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UK Hospitals, (London)

1982, The number of hospitals in the UK had fallen from 3,000 in 1960 to 2,650. The number of psychiatric hospitals had fallen over this period from 2,650 to 2,150.

1980, A specialist surgical team for heart transplants was established at Harefield Hospital, NW of London, by Magdi Yacoub (born 1935). Harefield Park was the home of the founder of The Lancet.

1976, York District Hospital opened.

1967, The first research and teaching hospice in the UK (for the care of the terminally ill) was established at St Christopher�s Hospice, London, founded by Cicely Saunders.

1962, The UK Government announced a Hospitals Building Programme. Modern hospitals were desoigned along a central spine �street� (wide corridor), rather like a trunk motor road, with nursing, clinical and support areas separated. Road-type �street signs� directed people to the different wards and areas. In places where large city hospitals were required on small sites, the separation was vertical, with new high-rise hospitals.

1959, In Swindon the first part of the new Princess Margaret Hospital was opened.

1957, The reconstruction of Guy�s Hospital, London began, at a cost of well over �2,000,000.

15 April 1925, Sir James Barrie donated the copyright of Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children in London.

1916, The Maudsley Hospital, London SE5, a psychiatric hospital, was founded.

1887, The London Skin Hospital was founded.

1874, The Central London Hospital for Throat, Nose and Ear was founded.

1871, St Thomas Hospital moved from its former site near London Bridge to the Albert Embankment, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Most of its London Bridge site was acquired by the South Eastern Railway Company.

1868, The East End Hospital for Children was founded.

1867, Queen�s Hospital for Children was founded.

1866, The Belgrave Hospital for Children and the Grosvenor Hospital for Children were founded.

1863, The Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, London, was founded.

1861, The National Dental Hospital was founded.

1860, St Peter�s Hospital for Stone, London, was founded.

1859, The National Hospital for Paralysis and Epilepsy, Bloomsbury, London, was founded.

1858, The Royal Dental Hospital was founded.

1857, The National Hospital for Diseases of the Heart, the Royal Eye Hospital and the Liverpool Infirmary for Children were founded.

1856, The Great Northern Central Hospital, Islington, was founded.

1856, The West London Hospital, Hammersmith Road, London, was founded.

1855, The Poplar Hosiptal for Accidents was founded.

1854, The Royal Hospital for Incurables, Putney, was founded,

14 February 1852. London�s famous children�s hospital, in Great Ormond Street, opened. It was founded by Charles West and Henry Bence Jones. The first patient admitted was Eliza Armstrong.

1851, The Brompton Cancer Hospital, London, was founded.

1851, The Free Cancer Hospital, Fulham, was founded.

1850, The London Smallpox Hospital was founded.

1849, The London Homeopathic Hospital was founded.

1848, The Victoria Park Hospital for Diseases of the Heart and Lungs was founded.

1847, The Samaritan Free Hospital for Women was founded.

1845, St Mary�s Hospital, Paddington, London, was founded.

1841, Brompton Consumption Hospital, London, was founded.

1840, Kensington Children�s Hospital was founded.

1839, Kings College Hospital, Lincoln�s Inn Fields, London, opened.

1838, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, and the Metropolitan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital were founded.

1836, The Metropolitan Free Hospital, Hackney, was founded in London top treat poor patients. However it was later forced to adopt a subscription model to ensure funding, so had to drop the word �Free� from its title.

1835, St Marks Hospital for Cancer was founded.

1833, University College Hospital, Gower Street, London, was founded.

1829, The Hospital for Children, Manchester was founded.

1828, The Royal Free Hospital, London, was founded.

1821, The Seaman�s Hospital Society, Greenwich, London, was founded.

1819, Montreal General Hospital, Canada, was founded. It is Canada�s oldest teaching hospital; the first students were admitted in 1821.

1818, The Charing Cross Hospital was founded, along with its Medical School, by Benjamin Golding.

1816, The Royal Ear Hospital, the Royal Westminister Ophthalmic Hospital and the Royal Waterloo Hospital for Children and Women were founded.

1814, The Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest was founded.

1806, Exeter Eye Hospital was founded.

1805, Moorflelds Eye Hospital was founded.

1802, The London Fever Hospital, Islington, was founded.

1792, The Liverpool Royal Lunatic Asylum was founded.

1787, Wakefield Hospital was founded.

1784, Hull Royal Infirmary was founded.

1783, Kent Dispensary and Miller Hospital was founded.

1782, Nottingham General Hospital was founded.

1782, Hull Infirmary was founded.

1777, The York Asylum was founded.

1776, Hereford General Infirmary was founded.

1771, Leicester Infirmary was founded.

1770, Radcliffe Informary, Oxford, was founded.

1769, Lincoln County Hospital was founded.

1767, Leeds Infirmary was founded.

1766, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, opened. Originally sited near the city centre, it moved to its present location in 1962.

1766, The Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum was founded.

1752, Manchester Royal Infirmary was founded.

1751, The first mental institution was opened in London.

