000 and 57,000 respectively.

10 July 1867, Finley Dunne, US journalist, was born.

7 February 1865, The first issue of the Pall Mall Gazette.

1860, The Universe, Roman Catholic newspaper, was founded in Manchester.

11 June 1860, The Evening Standard newspaper was first published, in London

1859, Sporting Life began publication. Since 1989 it has had a separate pull-out, The Greyhound Life.

5 June 1859, Gamaliel Bailey, US journalist, died (born in New Jersey 3 December 1807).

1858, The Western Daily Press was established in Bristol.

22 April 1858, Robert Stephen Rintoul, British journalist who founded The Spectator, died (born 1787 in Perthshire)

1857, The Birmingham Post began publication.

23 November 1857, George Smythe, English journalist, died.

30 June 1855, In Britain, the Newspaper Stamp Duty was abolished.

29 June 1855, The Daily Telegraph was first published, in London. It cost 1d.The first editor was Alfred Bate Richards. See 1937, 1939.

24 September 1853. Britain�s first provincial newspaper, the Northern Daily Times, was founded in Liverpool.

4 August 1853, Newspaper advertisements duty was abolished in Britain.

1851, Reuters News Agency was founded by a German born immigrant to London, Paul Julius Reuter (1816-99)

5 July 1849, William Thomas Stead, English journalist, was born in Embleton, Northumberland.

28 July 1847, John Walter, who helped to found The Times of London, died (born 23 February 1776)

21 January 1846, The Daily News, the newspaper edited by Charles Dickens, was first published in London.

28 August 1845, The Scientific American was first published at New York.

1844, A process for producing woodpulp developed by German engineer Gottlob Keller, aged 38, now made the cost of producing newspapers considerably cheaper, facilitating the development of mass media.

13 September 1844, Edmund O�Donovan, British war journalist, was born in Dublin (died 1883 in the Egyptian Sudan).

1843, The Economist was first published, headed by London economist James Wilson, aged 38.

1 October 1843, The Sunday newspaper, News of the World, was first published. A reductiuon in the Newspaper Tax meant it could be priced at 1d.

14 May 1842, The Illustrated London News was first published. It was founded by Herbert Ingram (1811-60), a printer, and it heralded the era of illustrated journalism.

1841, The Jewish Chronicle began publication in London. It was founded by Isaac Valentine (1793-1868).

17 July 1841, The first issue of the satirical magazine Punch was published in London.

7 May 1841, Thomas Barnes, English journalist, died.

1840, The Tablet, British Roman Catholic weekly newspaper, was launched.

1836, In Britain, Stamp Duty on newspapers was reduced from 4d to 1d (from �1.30 to 32p in 2012 prices), making them more accessible to less well off people.

1832, The Newcastle Weekly Journal began publication. It became a daily in 1860, and changed its name to The Journal in 1958.

24 November 1828, George Augustus Henry Sala, English journalist, was born in London (died 8 December 1895 in Brighton)

1827, The Freeman�s Journal began publication in New York; the first newspaper aimed at Black people. Whereas the rest of the press favoured slavery, this publication campaigned for it to end, and urged free Black people to get education and practice thrift. It was begun by Samuel E Cornish, a clergyman who founded New York�s first Black Presbyterian Church, and by Jamaica-born college graduate John B Russworm. Russworm later moved to Liberia where he edited the Liberia Herald in Monrovia, as well as serving as Liberia�s Superintendent of Education.

1827, The Evening Standard began publishing, as The Standard.

8 November 1827, The first English language newspaper in the Far East, the Canton Register began publication in Guangzhou.

9 February 1826, Samuel Bowles, journalist, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts (died in Springfield 16 January 1878).

28 December 1825, Henri Blowitz, journalist, was born in Bohemia (died 18 January 1003).

20 October 1822. The Sunday Times was first published.

1821, The Manchester Guardian, later The Guardian from 1959, was published, inoitially weekly. It became daily from 1855. Renamed The Guardian in 1960, it moved head office to London in 1964.

28 March 1821, William Clark Russell, British war journalist, was born near Dublin (died 11 February 1907)

17 December 1820, John Bull, the magazine �for God, The King, and The People� went on sale with 750 copies printed. After 6 weeks, circulation rose to 10,000.

