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17/4/2017, Columbian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner, died aged 87.

3/8/2008, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, writer, died, aged 90.

20/7/2008, Roger Wolcott Hall, US author, died (born 20/5/1919).

18/3/2008, Sir Arthur C Clarke, science fiction writer, died aged 90.

10/11/2007, US author Norman Mailer died aged 81.

12/4/2007, Writer Kurt Vonnegut died aged 84.

7/1/2007, Magnus Magnusson, author, died (born 12/10/1927).


Harry Potter books and films

7/7/2011, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, 8thfilm adaptation of the JK Rowling book series, premiered.

19/11/2010, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, 7th film adaptation of the JK Rowling book series, premiered.

15/7/2009, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 6th film adaptation of the JK Rowling book series, premiered.

11/7/2007, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, 5th film adaptation of the JK Rowling book series, premiered.

6/11/2005, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 4th film adaptation of the JK Rowling book series, premiered in London. It became the most successful film of the year, earning almost US$ 900 million.

16/7/2005, The book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released. Nine million copies were sold in the first 24 hours. The first Harry Potter book was released in 1997.

31/5/2004, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 3rd film adaptation of the JK Rowling book series, premiered in UK cinemas.

14/11/2002, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, film version of the JK Rowling book, premiered.

16/11/2001, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer�s Stone, US film version of the book, premiered.

4/11/2001, Harry Potter and the Philosopher�s Stone, the first film adaptation of the book, premiered in London (see 16/11/2001)

26/6/1997, Harry Potter and the Philosopher�s Stone was published. It rapidly gained popularity through word of mouth, and enabled JK Rowling to break publishing records.


10/11/2006, Jack Williamson, science fiction writer, died (born 29/4/1908)

29/10/2006, Nigel Kneale, writer, died (born 18/4/1922)

21/10/2006, John Symonds, novelist, died (born 12/3/1914)

17/10/2006, Ursula Moray Williams, children�s writer, died (born 19/4/1911)

30/8/2006, Naguib Mahfouz, novelist, died (died 11/12/1911)

17/7/2006, Frank Morison Spillane, author, died (born 9/3/1918)

27/3/2006, Stanislaw Lem, author, died (born 12/9/1921)

13/3/2006, Ivy Wallace, author, died (born 7/10/1915).

3/3/2006, Ivor Cutler, poet, died (born 15/1/1923)

17/2/2006, Sybille Bedford, writer, died (born 16/3/1911).

11/2/2006, Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, died (born 8/5/1940)

5/11/2005, John Fowles, author, died (born 31/3/1926).

2/11/2005, Alfred Shaughnessy, scriptwriter, died (born 19/5/1916).

1/11/2005, Michael Thwaites, poet, died (born 30/5/1915)

5/10/2005, Maura Murphy, author, died (born 6/9/1928)

15/7/2005, Professor David Daiches, author and literary critic, died (born 2/9/1912)

28/6/2005, Professor Philip Hobsbaum, poet and writer, died (born 29/6/1932)

10/6/2005, Nick Darke, playwright, died (born 29/8/1948)

6/4/2005, US novelist Saul Bellow died, aged 89.

11/3/2005, Jean Cherry Drummond, writer, died (born 17/12/1928).

7/3/2005, Willis Hall, playwright, died (born 6/4/1929).

19/1/2005, K Sello Duiker, South African novelist, died (born 1974).

15/1/2005, Walter Ernsting, author, died.

24/11/2004, Arthur Hailey, writer, died.

26/4/2004, Hubert Selby Jr., writer, died.

27/3/2003, Paul Zindel, writer, died.

25/8/2002, Dorothy Hewett, author, died.

10/11/2001, Ken Kesey, writer, died.

11/5/2001, Douglas Adams, author, died.

11/3/2001, Douglas Adams, British author famous for his book The Hitchhiker�s Guide to the Galaxy, died of heart disease (born 11/3/1952)

12/12/1999, Joseph Heller, author, died.

8/2/1999, Iris Murdoch, author, died.

28/10/1998, Ted Hughes, Poet Laureate since 1984, died.

12/5/1998, Hermann Lenz, German writer, died aged 75.

27/4/1998, Carlos Castaneda, writer, died.

19/4/1998, Octavio Paz, writer, died.

15/3/1998, Benjamin Spock, author and paediatrician, died.

2/8/1997, US writer William Burroughs died.

5/4/1997, Allen Ginsberg, poet, died.

19/4/1996, Erma Brombeck, writer, died.

28/1/1996, Joseph Brodsky, Russian poet, died.

2/11/1995, Canadian novelist Robertson Davies died.

22/10/1995, Kingsley Amis, British author, died.

23/2/1995, James Herriot, writer, died.

9/1/1995, Peter Cook, writer, was born.

24/12/1994, British playwright John Osborne died.

16/12/1994, Mary Durack, poet, died.

24/9/1994, French novelist Francoise Sagan died.

6/2/1994, Joseph Cotton, author, died.

21/12/1993, Guy des Cars, French novelist died (born 1911)

25/11/1993, English author and composer Anthony Burgess died, aged 76.

28/8/1993, William Stafford, writer, died.

12/6/1993, Sarah Peralta, US author, died.

9/5/1993, Freya Stark, author, died.

21/1/1993, Abe Kobo, Japanese writer, died (born 7/3/1924).

18/1/1993, Eleanor Hibbert, English writer, died (born 1/9/1906).

13/8/1992, Jan Elburg, poet, died.

11/4/1992, Eve Merriam, US poet, died (born 19/7/1916).

6/4/1992, Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer, born 2/1/1920, died.

29/2/1992, Ruth Pitter, English poet (born 7/11/1897) died.

11/12/1991, Artur Lundkvist, Swedish writer (born 3/3/1906) died.

29/10/1991, Donald Churchill, playwright, died of a heart attack aged 60

7/12/1990, Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban poet and novelist, died aged 47.

23/11/1990, Roald Dahl, British writer, died (born 13/9/1916)

30/9/1990, Australian novelist Patrick White died.


15/9/1989, US writer Robert Penn Warren, born 24/4/1905 in Guthrie, Kentucky, died in Stratton, Vermont.

19/4/1989, Daphne du Maurier, writer, died.

8/6/1988, British writer Russell Harty died.

8/5/1988, Robert A Heinlein, writer, died.

3/10/1987, French playwright Jean Anouilh died.

23/9/1987, The book, Spycatcher, memoirs of former British intelligence officer Peter Wright, was to be published in Australia despite opposition by Britain�s MI5.

20/9/1987, Michael Stewart, US playwright, died aged 63.

11/4/1987, Primo Levi, Italian Jewish writer, died aged 67.

2/2/1987, Alistair MacLean, novelist, died.

4/1/1986, Christopher Isherwood, writer, was born.

7/12/1985, Robert Graves, writer and poet, died.

2/12/1985, Philip Larkin, poet, died.

25/8/1985, Rudi Blesh, US author, died in Gilmarton, new Hampshire (born 21/1/1899 in Guthrie, Oklahoma)

24/7/1985, Alice DG Miller, US screenwriter, died (born 28/6/1894).

16/7/1985, Heinrich Boll, writer, died.

19/12/1984. Ted Hughes was appointed Poet Laureate in succession to Sir John Betjeman.

25/8/1984, Truman Capote, author, died.

14/8/1984, English writer JB Priestley died.

19/5/1984, Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate since 1972, died aged 78.

15/4/1984, Alexander Trocchi, Scottish writer, died aged 58.

15/3/1983, Rebecca West, British author, died aged 90.

24/2/1983, Tennessee Williams, US playwright (born 26/3/1911) died in New York City.

10/2/1983, Vittorio Sereni, Italian poet, died aged 69

12/9/1981, Eugenio Montale, Italian poet, died aged 84.

7/9/1981, Christy Brown, Irish author, died.

10/3/1981, Death of Sir Maurice Oldfield, the British intelligence chief thought to be the model for �M� in Ian Fleming�s James Bond novels.

7/6/1980, American novelist Henry Miller died.

15/4/1980, Jean Paul Sartre, French writer and philosopher, died.


14/5/1979, Jean Rhys, novelist, died aged 88.

22/10/1978, John Riley, poet, died.

14/4/1978, F R Leavis, British literary critic, died aged 82.

11/4/1977, Jacques Prevert, French poet, died aged 77.

23/11/1976, Andre Malreux, French novelist. died aged 75.

29/8/1976, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bengali poet, died aged 77.

15/7/1976, Paul Gallico, writer, died.

12/1/1976, Dame Agatha Christie, English crime story writer and creator of the Belgian detective character Hercule Poirot, died.She was born in Torquay on 15/9/1890.

21/11/1975, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Icelandic writer, died aged 86

14/2/1975, PG Wodehouse, author, died.

29/7/1974, Erich Kastner, German author, died aged 75.

5/7/1974, British novelist Georgette Hayer died.

29/1/1974, HE Bates, English novelist, died aged 68.

28/12/1973, In Paris, Alexander Solzhenitsyn published The Gulag Archipelago, detailing conditions in the Soviet prison system.

28/9/1973, W H Auden, English-American poet, died aged 66.

2/9/1973, J R R Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings, died at Bournemouth.

22/2/1973, Elizabeth Bowen, Irish novelist, died aged 73.

10/10/1972, Sir John Betjeman, born 28/8/1906, was appointed Poet Laureate.

30/9/1972, Ari Behn, author, was born.

6/7/1972, Laurent Gaude, French writer, was born.

15/2/1972, US writer Edgar Snow died.

28/9/1970, John Dos Passos, US writer, died in Baltimore, Maryland..

25/9/1970, Erich Maria Remarque, German anti-war novelist, died.

7/7/1970, Sir Allen Lane, publisher and founder of Penguin paperback books in 1936, died.

7/6/1970, E M Forster, novelist, died.

28/2/1970, Lemony Snicket, writer, was born.


6/11/1969, Susan Taubes, Hungarian-born US novelist, died aged 41

4/5/1969, F Osbert S Sitwell, poet, died.

11/3/1969. The author John Wyndham died.

11/1/1969, Richmal Crompton, British author died (born 1890)

20/12/1968. John Steinbeck, American author who wrote The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men, Nobel Prize Winner in 1962, died in New York City.

28/11/1968. Enid Blyton, creator of Noddy and Big Ears, died. She was born on 11/8/1897 in East Dulwich. In the mid 1930s she began writing her stories, which featured Noddy, the Famous Five, and the Secret Seven.

25/11/1968, Upton Sinclair, writer, died.

10/11/1968, Novelist John Steinbeck died.

1/6/1968, Helen Keller, US author, died aged 87.

7/10/1967, Norman Angell, English author and politician, died aged 92.

31/8/1967, Ilya Ehrenburg, Soviet author, died aged 75.

9/8/1967, Joe Orton, English author and playwright, died aged 34.

3/8/1967, Siegfried Sassoon, British poet, died.

22/7/1967, US poet Carl Sandburg died in North Carolina.

8/2/1967, Rachel Cusk, author, was born

23/12/1966, Heimito von Doderer, Austrian novelist (born 5/11/1896 in Vienna) died in Vienna.

8/10/1966, Kevin Fleming O'Brien, US writer, was born.

28/9/1966, Andre Breton, French poet, died.

24/9/1966, Michael J Varhola, author, was born.

17/8/1966, William E Dudley, poet, was born.

9/8/1966, Giorgi Leonidze, Georgian poet and author, died aged 66.

10/4/1966, British author Evelyn Waugh died.

18/1/1966, Kathleen Norris, US writer, died (born 1880)

16/12/1965, Somerset Maugham, author, died this day.

31/7/1965, J K Rowling, British author of the Harry Potter series, was born.

4/1/1965. Poet and playwright T S Eliot died. He was born on 26/9/1888 in Saint Loius, Missouri. After studying at Harvard University he went to Paris in 1910 to teach French literature and philosophy at the Sorbonne. Later, after the start of World War One, he went to Merton College, Oxford, to read Greek Philosophy. In 1915 he married Vivien Haigh-Wood and in 1919 became a British citizen. His first volume of poetry, Prufrock and other Observations, was published in 1917 followed by Poems in 1919. In 1922 The Waste Land, regarded as his greatest poem, reflected the discontent that followed the trauma of the Great War. In 1948 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

9/12/1964, English poet Dame Edith Sitwell died, aged 77.

3/12/1964, Ernst Ginsberg, writer, died

18/9/1964, Playwright Sean O�Casey died.

12/8/1964, Ian Fleming, British author and creator of James Bond, died aged 56.

3/7/1964, Joanne Harris, novelist, was born

22/6/1964, Dan Brown, writer, was born.

26/5/1964, Caitl�n R. Kiernan, Irish-born US science fiction and fantasy author, was born in Dublin

26/3/1964, You Only Live Twice, Ian Fleming's 12th James Bond novel was released by Jonathan Cape in the UK.

20/3/1964, Irish playwright Brendan Behan died.

10/1/1964, A Marja, Dutch author, died.

3/9/1963, Poet Louis MacNeice died.

27/6/1963, Meera Syal, writer, was born.

24/6/1963, Anatoly Borisovich Jurkin, Russian writer, was born.

11/2/1963, Sylvia Plath, writer, died.

29/1/1963, US poet Robert Frost died.

7/9/1962, Isak Dinesen, Danish writer, died (born 17/4/1885).

6/7/1962, William Faulkner, US novelist, died.

7/6/1962, William Faulkner, US writer (born 25/9/1897 in New Albany, Mississippi) died in Oxford, Mississippi.

2/6/1962, Vita Sackville-West, British novelist, died.

2/11/1961, James Thurber, author, died in New York.

27/9/1961, Hilda Doolittle, US poet (born 10/9/1886 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), died in Zurich, Switzerland.

2/7/1961, The author Ernest Hemingway, born 21/7/1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, committed suicide.

25/11/1960, John F Kennedy Jr., publisher, was born.

16/9/1960, Kurt Busiek, US comic book writer, was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

30/5/1960, Boris Pasternak, Russian author of Dr Zhivago, Nobel Prize winner in 1958 (which he declined), died near Moscow.

4/5/1960, French novelist Albert Camus was killed in a car crash.

29/4/1960, Robert J. Sawyer, Canadian sci-fi writer, was born in Ottawa, Ontario

28/4/1960, Ian Rankin, author, was born.

12/1/1960, British author Nevil Shute died.

28/2/1959, Maxwell Anderson, US playwright, died in Stamford, Connecticut (born 15/12/1888 in Atlantic, Pennsylvania)

5/11/1959, Justin Catanoso, writer, was born.

3/7/1959, Julie Burchill, writer, was born.

3/5/1959, Ben Elton, writer, was born.

15/3/1959, Ben Okri, author, was born

1/11/1958, Charlie Kaufman, writer, was born.

11/9/1958, Robert W Service, Scottish-born Canadian poet, died (born 1874).

18/8/1958, Vladimir Nabokov�s controversial novel Lolita was published in the USA.

4/8/1958, Ethel Anderson, Australian poet, died (born 1883)

15/2/1958, Chrystine Brouillet, Quebec novelist, was born.

17/12/1957, Dorothy L Sayers, British novelist and playwright, died.

25/10/1957, Lord Edward Dunsany, writer, died in Dublin, Ireland (born 24/7/1878 in London, England)

24/7/1957, Sacha Guitry, French playwright, died aged 72.

28/6/1957, German author Alfred Doblin died.

29/5/1957, George Bacovia, Romanian poet, died aged 75.

10/2/1957, Laura Ingalls Wilder, author, died.

22/10/1956, Marco Lodoli, Italian writer, was born in Rome.

24/8/1956, Adam Gopnik, US writer, was born.

14/8/1956, German writer Bertolt Brecht died.

7/8/1856, John Treville laTouche, US author, died in Calais, Vermont (born 13/11/1917 in Richmond, Virginia)

9/6/1956, Patricia Cornwell, author, was born.

29/1/1956, H L Mencken, US writer, died aged 75.


JRR Tolkein

20/10/1955, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King by JRR Tolkein was published.

29/7/1954, The Fellowship of the Ring, first part of JRR Tolkein�s Lord of the Rings, was published in Britain.

3/1/1892, Author J.R.R.Tolkein, creator of The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, was born in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa. He died in Bournemouth in 1973.


12/8/1955, Thomas Mann, German novelist, died aged 80.

24/4/1955, Alfred Polgar, Austrian writer and theatre critic, died aged 79

8/4/1955, Barbara Kingsolver, writer, was born.

26/5/1954, Alan Hollingshurst, writer, was born.

16/2/1954, Ian Banks, author, was born.

30/1/1954, John Murray Anderson, US author, died in New York (born 20/9/1886 in St Johns, Newfoundland)

10/12/1953, Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

28/11/1953, Eugene O�Neill, playwright, died.

9/11/1953. Welsh poet Dylan Marlais Thomas, born in Swansea on 27/10/1914, died in New York City aged 39 after falling into an alcoholic coma. He had drunk 18 stiff whiskies. His major work, Under Milk Wood, was broadcast on radio in 1954.

26/10/1952, Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate, was born

26/9/1952, George Santayana, Spanish writer, died aged 88.

11/3/1952, Douglas Adams, British writer, was born.

19/2/1952, Amy Tan, novelist, was born.

8/11/1951, Rupert Allason, author, was born

2/6/1951, John Erskine, US author, diedin New York (born in New York City, 5/10/1879).

19/2/1951, French writer Andre Gide died.

10/1/1951, Sinclair Lewis, US novelist, died aged 65.

2/11/1950. George Bernard Shaw, born 26/7/1856 in Dublin, died aged 94, in Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, UK.A failed novelist, he was 36 when his first play, Widower�s Houses, was performed.

27/10/1950, AN Wilson, author, was born

18/10/1950, Wendy Wasserstein, playwright, was born (died 30/1/2006)

16/10/1950, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, CS Lewis, was first published.

21/6/1950, Anne Carson, poet, was born.

21/5/1950, Will Hutton, writer, was born.

23/3/1950, Joseph Connolly, author, was born.

19/3/1950, Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the Tarzan books, died aged 75.

24/2/1950, Richard Wayne Bandler, US author, was born.

13/2/1950, Rafael Sabatini, Italian novelist, died aged 74.

11/2/1950, Author Kurt Vonnegut was published for the first time, as his story Report on the Barnhouse Effect appeared in Collier's magazine.

21/1/1950. George Orwell died (born 1903). This was the pen name of British author Eric Arthur Blair. His best known works include Animal Farm and 1984.

16/8/1949, Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, died after being hit by a car.

7/8/1949, Matthew Parris, author, was born

6/6/1949, George Orwell�s book Nineteen Eighty Four was published. Suffering from tuberculosis, Orwell completed the book between periods of hospitalisation in a remote house in The Hebrides.

5/6/1949, Ken Follett, Welsh author, was born.

6/5/1949, Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian playwright, died aged 86.

12/4/1949, Scott Turow, writer, was born.

26/3/1949, Patrick Suskind, writer, was born.

16/9/1948, Julia Donaldson, English children's writer, was born in London, England.

29/8/1948, Nick Darke, playwright, was born (died 10/6/2005)

26/2/1948, David Edgar, playwright, was born.

26/1/1948, John Lomax, writer on folk music, died (born 23/9/1867).

12/11/1947, Baroness Emmuska Orczy, writer, died.

22/9/1947, Jo Beverley, English-born Canadian romance novelist, was born in Blackpool (died 2016)

21/9/1947, Stephen King, writer, was born.

23/8/1947, Willy Russell, author and dramatist, was born.

6/8/1947, Alan Sullivan, Canadian poet and short story author, died aged 78

12/5/1947, Michael Ignatieff, writer, was born

6/2/1947, Hans Fallada, German novelist, died in Berlin (born 21/7/1893 in Greifswald, Germany).

18/11/1946, Alan Dean Foster, writer, was born.

14/11/1946, Mark le Fanu, General Secretary of the Society of Authors, was born

9/11/1946, Marina Warner, writer, was born

19/10/1946, Philip Pullman, author, was born

8/10/1946, Bel Mooney, writer, was born

31/8/1946, Harley Granville-Barker, English playwright, died aged 69.

13/8/1946. Author H G Wells; born on 21/9/1866, died in London, aged 76.

27/7/1946, The US writer Gertrude Stein (born 3/2/1874 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania), died in Paris, France.

6/6/1946, Gerhart Hauptmann, German novelist, died aged 83.

27/2/1946, Thomas Hauser, author, was born.

28/12/1945, Theodore Dreiser, US author (born 27/8/1871 in Terre Haute, Indiana), died in Hollywood, California.

26/10/1945, Pat Conroy, author, was born in Atlanta, Georgia (died 2016)

20/7/1945, Paul Valery, French poet, died aged 74.

31/7/1944. The pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of �The Little Prince�, was reported missing.

9/2/1944, Alice Walker, African-American author and social activist, was born.

22/12/1943. The author Beatrix Potter died aged 77.

14/11/1943, Susan Lydon, writer, was born (died 15/7/2005)

8/5/1943, Pat Barker, novelist, was born.

4/10/1941. Anne Rice, writer, was born.

24/4/1941, Karin Boye, Swedish poet and novelist, died aged 40.

18/3/1941, Wolfgang Bauer, writer, was born.

8/3/1941, Sherwood Anderson, US novelist, died aged 65.

21/12/1940. F Scott Fitzgerald, US author, died.