11 May 1751, Pennsylvania Hospital was founded in Philadelphia, by Benjamin Franklin and Dr Thomas Bond.

29 March 1751, Thomas Coram, English philanthropist who established the Foundling Hospital in Hatton Garden , London (17 October 1740) died (born 1668).

1750, The City of London Maternity Hospital was founded.

1746, Middlesex County Hospital, Mortimer Street, was founded, to treat smallpox. Worcester Royal Infirmary was founded.

1745, Gloucester Infirmary was founded. Shrewsbury Infirmary was founded. Liverpool Royal Infirmary was founded

1743, Nortthampton Hospital was founded.

1742, Bath Hospital was founded.

1741, Exeter Hospital opened.

1740, York Hospital opened.

3 November 1740, Whitechapel Hospital, London, opened.

17 October 1739, The Foundling Hospital London (now Coram), the UK�s first dedicated children�s charity, was created by a Royal Charter of King George II. The number of newborn children abamdoned by their parents due to poverty was rising.

1738, The Bath General Hospital was founded, so as to make use of the curative properties of the water in the spa town.

1737, Hospitals opened in Winchester and Bristol.

18 October 1736, The Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, UK, opened.

1 January 1734, St George�s Hospital, Hyde Park Corner, London, opened.

1729, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary opened, to assist in teaching students at the Faculty of Medicine, University oif Edinburgh (faculty opened 1726).

17 December 1724, Thomas Guy, founder of Guys Hospital, died (born 1644).

1723, Guys Hospital, London, was founded by Thomas Guy, a bookseller aged 77 The hospital opened in 1725.

14 January 1716. Westminster Hospital founded.

30 June 1696. Greenwich Hospital founded.

10 February 1623, George Heriot, founder of Heriot�s Hospital Edinburgh, died (born 1563).

26 June 1553, Christ�s Hospital London was founded on the ste of the former Greyfriars Monastery by King Edward VI, as a hospital for poor children.

1407, Bethlehem Hospital, London, became an institution for the insane; later known as Bedlam. It was originally founded as a priory for the Order of the Star of Bethlehem in 1247. Records show that some hospital patients wer treated there as early as 1330.

1247, The Royal Hospital, London, was founded by Simon Fitzmary, Alderman.

1213, St Thomas�s Hospital, London, was founded.

5 June 1123. St Bartholomew Hospital, Lambeth, London, was founded by Rahere (died b1144). Re-founded 1547.

Ca. 1085, St Wulstan�s Hospital, Worcester, was founded by Bishop Wulstan.

1084, St John�s Hospital, Canterbury was founded by Lanfranc.

937, King Athelstan founded St Peters Hospital at York.

794, A Saxon hospital existed at St Albans.



1784, The Vienna Allgemeines Ktankenhaus was rebuilt by Joseph II, and could treat 1600 patients. It was rebuilt again in 1963.



829, First record of the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Paris, which probably opened between 641 and 691. Founded by Landry, Bishop of Paris. These early �hospitals� were hasically hospices providing food and shelter but without in-house medical care. They generally catered for pilgims and the healthy poor as well as lepers, the imfirm and the elderly. They were subsequently gradually �medicalised�. Physicians are recorded as being in attendance here in 1231.



4 September 1965. Albert Schweitzer, French medical missionary, died aged 90 in Lambarene, Gabon, in the village where he had opened his hospital for indigenous peoples in 1913.He was aged 90, and won the Nobel Prize in 1952.

15 August 1913, Dr. Albert Schweitzer performed major surgery for the first time at the site of what would become the Albert Schweitzer Hospital at Lambar�n� in Gabon, at that time a part of French Equatorial Africa.



1768, The Charite Hospoital opened in Berlin.



977, A hospital was founded at Baghdad. It employed 24 physicians and had a surgery and a ward for eye disorders.



1456, Mlilan�s Ospedale Maggiore opened. It was like a modern hospital in that patients were isolated in wards.

390, Fabiola founded a hospital for the poor in Rome.



1524, The Hospital of Jesus of Nazareth, Mexico, was founded. It remains as the oldest hospital in the Americas.



1483, Toldeo hospital was founded.

1481, Barcelona hospital was founded.

1436, Seville hospital was founded

1425, Zaragoza hospital was founded.

1407, Valencia hospital was founded

1365, Granada hospital was founded



21 May 1919, The Oklahoma Hospital Association was established with physician Fred S. Clinton as first President.

7 December 1914, The Barnes-Jewish Hospital opened on its present site in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

12 May 1857, The New York Infirmary for Women and Children opened in New York.

1811, The Massachusetts General Hospital was founded. Building was delayed by war, and the first patients were admitted in 1821. It became the first teaching hoispital of the Harvard Medical School.

1771, The New York Hospital opened.

1765, John Morgan founded the first medical school in the USA, at the College of Pemnnsylvania.

11 February 1752, The first hospital in the present day USA opened, the Pennsylvania.Hospital, New York.

1736, Bellevue Hospital, New York, began as a 6-bed infirmary in a House of Correction and Public Workhouse. It has been a part of the New York University school of medicine since 1968.


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