17 February 1820, Alfred Bate Richards, English journalist, was born in Worcestershire (died 12 June 1876)

8 August 1819, Charles Dana, US journalist, was born (died 17 October 1897).

1817, The Scotsman was founded in Edinburgh. In 1865 it started using the railways to achieve a distribution throughout Scotland, and in 1868 became the first non-London newspaper to open an office on Fleet Street. In 1988 it launched the Scotsman on Sunday.

11 October 1817, John Delane, editor of The Times, London, was born (died 22 November 1879).

1816, The Courrier was founded, originally known as the Dundee Courier and Argus.

29 November 1814, The Times newspaper in London was printed on steam driven presses for the first time.

1 January 1814, The first Welsh-language newspaper, the Seren Gomer, was published.

18 February 1810, Sir Charles Dilke, editor of The Atheneaum literary magazine, was born (died 10 May 1869).

30 November 1809, Mark Lemon, editor of Punch magazine, was born (died 23 May 1870).

8 May 1809, Edward Miall, English Nonconformist journalist, was born (died 29 April 1881).

5 August 1803, The Ayr Advertiser was first published; the first newspaper in Ayrshire, Scotland.

4 December 1791. The Observer, the oldest Sunday newspaper in the UK, was first published.

3 May 1788. The first evening newspaper, the Star and Evening Advertiser, was published in London.

1 January 1788, The Universal Daily Register was renamed The Times.

1 January 1785. The Daily Universal Register was first published by John Walter. It was renamed The Times on 1 January 1788.

1783, The Herald, a daily newspaper covering Scotland, was established in Glasgow. In 1998 it had a circulation of 100,000. It was originally known as the Glasgow Advertiser, then the Glasgow Herald.

16 April 1782, William Jerdan,Scottish journalist, was born (died 11 July 1869).

26 March 1780. The first Sunday newspaper in Britain was published; the British Gazette and Sunday Monitor.

23 February 1776, John Walter, who helped to found The Times of London, was born(died 28 July 1847)

1754, The Yorkshire Post was founded, as the Leeds Intelligencer. It was renamed The Yorkshire Post in 1866.

1748, The first issue of the newspaper Aberdeen�s Journal appeared. In 1892 it merged with the Aberdeen Free Press, and became the Press and Journal.

1737, The Belfast News Letter started publication. |It is the UK�s oldest surviving newspaper.

17 June 1719, Joseph Addison died. A Whig essayist and poet, he had been co-founder of The Spectator.

1712, In Britain, Stamp Duty was imposed on newspapers, increasing their price.

1 March 1711. The Spectator was first published. It was founded by Joseph Addison (1672-1719). It cerased publication in 1714 but the title was revived in 1828 and has been published weekly ever since.

1709, The Tatler was first published, as a thrice-weekly newsletter magazine to appeal to gentlemen in coffee houses. It was replaced in 1711 by The Spectator, and the title was revived in 1901.

11 March 1702, E Mallet published The Daily Courant, the first successful daily newspaper in Britain. It was printed as a single sheet. By 1799 London had 21 daily newspapers

1701, The first regional English newspaper, outside London was published, the Norwich Post.

1699, The Edinburgh Gazette, a twice-weekly publication, was founded.

23 June 1696, The first evening newspaper, Dawks�s News-Letter, began publishing in London.

1665, The London Gazette, a bulletin for Government official announcements, was founded, then called the Oxford Gazette.

23 November 1646, The first advertisement in in English-language newspaper. It was in Samuel Pecke�s Perfect Diurnall, for books.

29 November 1641, The first English newspaper was published.

2 August 1622, Journalists William Sheffatrd and Nathaniel Butter began publishing Newes from Most Parts of Christendom, the first regular newspaper in English.

2 December 1620, The first English-language newspaper was printed. Produced in Amsterdam, it consisted of a single sheet, 6 by 12 inches, printed both sides, reporting on foreign news only. When imported into Britain it was condemnedby King James I.

1590, The first regular newspaper, the Mercurius Gallobelgicus, began publishing in London; carrying news from continental Europe.

13 August 1422, William Caxton, England�s first printer, was born.



18 October 1868, La Prensa, which was to become the highest-circulation newspaper in South America, began publication in Buenos Aires.

1861, The Buenos Aires Standard, the first English-language daily newspaper in Sout America, was founded by Irish-born economist Michael George Mulhall (1836-1900).