8/5/1940, Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, was born (died 11/2/2006)

29/2/1940, EF. Benson, English novelist, died aged 72

9/2/1940, JM Coetzee, writer, was born.

1939, Annual book sales in Britain stood at 26 million, 4x higher than in 1930, and a further 250 million book borrowings occurred from public libraries.

18/11/1939, Margaret Atwood, writer, was born.

27/7/1939, William Longley, poet, was born in Belfast.

23/7/1939, Nicolas Gage, writer., was born.

28/6/1939, Harry Leon Wilson, USnovelist, died aged 72

25/4/1939, Ted Kooser, US poet, was born.

12/4/1939, Alan Ayckbourn, English playwright, was born.

28/1/1939, W B (William Butler) Yeats, Irish poet, playwright, and Nobel Prize winner in 1923, died in the south of France.

25/12/1938, Czech writer Karel Kapek died.

9/10/1938, John Sutherland, English author, was born.

4/10/1938, Cholpon, Uzbek poet, was killed in the Great Stalinist Purge.

25/8/1938, Frederick Forsyth, writer, was born.

23/8/1938, Roger Greenaway, British author, was born in Southmead, Bristol

28/7/1938, Robert Hughes, writer, was born.

16/6/1938, Joyce Carol Oates, writer, was born.

1/6/1938, Khawar Rizvi, poet, was born in the Punjab, British India.

19/4/1938, Henry Newbolt, English poet, died aged 75.

4/10/1937, Jackie Collins, author, was born.

21/9/1937, JRR Tolkien�s book The Hobbit was published, Initially just 1,500 copies were printed but the book had, by 2010, sold over 50 million copies in 38 languages.

7/9/1937, Christopher Booker, author, was born

5/8/1937, Carla Lane, writer, was born.

18/7/1937, Hunter S Thompson, writer, was born (died 20/2/2005).

3/7/1937, Tom Stoppard, Czech-born British playwright, was born.

24/6/1937, Anita Desai, novelist, was born

16/6/1937, Erich Segal, author, was born.

11/6/1937, Mate Zalka, Hungarian writer, died aged 41.

30/5/1937, Arthur C Jacobs, Scottish poet, was born in Glasgow (died 1994)

30/4/1937, Tony Harrison, poet, was born.

23/4/1937, Lady Victoria Glendinning, author, was born.

9/4/1937, Albert Paine, 75, US author, died.

9/3/1937, George Orwell�s book, The Road to Wigan Pier, was published. It was about the effects of the Depression on northern England.

5/2/1937, Lou Andreas Salome, writer, writer, died.

10/12/1936, Luigi Pirandello, Italian author, died aged 69.

22/11/1936, John Bird, writer, was born

15/11/1936, Wolf Biermann, writer, was born

23/8/1936, Juliette Adam, French writer (born 4/120/1836) died.

19/8/1936, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Spanish writer, died.

14/6/1936, G K Chesterton, British poet and novelist, died.

18/1/1936, Rudyard Kipling, English novelist who won the Nobel Prize in 1907, died.

17/9/1935, Ken Kesey, author, was born.

8/9/1935, Maurice Cockrill, artist, was born

27/8/1935, Michael Holroyd, author, was born.

24/8/1935, Paul Barker, writer, was born.

30/7/1935. Penguin paperbacks went on sale in Britain. The first such book on sale was a biography of Shelley. They cost 5d each, and had distinctive orange and white covers. Later, non-fiction Penguins were coloured blue and white, fiction was still orange and white, and miscellaneous were yellow and white.

17/6/1935, G W Russell, Irish writer, died aged 68.

23/5/1935, Laase Stromstedt, Swedish author, was born (died 2009).

17/5/1935, Dennis Potter, writer, was born.

1/5/1935, Julian Mitchell, writer, was born

4/4/1935, Trevor Griffiths, playwright, was born.


21/11/1934, Beryl Bainbridge, writer, was born

9/5/1934, Alan Bennett, British playwright, was born.

28/4/1934, Lois Duncan, US novelist, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (died 2016)

27/2/1934, Ralph Nader, author and consumer activist, was born.

10/2/1934, Fleur Adcock, poet, was born.

4/12/1933, Stefan George, German poet, died aged 65.

11/9/1933, Dr William L Pierce, writer, was born.

13/7/1933, David Storey, writer, was born

17/3/1933, Penelope Lively, writer, was born.

21/1/1933, George Augustus Moore, Irish writer, died aged 80.

1/1/1933, Joe Orton, English author, was born (died 1967)

15/12/1932, Edna O�Brien, writer, was born.

2/10/1932, David St Clair, US writer, was born.

21/9/1932, Shirley Conran, writer, was born

27/8/1932, Lady Antonia Fraser, writer, was born.

17/8/1932, VS Naipaul, Indian author, was born.

6/8/1932, Charles Wood, writer, was born

3/8/1932, Mario Montes de Oca, Mexican poet, was born.

6/7/1932, Kenneth Grahame, author of Wind in the Willows, died (born 8/3/1859).

29/6/1932, Professor Philip Hobsbaum, poet and writer, was born (died 28/6/2005)

11/6/1932, Athol Fugard, playwright, was born.

1/6/1932, Philo Bregstein, Dutch writer, was born.

25/5/1932, John Gregory Dunne, author and poet, was born.

24/5/1932, Arnold Wesker, playwright, was born.

18/3/1932, John Updike, US author, was born (died 2009)

2/3/1932, Takako Takahashi, Japanese author, was born in Kyoto (died 2013)

10/2/1932, Edgar Wallace, English writer, died aged 57.

26/1/1932, Ronald Allison, author, was born.

21/1/1932, Lytton Strachey, founder member of the Bloomsbury Group, an influential writers and intellectual group, died.

29/11/1931, Geoffrey Moorhouse, writer, was born

28/11/1931, Dervia Murphy, author, was born

19/10/1931, John le Carre, novelist, was born.

22/9/1931, Fay Weldon, writer, was born.

31/8/1931, Hall Caine, British novelist, died aged 78.

22/8/1931, Joseph Tabrar, British author, died in London (born 1857 in London)

14/8/1931, Frederick Raphael, author, was born.

26/6/1931, Colin Wilson, author, was born.

10/4/1931, Khalil Gibran, poet, died.

1/4/1931, Rolf Hochhuth, German playwright, was born.

27/3/1931, Arnold Bennett, English writer, died aged 64.

15/11/1930, JG Ballard, writer, was born

10/10/1930, Harold Pinter, British playwright, was born.

10/9/1930, Harold Pinter, playwright, was born

19/8/1930, Frank McCourt, writer, was born.

16/8/1930, Ted Hughes, English poet, was born (died 1998)

10/8/1930, Barry Unsworth, author, was born

7/7/1930, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, British author created the crime detective character Sherlock Holmes, died, aged 71.

23/6/1930, Anthony Thwaite, poet, was born

20/4/1930, Easter Sunday. Sir Antony Jay, writer, was born.

14/4/1930, Russian Futurist poet and playwright Vladimir Mayakovsky committ4ed suicide.

13/4/1930, Subbiah Muthiah, Indian writer, was born (died 20/4/2019).

17/2/1930, Ruth Rendell, writer, was born.

9/1/1930, Brian Friel, writer, was born.


24/12/1929, Philip Sandeman Ziegler, author, was born

10/12/1929, Harry Crosby, wealthy American poet and publisher, died aged 31 from a self-inflicted gunshot.

9/11/1929, Imre Kertesz, writer, was born.

13/10/1929, Walasse Ting, Chinese-American poet, was born in Shanghai. He died in 2010.

14/9/1929, Larry Collins, writer, was born (died 20/6/2005)

27/7/1929, Jack Higgins, novelist, was born

15/7/1929, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, Austrian author, died aged 55.

23/4/1929, Professor George Steiner, author, was born.

6/4/1929, Willis Hall, playwright, was born (died 7/3/2005).

2/4/1929, Catherine Gaskin, author, was born.

1/4/1929, Milan Kundera, writer, was born.


11/12/1928, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russian author, was born.

21/11/1928, Hermann Sudermann, German author, died.

9/11/1928, Anne Sexton, poet, was born.

17/12/1928, Jean Cherry Drummond, writer, was born (died 11/3/2005).

2/11/1928, Paul Johnson, writer, was born

14/9/1928, Italo Svevo, writer, died.

6/9/1928, Maura Murphy, author, was born (died 5/10/2005)

16/7/1928, Robert Sheckley, science fiction writer, was born (died9/12/2005)

10/6/1928, Maurice Sendak, writer, was born.

9/6/1928, Bob Bolling, USwriter, was born in Brockton, Massachusetts

6/3/1928, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, writer, was born

24/5/1928, William Trevor, novelist,, was born.

10/4/1928, English writer Stanley John Weyman died, aged 72.

4/4/1928, Maya Angelou, author, was born.

12/3/1928, US playwright Edward Albee was born (died 2016).

4/3/1928, Allan Sillitoe, writer, was born.

3/3/1928, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, writer, was born.

11/1/1928. Thomas Hardy, English poet and novelist, author of Tess of the D�Ubervilles, died in Dorset aged 87.

20/10/1927, Ronald Pearsall, writer, was born (died 27/9/2005)

31/7/1927, Peter Nichols, playwright, was born

28/6/1927, Correlli Barnet, author, was born

14/6/1927, British author Jerome K Jerome died.

25/5/1927, Robert Ludlum, spy novelist, was born.

27/4/1927, Coretta Scott |King, writer, writer, was born.

21/2/1927, Erma Bombeck, writer, was born.


29/12/1926, Rainer Maria Rilke, Austrian poet, died.

14/10/1926. In Britain, A A. Milne published the first Winnie the Pooh, a children�s book. It was inspired by his son Christopher Robin�s love for a bear in London Zoo called Winnipeg.

14/9/1926, Michel Butor, French novelist, was born.

3/9/1926, Alison Lurie, US writer, was born.

12/7/1926, Gertrude Bell, writer, was born.

3/6/1926, Allan Ginsberg, US poet, was born.

15/5/1926, Peter Shaffer, English playwright, was born (died 1926).

28/4/1926, Harper Lee, writer, was born.

23/4/1926, JP Donleavy, author, was born.

31/3/1926, John Fowles, author, was born (died 5/11/2005).

13/1/1926, Michael Bond, author, was born

24/11/1925, William F. Buckley, Jr, author, was born (died 2008)

3/10/1925, Gore Vidal, US writer, was born (died 2012).

1/10/1925, Christine Pullein-Thompson, children�s author, was born (died 2/12/2005)

1/8/1925, Pam Gems, playwright, was born.

11/6/1925, William Styron, author, was born (died 1/11/2006)

23/5/1925, British publishing magnate Sir Edward Hulton died after falling off his penny-farthing bicycle.

14/5/1925, Henry Rider Haggard, English writer, died aged 69.

19/1/1925, Nina Bawden, novelist, was born.

14/1/1925, Yukio Mishima, writer, was born.


12/10/1924, French writer Anatole France died.

30/9/1924, Truman Capote, writer, was born.

12/9/1924, George Target, novelist, was born (died 14/12/2005).

3/8/1924, Polish-born UK author Joseph Conrad died.

2/8/1924, James Arthur Baldwin, US Black writer, was born.

23/7/1924, Gavin Lambert, writer, was born (died 17/7/2005)

20/6/1924, Audie Murphy, writer, was born.

3/6/1924, German novelist Franz Kafka died in a sanatorium at Kierling, near Vienna, after a seven year battle with tuberculosis.

30/1/1924, Lloyd Alexander, author, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (died 2007)

15/1/1924, Michael Davie, author, was born (died 7/12/2005)

20/11/1923, Nadine Gordimer, writer, was born.

22/9/1923, Dannie Abse, writer, was born

30/3/1923, Milton Acorn, poet / writer, born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada (died 1986).

9/1/1923. Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand author, died aged 34.

3/1/1923, Death of Czech satirical writer Jaroslav Hasek.

18/11/1922, Marcel Proust, writer, died.

15/11/1922, Marcel Proust, French writer, died aged 51.

11/11/1922, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, science fiction writer, was born.

22/10/1922, Lyman Abbott, US author, died (born 18/12/1835)

12/7/1922, Michael Ventris, scholarly writer, was born.

15/6/1922, Alan Hunter, author, was born (died 26/2/2005).

2/2/1922, First publication of Ulysses, by James Joyce.

12/9/1921, Stanislaw Lem, author, was born (died 27/3/2006)

14/7/1921, Leon Garfield, children�s writer, was born.

11/6/1921, Michael Meyer, English writer, was born.

18/5/1921, Patrick Dennis, US author, was born in Chicago (died 1976)

31/1/1921, Norman Mailer, US author, was born.

22/10/1920, Timothy O�Leary, writer, was born.

15/10/1920, Mario Puzo, US author, was born in New York City (died 1999)

22/8/1920, Ray Bradbury, author, was born

3/8/1920, Baroness RD James of Holland Park, writer, was born

9/5/1920, Richard Adams, author, was born.

9/3/1920, Haralamb Lecca, Romanian playwright and poet, died aged 47

24/1/1920, William Percy French, Irish author, died in Formby, Lancashire (born near Castlebar, 1/5/1854).

2/1/1920. Isaac Asimov was born.


5/9/1919, Robert Kee, author, was born

19/8/1919, Malcolm Forbes, publisher, was born.

1/7/1919, Iris Murdoch, British author, was born.

5/6/1919, Richard Scarry, children�s� author, was born.

20/5/1919, Roger Wolcott Hall, US author, was born (died 20/7/2008).

30/4/1919, Oscar Adams, US author, died (born 1855).

27/1/1919, Endre Ady, Hungarian poet (born 21/11/1877) died.

8/1/1919, Peter Altenberg, writer, died aged 59.

13/12/1918, Monroe H Rosenfeld, US author, died in new York (born 1862 in Brooklyn, New York)

11/12/1918, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, was born in Rostov.

2/11/1918, Frederick Leboyer, author, was born.

2/5/1918, Alastair Forbes, writer, was born.

7/4/1918, Isaac Rosenberg, English poet, was killed in action in France.

9/3/1918, Frank Morison Spillane, author, was born (died 17/7/2006)

8/3/1918, Charles Adams, US poet (born 21/4/1842) died.

16/1/1918, Stirling Silliphant, writer, was born.

16/12/1917, Arthur C Clarke, British science-fiction writer, was born.

28/11/1917, Marni Hodgkin, USchildren's book editor, was born in New York City (died 2015)

3/11/1917, Dr Conor Cruise O�Brien, author, was born.

7/8/1917, Basil Hood, British dramatist, died in London (born 5/4/1864 in Yorkshire)

13/3/1917, Maria Vlamynck, Flemish author, was born.

1/3/1917, Robert Lowell, US poet, was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

11/2/1917, Sidney Sheldon, writer, was born.

29/12/1916, James Joyce�s book A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was published in New York. This semi-autobiographical work became one of his best known publications, despite being initially rejected for publication.

14/11/1916, H H Munro (Saki) died, aged 45.

13/9/1916,Roald Dahl, author of children�s books, was born in Llandaff, Glamorganshire.

11/9/1916, Jean Webster, US writer, died (born 1876)

20/5/1916, Owen Chadwick, British writer, was born

28/2/1916, Henry James, US novelist, died.

6/2/1916, South African poet Ruben Dario died.

7/10/1915, Ivy Wallace, author, was born (died 13/3/2006).

7/8/1915, Philip Snow, author, was born.

10/7/1915, Saul Bellow, US author, was born in Lachine, Quebec.

30/5/1915, Michael Thwaites, poet, was born (died 1/11/2005)

28/5/1915, John B Gruelle patented the Raggedy Ann doll. It was an early example of merchandise tied in with literary fiction, here an illustrated children�s book.

19/5/1916, Alfred Shaughnessy, scriptwriter, was born (died 2/11/2005).

23/4/1915, Rupert Brooke, British poet, died at Lemnos.

11/11/1914, Howard Fast, US author, was born in New York City.

27/10/1914, Dylan Marlais Thomas, Welsh poet, was born in Swansea, the son of a schoolmaster.

8/10/1914, Adelaide Crapsey, US poet, died (born 1878)

19/7/1914, Hubert Gregg, British author, was born in London

5/6/1914, George Painter, biographer of Marcel Proust, was born (died 8/12/2005)

26/11/1913, Sybil Marshall, writer, was born (died 26/8/2005).

7/11/1913. Birth of the French novelist and playwright Albert Camus. He was born in Algeria and studied philosophy. He worked as an actor, teacher, and journalist; and was active in the French Resistance in World War II. But he found fame as an existentialist writer; for example his nihilist novel The Outsider, 1942, contained the line �Mother died today. Or perhaps it was yesterday. I don�t know�. He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature I 1957, and died in 1960.

11/8/1913, Angus Wilson, English novelist, was born (died 1991).

29/3/1913, R. S. Thomas, Welsh poet, was bornin Cardiff (died 2000).

2/9/1912, Professor David Daiches, author and literary critic, was born (died 15/7/2005)

14/5/1912, August Strindberg, playwright, died in Stockholm, Sweden..

20/4/1912, Bram Stoker, Dublin-born creator of Dracula in 1897, died aged 65 in London.

26/3/1912, Tennessee Williams, US playwright, was born (died 1983).

27/2/1912, British poet and writer Lawrence Durrell was born.

17/2/1912, Andre Norton, science fiction writer, was born (died 17/3/2005)

11/12/1911, Naguib Mahfouz, novelist, was born (died 30/8/2006)

19/9/1911, British writer William Golding was born.

2/7/1911, Diego Fabbri, Italian playwright, was born in Forl�.

10/6/1911, Terence Rattigan, playwright, was born.

29/5/1911, W S Gilbert, English poet and dramatist, died aged 75.

19/4/1911, Ursula Moray Williams, children�s writer, was born (died 17/10/2006)

26/3/1911, Tennessee Williams, US playwright (born 26/3/1911) died in New York City.

16/3/1911, Sybille Bedford, writer, was born (died 17/2/2006).

22/1/1911, Lady Mary Hayley Bell Mills, writer, was born (died 1/12/2005)

19/12/1910, Jean Genet, novelist, was born.

7/11/1910, Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina, died.

17/10/1910, Julia Howe, US author, died (born 27/5/1819).

14/9/1910, Lehman Engel, US author, was born.

13/7/1910, Loren Pope, US author, was born.

2/7/1910, Frederick Furnivall, English writer, died (born 4/2/1825),

5/6/1910, Death of American short-story writer O. Henry (real name William Sydney Porter).

26/4/1910, Bjornstjerne Bjornson, Norwegian writer, died (born 8/12/1832).

21/4/1910. Mark Twain, American author, died in Reading, Connecticut, aged 74.

31/3/1910, Jean Moreas, French poet, died (born 15/4/1856).

20/1/1910, Joy Adamson, writer, was born.


14/12/1909, Frederick Greenwood, English writer, died (born 4/1830).

12/12/1909, Armand Boni, Flemish poet and writer, was born in Antwerp, Belgium (died 1991)

18/11/1909, Richard Gilder, US poet, died (born 8/2/1844).

10/11/1909, Johnny Marks, US author, was bornin Mount Vernon, New York (died 3/9/1985 in New York)

18/8/1909, Sir Theodore Martin, British author, died (born 16/9/1816).

6/8/1909, Adalbert Merx, German scholarly writer, died (born 2/11/1838).

24/6/1909, Sarah Jewett, US novelist, died (born 3/9/1849).

23/3/1909, John Davidson, British writer, died (born 11/4/1857).

27/7/1908, Nancy Hamilton, US author, was born in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

3/10/1908, Johnny Burke, US author, was born in Antioch, California (died 25/2/1964 in Mew York)

15/9/1908, John Collins, English literary critic, died (born 26/3/1848).

9/9/1908, Cesare Pavese, poet and novelist, was born.

10/8/1908, Louise Moulton, US poet, died.

6/7/1908, Joel Chandler Harris, US writer, died aged 60.

5/7/1908, Jonas Lie, Norwegian novelist, died (born 6/11/1833).

1/6/1908, Louis Frechette, French Canadian poet, died (born 16/11/1839).

28/5/1908, Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, was born in London.

8/5/1908, Ludovic Halevy, French author, died (born 1/1/1834).

29/4/1908, Jack Williamson, science fiction writer, was born (died 10/11/2006)

12/3/1908, Edmondo de Amicis, Italian writer, died in Bordighera (born 21/10/1846 in Oneglia).

26/2/1908, Johann Kirchhoff, German scholarly writer, died.

25/1/1908, Louise de la Ramee, English novelist (pen name Ramee) died aged 67.

14/1/1908, Holger Drachmann, Danish poet, died (born 9/10/1846).


10/12/1907. Rudyard Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, the first time it had been awarded to an English writer.

28/11/1907, Alberto Moravia, Italian novelist, was born (died 1990).

15/11/1907, Moncure Conway, author, died in Paris (born 17/3/1832 in Virginia, USA).

29/10/1907, Gerald Massey, English poet, died (born 29/5/1828).

12/9/1907, Louis Macneice, Irish poet, was born (died 1963).

7/9/1907, Bogdan Hasdeu, Romanian scholarly writer, died (born 1836).

26/7/1907, US author Mark Twain was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters by Oxford University.

21/7/1907, AD Hope, poet, was born

20/6/1907. Lillian Hellman, US author, was born (died 1984).

11/6/1907, Clovis Hugues, French poet, died (born 3/11/1851).

18/5/1907, John Ingram, Irish scholarly writer, died (born 7/7/1832).

