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27 February 425, The Pandidakterion was founded in Constantinople by Emperor Theodosius II. This was effectrively a very early university institution, with 31 chairs for law, philosophy, medicine, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music, rhetoric and other subjects; 15 in Latin and 16 in Greek. This university existed until the 15th century.


Note, founding dates of universities can be uncertain. Universities began as something rather different from today, as informal groups of scholars and students, sometimes in monastic settings. Other universities developed from technical or industrial colleges. Universities have been suppressed or abandoned, merged, re-started, and may move from place to place over time. Satellite colleges may be founded, which may in time become universities themselves.




1622, Benedictine University of Salzburg founded. Closed, 1810.

1586, Graz University, Jesuit, founded.

1365, Vienna University founded.


1834, Brussels University was founded.

1817, Liege University was founded.

1425, Louvain University was founded.


1880, Sofia University, Bulgaria, founded.


1874, Zagreb University was founded.

Czechia and Slovakia

28 January 1919, Masaryk University was established in Brno. It is now (2023) the second largest university in the Czech Republic.

1581, The University of Olmutz, Czech Republic, was founded. Dissolved in 1778, it was re-founded in 1827.

1348, Prague University founded by King Charles IV.


1933, Aarhus University was founded.

1479, Copenhagen University was founded by King Christian I.


1632, The University of Dorpat (Yurev) (now, Tartu), Estonia, was founded by Gustavus Adolphus. It was re-established by Tsar Alexander I in 1802. It is now the University of Estonia (re-founded 1919).


1640, Helsinki University was founded; originally in Abo, moved to Helsinki in 1827. In 1906 it had 1,921 students (328 women) and 141 teaching staff. In 1936 it had 6,000 students and 353 teaching staff.


Expansion of French university education 1956-2012. Figures are % of French electorate

Highest qualification attained












Picketty, Thomas (2018), Brahmin Left vs Merchant Right: Rising Inequality & the Changing Structure of Political Conflict, WORKING PAPER SERIES N� 2018/7


1872, Strasbourg University was founded (then in Germany). See 1621.

10 May 1806. The University of France was founded.

1751, The Ecole Superieure de Guerre (Academy of War) was established in Paris.

1621, University of Strasbourg founded. It ceased to operate duiing the French Revolution; a new academy was established in 1801. See also 1872.

1562, University of Lille founded.

1552, Douay University founded by King Philip II.

1464, The University of Bourges founded.

1461, The University of Nantes founded.

1459, The University of Valence founded.

1450, The University of Besancon founded.

1441, The University of Bordeaux founded.

1437, The University of Caen founded.

1431, The Universitiy of Poitiers founded.

12/7/1429, John Gerson, Chancellor of the University of Paris, died (born 14 December 1363).

1426, Louvain University founded.

1409, The University of Aix founded.

1365, The University of Orange opened.

14 December 1363, John Gerson, Chancellor of the University of Paris, was born (died 12/7/1429).

1349, The University of Perpignan founded.

1339, Grenoble University founded.

1332, The University of Cahors opened.

1307, Orleans University founded.

1289, Montpellier University founded.

1265, The University of Avignon opened.

1256, Sorbonne College, Paris, opened. It had been founded by Robert of Sorbon in 1253.

1235, The University of Orleans founded.

1229, Toulouse University founded.

9 October 1201, Robert de Sorbon, who founded the Sorbonne University, was born.

1150, The University of Paris founded.


1919, Hamburg University founded,

1902, Munster University founded.

1863, Darmstadt Technological University was founded.

1826, Munich University, Hamburg, was founded. See 1472, Ingoldstadt.

1818, Bonn University was founded.

1811, University of Breslau founded.

16 August 1809. The University of Berlin was re-founded. Originally founded,1574, it was refounded by German scholar, diplomat and educator, Wilhelm von Humboldt, who believed education was necessary to produce patriotic citizens. The German nationalist philosopher Johann Gottleib Fichte became the first Rector.

1743, University of Erlangen founded.

1737, Gottingen University was founded.

1694, University of Halle was founded.

1665, University of Kiel was founded.

1607, University of Giessen was founded.

1582, Wurtzburg University was founded.

1567, University of Helmstedt, Brunswick, was founded.

1558, University of Jena was founded.

1544, The University of Konigsberg was founded.

1527, The first Protestant University was founded, at Marburg by Philip the Magnanimous.

1506, University of Frankfurt am Oder founded (transferred to Breslau, 1811, see Wroclaw, Poland).

1502, Wittemberg University was founded.

1477, Tubingen University was founded.

1472, Ingoldstadt University was founded. Transferred to Landshut, 1800, and to Munich in 1826.

17 October 1456, The University of Greifswald was established.

1455, Frieburg University was founded.