Newspapers - Australia

12 December 1995, Andrew Ollie, Australian journalist, died.

5 October 1990, After 150 years, The Herald newspaper in Australia ceased publication in Melbourne, Australia.

11 March 1931. Birth of Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

12 August 1886, Sir Keith Murdoch, newspaper owner, was born.


Newspapers � Belgium

1944, La Lanterne newspaper was founded in Brussels.

10 January 1929, Tin Tin first appeared in Le Vingtieme Siecle, Belgium.

1887, Le Soir newspaper was founded in Brussels.

1884, Le Libre newspaper was founded in Brussels.


Newspapers � Brazil

19 February 1921, The newspaper Folha de S�o Paulo, the highest circulation daily in Brazil, published its first issue.


Newspapers - Canada

25 May 1879, The newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook was born in Maple, Ontario, Canada as William Maxwell Aitken.

23 March 1752, Canada�s first newspaper, the Halifax Gazette, went on sale.


Newspapers - China

748, The first daily printed newspaper appeared in Beijing, China.


Newspapers - Colombia

24 October 1960, Jaime Garzon, Colombian journalist, was born.


Newspapers �Czechia

18 January 1903, Henri Blowitz, journalist, died (born in Bohemia 28 December 1825).


Newspapers - Denmark

30 September 2005, A Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, published controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

1916, The B.T. newspaper was founded in Copenhagen.

1884, The Politiken newspaper was founded in Copenhagen.

1749, The Berlingske Tiudende newspaper was founded in Copenhagen


Newspapers � Egypt

1944, The Al-Akhbar newspaper was founded.



1954, Marie Claire, women;�s magazine, was founded.

19 December 1944, The French newspaper Le Monde began publication in Paris.

14 August 1918, Andre Arnaud, French journalist, was born

1904, L�Humanite newspaper was founded in Paris.

14 December 1892, John Lemoinne, French journalist, died.

31 January 1880, Bernard Cassagnac, French journalist, died (born 11 August 1806)

20 June 1871, Auguste Jean Marie Vermorel, French journalist, died (born 21 June 1841)

9 August 1861, Louis Cauchois-Lemaire, French journalist, died (born 28 August 1789)

26 August 1843, The newspaper La Reforme started publication in Paris.

21 June 1841, Auguste Jean Marie Vermorel, French journalist, was born (died 20 June 1871)

1828, Le Figaro newspaper was founded in Paris.

2 October 1809, Louis Delescluze, French journalist, was born (died 1871).

11 August 1806, Bernard Cassagnac, French journalist, was born (died 31 January 1880).

5 January 1665, Journal des Scavans, the world�s first scientific journal, was founded in Paris.



1956, The Bild Am Sonntag newspaper was founded in Hamburg

1947, In Germany, Der Speigel, a news magazine, began publication.

1945, The Tagesspeil newspaper was founded in Berlin.

1945, The Tagliche Rundschau newspaper was founded in Berlin.

1945,Die Welt newspaper was founded in Hamburg.

1945, The Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper was founded in Munich.

1945, Die Neue Zeitung newspaper was founded in Munich.

3 August 1922, Minna Cauer, 80, German journalist, educator and activist, died aged 80

25 February 1899, Paul Julius Reuter, German founder of Reuters news agency, died.

3 February 1868, Karl Mathy, Baden statesman who worked for German unity, and who helped found the newspaper Deutsche Zeitung, which promoted the unification of the German states, died (born 17 March 1807).

21 July 1816, Paul von Reuter, German founder of Reuters News Agency, was born in Kassel as Israel Beer Josaphat.

17 March 1807, Karl Mathy, Baden statesman who worked for German unity, and who helpo found the newspaper Deutsche Zeitung, which promoted the unification of the German states, was born (died 3 February 1868).

1778, The German newspaper, Allgemeine Zeiting began publishing.


Newspapers � Greece

1980, The Avriani newspaper was founded.

1952, The Apogevmatini newspaper was founded.

1891, The Ethnos newspaper was founde din Athens


Newspapers � Iceland

1913, Morgunblad newspaper was founded in Reykavik.


Newspapers - India

1933, The weekly publication Harijan was founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

25 July 1832, Kursendas Mulji, Indian journalist, was born.


Newspapers � Irish Republic

26 June 1996, Veronica Guerin, Irish journalist, died.

1973, The Sunday World newspaper was founded in Dublin.