6/5/1907, John Watson, writer, died (born 3/11/1850).

13/5/1907, Daphne du Maurier, English novelist, was born in London.

21/2/1907, W H Auden, English poet, was born.

16/2/1907, Giosue Carducci, Italian poet (born 27/7/1836) died.

3/2/1907, James A Michener, novelist, was born.

26/1/1907, Henry Field, US author, died (born 3/4/1822).

21/1/1907, Toivo Kauppinen, Finnish writer, was born.


9/12/1906, Ferdinand Brunetiere, French writer, died (born 19/7/1849).

13/8/1906, Pearl Craigie, US novelist, died (born 3/11/1867).

28/8/1906, John Betjeman, poet, was born (died 1984).

20/6/1906, Catherine Cookson, British writer, was born.

23/5/1906, Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian poet, died (born 20/3/1828).

13/4/1906, Samuel Beckett, Irish playwright, was born.

23/3/1906, Thomas Harris, US poet and preacher, died.

9/2/1906, Paul Laurence Dunbar, poet and novelist (born 27/6/1872 in Dayton, Ohio) died of tuberculosis. Son of a former slave, his poetry did much to describe the everyday lives of Black Americans.

22/1/1906, George Holyoake, English writer, died (born 13/4/1817).

21/12/1905, Anthony Powell, English novelist, was born.

20/12/1905, Henry Harland, US author, died (born 3/1861 in St Petersburg).

18/12/1905, George Le Brunn, British author, died in London (born 1862)

12/12/1905, Francois Meurice, French dramatist, died (born 7/2/1818).

9/11/1905, Erika Mann, German-US author, was born in Munich, Germany (died 1969)

28/10/1905, Michael Dragomirov, Russian military writer, died (born 8/11/1830).

20/10/1905, Ellery Queen, writer, was born.

15/10/1905, CP Snow, English novelist, was born (died 1980)

3/10/1905, Jose Heredia, French poet, died (born 22/11/1842).

6/9/1905, Karl Heigel, German novelist, died (born 25/3/1835).

22/8/1905, David Monro, English classical writer, died (born 16/11/1836).

21/6/1905, Jean Paul-Sartre, French dramatist and novelist, was born in Paris.

20/6/1905, Lillian Helman, US writer, was born (died 1984).

24/3/1905, Jules Verne, French science fiction writer, died in Amiens aged 77.

2/2/1905, Russian writer Maxim Gorky was released from prison.


19/11/1904, Hans von Hopfen, German poet, died (born 3/1/1835).

22/7/1904, Wilson Barrett, playwright, died (born in Essex 18/2/1846).

2/7/1904, The Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov, born 17/1/1860 in Taganrog, died in Germany whilst being treated for tuberculosis.

25/6/1904, Wilhelm Jordan, German poet and novelist, died.

16/4/1904, Samuel Smiles, Scottish writer, died aged 92.

24/3/1904, Sir Edwin Arnold, British poet, died (born 10/6/1832).

2/3/1904, Theodor Seuss Geisel, author of children�s books, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

28/1/1904, Karl Franzos, German novelist, died (born 25/10/1848).

1/11/1904, George Bernard Shaw�s play John Bull�s Other Island had its premier.

28/12/1903, George Gissing, English novelist, died (born 22/11/1857).

19/11/1903, Hugh Scott, English novelist, died.

1/11/1903, Theodor Mommsen, writer, died aged 87.

28/10/1903, British novelist Evelyn Waugh was born.

16/10/1903, Cecille de Brunhoff, writer, was born.

15/7/1903, Walter Dumeaux Edmonds, US novelist, was born in Booneville, New York.

25/6/1903, Birth of the author George Orwell, in Motihari, Bengal, India.He was born as Eric Arthur Blair.

5/3/1903, George Henderson, British military writer, died (born 1854).

13/3/1903, Nikolaas Beets, Dutch poet, died in Utrecht (born in Haarlem 13/9/1814).

27/2/1903, George Hill, English writer, died (born 7/6/1835).

13/2/1903, Georges Simenon, Belgian crime writer, was born.

9/2/1903, Sir Charles Duffy, Irish writer, died (born 12/4/1816).

11/1/1903, South African author and anti-apartheid activist Alan Paton was born (died 1988)


1902, Beatrix Potter�s first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was published.

25/10/1902, Frank Norris, US novelist, died.

21/9/1902, Sir Allen Lane, English publisher who founded Penguin books and brought about the paperback revolution, was born.

20/9/1902, Stevie Smith, poet and novelist, was born (died 1971)

2/9/1902, Edward Egglestone, US author (born 10/12/1837 in Vevay, Indiana) died in Lake George, New York.

21/7/1902, Joseph Kesselring, US playwright, was born in New York City (died 1967)

17/7/1902, Christina Stead, writer, was born.

18/6/1902, Samuel Butler, English writer, died (born 4/12/1835).

16/5/1902, Carles Fages de Climent, Catalonian writer, poet and journalist, was born in Figueres (died 1968).

18/4/1902, Harry Owens, US author, was born in Nebraska.

6/4/1902, FL Green, British novelist, was born in Portsmouth, England (died 1953)

10/5/1902, George Grant, scholarly writer, died (born 1835).

21/2/1902, Emil Holub, Bohemian writer, died (born 7/10/1847)

10/2/1902, Armand Bernier, Belgian poet, was born.

16/12/1901, Johann Duntzer, German writer, died (born 12/7/1813).

11/10/1901, James Greenough, US classical scholarly writer, died (born 4/5/1833).

2/9/1901, Andreas Embirikos, Greek surrealist poet, was born (died 1975)

27/8/1901, Rudolf Haym, German writer, died (born 5/10/1821).

9/7/1901, Barbara Cartland, British writer of romantic novels, was born.

7/7/1901, Johanna Spyri, writer, died.

10/6/1901, Robert Buchanan, British novelist, died (born 18/8/1841).

9/6/1901, Sir Walter Besant, English author, died in Hampstead, London (born in Portsmouth 14/8/1836).

22/5/1901, Clarissa Scott Delany, African-American poet, was born (died 1927)

11/5/1901, Rose Auslander, German poet, was born (died 1988)

24/3/1901, Charlotte M Yonge, novelist, died, aged 78.

13/2/1901, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Scottish novelist, was born (died 1935)

3/2/1901, Rosamund Lehmann, novelist, was born (died 1900).

31/1/1901, Three Sisters, a play by Anton Chekhov, premiered in Moscow.


30/11/1900, Irish writer Oscar Wilde (born Dublin 1854) died in poverty in Paris under the pseudonym Sebastian Medmoth. Wilde�s stage and literary career ended in 1895 when the Marquess of Queensbury, angered by Wilde�s friendship with his son, accused Wilde of sodomy. Wilde sued for libel but lost the case and was at once prosecuted for homosexuality. He served two years in gaol 1895-97 before fleeing to France and poverty.

3/10/1900, Thomas Wolfe, US novelist, was born (died 1938).

24/7/1900, Zelda Fitzgerald, writer, was born.

29/6/1900, Antoine de Saint Exupery, author of The Little Prince, was born.

28/5/1900, Sir George Grove, English writer on music, died (born 13/8/1820).

2/4/1900, Roberto Arlt, Argentine writer, was born in Buenos Aires (died 1942)

30/3/1900, Archibald Forbes, British military writer, died (born 17/4/1838).

6/2/1900, Sir William Hunter, British writer, died (born 15/7/1840).

23/1/1900, Richard Dixon, English poet, died (born 5/5/1833).

16/11/1899, Julius Busch, German publicist, died (born 13/2/1821)

24/10/1899, Grant Allen, English author, died in Hindhead (born 24/2/1848 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

13/10/1899, Philip Colomb, English writer, died (born 29/5/1831).

27/8/1899, Emmanuel Hiel, Belgian-Dutch writer, died (born 5/1834).

21/7/1899, Robert Ingersoll, US author, died (born 11/8/1833).

7/6/1899, Augustin Daly, US playwright, died (born 20/7/1838).

1/6/1899, Klaus Groth, German poet, died (born 24/4/1819).

22/4/1899, Vladimir Nabakov, writer, was born.

1/3/1899, Andrew Boyd, Scottish author, died in Bournemouth (born 3/11/1825).

20/2/1899, Ernst Lange, German novelist, died (born 21/2/1813).

21/1/1899, Rudi Blesh, US author, was born in Guthrie, Oklahoma (died 25/8/1985 in Gilmarton, New Hampshire).

17/1/1899, Nevil Shute, English novelist, was born in Ealing, London.

29/11/1898, CS Lewis, writer, was born.

28/11/1898, Konrad Meyer, Swiss poet, died (born 11/10/1825).

19/10/1898, Harold Frederic, Anglo-US novelist, died (born 19/8/1856).

20/9/1898, Theodor Fontane, German novelist, died (30/12/1819).

9/9/1898, Stephane Mallarme, French poet, died (born 18/3/1842).

14/7/1898, Eliza Linton, English novelist, died (born 10/8/1822).

22/5/1898, Edward Bellamy, US writer died in Chicopee Falls (born in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts 25/3/1850).

11/2/1898, Ferdinand Fabre, French novelist, died (born 1830).

10/2/1898, Bertold Brecht, writer, was born.

18/1/1898, Henry Liddell, English writer, died (born 6/2/1811).

14/1/1898, Lewis Carroll, author of Alice�s Adventures in Wonderland, died in Guildford, Surrey.

2/1/1898, Sir Edward Bond, English librarian, died (born in Hanwell 31/12/1815).


17/12/1897, Alphonse Daudet, French novelist, died (born 13/5/1840).

7/10/1897, Francis Newman, English scholarly writer, died (born 27/6/1805).

11/8/1897, Enid Blyton, author of children�s books, was born in Dulwich.

6/8/1897, Samuel Laing, British author, died (born 12/10/1810).

26/5/1897, Bram Stoker�s Dracula was first published.

11/3/1897, Henry Drummond, Scottish scholarly writer, died (born 17/8/1851).

26/11/1896, Mathilde Blind, English author, died (born in Mannheim 21/3/1841).

8/10/1896, George du Maurier, English writer, died (born 1834).

24/9/1896, F Scott Fitzgerald, US author, was born.

11/9/1896, Francis Child, scholarly writer, died (born 1/2/1825).

6/9/1896, Sir Joseph Crowe, art writer, died (born 25/10/1828).

24/8/1896, Phil Baker, US author, was born in Philadelphia (died 30/11/1963 in Copenhagen).

11/6/1896, Sir George Dasent, English writer, died born 22/5/1817).

11/5/1896, Henry Bunner, US writer, died (born 3/8/1855).

29/4/1896, Jean Haureau, French writer, died (born 1812).

28/3/1896, Elizabeth Charles, English author, died (born 2/1/1828).

26/2/1896, Arsene Houssaye, French novelist, died (born 28/3/1815).

18/2/1896, Andre Breton, writer, was born.

14/1/1896, John Dos Passos, US writer, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

11/1/1896, Joao de Deus, Portuguese poet, died (born 8/3/1830).


11/12/1895, Jean Montegut, French writer, died (born 14/6/1825).

8/12/1895, Theodore la Villemarque, French writer, died (born 6/7/1815).

27/11/1895, Alexandre Dumas II, novelist, died (born 27/7/1824)

22/11/1895, John de Tabley, English poet, died (born 26/4/1835).

4/11/1895, Eugene Field, US poet, died (born 2/9/1850).

22/10/1895, Ruggero Bonghi, Italian writer, died (born in Naples 20/3/1828).

7/10/1895, William Wetmore Story, US poet, died (born 12/2/1819).

24/7/1895, Robert Graves, writer, was born.

30/4/1895, Gustav Freytag, German novelist, died (born 13/7/1816)

16/3/1895, Corney Grain, British author, died in London (born 1844)

2/3/1895, Stuart Blackie, Scottish writer, died in Edinburgh (born in Glasgow 28/7/1809).

14/2/1895, Oscar Wilde�s final play, The Importance of Being Earnest, opened in London.

11/1/1895, Thomas Hake, English poet, died (born 10/3/1809).

29/12/1894, Christina Rossetti, English poet, died (born 5/12/1830).

8/12/1894, James Thurber, author, was born in Columbus, Ohio.

3/12/1894, Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote Treasure Island, died.

19/10/1894, James Darmesteter, French author, died (born 28/3/1849).

14/10/1894, e e cummings, poet, was born.

26/7/1894, Aldous Huxley, novelist, was born.

18/7/1894, Charles Leconte, French poet, died (born 22/10/1818).

5/7/1894, Sir Austin Layard, British author, died.

28/6/1894, Alice DG Miller, US screenwriter, was born (died 24/7/1985).

5/6/1894, Edward Capern, English poet, died (born 21/1/1819).

4/6/1894, Wilhelm Freund, German scholarly writer, died (born 27/1/1806).

14/5/1894, Henry Morley, British writer, died (born 15/9/1822).

29/4/1894, Augusta Drane, English writer, died (born 29/12/1823).

3/2/1894, George Childs, US publisher, died (born 12/5/1829).

8/2/1894, Robert Ballantyne, writer, died in Rome (born in Edinburgh 24/4/1825).

22/12/1893, William Lloyd, English writer, died (born 11/3/1813).

2/12/1893, William Gaxton, US actor, was born in San Francisco (died 2/2/1963 in New York)

10/7/1893, Henry Nettleship, English scholarly writer, died.

7/7/1893, Miroslav Krleza, writer, was born.

6/7/1893, Henri Maupassant, French novelist, died (born 5/8/1850).

17/6/1893, Thomas Mozley, English writer, died.

14/6/1893, Jakob Frohschammer, German scholarly writer, died (born 6/1/1821).

18/3/1893, Wilfred Owen, poet, was born.

1/3/1893, William Minto, Scottish writer, died (born 10/10/1845).

23/1/1893, Phillips Brooks, US author, died (born 13/12/1835).

15/1/1893, Frances Kemble, author, died (born 27/11/1809)


12/12/1892, Sir John Burke, British genealogical writer, author of Burke�s Peerage, died (born 5/1/1814).

21/10/1892, Anne Edgren-Leffler, Swedish author, died (born 1/10/1849).

11/10/1892, Xavier Marmier, French author, died (born 24/6/1809).

6/10/1892, Alfred Lord Tennyson, poet laureate from 1850, died at Aldworth, Surrey. He was born on 6/8/1809.

12/9/1892, Alfred A Knopf, publisher, was born.

31/8/1892, George Curtis, US writer, died (born 24/2/1824).

3/8/1892, Johann Nauck, German scholarly writer, died (born 18/9/1822).

30/7/1892, Joseph Hubner, Austrian writer, died (born 26/11/1811).

20/7/1892, Leon Cladel, French novelist, died (born 13/3/1835).

19/4/1892, Friedrich Bodenstedt, German author, died in Wiesbaden (born in Hanover 22/4/1819).

26/3/1892, Walt Whitman, poet, died

9/3/1892, Vita Sackville West, writer, was born.

17/2/1892, James Frederick Hanley, US author, was born in Indiana (died 8/2/1942 in Douglaston, Long Island.

5/2/1892, Emilie Flygare, Swedish novelist, died (born 8/8/1807).

2/2/1892, Clarence Gaskill, US author, was born in Philadelphia (died 29/4/1947 in Fort Hill, new York)

26/12/1891, Henry Miller, writer, was born.

19/12/1891, John Morton, English playwright, died (born 3/1/1811).

24/11/1891, Edward Lytton, English poet, died (born 8/11/1831).

19/11/1891, Gregor Csiky, Hungarian dramatist, died (born 8/12/1842).

10/11/1891, Arthur Rimbaud, poet, died

28/9/1891, Herman Melville, US author, died.

12/8/1891, James Lowell, US author, died

1/4/1891, Pauline Craven, French author, died (born 12/4/1808).

26/2/1891, Fortune du Boisgobey, French fiction writer (born in Granville 11/9/1824) died.

6/11/1890, Bentley Collingwood Hillier, British author, was born in Scarborough (died 19/12/1968 in London)

13/10/1890, William Belknap, US politician, died in Washington DC (born in Newburgh, New York, 22/9/1829).

29/9/1890, Jean Karr, French novelist, died (born 24/11/1808).

18/9/1890, Dion Boucicault, Irish playwright, died in New York (born in Dublin 26/12/1822).

15/9/1890, Agatha Christie, crime writer, was born in Torquay, Devon, as Agatha Mary Clarissa.(died 12/1/1976).

2/8/1890, Louise Ackermann, French poet (born 30/11/1813) died.

15/7/1890, Gottfried Keller, German novelist, died (born 19/7/1819).

27/4/1890, William Blades, English writer, died in Sutton, Surrey (was born in Clapham, London 5/12/1824).

29/3/1890, Armand Pontmartin, French writer (born 16/7/1811) died.

10/2/1890, Boris Pasternak, Russian writer, author of Dr Zhivago, was born in Moscow.


24/12/1889, Charles MacKay, Scottish writer, died (born 27/3/1814).

23/12/1889, Constance Naden, English author, died (born 24/1/1858).

21/12/1889, Eugene Deslongchamps, writer, died

12/12/1889, Robert Browning, English poet, died.

10/12/1889, Ludwig Anzengruber, Austrian dramatist, died in Vienna (born 29/11/1839 in Vienna)

18/11/1889, William Allingham, Irish poet, died in Hampstead, London (born 19/3/1824 in Ballyshannon, Donegal).

26/10/1889, Carel Cobet, Dutch scholarly writer, died (born 28/11/1813).

25/10/1889, Guillaume Augier, French dramatist, died in Croissy (born 17/9/1820 in Valence, Drome).

22/9/1889, Harold Bulwer Farnie, British playwright, died in London.

10/9/1889, Amy Levy, English novelist, died.

2/9/1889, Samuel Austin Allibone, US author, died in Lucerne, Switzerland (born 17/4/1816 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania).

15/8/1889, James Albery, English dramatist, died (born 4/5/1838 in London).

5/8/1889, Fanny :Lewald, German author, died.

25/7/1888, Herman Bonitz, German scholarly writer, died in Berlin (born in Saxony 29/7/1814).

13/7/1889, Robert Hamerling, Austrian poet, died (born 24/3/1830).

5/7/1889, Jean Cocteau, poet, was born.

16/5/1889, Henry Chandler, scholarly writer, died (born 31/1/1828). 16/5/1889).

23/4/1889, Jules Barbey, French writer, died in Paris (born 2/11/1808).

6/4/1889, Benjamin Kennedy, English scholarly writer, died (born 6/11/1804).

21/1/1889, Karl Elze, German literary writer, died (born 22/5/1821).


15/12/1888, Maxwell Anderson, US playwright, was born in Atlantic, Pennsylvania (died 28/2/1959 in Stamford, Connecticut).

25/11/1888, Josef Jirecek, Czech scholarly writer, died (born 9/10/1825).

26/9/1888, Poet T S Eliot was born � see 4/1/1965.

11/5/1888, Irving Berlin, US songwriter, was born as Israel Baline in Tyumen, Russia.

26/4/1888, Anita Loos, writer, was born.

6/3/1888, Louisa Alcott, US author, died (born 29/11/1832)

26/2/1888, James Morison, British author, died (born 20/4/1832).

30/1/1888, Edward Lear, English author and artist, who wrote the Book of Nonsense, died in San Remo, Italy.

23/1/1888, Eugene Labiche, French dramatist, died (born 5/5/1815).

2/11/1887, Alfred Domett, English poet, died (born 20/5/1811).

12/10/1887, Dinah Craik, English novelist, died (born 20/4/1826).

25/7/1887, Henry Mayhew, English author, died.

13/7/1887, Elme Carlo, French scholarly writer, died (born 4/3/1826).

22/6/1887, Eugenie John, German novelist, died.

16/6/1887, Roswell Hitchcock, US writer, died (born 15/8/1817).

31/5/1887, Thomas Baynes, English writer, died (born in Wellington, Somerset 24/3/1823).

5/5/1887, James Grant, British novelist, died (born 1/8/1822).

19/3/1887, Joseph Kraszewski, Polish novelist, died (born 28/7/1812).

3/3/1887, Rupert Brooke, poet, was born.

19/2/1887, Edward Dekker, Dutch writer, died (born 2/3/1820).

13/2/1887, Philip Marston, English poet, died (born 13/8/1850).

11/2/1887, Francois Laurent, Belgian legal writer, died.


12/12/1886, Johan Madvig, Danish scholarly writer, died (born 7/8/1904).

6/11/1886, Gustave Kahn, US author, was born in Coblenz (died 8/10/1941 in Beverly Hills, California)

26/9/1886, Clement Ingleby, English writer on Shakespeare, died (born 29/10/1823).

9/8/1886, Sir Samuel Ferguson, Irish poet, died (born 10/3/1810).

15/5/1886, Emily Dickinson, US poet, died in Amherst, Massachusetts.

13/4/1886, Anna Bosboom-Toussaint, Dutch novelist, died in The Hague (born in Alkmaar 16/9/1812)

10/2/1886, Henry Bradshaw, scholarly writer, died (born in London 2/2/1831)

9/1/1886, James Ferguson, Scottish architectural writer, died (born 22/1/1808).

24/12/1885, Louis Gachard, Belgian writer, died (born 12/3/1800).

30/10/1885, Ezra Pound, poet, was born.

11/10/1885, Francois Mariac, French writer, was born.

11/9/1885, DH Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley�s Lover, was born.

