Chronography of the Comoros Islands

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2006, Muslim cleric Ahmed Abdallah Sambi won Presidential elections.

3 September 1997, 300 troops were dispatched from Moroni, the Comoras capital on Grande Comore, to put down the secession movement on Anjouan. Rebels, helped by foreign mercenaries, put up fierce resistance and the Government troops withdrew. France declined to intervene., the OAU sponsored peace talks. Later in 1997 the Comoros President appointed an Anjouan as his Prime Minister.

July 1997, The Anjouan and Moheli islands declared independence from Comoros.

22 December 1979, The French Senate and National Assembly passed a law that Mayotte was part of the French Republic and could not be separated from it without the consent of the Mayotte population.

1979, Comoros became a One-Party State.

6 December 1976, A further UN resolution, passed by 112 votes to 1, reaffirmed Comoros sovereignty over Mayotte. This was rejected by France as impermissible interference in its internal affairs.

21 October 1976, The United Nations General Assembly passed a motion by 102 votes to 1 calling on France to withdraw from Mayotte

8 February 1976, The referendum in Mayotte gave a 99.4% vote in favour of remaining with France. France rejected a UN draft security resolution stating that this referendum was an interference in the internal affairs of Comoros.

10 December 1975, The French National Assembly passed a Bill recognising the independence of the three Comoros Islands (Grand Comore, Moheli and Anjouan), and called for a referendum to determine the future of Mayotte. If Mayotte were to vote against independence there was provision for a further referendum on whether Mayotte would become an Overseas department or a Territory.

10 July 1975, Due to the anti-independence movement in Mayotte, the French Government decided to grant independence to Comoros but not in entirety as one unit. French troops left Grand Comore, but 200 Foreign ;Legionaries remained in Mayotte.

6 July 1975, The Comoros declared their independence from France. However Mayotte voted to continue u der French protection.

26 June 1975, The French Parliament passed the Comoro Islands Independence Bill. This required the holding of island-by-island referendums on independence within the Comoros, but the Comoros Government objected to this; they voted for a declaration of independence on 6 July 1975.

22 December 1974, A referendum in Comoros voted 96% for independence. However in Mayotte the vote was 63% against independence.

15 June 1973, A joint French-Comoros Declaration stated that the Comoros would gain independence within 5 years.

10 September 1972, The Comoros Chamber of Deputies voted to seek independence from France. However the 5 members of the Mouvement Populaire Mahorias (MPM), representing Mayotte�s interests, opposed this policy.

1974, Referendum produced vote in favour of independence from France. However Mayotte voted to remain French.

1886, Comoros became a French protectorate. Previously it was ruled by a matrilineal hereditary Sultanate, closely linked to the Arab world.


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