1450, Trier University was founded.

1419, Rostock University was founded.

1409, Leipzig University was founded by German refugees from Prague.

1388, Cologne University was founded. It lasted until 1797, and was refounded in 1919.

18 October 1386, The University of Heidelberg was founded. This is the oldest continuously-existing university in Germany.

1378, Erfurt University was founded (closed 1816).


1837, The University of Athens was founded in Greece.


1844, The Polytechnicum in Budapest was founded.

1635, Budapest University, Hungary, founded.

1367, The University of Pecs was founded.

Icelandsee also Iceland

1988, Tbe University of Akureyri was founded.

17 June 1911, The University of Iceland was established, on the centenary of the birth of Jon Sigurdsson.

1909, A law school opened in Reykjavik.

1908, A teacher training college was established in Reykjavik. In 1972 this college was authorised to train for teaching at university level.

1905, A business and commerce college was set up in Reykjavik.

1904, Iceland�s first Technical Training College opened in Reykjavik.

1891, A College of Navigation opened in Reykjavik.

1876, A medical school opened in Reykjavik.


1972, The University of Limerick was founded, as the National Institute for Higher Education Limerick. It became a university in 1989l

1 August 1908, The Irish Universities Act was passed in Westminster. It provided for two new universities in Ireland, one for Ulster and one in the South.

June 1903, The Senate of Dublin University voted to open its degrees to women.

1899, The Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland was established, to provide agricultural education,

1854, Univsersity College was founded in Dublin.

1592, Dublin University (Trinity College) was founded by English monarch Queen Elizabeth I. However an older establishment was founded in 1320, connected with St Patrick�s Cathedral.


1701, University of Venice founded.

1687, University of Bologna re-founded (see 1088).

1677, University of Sassari, Sardinia, founded. It reopened in 1766.

1645, University of Palermo founded.

1623, Genoa University founded.

1601, University of Parma re-founded.

1548, University of Messina founded.

1447, Palermo University founded.

1444, Catania University, Sicily, was founded.

19 October 1434, University of Catania founded.

1428, The University of Florence (see 1349) began to teach Greek and Latin literature, with emphasis on history and its bearing on human behaviour and moral values.

1422, Parma University founded.

1412, Turin University founded.

4 March 1391, Ferrara University was founded.

1390, Pavia University founded.

1358, Lucca University was founded.

1349, Florence University was founded. See 1428.

1329, Pisa University founded.

1320, Perugia University was founded.

1248, Piacenza University was founded.

1244, Rome University was founded. Refounded in 1611.

1240, Siena University was founded.

1228, Vercelli University was founded.

5 June 1224, Naples University was founded by Holy Roman Emperor Fredefrick II.

1222, Padua University founded.

1215, Arezzo University was founded.

1204, Vicenza University was founded. The world�s seventh-oldest university. (unless 1188, Reggio)

1188, Reggio University/School was founded.

1175, Modena University was founded. The world�s sixth-oldest university.

1088/1119. Bologna University founded. In 1262 it is reputed to have had 10,000 students, as against 3,400 in 1935. The world�s third-oldest university. See 1687.

850, Salerno School was founded. Its early history is uncertain, but it probably first existed as a school for ecclestiastical, legal and medical studies.


1880, The Free (Calvinistic) University of Amsterdam was founded. It has had degree-awardingpowers since 1905.

1877, The University of Amsterdam was founded. It was formerly an Atheneum.

1864, The State Polytechnic school at Delft was founded, for the study of engineering.

26 March 1636, The University of Utrecht was founded.

1614, The University of Groningen, Netherlands, founded.

1603, Harderwyck Atheneum was founded; closed 1811

1585, Franeker Atheneum was founded; closed 1811

1575, University of Leyden was founded by William of Orange. See Netherlands 1574.


1968, Tromso University was established.

1811, The University of Christiania, Oslo, opened.


1945, The University of Torun was established.

24 May 1945, The University of Lodz, Poland, was founded.

1811, The University of Wroclaw (then Breslau, Germany) was founded, see Frankfurt on Oder, Germany, 1506.

1576, University of Warsaw was founded. Suppressed in 1832, it was reopened in 1864.

5 November 1370. King Casimir III of Poland died in a hunting accident, aged 60, after a 30 year reign. He founded the University of Cracow, in 1364, and codified the law and administration.


1911, Oporto University was founded. The University of Lisbon was founded.

1 March 1290, The University of Coimbra was founded in Lisbon, Portugal by King Denis of Portugal; it moved to Coimbra in 1537.


6 April 1913, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies was founded It had over 35,000 undergraduate and 1,600 Masters and Doctoral students by its centennial in 2013.

1872, The University of Cluj (then, Kolozsvar, Hungary) was founded.