1/9/1885, Emile Egger, Frenchy scholarly writer, died (born 18/7/1813).

11/8/1885, Richard Houghton, English poet, died (born 19/6/1809).

22/5/1885, Victor Hugo, French poet and novelist, author of Les Miserables, died in Paris aged 83.

13/5/1885, Juliana Ewing, writer of children�s stories, died (born 1841).

30/4/1885, Jens Jacobsen, Danish writer, died (born 7/4/1847).

17/4/1885, Isak Dinesen, writer, was born.

10/4/1885, Sigmund Spaeth, US author, was born in Philadelphia (died 11/11/1965 in New York)

18/2/1885, Mark Twain�s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published.

17/2/1885, John Campbell, Gaelic scholar died (born 29/12/1822)..

19/1/1885, Lady Georgiana Fullerton, English novelist, died (born 23/9/1812).

16/1/1885, Edmond About, French novelist (born 14/2/1828) died.

1/1/1885, Andrew Findlater, Scottish writer, died (born 1810).


30/11/1884, Sir Alexander Grant, British scholarly writer, died (born 13/9/1826).

31/10/1884, Maria Bashkirtseff, Russian writer, died (born in Gavrontsi 23/11/1860).

19/10/1884, Karl Hillebrand, German author, died (born 17/9/1829).

16/10/1884, Paul Lacroix, French author, died (born 27/4/1806).

22/8/1884, Henry Bohn, British publisher, died in Twickenham (born in London 4/1/1796).

16/8/1884, Gutierrez Garcia, Spanish dramatist, died (born 5/7/1812).

16/7/1884, Manuel Mila, Spanish scholarly writer, died (born 4/5/1818).

6/4/1884, Emanuel Geibel, German poet, died (born 17/10/1815).

19/3/1884, Elias Lonnrot, Finnish writer, died (born 9/4/1802).

26/2/1884, Charles Badham, English scholarly bwriter, died 26/2/1884 in Sydney, Australia (born 18/7/1813 in Ludlow, Shropshire).

11/2/1884, Thomas Chenery, scholarly writer, died (born 1826).

2/2/1884, Abraham Hayward, English writer, died (born 22/11/1801).

13/12/1883, Pierre Laprade, French poet, died (born 13/1/1812).

21/9/1883, Conrad Bursian, German scholarly writer, died (born 14/11/1830).

17/9/1883, John Collier, English writer, died (born 11/1/1789).

10/9/1883, Hendrik Conscience, Flemish writer, died (born 3/12/1818).

3/9/1883, Ivan Turgenev, writer, died

25/7/1883, Frederick Maning, New Zealand writer, died.

3/7/1883, Franz Kafka, Czech poet and playwright, was born.

20/6/1883,Gustave Aimarde, French novelist, died 20/6/1883 in Paris (born 13/9/1818 in Paris).

6/5/1883, Jose Ortega y Gasset, writer, was born.

10/1/1883, Aleksei Tolstoy, writer, was born.

6/1/1883, Khalil Gibran, writer, was born.


13/11/1882, Johann Kinkel, German poet, died (born 11/8/1815).

12/10/1882, Arthur Burnell, scholarly writer on ancient Sanskrit, died (born 1840).

5/10/1882, Carl Halm, German scholarly writer, died (born 5/4/1809).

23/7/1882, George Marsh, US scholarly writer, died (born 15/3/1801).

1/6/1882, John Drinkwater, poet and dramatist, was born.

11/5/1882, John Brown, Scottish author, died (born 22/9/1810).

30/4/1882, Ramon de Mesonero Romanos, Spanish writer, died.

27/4/1882, Ralph Waldo Emerson, US poet and essayist, died aged 78 in Concord.

7/4/1882, Denis MacCarthy, Irish poet, died (born 26/5/1817).

8/2/1882, Berthold Auerbach, German novelist, died in Cannes (born 28/2/1812 in Nordstetten).

25/1/1882, Virginia Woolf, writer, was born.

18/1/1882, A A Milne English writer of children�s books and creator of Winnie the Pooh, was born in St John�s Wood, London.

9/1/1882, Richard Dana, US writer, died (born 1/8/1815).

3/1/1882, William Ainsworth, English novelist (born 4/2/1805) died.


24/12/1881, Leonard Bacon, writer, died 24/12/1881 in New Haven, Connecticut (born 19/2/1802 in Detroit, Michigan)

17/12/1881, Lewis Morgan, US ethnological writer, died.

15/11/1881, William Greg, English essayist, died (born 1809),

7/11/1881, John Machale, Irish writer, died.

12/10/1881, Josiah Holland, US writer, died (born 24/7/1819).

25/9/1881, Franz Ahrens, German scholarly writer (born 6/6/1809) died.

7/9/1881, Sidney Lanier, US poet, died (born 3/2/1842).

2/8/1881, Marcus Clarke, US author, died (born 24/4/1846).

20/7/1881, Theodor Bergk, German scholarly writer, died in Ragatz, Switzerland (born in Leipzig 3/5/1797).

8/7/1881, Henry Coxe, English scholarly writer died (born 20/9/1811).

1/7/1881, Ventura Ruiz Aguilera, Spanish poet, died in Madrid.

26/6/1881, Theodor Benfrey, German writer, died in Gottingen (born neat Gottingen 28/1/1809).

26/5/1881, Jakob Bernays, German writer, died in Bonn (born in Hamburg 11/9/1824).

15/5/1881, Franz Dinglestedt, German poet, died (born 30/6/1814).

3/5/1881, George Banks, British writer, died in London (born in Birmingham 2/3/1821).

24/4/1881, James Fields, US author, died (born 31/12/1817).

5/2/1881, Thomas Carlyle, Scottish essayist, died at 5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London.

28/1/1881, Fyodor Dostoyevsky died (born in Moscow, 30/10/1821, son of a surgeon) . His funeral cortege on 31/1/1881 was followed by 30,000 people. He wrote, amongst others, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment, and The Brothers Karamazov.

16/11/1880, Alexander Blok, poet, was born.

20/10/1880, Lydia Child, US author, died (born 11/2/1802).

23/9/1880, Geraldine Jewsbury, English writer, died (born 1812).

5/8/1880, William Kingston, English novelist, died (born 28/2/2814).

27/6/1880, Helen Keller, author, was born.

8/5/1880, Gustave Flaubert, French novelist, died (born 12/12/1821).

16/4/1880, Edward Kenealy, Irish author died (born 2/7/1819).

22/3/1880, Kenelm Digby, English writer, died (born 1800).

12/2/1880, Karl Holtei, German poet, died (born 24/1/1798).

12/1/1880, Ida Hahn-Hahn, German author, died (born 22/6/1805).


26/12/1879, William Dixon, English author, died (born 30/6/1821).

31/10/1879, Jacob Abbott, US writer of books for children, died in Farmington, Maine.

2/10/1879, US poet Wallace Stevens was born in Reading, Pennsylvania.

21/6/1879, Henry Creamer, US author, was born.

7/5/1879, Charles de Coster, Belgian writer, died (20/8/1827).

20/3/1879, Johann Huber, writer, died (born 18/8/1830)

2/3/1879, Jules Bastide, French writer, died (born in Paris 2/11/1800).

21/1/1879, George Hillard, US author, died (born 22/9/1808).

1/1/1879, E M Forster, English novelist, was born.

16/12/1878, Karl Gutzkow, German novelist, died (born 17/3/1811).

6/11/1878, William Clark, writer on Shakespeare, died (born 3/1821).

18/10/1878, David Laing, Scottish writer, died (born 20/4/1793).

13/8/1878, George Gilfillan, Scottish author, died (born 30/1/1813).

17/7/1878, Aleardo Aleardi, Italian poet, died.

9/6/1878, Karl Lehrs, German scholarly writer, died (born 2/6/1802).

6/1/1878, The US poet Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg, Illinois.

21/11/1877, Endre Ady, Hungarian poet (died 27/1/1919) was born.

15/11/1877, Pierre Lanfrey, French writer, died (born 26/10/1838)

9/11/1877, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, poet, was born.

28/10/1877, Julia Kavanagh, British novelist, died.

16/10/1877, Theodore Barriere, playwright, died in Paris (born in Paris 1823)

6/7/1877, Friedrich Hacklander, German novelist, died (born 1/11/1816).

2/7/1877, Hermann Hesse, writer, was born.

26/5/1877, Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, English educational writer, died (born 20/7/804).

30/4/1877, Alice B Toklas, writer, was born.

10/4/1877, Andrew Halliday, British writer, died (born 1830).

7/4/1877, Spanish novelist Cecilia Larrea (Fernan Caballero) died (born 24/12/1796).

13/3/1877, Charles Clarke, British writer, died (born 15/12/1787)

6/3/1877, Joseph Autran, French poet, died in Marseilles (born 20/6/1813 in Marseilles).


25/9/1876, Adolf Glasbrenner, German satirical writer, was born (died 25/9/1876).

28/7/1876, Mortimer Collins, English writer, died (born 29/6/1827).

25/7/1876, Robert Childers, scholarly writer on the Orient, died (born 1838).

14/7/1876, James Henry, Irish scholarly writer, died (born 13/12/1798).

8/6/1876, George Sand, author, died

4/6/1875, Eduard Morike, German poet, died (born 8/9/1804).

29/5/1876, Friedrich Diaz, German scholarly writer, died (born 15/3/1794).

24/5/1876, Henry Kingsley, English novelist, died.

12/5/1876, Henri Esquiros, French writer, died (born 23/5/1812).

25/4/1876, Thomas Aird, Scottish poet, died in Dumfries (born 28/8/1802 in Bowden, Roxburghshire).

17/4/1876, Ian Hay, British author, was born.

18/3/1876, Ferdinand Feiligrath, German poet, died (born 17/8/1810).

5/3/1876, Marie Agoult, French author (born 31/12/1805 in Frankfort on Main) died in Paris.


29/11/1875, Thomas Key, English scholarly writer, died (born 20/3/1799).

10/10/1875, Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, novelist and poet, died.

1/9/1875, Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan, was born in Chicago. He never visited Africa where his stories were set.

19/8/1875, Hermann Ebel, German scholarly writer, died (born 10/5/1820).

17/8/1875, Wilhelm Beek, German scholarly writer, died in Cape Town.

15/8/1875, Robert Hawker, English poet, died (born 3/12/1803).

4/8/1875, Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer famous for his fairy stories, died aged 70.

6/6/1875, Thomas Mann, writer, was born.

14/5/1875, Gottfried Bernhardy, scholarly writer, died (born in Landsberg 20/3/1800).

4/5/1875, Georg Ewald, German scholarly writer, died (born 16/11/1803).

7/4/1875, Georg Herwegh, German poet, died (born 31/5/1817).

23/1/1875, Charles Kingsley, English novelist, died (born 12/6/1819).

3/12/1874, Arthur Wimperis, British author, was born in London (died 14/10/1953 in London)

20/11/1874, Tom Hood, English writer, died (born 19/1/1835).

26/10/1874, Carl Cornelius, German poet, died (born 24/12/1824).

23/10/1874, Abraham Geiger, German scholarly writer, died (born 24/5/1810).

3/9/1874, Hans Gabelentz, German scholarly writer, died (born 13/10/1807).

22/8/1874, Sydney Dobell, English poet, died (born 5/4/1824).

19/6/1874, Jules Janin, French writer, died (born 16/2/1804).

29/5/1874, G K Chesterton, English writer, born.

4/4/1874, Charles Beule, French writer, died (born in Saumur 29/6/1826),

26/3/1874, Robert Frost, poet, was born.

8/2/1874, Herman Merivale, English writer, died.

5/2/1874, Moritz Haupt, German scholarly writer, died (born 27/2/1808).

25/1/1874, William Somerset Maugham, writer, was born.

24/1/1874, Adam Black, Scottish book publisher, died (born in Edinburgh 20/2/1784).

19/1/1874, August Hoffmann, German writer, died (born 2/4/1798).

16/1/1874, Robert William Service, Canadian poet, was born.

7/1/1874, Henry Bell, Scottish writer, died (born in Glasgow 8/11/1803).


8/11/1873, Manuel Breton de los Herreros, Spanish dramatist, died (born 19/12/1796).

27/10/1873, Ernest-Aime Feydeau, French writer, died (born 16/3/1821).

10/10/1873, Hermann Kurz, German author, died.

4/10/1873, Margaret Gatty, English writer, died (born 1809),

28/9/1873, Emile Gaboriau, French novelist, died (born 9/11/1833).

26/9/1873, Julius Benedix, German dramatist, died in Leipzig (born in Leipzig 21/1/1811).

5/8/1873, Edward Cope, English scholarly writer, died (born 28/7/1818).

18/7/1873, Victor Chasles, French writer, died (born 8/11/1798).

13/7/1873, Caroline Clive, English authoress, died (born 1801).

29/6/1873, Michael Dutt, Indian poet, died (born 25/1/1824).

27/5/1873, Pierre Lebrun, French poet, died (born 29/11/1785).

23/4/1873, Wolfgang Menzel, German poet, died.

16/4/1873, Joseph Glatigny, French poet, died (born 21/5/1839).

9/3/1873, Charles Knight, English author, died (born 15/3/1791).

2/2/1873, Gertrudis Gomez, Spanish novelist, died (born 23/3/1814).

18/1/1873, Edward Lytton, English novelist, died.

10/1/1873, Francesco Dall�Ongaro, Italian writer, died (born 1808).


1872, Through the Looking Glass was published by Lewis Carroll.

23/12/1872, Theophile Gautier, French poet, died (born 31/8/1811).

22/12/1872, George Catlin, US scholarly writer, died (born 1796).

29/11/1872, Johann Baehr, German scholarly writer, died in Heidelberg, 29/11/1872 (born in Darmstadt 13/6/1798).

14/11/1872, James Hadley, US scholarly writer, died (born 30/3/1821).

3/11/1872, Vladimir Dahl, Russian author, died (born 1802).

2/10/1872, Francis Lieber, US-German writer, died (born 18/3/1800).

8/9/1872, Paolo Guidici, Italian writer, died in Tonbridge, England (born 1812).

2/9/1872, Nikolai Grundtvig, Danish writer, died (born 8/9/1783).

15/7/1872, Harry Clifton, British author, died in Shepherd�s Bush, London

27/6/1872, Paul Dunbar, US author, was born (died 8/2/1906).

23/5/1872, Sir Henry Bulwer, British author, died (born 13/2/1801).

13/5/1872, Moritz Hartmann, German poet, died (born 15/10/1821).

6/2/1872, Auguste Gratry, French author, died (born 10/3/1805).

31/1/1872, Zane Grey, American Western writer, was born.

21/1/1872, Franz Grillparzer, Austrian poet, was born (died 21/1/1872).

9/1/1872, Henry Halleck, US writer, died (born 1815).

16/12/1871, Willibald Alexis, novelist (born 26/9/1798 in Breslau) died in Arnstadt, Thuringia.

10/9/1871, Richard Bentley, book publisher, died (born in London 1794).

31/7/1871, Phoebe Cary, US poet, (born 4/9/1824) died.

10/7/1871, Marcel Proust, writer, was born.

22/5/1871, Eligius Munch-Bellinghausen, Austrian poet, died.

27/4/1871, Charles Kock, French novelist, died (born 21/5/1793).

22/4/1871, Melchior Meyr, German writer, died (born 28/6/1810).

3/4/1871, Gustave Flourens, French writer, died (born 4/8/1838).

17/3/1871, Robert Chambers, Scottish author, died (born 10/7/1802).

12/2/1871, Alice Cary, US poet, died (born 26/4/1820).

2/2/1871, Jozsef Eotvos, Hungarian writer, died (born 13/9/1813).

20/1/1871, Peirre Ponson du Terrail, French romantic writer (born 8/7/1829) died.

12/1/1871, Henry Alford, English scholarly writer (born 7/10/1810 in London) died in Canterbury,


22/12/1870, Gustavo Becquer, Spanish writer, died in Madrid (born in Seville 17/2/1836).

18/12/1870, Thomas Doubleday, English author, died (born 2/1790)

5/12/1870, Alexandre Dumas, French novelist, died (born 24/7/1802).

12/11/1870, Bogumil Goltz, German writer, died (born 20/3/1801).

1/11/1870, Stephen Crane, US writer, was born (died 5/6/1900).

20/7/1870, Lucien Anatole Prevost-Paradol, French writer, born 8/8/1829, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

5/7/1870, Gustav Flugel, German writer on the Orient, died (born 18/2/1802).

24/6/1870, Adam Gordon, Australian poet, died (born 1833).


Charles Dickens

9/6/1870, Charles Dickens, author, born 7/2/1812 at Landport, Portsmouth, died at Godshill, near Rochester, Kent, of a brain haemorrhage the previous evening.

2/12/1867, English author Charles Dickens drew large crowds in New York to his readings of his novels there.

9/6/1865, Charles Dickens was involved in a train crash at Staplehurst in Kent. He had to return to the wreckage to salvage the manuscript for a part of the story Our Mutual Friend.

20/4/1859, Charles Dickens� novel A Tale of Two Cities was published.

7/8/1854, Charles Dickens� 10th book, Hard Times, was published in entirety.

12/9/1853, Charles Dickens� 9th book, Bleak House, was published in entirety.

14/11/1850, Charles Dickens� 8th book, David Copperfield, was published in entirety.

12/4/1848, Charles Dickens� 7th book, Dombey and Son, was published in entirety.

16/7/1844, Charles Dickens� 6th book, The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, was published in entirety.

15/12/1841, Charles Dickens� 4th and 5th books, The Old Curiosity Shop and Barnaby Rudge, were published in entirety.

23/10/1839, Charles Dickens� 3rd book, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, was published in entirety.

9/11/1838, Charles Dickens� 2nd book, The Adventures of Oliver Twist, was published in entirety.

17/11/1837, Charles Dickens� 1st book, The Pickwick Papers, was published in entirety.

5/2/1824, Charles Dickens, then aged 12, was sent out to work labelling shoe polish bottles.

7/2/1812, Author Charles Dickens was born in Old Commercial Road, Landport, Portsmouth, the son of a clerk in the navy pay office.


24/4/1870, Louisa Costello, authoress, died (born 1799).

17/4/1870, Easter Sunday. Ray Stannard Baker, US author, was born in Lansing, Michigan (died 12/7/1946 in Amherst, Massachusetts.

16/3/1870, Henry Dixon, English sports writer, died (born 16/5/1822).

25/2/1870, Henrik Hertz, Danish poet, died (born 25/8/1798).

21/1/1870, Alexander Hertzen, Russian author, died (born 1812).

18/1/1870, Samuel Bailey, British author (born in Sheffield 1791) died.


29/10/1869, Emile Descdhamps, French poet, died (born 20/2/1791).

23/10/1869, John Conington, English classical writer, died (born 10/8/1825).

10/8/1869, Laurence Binyon, English poet, was born in Lancaster.

18/7/1869, Louis Bouilhet, French poet, died in Rouen (born in Cany 27/5/1822).

14/7/1869, Lucie Duff-Gordon, writer, died (born 24/6/1821)

3/6/1869, John Broughton, English writer, died (born 27/6/1786).

28/2/1869, Alphonse Lamartine, French poet and writer, died (born 21/10/1790).

30/1/1869, William Carleton, Irish novelist, died (born 4/3/1794).

20/1/1869, Carl Gottling, German scholarly writer, died (born 19/1/1793).

15/1/1869, Sir Henry Ellis, writer, died (born 29/11/1777)


8/12/1868, Norman Douglas, British writer (died in Capri, Italy, 9/2/1952) was born in Deeside, Scotland.

17/10/1868, Bernhard Beskow, Swedish dramatist, died (born 10/4/1796).

25/8/1868, Jacob van Lennep, Dutch poet and novelist, died.

4/8/1868, Jacques Boucher, French writer, died in Abbeville (born in Rethel 10/9/1788).

6/7/1868, Samuel Lover, Irish novelist, died (born 24/2/1797).

25/5/1868, Rene Weil (Romain Coolus), French dramatist, was born in Rennes.

7/4/1868, Thomas McGee, Canadian writer, died.

22/2/1868, Ren Shields, US writer, was born in Chicago (died 25/10/1913 in Massapequa, New York)

23/1/1868, Janos Erdelyi, Hungarian poet, died (born 1814).

19/11/1867, Fitz-Greene Halleck, US poet, died (born 8/7/1790).

14/11/1867, Jacques Brunet, French writer, died (born 2/11/1780).

23/10/1867, Franz Bopp, German scholarly writer, died (born in Mainz 14/7/1791).

10/10/1867, Julius Mosen, German writer, died.

31/8/1867, Charles Baudelaire, French poet, died in Paris (born in Paris 9/4/1821).

23/8/1867, Auguste Barthelemy, French poet, died in Marseilles (born 1796).

16/8/1867, Friedrich Haase, German scholarly writer, died (4/1/1808).

4/8/1867, John Galsworthy, English novelist, was born.

27/5/1867, Enoch Arnold Bennett, British novelist, was born.

12/4/1867, Robert Bell, Irish writer, died (born in Cork 16/1/1800).

2/10/1866, Carl Buck, US scholarly writer, was born.

21/9/1866, Author H G Wells was born at Bromley, Kent.He was the son of a professional cricketer.

14/9/1866, Leon Gozlan, French novelist, died (born 1/9/1806).

27/8/1866, Eugene de Bully, French writer, died in Paris (born in Paris 8/11/1806).