1954, The Evening Press newspaper was founded in Dublin.

1949, The Sunday Press newspaper was founded in Dublin.

1905, The Sunday Indpendent newspaper was founded in Dublin.

1905, The Irish Independent newspaper was founded in Dublin.

1891, The Evening Herald was founded in Dublin.

8 January 1898, In Dublin the first edition of Fainne an Lae (Dawn), the first Irish newspaper to carry domestic and foreign news in tie Irish language, was published.

1859, The Irish Times newspaper was founded in Dublin.


Newspapers � Italy

1976, La Repubblica newspaper was founded in Rome.

1878, Il Messagero newspaper was founded in Rome.

1876, The first national Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, was established in Milan. However even in the 1960s, just 40% of Italians read a daily newspaper.

1867, La Stampa newspaper was founded in Turin.

59 BC, In Rome the Acta Diurna was posted daily in public spaces.


Newspapers � Netherlands

1893, De Telegraaf newspaper was founded in Amsterdam.


Newspapers � The Philippines

2 February 1900, The Manila Bulletin, published its first issue. Starting as a publisher of information about shipping, the broadsheet became the largest circulation newspaper in the country.


Newspapers � Portugal

1942, the Diario Popular was established in Lisbon.


Newspapers - Russia

10 July 1925, The TASS news agency was founded in Russia.

1922, Krokodil, a political satire magazine, began publication in Moscow.

1917, Izvestia newspaper was founded in Petrograd.

22 April 1913, The first issue of Pravda (Truth) appeared in Moscow.

1912, Pravda newspaper was founded in Moscow.


Newspapers - South Africa

18 December 1914, A meeting was held in Stellenbosch, South Africa to discuss the creation of a national newspaper for the country.


Newspapers � Spain

1976, El Pais newspaper was founded iu Madrid.

1935, Ya newspaper was founded in Madrid.

1905, The ABC newspaper was founded.

1881, La Vanguardia newspaper was founded in Barcelona.


Newspapers � Sweden

1884, The Svenska Dagbladet was founded in Stockholm.


Newspapers � Switzerland

1789, Neue Zurcher Zeitung newspaper was founded in Zurich.


Newspapers � Vatican

1929, L�Osservatore Romano newspaper was founded.


Newspapers �USA,

9 November 2006, Ed Bradley, US journalist, died (born 22 June 1941)

15 May 2006, George Crile, US journalist, died (born 5 March 1945)

3 August 2005, Steven Vincent, US journalist, died.

30 March 2004, Alistair Cooke, US journalist, died aged 95.

22 June 2002, Ann Landers, US columnist, died.

23 January 2002, US newspaper reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped, and later murdered, in Karachi, Pakistan.

16 July 1999, John F Kennedy Jr., journalist and magazine publisher, died.

29 November 1972, Life magazine ceased publication (see 23 November 1936) but was revived in 10/1978.

30 October 1968, Rose Wilder Lane, US journalist, died.

3/1965, Penthouse Magazine began publication in New York, by publisher Robert Guccione, aged 38. The magazine grew to overtake Hugh Heffner�s Playboy in sales in 1975.

4 March 1957, Jim Dwyer, American journalist was born in New York (died 2020)

3 April 1953, US magazine "TV Guide" publishes its first issue. The cover featured photo of Lucille Ball's new born baby boy, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV (later professionally known as Desi Arnaz Jr.)

14 August 1951, Randolph Hearst, US newspaper magnate, died in California.

19 September 1942, Conde Nast, US magazine publisher, died.

1941, The Chicago Sun newspaper was founded.

23 November 1936, The first edition of Life magazine appeared. See 29 November 1972.

4 October 1931. The detective cartoon strip Dick Tracy, by Chester Gould, first appeared in the Detroit Mirror.

31 March 1925, The Philadelphia Daily News began publication.

21 February 1925, The New Yorker was first published, founded by Harold Ross.

1923, Time Magazine was launched by Henry A Luce and Briton Hadden.

5 February 1922. The Readers Digest was first published, in the USA.

26 June 1919, The New York Daily News began publication.

1914, The New Republic newspaper was founded by HD Croly.