1864, Bucharest University was founded.


1918, A second university in Moscow was founded.

1834, Kiev University was founded by Tsar Nicholas I.

1804, The University of Kazan was founded by Alexander I.

12 January 1755. The first Russian university, at Moscow, opened.

Slovakia, see Czechia


1990, Pompeu Fabra University was founded by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia in 1990. It was named after the linguist Pompeu Fabra, an expert on the Catalan language.

1712, University of Madrid was founded.

1542, University of Zaragoza was founded.

1531, University of Granada was founded.

1504, University of Santiago de Compostela founded by Papal Bull from Pope Julius II.

1500, Valencia University was founded.

1483, The University of Palma was founded.

1482, The University of Avila was founded. It was reduced to a college in 1807.

1474, The University of Saragossa was founded.

1430, University of Barcelona founded. It was suppressed in 1714 but restored in 1841.

1359, The University of Huesca was founded,

1348, The University of Valladolid was founded.

1300, The University of Lerida was founded.

1254, The University of Seville was founded.

1208, The University of Castile was founded at Palencia. It was moved to Salamanca in 1239.

1134, Salamanca University was founded. The world�s fifth-oldest university.

968, Cordoba School was founded.


1832, University of Zurich founded.

1559, University of Geneva founded.

1533, University of Lausanne founded.

4 April 1460, The University of Basle opened. It was founded by Pope Pius II.


1891, Gothenburg University (Hogskola) was founded.

1668, The University of Lund was founded.

27 February 1477, The Swedish University of Uppsala was founded, becoming the first university in Sweden and all of Scandinavia.


1804, Kharkhiv University established

Former Yugoslavia

28 June 1960, The University of Novi Sad was founded in Yugoslavia.

1919, Ljubljana University, Slovenia, was founded.

1467, The University of Bratislava, Slovakia, was founded.



1932, The first university in Afghanistan was founded, in Kabul.


1921, Dhaka University, Bangladesh, was founded.


1980, China restored the awarding of academic degrees, previously banned as a sign of class distinction.

1977, China restored the gaokao exams; end of school exams that determine whether one is admitted to a leading university; important for career progression in China. They had been abolished by Mao, who had instead filled the colleged with less-educated devotees of Maoism. There was initial rejoicing at this restoration. However the gaokao has attracted increasing concern for the huge stress it imposes on final year schoolchildren.

1976, China reopened its universities for the first time since the Cultural Revolution of 1966.

1902, In China, new colleges across 11 provinces were opened for the study of Western sciences.

260, Nanjing University was founded.


24 November 1969, Guru Nanak Dev University was established at Amritsar, Punjab State, India, on the 500th birthday of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak.

1917, Patna University, Bihar, India, was founded.

1857, Bombay University was founded.

1857, Madras University, India, founded.

24 January 1857, Calcutta (Kolkata) University was founded.

1816, The Hindu College was founded at Calcutta (Kolkata).


23 November 1949, The Mashhad University Faculty of Medicine, Iran, was officially opened by Dr Zanganeh, the Iranian minister of culture.


1 April 1925, The Hebrew University at Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, was opened by Lord Balfour.


1973, Tsukuba University was founded,

1882, Waseda University, Japan, was founded as the Tokyo College; became Waseda University in 1902.

1877, Tokyo University was founded in Japan.


1961, The University of Jordan, Amman, opened.


1866, Beirut�s American University was founded as the Syrian Protestant College. It was renamed in 1920.


1961, The University of Malaya opened at Kuala Lumpur. By 1963 it had 1,600 students.


6/1952, Karachi University was established


1 April 1978, The Philippine College of Commerce, through a presidential decree, became the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

1919, The Jos� Rizal University, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, was founded in 1919 by Vicente Fabella.

14 June 1910, The University of the Philippines Los Ba�os was opened as a college of agriculture, with 50 students taught by Dr. Edwin Copeland.

1611, The University of Santo Tomas, Manila, was founded,

1595, The University of San Carlos was founded at Cebu City, Philippines.

Saudi Arabia,

1979, The Umm al Qura University, Makkah, was founded, and gained university status in 1981.

1975, The King Faisal University, Dammam, was founded.

1967, The King Adbul Aziz University, Jeddah, was founded.

23 September 1963, The College of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, was founded. It gained university status in 1975 as the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

1961, The Islamic University, Medina, was founded.

1957, King Saud University was founded, as Riyadh University; renamed 1982.

1953, The Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, was founded (gained university status in 1974).


1964, Chiang Mai University, northern Thailand, was founded.



1946, The Australia National University, Canberra, was founded.

10 December 1916, The De La Salle College Ashfield was established in Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia.

1893, The University of Tasmania, Hobart, opened (established 1890)

1876, The University of Adelaide opened (established by Act, 1874).