6/8/1866, Christian Fahlcrantz, Swedish author, died (born 30/8/1790).

28/7/1866, Beatrix Potter, author and illustrator of children�s books, and creator of Peter Rabbit, was born in South Kensington, London.

18/5/1866, Francis Mahony, Irish author, died.

6/5/1866, Henry Blossom, US author, was born in St Louis, Missouri (died 23/3/1919 in New York).

29/3/1866, John Keble, English poet, died.

24/3/1866, Roualeyn Gordon-Cumming, Scottish writer, died (born 15/3/1820).

21/3/1866, Charles Cooper, English writer, died (born 20/3/1808).

23/2/1866, Laurent de Jussieu, scholarly writer, died.

9/2/1866, George Ade, US author, was born (died 16/5/1944)

20/1/1866, Richard le Gallienne, English poet, was born.


1865, Alice in Wonderland was published by Lewis Carroll.

31/12/1865, Fredrika Bremer, novelist, died (born 17/8/1801)

30/12/1865, Rudyard Kipling, story and verse writer, was born in Bombay.

1/12/1865, Abraham Frohlich, Swiss poet, died (born 1/2/1796).

12/11/1865, Elizabeth Gaskell, English novelist, died (born 29/9/1810).

15/10/1865, Andres Bello, poet, died in Santiago, Chile (born in Caracas, Venezuela, 29/11/1781)

30/9/1865, Dudley Costello, English novelist, died (born 1803).

27/8/1865, Thomas Haliburton, English writer, died (born 1796).

4/8/1865, William Aytoun, Scottish poet, died in Blackhills near Elgin (born 21/6/1813).

2/8/1865, Alice�s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) was published.

11/7/1865, Richard Hildreth, US writer, died (born 28/6/1807).

13/6/1865, Irish writer William Butler Yeats was born.

29/5/1865, Nicolas Geruzez, French writer, died (born 6/1/1799)

4/5/1865, Henry Christy, English scholarly writer, died (born 26/7/1818).

25/3/1865, Otto Ludwig, German novelist, died.

27/2/1865, Miklos Josika, Hungarian novelist, died.

18/1/1865, Charles Greville, English diarist, died (born 2/4/1794).

15/1/1865, Edward Everett, US writer, died (born 11/4/1794).

11/12/1864, Maurice Leblanc, French novelist, was born.

3/12/1864, Hermann Heijermans, Dutch writer, was born

17/9/1864, Walter Landor, English writer, died (born 30/1/1775).

31/7/1864, Louis Hachette, French publisher, died (born 5/5/1800).

26/7/1864, Andras Fay, Hungarian poet, died (born 30/5/1786)

20/5/1864, John Clare, English poet, died (born 13/7/1793).

26/3/1864, Jan Baake, Dutch writer, died (born 1/9/1787)

17/2/1864, Banjo Paterson, poet, was born.

6/2/1864, Vuk Karajich, famous Serbian writer, died (born 6/11/1787).


24/12/1863, William Thackeray, poet, died in London.

13/12/1863, Christian Hebbel, German poet, died (born 18/3/1813).

9/11/1863, Johann Doderlein, German scholarly writer, died (born 19/12/11791).

1/11/1863, Arthur Morrison, English novelist, was born.

17/9/1863, Alfred de Vigny, French poet, died

14/9/1863, Joseph Gwilt, British architectural writer, died (born 11/1/1784)

5/9/1863, Giuseppe la Farina, Italian author, died.

12/3/1863, Gabriele D�Annunzio, Italian poet, was born.

9/2/1863, Anthony Hope, British novelist, was born.

6/1/1863, Charles Dance, English writer, died (born 1794).

24/12/1862, John Leycester Adolphus, English author, died.

30/11/1862, James Knowles, Irish dramatist, died (born 12/5/1784).

15/11/1862, Gerhart Hauptmann, German dramatist, was born.

11/11/1862, Jacob Geel, Dutch writer, died (born 12/11/1789).

13/10/1862, Mary Kingsley, writer, was born (died 3/6/1900).

27/8/1862, Thomas Hogg, English writer, died (born 24/5/1792).

26/8/1862, Alfred Gudeman, US scholarly writer, was born.

23/8/1862, Friedrich Hammer, German poet, died (born 7/6/1810).

17/7/1862, Oscar Levertin, Swedish writer, was bor.

6/5/1862, Henry Thoreau, writer, died of tuberculosis.

26/2/1862, Cornelius Felton, US scholarly writer, died (born 6/11/1807).

24/2/1862, Bernhard Ingemann, Danish poet, died (born 28/5/1789).

21/2/1862, Justinus Kerner, German poet, died.

5/2/1862, Ignaz Castelli, Austrian dramatist, died (born 6/3/1781).

24/1/1862, Edith Wharton, writer, was born.

3/12/1861, David Gray, Scottish poet, died (born 29/1/1838).

30/11/1861, Theodor Mundt, German author, died (born 19/9/1808).

16/11/1861, Georg Freytag, German scholarly writer, died (born 19/9/1788).

13/11/1861, Arthur Clough, English poet, died (born 1/1/1819).

29/6/1861, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet, died

10/2/1861, John Donaldson, English scholarly writer, died (born 7/6/1811).

28/1/1861, Henry Murger, French writer, was born (died 28/1/1861).

22/1/1861, Maurice Hewlitt, English novelist, was born.

12/1/1861, Wenceslaus Hanka, Bohemiam scholarly writer, died (born 10/6/1791).


22/12/1860, Marian Evans, who wrote under the pen name George Eliot, died (born 22/11/1819).

28/11/1860, Christian Bunsen, German scholarly writer, died (born 25/8/1791).

24/11/1860, George Croly, British author, died (born 17/8/1780).

23/11/1860, Maria Bashkirtseff, Russian writer, was born in Gavrontsi (died 31/10/1884).

8/11/1860, Sir Charles Fellows, writer, died (born 8/1799).

24/9/1860, Samuel Crockett, Scottish novelist, was born.

9/6/1860, George James, English novelist, died (born 9/8/1799).

9/5/1860, James Barrie, British novelist, was born in Kirriemuir.

28/4/1860, Isaak da Costa, Dutch poet, died (born 14/1/1798).

1/4/1860, William Mure, Scottish scholarly writer, died (born 9/7/1799).

17/3/1860, Anna Jameson, British writer, died (born 17/5/1794).

29/1/1860, Ernst Moritz Arndt, German poet, died in Bonn (born 26/12/1769 in Schoritz, Rugen).

17/1/1860,Anton Chekhov, Russian author, was born at Taganrog, son of a shopkeeper.


21/12/1859, Gustave Kahn, French poet, was born.

16/12/1859, Wilhelm Grimm, co-author with his brother Jacob of fairy tales, died in Berlin.

8/12/1859, Thomas de Quincy, English author, died (born 15/8/1785).

28/11/1859, Washington Irvine, US writer, died (born 3/4/1783).

22/11/1859, Cecil James Sharp, British author, was born in London (died 23/6/1924 in London)

28/8/1859, James Hunt, English writer, died (born 19/10/1784).

14/7/1859, Petrus Borel, French writer, was born in Lyons (died in Algeria 14/7/1859).

2/5/1859, Jerome K Jerome, author, was born at Walsall.

30/4/1859, Sergei Aksakov, Russian writer (born 20/9/1791) died.

21/4/1859, Carl Nagelsbach, German scholarly writer, died (born 28/3/1806).

14/4/1859, Sydney Morgan, British authoress, died.

27/2/1859, Friedrich Bleek, German scholarly writer, died (born in Holstein 4/7/1793).

20/1/1859, Elisabeth Arnim, German authoress, died in Berlin (born 4/4/1785 in Frankfort am Main).


25/11/1858, Alfred Capus, French author, was born.

6/11/1658, Pierre du Ryer, French dramatist, died (born 1606).

3/6/1858, Edward Moxon, British poet, died.

3/5/1858, Julien Brizeux, poet, died (born 12/9/1803).

6/4/1858, Charles Bennett, US scholarly writer, was born in Providence, Rhode Island.

26/3/1859, Alfred Edward Housmam, poet, was born.

10/3/1859, Kenneth Grahame, children�s writer, was born.

24/1/1858, Constance Naden, English author, was born (died 23/12/1889).

19/1/1858, Eugene Brieux, French dramatist, was born.

3/12/1857, Joseph Conrad, writer, was born.

22/11/1857, George Gissing, English novelist, was born (died 28/12/1903).

19/11/1857, Albert Harkness, US scholarly writer, was born.

2/11/1857, Paul Hervieu, French novelist, was born,

8/9/1857, Jean Boissonade, French scholarly writer, died (born in Paris 12/8/1774).

27/8/1857, Rufus Griswold, US writer, died (born 15/2/1815).

10/8/1857, John Croker, British author, died (born 20/12/1780).

8/6/1857, Douglas Jerrold, English writer, died (born 3/1/1803).

11/4/1857, John Davidson, British writer, was born (died 23/3/1909).

26/3/1857, John Kemble, English scholarly writer, died.

4/11/1856, Ernest Crosby, US writer, was born (died 1907).

3/11/1856, Marcelino Menendez y Pelayo, Spanish scholarly writer, was born.

23/9/1856, William Archer, English writer, was born in Perth.

20/9/1856, John Brown, Scottish writer, died (born 23/2/1817).

8/8/1856, Thomas Guthrie, English novelist, was born.

2/7/1856, Thomasine Gyllembourg, Danish writer, died (born 9/11/1773).

22/6/1856, Henry Haggard, English novelist was born.

11/6/1856, Friedrich Hagen, German scholarly writer, died (born 19/2/1780).

25/4/1856, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, or Lewis Carroll, met the young Alice Liddell, who was the inspiration for his Alice books.

15/4/1856, Jean Moreas, French poet, was born (died 31/3/1910).

27/2/1856, Agnes Duclaux, English poet, was born.


31/12/1855, Karl Hermann, German scholarly writer, died (born 4/8/1804).

26/12/1855, August Follen, German poet, died (born 21/1/1794).

15/12/1855, Maurice Bouchor, French poet, was born in Paris.

16/11/1855, Josef Lauff, German poet, was born.

3/8/1855, Henry Bunner, US writer, was born (died 11/5/1896).

21/7/1855, Daniel Atterbom, Swedish poet, died.

2/6/1855, Thomas Gaisford, English scholarly writer, died (born 22/12/1779).

24/6/1855, Johann Flugel, German writer, died (born 22/11/1788).

31/3/1855, Charlotte Bronte, oldest of the three literary sisters, died during pregnancy.

18/2/1855, Jean Jusserand, French author, was born.

25/1/1855, Gerard de Nerval, French writer, died (born 22/5/1808).

10/1/1855, Mary Mitford, English novelist, died.


9/12/1854, Joao Garrett, Portuguese poet, died (born 1799).

2/8/1854, Francis Crawford, US author, was born (died 9/4/1909).

26/12/1853, Rene Bazin, French novelist, was born in Angers.

15/12/1853, Georg Grotefrend, German writer, died (born 9/6/1775).

10/12/1853, Tommaso Grossi, Lombard poet and novelist, died (born 20/7/1791).

5/11/1853, Janos Garay, Hungarian poet, died (born 10/10/1812).

3/6/1853, Cesare Balbo, Italian writer, died (born 1/11/1789 in Turin)

14/5/1853, Thomas Caine, British novelist, was born.

7/5/1853, Matthias Castren, Finnish scholarly writer, died (born 2/12/1813).

6/5/1853, Cortes Donoso, Spanish author, died (born 6/5/1809).

27/4/1853, Francois Lemaitre, French dramatist, was born.

6/3/1853, Albert Cook, US scholarly writer, was born.

3/2/1853, August Kopisch, German poet, died (born 29/5/1799).

24/10/1852, Henry Clinton, English scholarly writer, died (born 14/1/1781).

2/9/1852, Paul Bourget, French novelist, was born in Amiens.

12/6/1852, Xavier de Maistre, French writer, died.

7/6/1852, Hosea Ballou, US writer, died in Boston (born in Richmond, New Hampshire, 30/4/1771).

4/6/1852, Lucas Malet, English novelist, was born.

20/4/1852, Bela Edwards, US writer, died (born 4.7.1802).

5/3/1852, Marie Gay, French author, died (born 1/7/1776).

25/2/1852, Thomas Moore, Irish poet, died (born 28/5/1779).

21/2/1852, Nikolia Gogol, Russian story writer and novelist, died in Moscow.


3/11/1851, Clovis Hugues, French poet, was born (died 11/6/1907).

18/10/1851, Herman Melville�s work, Moby Dick, was published in London.

10/10/1851, Melvil Dewey, US librarian, was born.

28/9/1851, Henry Jones, English dramatist, was born.

14/9/1851, James Cooper, US novelist, died (born 15/9/1789).

25/8/1851, George Lathrop, US writer, was born.

17/8/1851, Henry Drummond, Scottish scholarly writer, was born (died 11/3/1897).

7/8/1851, Johann Gruber, German writer, died (born 29/11/1774).

6/7/1851, David Moir, Scottish writer, died (born 5/1/1798).

2/7/1851, Gyorgy Fejer, Hungarian author, died (born 23/4/1766).

28/3/1851, Gabor Dobrentei, Hungarian writer, died (born 1786).

27/3/1851, Karl Dindorf, German scholarly writer, died (2/1/1802).

14/3/1851, Ferdinand Hand, German scholarly writer, died (born 15/2/1786).

13/3/1851, Karl Lachmann, German scholarly writer, died (born 4/3/1793).

1/2/1851, Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, died.


21/12/1850, James Lane Allen, US novelist, was born near Lexington, Kentucky.

19/11/1850, Alfred Lord Tennyson was appointed Poet Laureate, a post he held until his death in 1892.

13/11/1850, Writer Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, at 8 Howard Place.His father and grandfather were lighthouse builders.

3/11/1850, John Watson, writer, was born (died 6/5/1907).

5/10/1850, William Gibson, US writer, was born (died 16/7/1896).

5/9/1850, James Ingram, English writer, died (born 21/12/1774).

27/8/1850, Thomas Kidd, English scholarly writer, died.

22/8/1850, Nikolaus von Strehlenau, Austrian poet, died (born 15/8/1802).

18/8/1850, Honore de Balzac, French writer, died in Paris.

13/8/1850, Philip Marston, English poet, was born (died 13/2/1887).

6/8/1850, Henri Chantavoine, French writer, was born.

5/8/1850, Henri Maupassant, French novelist, was born (died 6/7/1893).

16/6/1850, Margaret Fuller, US authoress, died (born 23/5/1810).

24/5/1850, Jane Porter, English novelist (born 1776) died.

12/5/1850, Henry Lodge, US author, was born.

23/4/1850, Sir William Wordsworth, Poet Laureate from 1843, died of pleurisy at Rydal Mount, Grasmere, aged 80.

7/4/1850, William Bowles, English poet, died in Salisbury (born in Northamptonshire 24/9/1762).

25/3/1850, Edward Bellamy, US writer, was born in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts (died in Chicopee Falls 22/5/1898).

16/2/1850, Octave Mirabeau, French dramatist, was born.

26/1/1850, Francis Jeffrey, Scottish writer, died (born 23/10/1773).

24/1/1850, Charles Craddock, US author, was born.

19/1/1850, Augustine Birrell, author, was born near Liverpool.

14/1/1850, Louis Viaud, French author, was born.


26/12/1849, Francis Brown, USA Semitic scholar and writer, was born.

20/12/1849, Michail Eminescu, Romanian poet, was born (died 1889).

24/11/1849, Frances Burnett, novelist, was born.

7/10/1849, Edgar Allen Poe, US fiction writer, died aged 40, in Baltimore, Maryland.

1/10/1849, Anne Edgren-Leffler, Swedish author, was born (died 21/10/1892).

21/9/1849, Edmund Gosse, English poet, was born.

3/9/1849, Ernst Feuchtersleben, Austrian poet, died (born 29/4/1806).

29/8/1849, Jean Buchon, French scholarly writer, died (born 21/5/1791).

3/8/1849, William Henley, British poet, was born (died 11/7/1903).

25/7/1849, James Kenney, English dramatist, died.

6/7/1849, Goffredo Mameli, Italian poet, died.

20/6/1849, James Mangan, Irish poet, died (born 1/5/1803).

4/6/1849, Marguerite Blessington, Irish novelist, died in Paris (born in County Tipperary 1/9/1789).

28/5/1849, Anne Bronte, English novelist, died in Scarborough, Yorkshire, aged 29.

22/5/1849, Maria Edgeworth, Irish novelist, died (born 1/7/1767).

27/4/1849, Severino Fabriani, Italian writer, died (born 7/1/1792).

28/3/1849, James Darmesteter, French author, was born (died 19/10/1894).

10/2/1849, Bernard Barton, English poet, died in Woodbridge (born in Carlisle 31/1/1784).

26/1/1849, Thomas Beddoes, English dramatist, died (born in Clifton 20/7/1803).

22/1/1849, August Strindberg, playwright, was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

6/1/1849, Hartley Coleridge, English writer, died (born 19/9/1796).


31/12/1848, Johann Hermann, German scholarly writer, died (born 28/11/1772).

19/12/1848, Emily Bronte, English novelist who wrote Wuthering Heights, born 30/7/1818, died from tuberculosis.

16/11/1848, Charles Bemont, scholarly writer, was born in Paris

25/10/1848, Karl Franzos, German novelist, was born (died 28/1/1904).

9/8/1848, Frederick Marryat, English novelist, died.

9/7/1848, Jaime Balmes, Spanish writer, died in Vich (born in Vich, Catalonia, 28/8/1810).

5/7/1848, William Butler, Irish writer, died.

24/5/1848, Annette Droste-Hulshoff, German poet, died (born 10/1/1797).

26/3/1848, John Collins, English literary critic, was born (died 15/9/1908).

5/2/1848, Joris Huysmans, French novelist, was born (died 13/5/1907).

29/1/1848, Johann Gorres, German writer, died (born 25/1/1776).

26/12/1847, Hugh Conway, novelist, was born (died 15/5/1885).

17/12/1847, Emile Faguet, French writer, was born.

19/11/1847, Mary Foote, US author, was born.

8/11/1847, Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, was born in Dublin.

16/10/1847, Jane Eyre was first published.

14/8/1847, Frans Franzen Swedish poet, died (born 9/2/1772).

29/5/1847, Alexander Everett, US writer, died (born 19/3/1790).

7/4/1847, Jens Jacobsen, Danish writer, was born (died 30/4/1885).

30/3/1847, Christian Jacobs, German scholarly writer, died (born 6/10/1764).

23/11/1846, George Darley, Irish poet, died (born 1795).

21/10/1846, Edmondo de Amicis, Italian writer, was born in Oneglia, Liguria (died in Bordighera, 12/3/1908).

9/10/1846, Holger Drachmann, Danish poet, was born (died 14/1/1908).

9/9/1846, Henri Marion, French philosophical writer, was born (died 5/4/1896).

4/9/1846, Victor Jouy, Frenchy dramatist, died (born 12/9/1764).

31/7/1846, Theodore Fix, Swiss writer, died (born 1800).

24/4/1846, Marcus Clarke, US author, was born (died 2/8/1881).

31/3/1846, Comte de Lautreamont, writer, was born.

19/2/1846, Charles Clermont-Ganneau, writer on the Orient, was born.

7/1/1846, John Frere, English author, died (born 21/5/1769).

6/1/1846, Lewis Goldsmith, Anglo-French writer, died.

5/1/1846, Rudolf Eucken, scholarly writer, was born.

25/11/1845, Jose Maria Eca del Quieroz, Portuguese writer was born (died in Paris, 16/8/1900).

10/10/1845, William Minto, Scottish writer, was born (died 1/3/1893).

15/9/1845, Thomas Davis, Irish poet, died (born 14/10/1814).

17/6/1845, Richard Barham, English writer, died (born in Canterbury 6/12/1788).

3/5/1845, Thomas Hood, poet, died.

15/2/1845, Samuel Blanchard, British author, died (born in Great Yarmouth 15/2/1804).

28/1/1845, Christoph Houwald, German author, died (born 28/11/1778)


23/10/1844, Robert Bridges, poet laureate, was born.

12/10/1844, George Cable, US author, was born.

24/9/1844, Robert Jamieson, Scottish writer, died .

28/7/1844, Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet, was born.

17/6/1844, Hartwig Derenbourg, writer, was born (died 1908).

16/4/1844, Anatole France, French novelist, was born.

24/3/1844, Antoine Lemonnier, Belgian poet, was born.

31/3/1844, Andrew Lang, British writer, was born.

13/12/1843, Some 6,000 copies of Charles Dicken�sA Christmas Carol� were sold on the first day of publication.

15/10/1843, John Foster, English writer, died (born 17/9/1770).

13/7/1843, Jean Lanessan, French writer, was born.

7/6/1843, Johann Holderlin, German poet, died (born 20/3/1770).

15/4/1843, Henry James, US author, was born.

6/4/1843, William Wordsworth was appointed poet laureate, the day before his 73rd birthday.

6/2/1843, Frederic Myers, English poet, was born (died 17/1/1901)

23/1/1843, Friedrich Fouque, German writer, died (born 12/2/1777).

22/1/1843, Friedrich Blass, German scholarly writer, was born in Osnabruck (died in Halle 5/3/1907).


8/12/1842, Gregor Csiky, Hungarian dramatist, was born (died 19/11/1891).