29 October 1911. Joseph Pulitzer, US newspaper publisher who instituted an annual journalism prize, died.

11 July 1910, Henry Dexter, founder of American News Company, died.

19 January 1908, Charles Emory Smith, US journalist, died in Philadelphia (born 18 February 1842 in Connecticut)

24 December 1907, IF Stone, US journalist was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (died 1989)

1904, The Boston American newspqaper was founded.

1904, US newspaper advertising revenue was rising rapidly, reaching 40 million US$ this year.

15 August 1903, Joseph Pulitzer gave US$ 2 million to Columbia University to start a school of journalism.

12 November 1900, Henry Villard, US journalist, died (born 10 April 1835 in Bavaria)

1889, The Wall Street Journal was founded in New York.

10/1888, The National Geographic began publication at Washington DC. Its first colour pictures appeared in 1906, and in 1910 at adopted its characteristic yellow and white cover.

27 July 1883, Francis Blair, US journalist, died in Silver Spring, Maryland (born in Abingdon, Virginia 12 April 1791).

4 March 1880, The New York Daily Graphic became the first newspaper to incorporate a photographic reproduction.

6 December 1877, The Washington Post Newspaper was founded, and ran a campaign against newly-elected US President Rutherford Hayes as being fraudulently elected.

16 January 1878, Samuel Bowles, journalist, died in Springfield (born in Springfield, Massachusetts 9 February 1826).

25 December 1875, The Chicago Daily News began publication. It was priced at 1 cent, whereas other newspapers cost 5 cents.

4 March 1873, The New York Daily Graphic became the world�s first illustrated daily newspaper.

1 June 1872, James Bennett, US journalist, died in New York.

4 March 1872, The Boston Daily Globe began publication in the USA.

4 November 1869, The weekly scientific journal Nature began publication.

18 June 1869, Henry Jarvis Raymond, US journalist, died in New York City (born 24 January 1820 in New York State)

1860, The New York World newspaper was founded.

18 September 1851, The New York Times was first published.It was founded by Henry Jarvis Raymond.

10 June 1847, The Chicago Tribune began publication, as the Chicago Daily Tribune.

10 April 1847, Joseph Pulitzer, newspaper proprietor who founded the Pulitzer Prize for achievements in journalism or literature, was born.

18 February 1846, The Pittsburgh Disptach was first published.

1842, The Plain Dealer newspaper was founded in Chicago.

18 September 1842, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was first published.

18 February 1842, Charles Emory Smith, US journalist, was born in Connecticut (died 19 January 1908 in Philadelphia)

10 April 1841, The New York Tribune was first published.

17 May 1837, The Baltimore Sun began publication.Founded by Arunah S Abell, it sold at 1 cent.

6 May 1835, The New York Herald newspaper began publication.

10 April 1835, Henry Villard, US journalist, was born in Bavaria (died 12 November 1900)

1 September 1833, The New York Sun newspaper was launched. It was cheaply priced at 1 cent, and was full of human interest stories, aimed for a mass market. Editors of more serious papers were sceptical about its survival. On 25 August 1835 this newspaper claimed that vegetation grew on the moon, and had widespread sales.

1831, The Liberator, an influential anti-slavery weekly newspaper, was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, by Abolitionist campaigner William Lloyd Garrison. It ran until 1865.

27 February 1828, Edward Albert Pollard, US journalist, was born (died 1872)

16 March 1827, In the USA, the first Afro-American newspaper, the Freemen�s Journal, was first published in New York by the Reverend Samuel Cornish.

24 January 1820, Henry Jarvis Raymond, US journalist, was born in New York State (died 18 June 1869 in New York City)

25 November 1817, John Bigelow, US journalist, was born in New York State.

3 December 1807, Gamaliel Bailey, US journalist, was born in New Jersey (died 5 June 1859).

16 November 1801, The New York Evening Post began publication, directed by politicians John Jat and Alexander Hamilton.

12 April 1791, Francis Blair, US journalist, was born in Abingdon, Virginia (died in Silver Spring, Maryland, 27 July 1883).

21 September 1784. The first successful daily American newspaper, the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser, appeared.

30 May 1783, The first daily newspaper in the newly independent USA, the Pennsylvania Evening Post, began publication.

9 May 1754, The first US newspaper cartoon appeared, in Benjamin Franklin�s Pennsylvania Gazette.

16 February 1741, Benjamin Franklin, USA, began publication of his General Magazine.

24 April 1704, The first regular newspaper in British North America, the Boston News Letter, was published.


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