22 January 1853, The University of Melbourne, Australia, was established by Act of Incorporation.

1850, The University of Sydney, Australia, was founded.

New Zealand

1882, Auckland University, New Zealand, was founded.



1879, The University of Algiers was founded.


1970, The University of Benin was founded.


1977, Egyptian universities were in crisis, with the number of students having risen from 200,000 in 1970 to 500,000 in 1977. Lecture halls and laboratories were grossly overcroweded, making it especially hard on rural female students unused to such close proximity to males. Obtaining a degree was no guarantee of well paid work and even the professors were poorly remunerated.

1957, Asyut University, Egypt, was founded.

1950, Ein Shams University, Cairo, was founded.

1908, The modern Cairo University was founded.

972, Cairo University founded. The world�s second-oldest university.


1962, The University of Ghana, at Legon, near Accra, opened

1962, The Kwame Nkrumah University of Arts, Science and Technology opened at Kumasi

December 1962, The University College of Cape Coast opened.

1948, University College Ghana opened.

1924, Achimota College, Ghana (then, Gold Coast) was established by Sir Gordon Guggisberg. The aim was to create an educated African elite who could administer the colony. By 1938 the College was offering degree courses.


1814, Fourah Bay College, Freetown, Liberia, was founded as a missionary college. In 1827 it became a training college for teachers and missionaries, and was affiliated to the Universityof Durham (UK) in 1876 for degree-awarding purposes. Fourah College educated many of the ruling elite of West Africa, and many leaders of various African nationalist movements were taught there.


989, Sankorah University / Madrassah was founded in Timbuktu.


859, Fez University (Al Karouine University), Morocco, was founded. This is the world�s oldest university


1962, Ibadan University, Nigeria, was founded.

South Africa

1949, Natal University, South Africa, was founded.

2 April 1918, Cape Town University, South Africa, was inaugurated, with the Prince of Wales as its first Chancellor.

1873, The University of South Africa was founded at Pretoria.

1 October 1829, Cape Town University, South Africa, was founded, as the South African College.


1956, The University of Khartoum was founded, a merger of the Gordon Memorial College and the Kitchener School of Medicine.

North America


1966, The University of Calgary became indeoendent from the University of Alberta.

1925, The Memorial University of Newfoundlamd was founded, as Memorial College, in St Johns.

1908, The University of Alberta was founded at Edmonton. The University of British Columbia was founded at Vancouver.

1907, The University of Saskatchewan was founded at Saskatoon.

1877, The University of Manitoba was founded in Winnipeg.

1869, The University of California opened; founded in 1855 as the College of California.

1866, The University of Ottawa was founded in Ontario.

1859, Canada�s first Agricultural College was founded, St Annes, in Quebec. It is now affiliated with Laval University.

1852, Laval University (Quebec) was founded. It began as a Roman Catholic seminary in 1663.

1851, The University of Toronto began offering the country�s first agricultural degrees.

1841, Queen�s University, Kingston, Ontario, founded.

1827, The University of Toronto was founded in Ontario.

31 March 1821, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, founded.

1818, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, founded.

1802, St Mary�s University was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1785, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, founded.

See also Education, Universities, USA

South America, inc. Central America, Caribbean

1948, The University of the West Indies was established, in Kingston, Jamaica; It is sited on a former sugar plantation.

1920, Rio de Janeiro University was founded.

1833, The National University of the Republic, Uruguay, was founded.

1810, The National University of Nicaragua opened.

1728, The University of Havana (Cuba) was founded.

1676, The University of San Carlos of Guatemala was established at Guatemala City.

21 September 1551, The National University of Mexico was founded in Mexico City. It formally opened on 25 January 1533. It suspended operations in 1833 and officially ceased to exist in 1865. In 1865 in its place were established Colleges of Law, Medicine and Engineering.����


1821, The University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was founded.

1613, The University of Cordoba, Argentina, was founded.


1859, Valparaiso University, Chile, founded.

19 November 1842, The University of Santiago, Chile, was founded by scholar and poet Andres Bello, aged 60. An earlier University of Chile had been founded in 1738 by the King of Spain.


1803, The Universidad deAntioquia was established.

1572, The University of Bogota, Colombia, was established.

Dominican Republic

16 November 1914, The University of Santo Domingo was established in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

28 October 1538, The first university in the Americas, the Universidad Santo Tomas de Aquino, Santo Domingo, was founded.


1787, The University of Quito, Ecuador, was founded.

1594, The Central University of Ecuador began, as a school in Quito.


1825, Arequipa University, Peru, was founded.

1598, Cuzco University (Peru) was founded.

1551, The University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru, was established.

Puerto Rico

12 March 1903, The University of Puerto Rico was officially founded.


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