7/12/1842, Thomas Hamilton, Scottish writer, died (born 1789).

26/11/1842, Alexandre Beljame, French writer, was born in Villiers (died in Domont 19/9/1906).

22/11/1842, Jose Heredia, French poet, was born (died 3/10/1905).

9/11/1842, Marie Gerando, French philosophical writer, died (born 29/2/1772).

30/10/1842, Allan Cunningham, Scottish poet, died (born 7/12/1784).

28/10/1842, Anna Dickinson, US writer, was born.

1/9/1842, Alexandre Duval, French dramatist, died (born 6/4/1767).

21/8/1842, William Maginn, Irish poet, died (born 10/7/1793).

28/7/1842, Klemens Brentano, German poet and novelist, died (born 8/9/1778).

17/7/1842, William Courthorpe, English writer, was born.

24/6/1842, Ambrose Bierce, writer and satirist, was born.

23/5/1842, Jose Espronceda, Spanish poet, died (born 25/3/1808).

21/4/1842, Charles Adams, US poet (died 8/3/1918) was born.

14/4/1842, Jean Bouilly, French writer, died in Paris (born near Tours 24/1/1763)

18/3/1842, Stephane Mallarme, French poet, was born (died 9/9/1898).

24/2/1842, Arrigo Boito, Italian poet, was born in Padua.

23/2/1842, Marie Beyle, French writer, died in Paris (born in Grenoble 23/1/1783).

12/2/1842, Henri Leroy-Beaulieu, French writer, was born.

3/2/1842, Sidney Lanier, US poet, was born (died 7/9/1881).

12/1/1842, Francois Coppee, French novelist and poet, was born (died 23/5/1908).

10/11/1841, Joaquin Miller, US poet, was born.

3/11/1841, Isabella Alden, US author, was born (died 1930).

16/9/1841, Thomas Dibdin, English dramatist, died (born 21/3/1771).

24/8/1841, Theofore Hook, English author, died (born 22/9/1788).

18/8/1841, Robert Buchanan, British novelist, was born (died 10/6/1901).

27/7/1841, Poet Mikhail Lermontov was killed, aged 26, in a duel with a fellow-soldier at Pyatigorsk.

22/5/1841, Catulle Mendes, French poet, was born (died 9/2/1909).

18/4/1841, Henry Kendall, Australian poet, was born (died 1/8/1882).

21/3/1841, Mathilde Blind, English author, was born in Mannheim (died 26/11/1896).

20/3/1841, Edgar Allen Poe published a new literary genre, the detective story. The Murders in the Rue Morgue challenged readers to deduce who the villain was before the final page.

14/2/1841, Jean Acard, French poet, was born in Toulon.


3/12/1840, Jules Claretie, French writer, was born.

27/8/1841, Sir Richard Jebb, English scholarly writer, was born (died 9/12/1905).

25/8/1840, Karl Immerman, German dramatist, died (born 24/4/1796).

17/8/1840, Wilfrid Blunt, English poet, was born in Sussex.

16/8/1840, Timothy Flint, US writer, died (born 17/7/1780).

1/8/1840, Karl Muller, German scholarly writer, died (born 28/8/1797).

27/6/1840, Ingram Bywater, English scholarly writer, was born.

12/6/1840, Gerald Griffin, Irish novelist, died (born 12/12/1803).

2/6/1840, Thomas Hardy, novelist, was born in Higher Bockhampton, Dorset, the son of a stonemason.

13/5/1840, Alphonse Daudet, French novelist, born.

11/5/1840, Thomas Cooper, US writer, died (born 22/10/1759).

18/3/1840, William Monkhouse, English poet, was born (died 20/7/1901).

18/1/1840, Henry Dobson, English poet, was born.

17/1/1840, Paul Meyer, French scholarly writer, was born.

14/1/1840, Karl Follen, German poet, died (born 5/9/1795).

6/1/1840, Frances D�Arblay, English novelist, died (born 13/6/1752).


15/12/1839, Ignaz Fessler, Hungarian writer, died (born 18/5/1756).

4/12/1839, Samuel Butler, English scholarly writer, died (born 30/1/1774).

29/11/1839, Ludwig Anzengruber, Austrian dramatist, was born in Vienna (died in Vienna 10/12/1889).

16/11/1839, Louis Frechette, French Canadian poet, was born (died 1/6/1908).

27/10/1839, John Long, US politician, was born.

25/8/1839, Francis Harte, US author, was born (died 5/5/1902).

19/7/1839, Georges Guerin, French poet, died (born 4/8/1810).

12/6/1839, Wordsworth received an honorary doctorate from Oxford University.

3/6/1839, Paul Lindau, German novelist, was born.

29/5/1839, Mary Molesworth, Scottish writer, was born.

17/5/1839, Archibald Alison, Scottish author, died in Colinton (born 13/11/1757 in Edinburgh).

22/4/1839, Thomas Bayly, English writer, died (born in Bath 13/10/1797).

11/4/1839, John Galt, Scottish novelist, died (born 2/5/1779).

2/4/1839, Toussaint Bernard Emeric David, art writer, died (born 20/8/1755).

5/2/1839, Emmanuel des Essarts, French poet, was born.


20/12/1838, Hegesippe Moreau, French poet, died (born 9/4/1810).

7/11/1838, Anne Grant, Scottish writer, died (born 21/2/1755).

2/11/1838, Adalbert Merx, German scholarly writer, was born (died 6/8/1909).

26/10/1838, Pierre Lanfrey, French writer, was born (died 15/11/1877)

15/10/1838, Letitia Landon, English poet and novelist, died (born 14/8/1802).

24/8/1838, Ferencz Kolcsey, Hungarian poet, died (born 8/8/1790).

21/8/1838, Adelbert Chamisso, German poet, died (born 30/1/1781).

4/8/1838, Gustave Flourens, French writer, was born (died 3/4/1871).

20/7/1838, Augustin Daly, US playwright, was born (died 7/6/1899).

27/6/1838, Bankim Chatterji, Indian novelist, was born (died 1894).

4/5/1838, James Albery, English dramatist, was born in London (died 15/8/1889).

6/3/1838, Jean Charlemagne, French dramatic author, died (born 30/11/1753).

29/1/1838, David Gray, Scottish poet, was born (died 3/12/1861).

10/12/1837, Edward Eggleston, US novelist, was born (died 2/9/1902).

8/9/1837, Sir Samuel Brydges, writer, died (born 30/11/1762).

16/6/1837, Ernst Laas, German philosophical writer, was born.

15/6/1837, Giacomo Leopardi, Italian poet, died.

3/6/1837, Franz Bucheler, German classical scholarly writer, was born (died 1908).

9/4/1837, Henry Becque, French dramatist, was born in Paris (died May 1899).

1/3/1837, Georg Ebers, German writer, was born (died 7/8/1898).

15/2/1837, Wilhelm Jensen, German author, was born.

13/2/1837, Mariano Larra, Spanish satirical writer, died.

10/2/1837, Alexander Pushkin, Russian writer, was killed in a duel.

9/2/1837, Alfred Ainger, English writer (died 8/2/1904) was born.

24/1/1837, Elizabeth Penrose, pen-name Mrs Markham, English writer, died.

17/1/1837, Oscar Browning, English writer, was born.


4/12/1836, Edward Arber, English writer, was born.

29/11/1836, Sir Francis Burnand, English humorous writer, was born.

18/11/1836, Sir William Gilbert, English playwright, was born.

11/11/1836, Thomas Aldrich, US author, was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (died 19/3/1907 in Boston).

17/10/1836, George Colman, English dramatist, died (born 21/10/1762).

4/10/1836, Juliette Adam, French writer, was born in Verberie, Oise.

12/9/1836, Christian Grabbe, German dramatist, died (born 11/12/1801).

14/8/1836, Sir Walter Besant, English novelist, was born.

24/7/1836, Jean Carrel, French publicist, died (born 8/5/1800).

17/3/1836, Lucian Muller, German scholarly writer, was born (died 24/4/1898).

17/2/1836, Gustavo Becquer, Spanish writer, was born in Seville (died in Madrid 22/12/1870).


18/12/1835, US author Lyman Abbott was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

13/12/1835, Phillips Brooks, US author, was born (died 23/1/1893).

4/12/1835, Samuel Butler, English author, was born (died 18/6/1902).

1/12/1835, Nicolas Baptiste, French writer, died in Paris (born in Bordeaux 18/6/1761).

30/11/1835, Mark Twain was born.

21/11/1835, James Hogg, Scottish poet, died (born 1770).

5/8/1835, Thomas McCrie, Scottish writer, died.

7/6/1835, George Hill, English writer, was born (died 27/2/1903).

30/5/1835, Alfred Austin, English poet-laureate, was born in Headingley, Leeds.

16/5/1835, Felicia Hemans, English poet, died (born 25/9/1793).

26/4/1835, John de Tabley, English poet, was born (died 22/11/1895).

17/4/1835, William Ireland, forger of Shakespearian plays, died (born 1777).

8/4/1835, Karl Humoldt, German scholarly writer, died (died 22/6/1767).

25/3/1835, Karl Heigel, German novelist, was born (died 6/9 1905).

13/3/1835, Leon Cladel, French novelist, was born (died 20/7/1892).

27/2/1835, Richard Garnett, English author, was born (died 13/4/1906).

19/1/1835, Tom Hood, English writer, was born (died 20/11/1874).

6/1/1835, August Matthiae, German scholarly writer, died (born 25/12/1769).

3/1/1835, Hans von Hopfen, German poet, was born (died 19/11/1904).


27/12/1834, Charles Lamb, English essayist, died.

19/12/1834, Alexander Chalmers, Scottish writer, died (born 20/3/1759)

13/11/1834, Friedrich Ebert, German writer, died (born 9/7/1791).

8/10/1834, Francois Boieldieu, French poet, died in Paris (born in Rouen 15/12/1775).

16/9/1834, Antoine Arnault, play writer, died in Goderville (born in Paris, January 1766).

10/9/1834, Philip Hamerton, English writer, was born (died 4/11/1894).

30/7/1834, Diego Clemencin, Spanish scholarly writer, died (born 27/9/1765).

5/9/1834, Robinson Ellis, English scholarly writer, was born.

24/3/1834, William Morris, English poet, was born (died 3/10/1896).

5/3/1834, Leopoldo Cicognara, Italian writer, died (born 17/11/1767).

23/2/1834, Karl Knebel, German poet, died (born 30/11/1744).

28/1/1834, Sabine Baring-Gould, English novelist, was born in Exeter.

2/12/1833, Charles Chenedolle, French poet, died (born 4/11/1769).

23/11/1833, John Boydell, publisher, died in Paris (born in Dorrington 1/3/1757).

6/11/1833, Jonas Lie, Norwegian novelist, was born (died 5/7/1908).

2/11/1833, Horace Furness, US writer on Shakespeare, was born.

15/10/1833, Victor DuCange, novelist, died (24/11/1783)

4/10/1833, Richard Heber, book collector, died (born 5/1/1773).

8/9/1833, Richard Morris, English scholarly writer, was born (died 12/5/1894).

11/8/1833, Robert Ingersoll, US author, was born (died 21/7/1899).

10/7/1833, George Dover, English writer, died (born 14/1/1797).

9/5/1833, Francois Andrieux, French writer, died in Paris (born 6/5/1759 in Strasbourg).

5/5/1833, Richard Dixon, English poet, was born (died 23/1/1900).

25/4/1833, Dominique Garat, French writer, died (born 8/9/1749).

10/3/1833, Pedro Alarcon, Spanish writer, was born in Guadix (died 20/7/1891 in Madrid).

5/1/1833, Sophus Bugge, Norwegian scholarly writer, was born (died 8/7/1907).


8/12/1832, Sir George Birdwood, writer was born.

29/11/1832, Louisa Alcott, US author (died 6/3/1888) was born.

10/6/1832, Sir Edwin Arnold, British poet, was born (died 24/3/1904).

9/6/1832, Antoine Droz, French writer, was born (died 22/10/1895).

30/5/1832, Sir James MacKintosh, Scottish writer, died (born 24/10/1765).

17/5/1832, Moncure Daniel Conway, US author, was born (died 15/11/1907)

21/4/1832, Werner Munzinger, Swiss scholarly writer, was born.

20/4/1832, James Morison, British author, was born (died 26/2/1888).

19/4/1832, Jose Echegaray y Eizaguirre, writer, was born.

26/3/1832, Michel Breal, scholarly writer, was born in Landau, Bavaria.

22/3/1832, Johann van Goethe, German poet and writer, author of Faust, died aged 82.

17/3/1832, Moncure Conway, US author, was born (died 15/11/1907).

27/1/1832, Lewis Carroll, English mathematician and children�s book author, notably Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, was born at the vicarage at Daresbury, near Warrington. His name was originally Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, first son of a family of 12 children.


22/12/1831, Charles Calverley, English poet, was born (died 17/2/1884).

18/12/1831, Willem Bilderdijk, Dutch poet, died in Haarlem (born in Amsterdam 7/9/1756).

15/12/1831, Hannah Adams, US writer (born 1755) died.

8/11/1831, Edward Lytton, English poet, was born (died 24/11/1891).

2/11/1831, Henry Jones, English author, was born (died 10/2/1899).

23/10/1831, Basil Gildersleeve, US classical scholarly writer, was born.

2/10/1831, Edwin Godkin, US writer, was born (died 21/5/1902).

22/8/1831, Ferencz Kazinczy, Hungarian author, died (born 27/10/1759).

29/5/1831, Philip Colomb, English writer, was born (died 13/10/1899).

9/5/1831, William Goodwin, US scholarly writer, was born.

26/4/1831, Sir James Donaldson, Scottish scholarly writer, was born.

12/3/1831, Friedrich von Matthisson, German poet, died (born 23/1/1761).

21/2/1831, Henri Meilhac, French dramatist, was born.

21/1/1831, Ludwig Arnim, German writer, died in Brandenburg (born 26/1/1781 in Berlin).

14/1/1831, Henry MacKenzie, Scottish novelist, died.


10/12/1830, Emily Dickinson, US poet, was born in Amherst, Massachusetts.

8/12/1830, Henri Constant, French writer, died (born 25/10/1767).

22/11/1830, McCarthy, Irish writer, was born

21/11/1830, Karoly Kisfaludy, Hungarian author, died.

18/9/1830, William Hazlitt, English writer, died (born 10/4/1778).

13/9/1830, Marie Ebner-Eschenbach, Austrian novelist, was born.

8/9/1830, Frederic Mistral, French poet, was born.

3/9/1830, Lewis Campbell, British classical scholarly writer, was born (died 25/10/1908).

22/7/1830, Richard Christie, English scholarly writer, was born (died 9/1/1901).

20/5/1830, Hector Malot, French novelist, was born.

5/5/1830, Thomas Brown, British poet, was born (died 29/10/1897).

24/3/1830, Robert Hamerling, Austrian poet, was born (died 13/7/1889).

15/3/1830, Paul Heyse, German writer, was born.

8/3/1830, Joao de Deus, Portuguese poet, was born (died 11/1/1896).

20/2/1830, Robert Anderson, Scottish writer, died in Edinburgh (born 7/1/1750 in Carnwath, Lanarkshire)

15/2/1830, Silas Mitchell, US author, was born.

2/1/1830, Henry Kingsley, English novelist, was born.


22/9/1829, William Belknap, US politician, was born in Newburgh, New York (died in Washington DC 13/10/1890).

17/9/1829, Karl Hillebrand, German author, was born (died 19/10/1884).

19/7/1829, Charles Cherbuliez, French novelist, was born (died 1/7/1899).

12/5/1829, George Childs, US publisher, was born (died 3/2/1894).

11/2/1829, Alexander Griboyedov, Russian author, died (born 1795).

5/2/1829, Jean Gail, French writer on Greece, died (born 4/7/1755).

30/1/1829, Edward Cook, English author, was born (died 11/9/1883).

2/1/1829, Melchiorre Gioja, Italian writer, died (born 20/9/1767).

8/12/1828, Pierre Levasseur, French scholarly writer, was born.

6/11/1828, Hiram Corson, US scholarly writer, was born.

29/10/1828, Luke Hansard, British printer, died (born 5/7/1752).

6/9/1828, David Forbes, British scientific writer, was born (died 5/12/1876).

28/8/1828, Count Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer, was born of aristocratic descent in Tula Province.

22/8/1828, Franz Gall, medical writer, died (born 9/3/1758)

29/5/1828, Gerald Massey, English poet, was born (died 29/10/1907).

12/5/1828, Gabriel Dante Rosetti, poet, was born.

1/5/1828, Adelardo Lopez de Ayala, Spanish writer, was born in Guadacanal (died 30/1/1879).

25/4/1828, Julius Grosse, German poet, was born (died 9/5/1902).

20/3/1828, Norwegian poet Henry Ibsen was born in Skien, Norway.

20/3/1828, Ruggero Bonghi, Italian writer, was born in Naples (died 22/10/1895).

14/2/1828, Edmond About, French writer (died 16/1/1885) was born in Dieuze, Lorraine.

12/2/1828, George Meredith, British novelist, was born (died 18/5/1909).

8/2/1828, Jules Verne, French writer and early author of science fiction, was born in Nantes, Brittany.

31/1/1828, Henry Chandler, scholarly writer, was born (died 16/5/1889).

16/1/1828, Johann Ersch, German writer, died (born 23/6/1766).

9/9/1828, Leo Tolstoy, noveilist, was born.

2/1/1828, Elizabeth Charles, English author, was born (died 28/3/1896).


7/12/1827, Marc Monnier, French writer, was born (died 18/4/1885).

18/11/1827, Wilhelm Hauff, German poet, died (born 29/11/1802).

10/10/1827, Ugo Foscolo, Italian writer, died (born 26/1/1778).

30/9/1827, Wilhelm Muller, German lyrical poet, died (born 7/10/1794).

20/8/1827, Charles de Coster, Belgian writer, was born (died 7/5/1879).

18/9/1827, Robert Pollock, poet, died

13/8/1827, William Blake, British poet, died.

21/7/1827, Archibald Constable, Scottish publisher, died (born 24/2/1774).

29/6/1827, Mortimer Collins, English writer, was born (died 28/7/1876).

18/6/1827, Alexander Grosart, Scottish writer, was born (died 16/3/1899).

12/6/1827, Johanna Spyri, author, was born

1/5/1827, John Bascom, US author, was born in Genoa, New York State.

25/3/1827, George Lawrence, English novelist, was born (died 23/9/1876).

13/1/1827, Jean Lanjuinais, French writer, died (born 12/3/1753).

2/1/1827, John Good, English scholarly writer, died (born 25/5/1764).


31/12/1826, William Gifford, English writer, died (born 1756).

28/12/1826, Conrad Busken-Huet, Dutch literary critic, was born (died 1886)

3/10/1826, Jens Baggesen, Danish poet, died in Hamburg (born 15/2/1764 in Korsor).

29/9/1826, Charles Chesney, British military writer, was born (died 19/3/1876).

22/9/1826, Johann Hebel, German poet, died (born 10/5/1760).

2/6/1826, Richard Hutton, English writer, was born (died 9/9/1897).

20/4/1826, Dinah Craik, English novelist, was born (died 12/10/1887).

4/3/1826, Elme Carlo, French scholarly writer, was born (died 13/7/1887).

29/3/1826, Wilhelm Liebknecht, German socialist writer, was born (died 6/8/1900).

27/2/1826, Howard Crosby, US writer, was born (died 1890).

14/2/1826, Johann Falk, German author, died (born 28/10/1768).

16/1/1826, Lindley Murray, writer, died (born 22/4/1745)

25/12/1825, Henri Bornier, French poet, was born in Lunel (died 1/1901).

5/12/1825, Antoine Barbier, French writer, died in Paris (born in Coulommiers 11/1/1765)

11/10/1825, Konrad Meyer, Swiss poet, was born (died 28/11/1898).

9/10/1825, Josef Jirecek, Czeck scholarly writer, was born (died 25/11/1888).

24/9/1825, Peter Dobree, English scholarly writer, died (born 1782).

18/8/1825, Paul Courier, French writer, died (born 4/1/1773).

10/8/1825, John Conington, English classical writer, was born (died 23/10/1869).

14/6/1825, Jean Montegut, French writer, was born (died 11/12/1895).

7/6/1825, Richard Blackmore, English novelist, was born in Berkshire (died in Teddington 20/1/1900).

6/5/1825, Lady Anne Barnard, writer, died in London (born in Fife 12/12/1750).

24/4/1825, Robert Ballantyne, writer, was born in Edinburgh (died 8/2/1894 in Rome).

23/4/1825, Friedrich Muller, German poet, died (born 13/1/1749).

9/3/1825, Anna Barbauld, English poet, died (born in Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire 20/6/1743).

8/3/1825, Peter Elmsley, English scholarly writer, died (born 1773).

3/3/1825, Annie Keary, English novelist, was born (died 3/3/1879).

19/2/1825, Maurus Jokai, Hungarian novelist, was born (died 5/5/1904).

4/2/1825, Frederick Furnivall, English writer, was born (died 2/7/1910).

1/2/1825, Francis Child, scholarly writer, was born (died11/9/1896).

27/1/1825, William Green, US Hebrew scholarly writer, was born (died 10/2/1900).


25/12/1824, Rodolphe Dareste, French writer, was born.

24/12/1824, Carl Cornelius, German poet, was born (died 26/10/1874).

