Chronography of Malawi

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2004, Bingu wa Mutharika won the Presidency.

2002, Severe cholera epidemic and food shortages.

1999, Muluzi was re-elected Presaident. However in 2006 he was arrested on corruption charges.

1994, Bakili Muluzi�s opposition United Front won the first democratic elections.

1993, One-Party rule ended after referendum.

1992, Anti-Government riots, as illegal opposition groups united. Western aid suspended over Human Rights violations.

1986, Over the next three years (to 1989), nearly one million refugees entered Malawi from Mozambique.

6/7/1971, Dr Hastings Banda was sworn in as President of Malawi for life, having established a One-Party State.

6/7/1964. Malawi, formerly Nyasaland, became independent.It had been a British Protectorate since 1891. The Scottish explorer David Livingstone named the lake, Lake Nyasa, after being told that was its name by the locals; however nyasa meant �mass of waters�. So Lake Nyasa meant �lake-lake�. On independence the name Malawi was chosen, from the former 16th century Kingdom of Maravi, believed to have ruled over the Zambesi river as far as Mombasa.

1/2/1963, Nyasaland became independent, later to be called Malawi.

3/3/1959, In Nyasaland (Malawi) Hastings Banda and other leaders of the Nyasaland African Congress were arrested.

20/2/1959, Disturbances in the British territory of Nyasaland (now Malawi).

1/8/1953, Nyasaland (now Malawi) federated with Southern and Northern Rhodesia to formthe Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. This federation lasted until 1963.

1907, Hastings Kumuzu Banda, first President of independent Malawi in 1964, was born in what was then the British Protectorate of Nyasaland.

1891, The British Protectorate of Nyasaland was set up, after some years of Scottish missionary activity.


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