5/12/1824, William Blades, English writer, was born in Clapham, London (died in Sutton, Surrey 27/4/1890).

11/12/1824, Victor Balaguer, Spanish author, was born in Barcelona (died in Madrid 14/1/1901).

30/10/1824, Charles Maturin, Irish novelist, died.

27/10/1824, Edward Maitland, English humanitarian writer, was born (died 2/10/1897).

11/9/1824, Jakob Bernays, German writer, was born in Hamburg (died in Bonn 26/5/1881).

26/5/1824, Capel Lofft, English writer, died (born 14/11/1751).

3/5/1824, Joseph Joubert, French moralistic writer, died (born 6/5/1754).

5/4/1824, Sydney Dobell, English poet, was born (died 22/8/1874).

19/3/1824, William Allingham, Irish poet, was born in Ballyshannon, Donegal (died in Hampstead, London, on 18/11/1889).

13/3/1824, Sophia Lee, English novelist, died.

8/2/1824, Rhijnvis Feith, Dutch poet, died (born 7/2/1753).

25/1/1824, Michael Dutt, Indian poet, was born (died 29/6/1873).

8/1/1824, William Collins, English novelist, was born (died 23/9/1889).


29/12/1823, Augusta Drane, English writer, was born (died 29/4/1894).

22/12/1823, Thomas Higginson, US writer, was born.

1/11/1823, Heinrich Gerstenberg, German poet, died (born 3/1/1737).

29/10/1823, Clement Ingleby, English writer on Shakespeare, was born (died 26/9/1886).

30/9/1823, Rudolf von Gottschall, German writer, was born (died 21/3/1909).

19/8/1823, Robert Bloomfield, English poet, died in Shefford, Bedfordshire (born in Honington, Suffolk 3/12/1766)

15/8/1823, Marie Boissier, French scholarly writer, was born in Nimes (died 6/1908).

13/7/1823, Eugene Manuel, French poet, was born.

7/7/1823, John Ingram, Irish scholarly writer, was born (died 18/5/1907).

15/5/1823, Thomas Harris, US poet and preacher, was born

19/5/1823, William Combe, English writer, died (born 1741).

24/3/1823, Thomas Baynes, English writer, was born in Wellington, Somerset (died 31/5/1887).

14/3/1823, Theodore Banville, French poet, was born in Moulins (died in Paris 15 3/1891).

6/3/1823, Gustaf Ljunggren, Swedish writer, was born.

9/1/1823, William Corey, English scholarly writer, was born (died 11/6/1892).


26/12/1822, Dion Boucicault, Irish playwright, was born in Dublin (died in New York 18/9/1890).

24/12/1822, Matthew Arnold, British poet, was born in Laleham, Staines (died 15/4/1888 in Liverpool).

2/12/1822, David Masson, Scottish writer, was born (died 6/10/1907).

26/11/1822, Octavius Frothingham, US author, was born (died 27/11/1895).

19/10/1822, Louis Menard, French writer, was born (died 12/2/1901).

6/10/1822, Albert Harkness, US scholarly writer, was born (died 27/5/1907).

18/9/1822, Johann Nauck, German scholarly writer, was born (died 3/8/1892).

15/9/1822, Henry Morley, British writer, was born (died 14/5/1894).

1/8/1822, James Grant, British novelist, was born (died 5/5/1887).

24/7/1822, Ernst Hoffmann, German writer, died (born 24/1/1776)

8/7/1822, Percy Bysshe Shelley died. He drowned in a storm whilst sailing off the coast of Italy.

27/5/1822, Louis Bouilhet, French poet, was born in Cany (died in Rouen 18/7/1869).

16/5/1822, Henry Dixon, English sports writer, was born (died 16/3/1870).

12/4/1822, Donald Mitchell, US author, was born.

3/4/1822, Henry Field, US author, was born (died 26/1/1907).

24/3/1822, Henry Murger, French writer, was born (died 28/1/1861).

10/2/1822, Eliza Linton, English novelist, was born (died 14/7/1898).

8/2/1822, Maxime du Camp, French writer, was born (died 9/2/1894).


12/12/1821, Gustave Flaubert, French novelist, was born (died 8/5/1880).

11/12/1821, George Bradley, English scholarly writer, was born in Brecon (died 13/31903).

11/8/1821, Octave Feuillet, French novelist, was born (died 29/12/1890).

30/10/1821, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian novelist, was born.

15/10/1821, Moritz Hartmann, German poet, was born (died 13/5/1872).

13/10/1821, Henry Coppee, US author, was born (died 22/3/1895).

5/10/1821, Rudolf Haym, German writer, was born (died 27/8/1901).

1/8/1821, Elizabeth Inchbald, English novelist, died (born 15/10.1753).

21/7/1821, Vasile Alecsandri, Rumanian poet, was born in Bacau, Moldova (died 26/8/1890 in Mircesti).

1/7/1821, Anatole Barthelemy, French writer, was born in Reims (died 1904).

30/6/1821, William Dixon, English author, was born (died 26/12/1879).

13/6/1821, Jacques Duc de Broglie, poet, was born (died 19/1/1901).

29/5/1821, Frederick Locker-Lampson, English writer, was born (died 30/5/1895).

19/5/1821, Camille Jordan, French political writer, died.

23/4/1821, Pierre Dupont, French song writer, was born (died 24/7/1870).

9/4/1821, Charles Baudelaire, French poet, was born in Paris (died in Paris 31/8/1867).

30/3/1821, James Hadley, US scholarly writer, was born (died 14/11/1872).

17/3/1821, Louis Fontanes, French poet, died (born 6/3/1757),

16/3/1821, Ernest-Aime Feydeau, French writer, was born (died 27/10/1873).

2/3/1821, George Banks, British writer, was born in Birmingham (died in London 3/5/1881).

26/2/1821, Joseph de Maistre, French polemical writer, died (born 1/4/1754).

23/2/1821, John Keats, English poet, died of tuberculosis in Rome, aged only 25.

21/2/1821, Georg Martens, German legal writer, died (born 22/2/1756).

13/2/1821, Julius Busch, German publicist, was born (died 16/11/1899).

6/1/1821, Jakob Frohschammer, German scholarly writer, was born (died 14/6/1893).


12/11/1820, William Hayley, English writer, died (born 9/11/1745).

23/9/1820, Carl Fleickeisen, German writer, was born (died 7/8/1899).

17/9/1820, Guillaume Augier, French dramatist, was born in Valence, Drome (died 25/10/1889 in Croissy).

13/8/1820, Sir George Grove, English writer on music, was born (died 28/5/1900).

14/6/1820, John Bartlett, US writer, born in Plymouth, Massachusetts (died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 3/12/1905.

10/5/1820, Hermann Ebel, German scholarly writer, was born (died 19/8/1875).

4/5/1820, English publisher, Joseph Whitaker, was born in London, the son of a silversmith.

26/4/1820, Alice Cary, US poet, was born (died 12/2/1871).

16/4/1820, Georg Curtius, German writer, was born (died 12/8/1885).

2/4/1820, Easter Sunday. Thomas Brown, Scottish writer, died (born 1778).

30/3/1820, Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty, was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

17/3/2020, Jean Ingelow, English poet, was born (died 20/7/1897).

2/3/1820, Edward Dekker, Dutch writer, was born (died 19/2/1887).

1/3/1820, Johann Joachim Eschenburg, literary critic, died.

17/1/1820, The novelist Anne Bronte (known as Acton Bell) was born, youngest of three sisters, at Thornton, Yorkshire.


30/12/1819, Theodor Fontane, German novelist, was born (died 20/9/1898).

23/11/1819, Quintin Crauford, British author, died (born 22/9/1743).

22/11/1819, Novelist George Elliot was born as Marian Evans, near Nuneaton.

19/10/1819, Hugh Munro, British scholarly writer, was born (died 30/3/1885).

30/6/1819, Ernst Gerber, German musical writer, died (born 29/9/1746).

16/9/1819, Anna Bosboom-Toussaint, Dutch novelist, was born in Alkmaar (died in The Hague, 13/4/1886).

1/8/1819, Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick, was born.

24/7/1819, Josiah Holland, US writer, was born (died 12/10/1881).

19/7.1819, Gottfried Keller, German novelist, was born (died 15/7/1890).

12/6/1819, Charles Kingsley, English novelist, was born (died 23/1/1875).

31/5/1819, Walt Whitman, poet, was born.

24/4/1819, Klaus Groth, German poet, was born (died 1/6/1899).

22/4/1819, Friedrich Bodenstedt, German author, was born in Hanover (died in Wiesbaden 19/4/1892).

23/3/1819, August Kotzebue, German dramatist, died (born 3/5/1761).

8/2/1819, John Ruskin, English writer and art critic, was born in Dulwich, London, the son of a wine dealer.

21/1/1819, Edward Capern, English poet, was born (died 5/6/1894).

12/1/1819, Andre Morellet, French writer, died (born 7/3/1727).

1/1/1819, Arthur Clough, English poet, was born (died13/11/1861).


27/12/1818, Henry Drisler, US scholarly writer, was born (died 30/11/1897).

19/12/1818, Mary Brunton, Scottish novelist, died (born 1/11/1778).

22/10/1818, Charles Leconte, French poet, was born (died 18/7/1894).

18/10/1818, Charles Mudie, Engliah publisher, was born (died 28/10/1890).

16/9/1818, Sir Francis Haden, English arts writer, was born (died 1/6/1910).

13/9/1818, Gustave Aimarde, French novelist, was born in Paris (died 20/6/1883 in Paris).

30/7/1818, Novelist Emily Bronte was born at Thornton, Yorkshire. On of the three famous sisters, she wrote Wuthering Heights under the name of Ellis Bell in 1846.

28/7/1818, Edward Cope, English scholarly writer, was born (died 5/8/1873).

18/7/1818, Louis de Geer, Swedish writer, was born (died 1896).

25/5/1818, Jakob Burckhardt, Swiss writer on art, was born (died 1897).

14/5/1818, Matthew Lewis, romance writer, died (born 9/7/1775).

4/5/1818, Manuel Mila, Spanish scholarly writer, was born (died 16/7/1884).

13/4/1818, Fedor Buslaev, Russian scholarly writer, was born (died 1898).

15/3/1818, Hector MacNeill, Scottish poet, died.

7/2/1818, Francois Meurice, French dramatist, was born (died 12/12/1905).

1/1/1818, Mary Shelley�s novel Frankenstein was published. It was subtiiled �The Modern Prometheus�.


31/12/1817, James Fields, US author, was born (died 24/4/1881).

27/12/1817, Henry Thoreau, writer, was born in Concord, Massachusetts.

25/10/1817, Lothar Bucher, German writer, was born (died 12/10/1892).

24/9/1817, Ramon de Campoamor, Spanish poet, was born (died 12/2/1901).

27/9/1817, Paul Feval, French novelist, was born (died 8/3/1887).

15/8/1817, Roswell Hitchcock, US writer, was born (died 16/6/1887).

18/7/1817, Jane Austen, novelist, died, at her house in Winchester.

12/7/1817, David Henry Thoreau, writer, was born.

13/6/1817, Richard Edgeworth, British writer, died (born 31/5/1744).

26/5/1817, Denis MacCarthy, Irish poet, was born (died 7/4/1882).

22/5/1817, Sir George Dasent, English writer, was born (died 11/6/1896).

3/5/1817, Horatio Hale, US ethnological writer, was born (died 28/12/1896).

15/4/1817, Benjamin Jowett, scholarly writer, was born (died 1/10/1893).

13/4/1817, George Holyoake, English writer, was born (died 22/1/1906).

2/4/1817, Johann Jung, German author, died (born 12/9/1740).

23/3/1817, Louis Maury, French scholarly writer, was born (died 11/2/1892).

25/2/1817, Gottleib Hufeland, German scholarly writer, died (born 19/10/1760).

23/2/1817, John Brown, Scottish writer, was born (died 20/9/1856).

23/1/1817, John Cassell, British publisher, was born (died 2/4/1865).

12/1/1817, Juan Andres, Spanish writer, died in Rome (born 1740 in Planes, Valencia).


1/11/1816, Friedrich Hacklander, German novelist, was born (died 6/7/1877).

9/10/1816, Edward Blomfield, English scholarly writer, diedin Cambridge (born in Bury St Edmunds 14/2/1788).

16/9/1816, Sir Theodore Martin, British author, was born (died 18/8/1909).

13/7/1816, Gustav Freytag, German novelist, was born (died 30/4/1895)

10/5/1816, Friedrich Gerstacker, German novelist, was born (died 31/5/1872).

29/4/1816, Charles Brooks, English novelist, was born (died 23/2/1874).

26/4/1816, Sir Herbert Croft, English author, died (born 1/11/1751).

25/4/1816, Byron, poet, sailed from Dover to self-imposed exile in Italy.

22/4/1816, Philip Bailey, English poet, was born in Nottingham (died 6/9/1902).

21/4/1816, Charlotte Bronte, eldest of the three literary sisters, was born in Thornton, daughter of a Yorkshire clergyman.

17/4/1816, Samuel Austin Allibone, author, born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. (died, Lucerne, Switzerland,2/9/1889.

12/4/1816, Sir Charles Duffy, Irish writer, was born (died 9/2/1903).

31/12/1815, Sir Edward Bond, English librarian, was born in Hanwell (died 2/1/1898).

11/11/1815, Pierre Ginguene, French writer, died (born 27/4/1748).

17/10/1815, Emanuel Geibel, German poet, was born (died 6/4/1884).

11/8/1815, Johann Kinkel, German poet, was born (died 13/11/1882).

6/7/1815, Theodore la Villemarque, French writer, was born (died 8/12/1895).

5/5/1815, Eugene Labiche, French dramatist, was born (died 23/1/1888).

24/4/1815, Anthony Trollope, British writer, was born.

15/2/1815, Rufus Griswold, US writer, was born (died 27/8/1857).

24/1/1815, Thomas Gee, Welsh writer, was born (died 28/9.1898).

21/1/1815, Matthias Claudius, German poet, died (born 15/8/1740).

14/10/1814, Thomas Davis, Irish poet, was born (died 15/9/1845).

22/9/1814, August Iffland, German dramatist, died (born 19/4/1759).

7/9/1814, Pierre Malouet, French writer, died (born 11/2/1740).

28/8/1814, Joseph Sheridan le Fanu, Irish author, was born (died 7/2/1873).

29/7/1814, Herman Bonitz, German scholarly writer, was born in Saxony (died in Berlin 25/7/1888)

30/6/1814, Franz Dinglestedt, German poet, was born (died 15/5/1881).

14/6/1814, Alexander Ellis, writer, was born (died 28/10/1890).

1/6/1814, Francois Ponsard, French dramatist, was born (died 7/7/1867).

25/4/1814, Louis Mercier, French writer, died (born 6/6/1740).

23/3/1814, Gertrudis Gomez, Spanish novelist, was born (died 2/2/1873).

28/2/1814, William Kingston, English novelist, was born (died 5/8/1880).

27/2/1814, Julien Geoffroy, French writer, died (born 1743).

10/1/1814, Aubrey de Vere, Irish poet, was born (died 20/1/1902).

5/1/1814, Sir John Burke, British genealogical writer, author of Burke�s Peerage, was born (died 12/12/1892).


2/12/1813, Matthias Castren, Finnish scholarly writer, was born (died 7/5/1853).

28/11/1813, Carel Cobet, Dutch scholarly writer, was born (died 26/10/1889).

30/11/1813, Louise Ackermann, French poet (died in Nice, 2/8/1890) was born in Paris.

29/11/1813, Franz von Milklosich, Austrian scholarly writer, was born (died 7/3/1891).

14/11/1813, Antonio de Capmany y Montpalau, Spanish author (born 24/11/1742) died.

20/10/1813, George Cotton, English educationalist, was born (died 6/10/1866).

13/9/1813, Jozsef Eotvos, Hungarian writer, was born (died 2/2/1871).

18/7/1813, Charles Badham, English scholarly writer, was born in Ludlow, Shropshire (died 26/2/1884 in Sydney, Australia).

20/6/1813, Joseph Autran, French poet, was born in Marseilles (died in Marseilles 6/3/1877).

1/5/1813, Jacques Delille, French poet, died (born 22/6/1738).

11/4/1813, Eugene Havet, French scholarly writer, was born (died 21/12/1889).

11/3/1813, William Lloyd, English writer, was born (died 22/12/1893).

30/1/1813, George Gilfillan, Scottish author, was born (died 13/8/1878).

28/1/1813, Jane Austin�s book, Pride and Prejudice, first appeared in Birtish bookshops, priced at 18 shillings (90p) for 3 volumes. Sales were initially slow but then grew. She began writing the work in 1796, originally calling it First Impressions.

26/1/1813, Jan Frederik Helmers, Dutch poet, died (born 7/3/1767).

24/12/1812, Joel Barlow, US poet, died in Poland (born in Redding, Connecticut 24/3/1754)

3/12/1812, Hendrik Conscience, Flemish writer, was born (died 10/9/1883).

4/11/1812, Aleardo Aleardi, Italian poet, was born at Verona (died 17/7/1878).

10/10/1812, Janos Garay, Hungarian poet, was born (died 5/11/1853).

25/9/1812, Friedrich Biedermann, German writer, was born in Leipzig (died in Leipzig 5/3/1901).

23/9/1812, Lady Georgiana Fullerton, English novelist, was born (died 19/1/1885).

28/7/1812, Joseph Kraszewski, Polish novelist, was born (died 19/3/1887).

14/7/1812, Christian Heyne, German scholarly writer, died (born 25/9/1729).

5/7/1812, Gutierrez Garcia, Spanish dramatist, was born (died 6/8/1884).

23/5/1812, Louis Dutens, French writer, died (born 15/1/1730).

22/5/1812, Theodor Bergk, German scholarly writer, was born in Leipzig (died in Ragatz, Switzerland, 20/7/1881).

12/5/1812, Eccentric poet and artist Edward Lear was born at Highgate, London.

7/5/1812, Robert Browning, English poet, was born.

25/4/1812, Edmond Malone, Irish literary writer, died (born 4/10/1741).

2/4/1812, John Forster, English writer, was born (died 2/2/1876).

7/3/1812, Guiseppe Ferrari, Italian scholarly writer, was born (died 1876).

13/1/1812, Pierre Laprade, French poet, was born (died 13/12/1883).


17/12/1811, Louis Beffroy, French dramatist, died in Paris (born in Laon 6/11/1757).

26/11/1811, Joseph Hubner, Austrian writer, was born (died 30/7/1892).

21/11/1811, Bernd Kleist, |German poet, died (born 18/10/1777).

20/9/1811, Henry Coxe, English scholarly writer was born (died 8/7/1881).

14/9/1811, James Grahame, Scottish poet, died (born 22/4/1765).

26/7/1811, Heinrich Collin, Austrian dramatist, died (26/12/1771).

18/7/1811, William Thackeray, poet, was born in Calcutta, India; his father was an official of the East India Company.

16/7/1811, Armand Pontmartin, French writer, was born (died 29/3/1890).

14/6/1811, Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom�s Cabin, was born.

7/6/1811, John Donaldson, English scholarly writer, was born (died 10/2/1861).

20/5/1811, Alfred Domett, English poet, was born (died 2/11/1887).

7/5/1811, Richard Cumberland, English dramatist, died (born 19/2/1732).

25/3/1811, Poet Shelley was sent down from Oxford for publishing The Necessity of Atheism.

17/3/1811, Karl Gutzkow, German novelist, was born (died 16/12/1878).

6/2/1811, Henry Liddell, English writer, was born (died 18/1/1898).

21/1/1811, Julius Benedix, German dramatist, was born in Leipzig (died in Leipzig 26/9/1873).

3/1/1811, John Morton, English playwright, was born (died 19/12/1891).

11/12/1810, Louis Musset, French novelist, was born (died 2/5/1857).

4/11/1810, Antonio Gallenga, Italian author, was born (died 17/12/1895).

12/10/1810, Samuel Laing, British author, was born (died 6/8/1897).

7/10/1810, Henry Alford, English scholarly writer (died 12/1/1871 in Canterbury) was born in London.

22/9/1810, John Brown, Scottish author, was born (died 11/5/1882).

15/9/1810, Louise Colet, French poet, was born (died 8/3/1876).

28/8/1810, Jaime Balmes, Spanish writer, was born in Vich, Catalonia (died in Vich 9/7/1848).

17/8/1810, Ferdinand Feiligrath, German poet, was born (died 18/3/1876).

4/8/1810, Georges Guerin, French poet, was born (died 19/7/1839).

26/7/1810, Henry Christy, English scholarly writer, was born (died 4/5/1865).

28/6/1810, Melchior Meyr, German writer, was born (died 22/4/1871).

7/6/1810, Friedrich Hammer, German poet, was born (died 23/8/1862).

24/5/1810, Abraham Geiger, German scholarly writer, was born (died 23/10/1874).

23/5/1810, Margaret Fuller, US authoress, was born (died 16/6/1850).

9/4/1810, Hegesippe Moreau, French poet, was born (died 20/12/1838).

27/3/1810, Adolf Glasbrenner, German satirical writer, was born (died 25/9/1876).

10/3/1810, Sir Samuel Ferguson, Irish poet, was born (died 9/8/1886).

22/2/1810, Charles Brown, US novelist, died (born 28/2/1761).

4/1/1810, Catherine Dashkov, Russian writer, died (born 1744).


18/12/1809, Alexander Adam, Scottish writer died (born 24/6/1741, near Forres).

27/11/1809, Frances Kemble, author, was born (died 15/1/1893).

20/11/1809, William Chappell, English writer on music, was born (died 1888).

6/9/1809, Bruno Bauer, German writer, was in Elsenburg (died in Rixdorf 13/4/1882).

29/8/1809, Oliver Wendell Holmes, US writer, was born (died 7/10.1894).

6/8/1809, Alfred Lord Tennyson, poet, was born.

24/6/1809, Xavier Marmier, French author, was born (died 11/10/1892).

19/6/1809, Richard Houghton, English poet, was born (died 11/8/1885).

6/6/1809, Franz Ahrens, German scholarly writer (died 25/9/1881) was born.

6/5/1809, Cortes Donoso, Spanish author, was born (died 3/5/1853).

5/4/1809, Carl Halm, German scholarly writer, was born (died 5/10/1882).

31/3/1809, Nikolai Gogol, Russian author, was born in Sorochinsty, Poltava.

23/3/1809, Thomas Holcroft, English writer, died (born 10/12/1745).

11/3/1809, Hannah Cowley, English poet, died (born 1743).

10/3/1809, Thomas Hake, English poet, was born (died 11/1/1895).

28/1/1809, Theodor Benfrey, German writer, was born neat Gottingen (died in Gottingen 26/6/1881)

19/1/1809, Edgar Allen Poe, American writer of macabre stories, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, of theatrical parents.

6/1/1809, Johann Eberhard, German scholarly writer, died (born 1739).


24/11/1808, Jean Karr, French novelist, was born (died 29/9/1890).

2/11/1808, Jules Barbey, French writer, was born (died in Paris 23/4/1889).

22/9/1808, George Hillard, US author, was born (died 21/1/1879).

19/9/1808, Theodor Mundt, German author, was born (died 30/11/1861).

5/9/1808, John Home, Scottish poet, died (born 22/9/1722).

27/7/1808, Moritz Haupt, German scholarly writer, was born (died 5/2/1874).

5/7/1808, Jacques Demogeot, French writer was born (died 1894).

22/5/1808, Gerard de Nerval, French writer, was born (died 25/1/1855).

25/3/1808, Jose Espronceda, Spanish poet, was born (died 23/5/1842).

12/4/1808, Pauline Craven, French author, was born (died 1/4/1891).

20/3/1808, Charles Cooper, English writer, was born (died 21/3/1866).

22/1/1808, James Ferguson, Scottish architectural writer, was born (died 9/1/1886).

4/1/1808, Friedrich Haase, German scholarly writer, was born (died 16/8/1867).

19/12/1807, Friedrich Grimm, French author, died (born 26/12/1723).

16/11/1807, Jonas Hallgrimson, poet, was born.

6/11/1807, Cornelius Felton, US scholarly writer, was born (died 26/2/1862).

13/10/1807, Hans Gabelentz, German scholarly writer, was born (died 3/9/1874).

31/8/1807, Ponce Lebrun, French poet, (died (born 11/8/1729)

8/8/1807, Emilie Flygare, Swedish novelist, was born (died 5/2/1892).

28/6/1807, Richard Hildreth, US writer, was born (died 11/7/1865).

25/4/1807, Marie Cottin, French novelist, died (born 1770).

13/3/1807, Reinhold Klotz, German scholarly writer, was born (died 10/8/1870).

27/2/1807, Henry Longfellow, US poet, was born (died 24/3/1882).

5/2/1807, Gabriel Legouve, French dramatist, was born (died 14/3/1903).


8/11/1806, Eugene de Bully, French writer, was born in Paris (died in Paris 27/8/1866).

18/9/1806, Heinrich Laube, German novelist, was born (died 1/8/1884).

6/9/1806, Juan Hartzenbusch, Spanish dramatist, was born (died 1880).

1/9/1806, Leon Gozlan, French novelist, was born (died 14/9/1866).

31/8/1806, Charles Lever, Irish novelist, was born (died 1/6/1872).

7/5/1806, Pascual Madoz, Spanish writer, was born.

29/4/1806, Ernst Feuchtersleben, Austrian poet, was born (died 3/9/1849).

27/4/1806, Paul Lacroix, French author, was born (died 16/10/1884).

21/4/1806, Sir George Lewis, English writer, was born.

11/4/1806, Anton Auersperg, Austrian poet, was born in Laibach (died in Graz 12/9/1876).

4/4/1806, Carlo Gozzi, Italian dramatist, died (born 3/1722).

28/3/1806, Carl Nagelsbach, German scholarly writer, was born (died 21/4/1859).

6/3/1806, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet, was born.

3/3/1806, Heinrich Boie, German author, died in Meldorf (born in Meldorf 19/7/1744).

24/2/1806, Jean Collin D�Harleville, French dramatist, died (born 30/5/1755).

19/2/1806, Elizabeth Carter, English poet, died (born 16/12/1717)

27/1/1806, Wilhelm Freund, German scholarly writer, was born (died 4/6/1894).

15/1/1806, Andre Hasselt, Belgian poet, was born (died 1/12/1874).


21/12/1805, Manuel Bocage, Portuguese poet, died (born 1765).

12/10/1805, The Theatre Royal, Bath, was founded.

18/9/1805, John Abbott, US writer, was born in Brunswick, Maine.

3/8/1805, Christopher Anstey, poet, died (born 31/10/1724 in Brinkley, Cambridgeshire).

27/6/1805, Francis Newman, English scholarly writer, was born (died 7/10/1897).

22/6/1805, Ida Hahn-Hahn, German author, was born (died 12/1/1880).

18/6/1805, Arthur Murphy, Irish dramatist, died (born 27/12/1727).

29/4/1805, Henri Barbier, French poet, was born in Paris (died in Nice 13/2/1882).

2/4/1805, Hans Christian Anderson, Danish fairy tale writer, was born in Odense, son of a shoemaker.

10/3/1805, Auguste Gratry, French author, was born (died 6/2/1872).

4/2/1805, William Ainsworth, English novelist (died 3/1/1882) was born.

1/1/1805, Jean Latude, French writer and prisoner in the Bastille, died (born 23/3/1725).


24/12/1804, Ludwig Huber, German author, died (born 14/9/1764).

6/11/1804, Benjamin Kennedy, English scholarly writer, was born (died 6/4/1889).

8/9/1804, Eduard Morike, German poet, was born (died 4/6/1875).

7/8/1804, Johan Madvig, Danish scholarly writer, was born (died 12/12/1886).

4/7/1804, Nathaniel Hawthorne, US writer, was born (died 19/5/1864).

1/7/1804, Writer George Sand (born Amamdine Duvant) was born.

15/5/1804, Samuel Blanchard, British author, was born in Great Yarmouth (died 15/2/1845).

27/4/1804, Jonathan Boucher, English scholarly writer, died in Epsom, Surrey (born near Wigton 12/3/1738).

16/2/1804, Jules Janin, French writer, was born (died 19/6/1874).

26/1/1804, Delphine de Girardin, French author, was born (died 29/6/1855)

31/12/1803, Jose Heredia, Cuban poet, was born (died 21/5/1839).

20/12/1803, Samuel Hopkins, US writer, died (born 17/9/1721).

18/12/1803, Johann Herder, German writer, died (born 25/8/1744).

12/12/1803, Gerald Griffin, Irish novelist, was born (died 12/6/1840).

3/12/1803, Robert Hawker, English poet, was born (died 15/8/1875).

16/11/1803, Georg Ewald, German scholarly writer, was born (died 4/5/1875).

14/11/1803, Jacob Abbott, US writer of books for children, was born in Hallowell, Maine.

8/11/1803, Henry Bell, Scottish writer, was born in Glasgow (died 7/11/1874).

8/10/1803, Alfieri, poet, died in Florence.

28/9/1803, Prosper Merimee, French novelist, was born (died 23/9/1870).

22/9/1803, Angelo Fabbroni, Italian biographer, died (born 25/9/1732).

16/9/1803, Orestes Bronson, US writer, was born (died 17/4/1876).

12/9/1803, Julien Brizeux, poet, was born (died 3/5/1858).

27/8/1803, Edward Beecher, US writer, was born in East Hampton, Long Island (died in Brooklyn, New York, 28/7/1895).

18/8/1803, James Beattie, Scottish poet, died (born in Kincardine 25/10/1735).

20/7/1803, Thomas Beddoes, English dramatist, was born in Clifton (died 26/1/1849).

22/6/1803, Johann Heinse, German author, died (born 16/2/1749).

12/6/1803, Richard Brunck, French scholarly writer, died (born 30/12/1729).

31/5/1803, Robert Jephson, British dramatist, died (born 1736).

25/5/1803, Ralph Waldo Emerson, US poet and essayist, was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

1/5/1803, James Mangan, Irish poet, was born (died 20/6/1849).

28/4/1803, Johann Carpzov, scholarly writer, died (born 1720).

2/4/1803, John Hoole, English author, died (born 1727).

14/3/1803, Gottleib Kloppstock, German poet, died (born 2/7/1724).

18/2/1803, Johann Gleim, German poet, died (born 2/4/1719).

6/2/1803, Georg Fulleborn, German scholarly writer, died (born 2/3/1769).

3/1/1803, Douglas Jerrold, English writer,was born (died 8/6/1857).

1/1/1803, Richard Horne, English poet, was born (died 13/3/1884).


23/12/1802, Sara Coleridge, English author, was born (died 3/5/1852).

20/12/1802, Johann Dubner, German scholarly writer, was born (died 13/12/1867).

29/11/1802, Wilhelm Hauff, German poet, was born (died 18/11/1827).

5/10/1892, Ernst Ettmuller, scholarly writer, was born (died 4/1877).

17/9/1802, Richard Cambridge, English poet, died (born 14/2/1717).

14/9/1802, John Buckstone, English dramatic writer, was born (died 31/10/1879).

28/8/1802, Thomas Aird, Scottish poet, was born in Bowden, Roxburghshire (died 25/4/1867 in Dumfries).

15/8/1802, Nikolaus von Strehlenau, Austrian poet, was born (died 22/8/1850).

14/8/1802, Letitia Landon, English poet and novelist, was born (died 15/10/1838).

24/7/1802, Alexandre Dumas, French novelist, was born (died 5/12/1870).

10/7/1802, Robert Chambers, Scottish bookseller and publisher, was born in Peebles (died 17/3/1871).

4/7/1802, Bela Edwards, US writer, was born (died 20/4/1852).

28/6/1802, Johann Engel, German author, died (born 11/9/1741).

12/6/1802, Harriet Martineau, English writer, was born (died 27/6/1876).

5/6/1802, Johann Ernesti, German scholarly writer, died

2/6/1802, Karl Lehrs, German scholarly writer, was born (died 9/6/1878).

23/5/1802, Francois Feller, Belgian author, died (born 18/8/1735).

9/4/1802, Elias Lonnrot, Finnish writer, was born (died 19/3/1884).

26/2/1802, Victor Hugo, French poet and novelist, was born in Besancon, the son of a professional soldier.

19/2/1802, Leonard Bacon, writer, was born in Detroit, Michigan (died 24/12/1881 in New Haven, Connecticut).

11/2/1802, Lydia Child, US author, was born (died 20/10/1880).

13/1/1802, Edouard Bauernfeld, Austrian dramatist, was born in Vienna (died in Vienna 9/8/1890).

2/1/1802, Karl Dindorf, German scholarly writer, was born (died 1/8/1883).

25/12/1801, Hester Chapone, English writer, died (born 27/10/1727).

11/12/1801, Christian Grabbe, German dramatist, was born (died 12/9/1836).

4/12/1801, Karl Michelet, German philosophical writer, was born (died 16/12/1893).

22/11/1801, Abraham Hayward, English writer, was born (died 2/2/1884).

4/11/1801, Louis Fontan, French writer, was born (died10/10/1839).

17/8/1801, Fredrika Bremer, novelist, was born (died 31/12/1865).

31/5/1801, Johann Baiter, Swiss writer, was born in Zurich (died in Zurich 10/10/1877).

5/4/1801, Easter Sunday: Vincenzo Gioberti, Italian writer, was born (died 26/10/1852).

20/3/1801, Bogumil Goltz, German writer, was born (died 12/11/1870).

15/3/1801, George Marsh, US scholarly writer, was born (died 23/7/1882).

21/2/1801, Heinrich Fleischer, German writer on The Orient, was born (died 10/2/1888).

13/2/1801, Sir Henry Bulwer, British author, was born (died 23/5/1872).

2/1/1801, Johann Lavater, German poet, died (born 15/11/1741).


22/11/1800, Jules Bastide, French writer, was born in Paris (died 2/3/1879).

4/11/1800, George Long, English scholarly writer, was born (died 10/8/1879).

29/9/1800, Johann Denis, Austrian poet, died (born 27/9/1729).

12/8/1800, Jean Jacques Ampere, writer, son of the famous scientist, was born in Lyons (died 27/3/1864 in Pau).

23/6/1800, Charlotte Birch-Pfieffer, German dramatist, was born in Stuttgart (died in 24/8/1868).

8/5/1800, Jean Carrel, French publicist, was born (died 24/7/1836).

5/5/1800, Louis Hachette, French publisher, was born (died 31/7/1864).

25/4/1800, William Cowper, English poet, died (born 26/1/1731).

16/4/1800, William Chambers, Scottish publisher, was born (died 20/5/1883).

18/3/1800, Francis Lieber, US-German writer, was born (died 2/10/1872).

12/3/1800, Louis Gachard, Belgian writer, was born (died 24/12/1885).

22/2/1800, William Barnes, poet, was born in Rushay, Dorset (died in Winterbourne 7/10/1886).

16/1/1800, Robert Bell, Irish writer, was born in Cork (died 12/4/1867).


30/12/1799, John Moultrie, English poet, was born (died 26/12/1874).

27/12/1799, Calderon Estebanez, Spanish author, was born (died 5/2/1867).

29/11/1799, Amos Bronson Alcott, US writer, was born in Wolcott, Connecticut (died 4/3/1888 in Boston).

9/8/1799, George James, English novelist, was born (died 9/6/1860).

9/7/1799, William Mure, Scottish scholarly writer, was born (died 1/4/1860).

6/6/1799, Alexander Pushkin Russian writer, was born

29/5/1799, August Kopisch, German poet, was born (died 3/2/1853).

20/5/1799, Honore de Balzac born.

18/5/1799, Pierre Beaumarchais, French dramatist, died in Paris (born in Paris 24/1/1732).

20/3/1799, Thomas Key, English scholarly writer, was born (died 29/11/1875).

17/3/1799, Juan Forner, Spanish writer, died (born 23/2/1756).

6/1/1799, Nicolas Geruzez, French writer, was born (died 29/5/1865)


30/12/1798, Anne Montesquiou, French writer, died.

13/12/1798, James Henry, Irish scholarly writer, was born (died14/7/1876).

8/11/1798, Victor Chasles, French writer, was born (died 18/7/1873).

25/8/1798, Henrik Hertz, Danish poet, was born (died 25/2/1870).

29/6/1798, Willibald Alexis, novelist (died 16/12/1871 in Arnstadt, Thuringia) was born in Breslau.

20/6/1798, Jeremy Belknap, US author, died in Boston (born in Boston 4/6/1744).

16/5/1798, Joesph Eckhel, Austrian writer, died (born 1737).

2/4/1798, August Hoffmann, German writer, was born (died 19/1/1874).

6/3/1798, Jacques Jasmin, French poet,was born (died 4/10/1864).

17/2/1798, Friedrich Beneke, German writer, was born in Berlin (died 1854).

15/1/1798, Thomas Croker, Irish writer, was born (died 8/8/1854).

14/1/1798, Isaak da Costa, Dutch poet, was born (died 28/4/1860).

5/1/1798, David Moir, Scottish writer, was born (died 6/7/1851).


13/10/1797, Thomas Bayly, English writer, was born in Bath (died 22/4/1839).

4/10/1797, Albrecht Bitzius, Swiss novelist, was born in Morat (died 22/10/1854).

30/8/1797, Mary Shelley, English novelist, best known as the author of Frankenstein, was born in London.

28/8/1797, Karl Muller, German scholarly writer, was born (died 1/8/1840).

25/8/1797, Jean Louvet de Couvrai, French writer, died (born 12/6/1760).

11/8/1797, A secret Home Office report suspected Coleridge and the Wordsworths of being enemy agents, because of their wandering around the countryside with campstools and making detailed sketches of the landscape.

11/7/1797, Charles Macklin, Irish playwright, died.

7/4/1797, William Mason, English poet, died (died 12/2/1725).

27/3/1797, Alfred de Vigny, French romantic poet and novelist, was born in Loches (died 1863).

18/3/1797, Friedrich Gotter, German poet, died (born 3/9/1746).

24/2/1797, Samuel Lover, Irish novelist, was born (died 6/7/1868).

7/3/1797, Johann Formey, Franco-German author, died (born 31/5/1711).

10/1/1797, Annette Droste-Hulshoff, German poet, was born (died 24/5/1848).


24/12/1796, Spanish novelist Cecilia Larrea (Fernan Caballero) was born (died 7/4/1877).

19/9/1796, Hartley Coleridge, English writer, was born (died 6/1/1849).

21/7/1796, Robert Burns, Scottish poet, died aged 37 in Dumfries, and was buried there.He was born on 25/1/1759, the eldest son of a poor peasant farmer, about 2 miles from Ayr, at Alloway.

6/5/1796, Adolf Knigge, German author, died.

24/4/1796, Karl Immerman, German dramatist, was born (died 25/8/1840).

23/4/1796, Theodor Hippel, German writer, died (born 31/1/1741)

19/4/1796, Bernhard Beskow, Swedish dramatist, was born (died 17/10/1868).

11/3/1796, Francis Wayland, US scholarly writer, was born in New York City (died 1865)

1/2/1796, Abraham Frohlich, Swiss poet, was born (died 1/12/1865).

4/1/1796, Henry Bohn, British publisher, was born in London (died in Twickenham 22/8/1884).


5/9/1795, Karl Follen, German poet, was born (died 14/1/1840).

3/7/1795, Louis Brequigny, scholarly writer, died (born 22/2/1714).

19/5/1795, James Boswell, Scottish diarist and biographer of Dr Johnson, died in London, aged 54.

30/4/1795, Jean Jacques Barthelemy, French writer, died (born in Cassis, Provence 20/1/1716).

20/4/1795, Johan Kellgren, Swedish poet, died (born 1/1/21751).

11/2/1795, Karl Bellman, Swedish poet, died (born in Stockholm 4/2/1740).

28/11/1794, Cesare Beccaria-Bonesana, Italian writer, died in Milan (born in Milan 15/3/1735).

22/11/1794, Alicia Cockburn, Scottish poet, died (born 8/10/1713).

7/10/1794, Wilhelm Muller, German lyrical poet, was born 0died 30/9/1827).

13/9/1794, Jean Florian, French poet, died (born 6/3/1755).

25/7/1794, Andre de Chenier, French poet, was guillotined (born 30/10/1762).

14/7/1794, John Lockhart, Scottish writer, was born (died 25/11/1854).

8/6/1794, Gottfried Burger, German poet, died (born 1/1/1748).

24/5/1794, William Whewell, English scholarly writer, was born in Lancaster (died 1866).

17/5/1794, Anna Jameson, British writer, was born (died 17/3/1860).

11/4/1794, Edward Everett, US writer, was born (died 15/1/1865).

15/3/1794, Friedrich Diaz, German scholarly writer, was born (born 29/5/1876).

5/3/1794, Ramon de la Cruz, Spanish dramatist, died (born 28/3/1731).

9/2/1794, Jacques Ancelot, French dramatist, was born in Havre (died 1854).

21/1/1794, August Follen, German poet, was born (died 26/12/1855).

10/1/1794, Johann Forster, German writer, died (born 27/11/1754).

8/1/1794, Justus Moser, German writer, died (born 14/12/1720).

25/9/1793, Felicia Hemans, English poet, was born (died 16/5/1835).

19/8/1793, Samuel Goodrich, US author, was born (died 9/5/1860).

10/7/1793, William Maginn, Irish poet, was born (died 21/8/1842).

4/7/1793, Friedrich Bleek, German scholarly writer, was born in Holstein (died 27/2/1859).

3/7/1793, John Clare, English romantic poet, was born in Helpston, near Peterborough,

26/6/1793, Karl Moritz, German author, died (born 15/9/1757).

28/5/1793, Anton Busching, scholarly writer, died (born 27/9/1724).

21/5/1793, Charles Kock, French novelist, was born (died 27/4/1871).

3/5/1793, Martin Gerbert, German writer, died (born 1720).

20/4/1793, David Laing, Scottish writer, was born (died 18/10/1878).

4/4/1793, Jean Delavigne, French poet, was born (died 11/12/1843).

4/3/1793, Karl Lachmann, German scholarly writer, was born (died 13/3/1851).

6/2/1793, Carlo Goldoni, Italian dramatist, died (born 25/2/1707).

1/1/1793, Sir Francis Head, English writer, was born (died 20/7/1875).

19/1/1793, Carl Gottling, German scholarly writer, was born (died 20/1/1869).

17/10/1792, Sir John Bowring, writer, was born in Exeter (died near Exeter 23/11/1872).

29/9/1792, The Theatre Royal, Dumfries, was founded.

25/9/1792, Jacques Cazotte, French author