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25/10/2006, Emilio Vedova, Italian artist, died (born 9/8/1919)

22/8/2006, Sandra Blow, abstract painter, died (born 14/9/1925)

10/6/2006, Kenneth Jack, artist, died (born 5/10/1924).

31/8/2006, Two stolen masterpieces by Edvard Munch, including his best known work, The Scream, were recovered in Norway.

26/8/2006, Vladimir Tretchkoff, artist, died (born 13/12/1913)

3/5/2006, Karel Appel, artist, died (born 25/4/1921)

23/4/2006, William Gottlieb, photographer, died (born 28/1/1917).

22/10/2005, Pierre Fernandez, pioneer of New Realism art, died (born 17/11/1928)

22/4/2005, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, sculptor, died (born 7/3/1924).

30/12/2003, Nora Heysen, artist, died.

11/11/2005, Lord Lichfield, photographer, died.

29/9/2005, Patrick Caulfield, painter, died (born 29/1/1936)

2/5/2005, Mark Boyle, artist, died (born 11/5/1934)

10/3/2005, Norman Adams, artist, died (born 9/2/1927).

14/1/2005, Conroy Maddox, surrealist painter, died (born 12/12/1912).

3/1/2005, Will Esner, strip cartoonist, died (born 6/3/1917).

14/3/2003, Jack Goldstein, artist, died.

15/8/1999, Sir Hugh Casson, artist, died.

3/11/1998, Bob Kane, cartoonist, creator of Batman, died.

29/9/1997, Roy Lichtenstein, artist, died.

28/11/1995, Britain�s Turner Prize for Contemporary Art, worth �20,000, was awarded to Damien Hurst for his four glass tanks containing the divided carcass of a cow and its calf, entitled Mother and Child Divided.

7/5/1994, Clement Greenberg, art critic, died.

8/11/1993, In Stockholm, Sweden, thieves cut through the roof of the Museum of Modern Art and stole artworks, some by Picasso and Braque. The value of the uninsured paintings was estimated at US$ 60 million.

27/7/1992, Max Dupain, photographer, died.

27/3/1992, Martin Engelman, Dutch artist, died.

9/3/1989, Robert Maplethorpe, photographer, died.

23/1/1989. Death of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. He was aged 78, and had lived as a recluse since his wife, Gala, died in 1982. Art collectors were troubled by revelations that Dali had signed blank canvasses for othersto paint.

12/8/1988, US artist Jean Michel Basquiat died of a drugs overdose, aged 27.

17/4/1988, Louise Nevelson, sculptor born in Kiev, Russia, in 23/9/1900, died in New York.

11/12/1987, At Christies auction house, London, Charlie Chaplin�s cane and bowler sold for �82,500, and his boots for �38,500.

22/2/1987, Andy Warhol, American pop artist famous for his pictures of soup cans, died. He was born on 6/8/1926 to Czechoslovak immigrants in Pittsburgh.

31/8/1986. UK sculptor Henry Moore, born 1898, died aged 88.

23/1/1986, Joseph Beuys, German performance artist, died aged 64.

13/4/1985, Oscar Nemon, Croatian sculptor, died aged 79.

28/3/1985, Marc Chagall, French painter (born 7/7/1887 to poor Jewish parents in Vitebsk, Russia), died in St Paul de Vence. He had moved to Berlin in 1922, and then to Paris in 1932. In 1941 he fled to the US to escape the advancing Nazis, returning to France after World War Two ended.

3/3/1983, Herge, creator of Tintin, died.

15/5/1980, Len Lye, artist and sculptor, died.

29/2/1980, Gil Evgreen, artist, died.

17/2/1980, Graham Sutherland, English artist, died aged 76.

18/1/1980, Cecil Beaton, English designer and photographer, died aged 76.

5/11/1979, Al Capp, cartoonist, died.

6/5/1979, Bernard Leach, British studio pottery artist, died aged 92.

13/11/1978, US illustrator Norman Rockwell died.

25/12/1976, Sir Ernest Daryl Lindsay, Australian artist, died (born 31/12/1889).

11/11/1976, Alexander Calder, US sculptor, died aged 78.

18/11/1976, Man Ray, US artist, died aged 86.

22/10/1976, Edward Burra, English painter, died aged 71.

23/2/1976, The painter L S (Lawrence Stephen) Lowry, noted for his matchstick people, died in Glossop, Derbyshire.

20/5/1975, Barbara Hepworth, English artist, died aged 72.

26/5/1975, Stuntman Evel Knievel suffered severe spinal injuries whilst attempting to jump 13 buses in his car.

19/1/1975, Thomas Hart Benton, US painter, died in Kansas City, Missouri..

19/1/1974, Edward Seago, British artist, died aged 63.

8/4/1973. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso died of a heart attack, aged 91. He was famous for his Cubist style.

29/5/1970, Eva Hesse, artist, died.

25/2/1970, Mark Rothko, painter, aged 66, committed suicide in New York.

21/11/1969, Norman Lindsay, artist, died.

12/6/1969, Alexander Deyneka: Ukrainian artist (born 1899), died.

14/3/1969, Ben Shahn, painter, died in New York aged 70.

15/1/1969, Theodor Werner, German painter, died aged 82.

17/6/1966, Jean Arp, painter, died in Basel aged 78.

23/5/1965, David Smith, US sculptor, died aged 59.

11/10/1963, Jean Cocteau, French artist (born 1889) died.

20/4/1963, Rachel Whiteread, sculptor, was born.

13/5/1962, Franz Kline, painter, died in New York, USA, aged 52.

16/1/1962, Ivan Mestrovi, sculptor, died.

13/12/1961, Grandma Moses, US painter, died aged 101.

21/10/1959, The Solomon R Guggenheim Art Museum, New York, USA, opened.

19/8/1959, Sir Jacob Epstein, sculptor, died in London, England (born 10/11/1880 in New York City).

6/7/1959, German artist George Grosz died.

23/10/1958, Belgian cartoonist Peyo introduced The Smurfs.

25/11/1957, Diego Rivera, painter, died in Mexico City aged 70.

8/6/1957, Scott Adams, cartoonist, was born.

16/3/1957, Constantin Brancusi, sculptor, died in Paris.

11/8/1956, Jackson Pollock, painter, died in a car accident in Long Island, New York, USA, aged 44.

15/4/1956, Emil Nolde, German-Danish painter, died aged 88.

17/8/1955, Fernand Leger, painter, died in Gif sur Yvette, France, aged 74.

16/3/1955, Nicolas de Stael, painter, died in Antibes aged 41.

15/1/1955, Yves Tanguy, painter, died.

10/9/1954, Painter Andre Derain died in Chambourcy, France, aged 74.

13/7/1954, Frida Kahlo, painter, died.

15/2/1954, Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, was born.

30/11/1953, Francis Picabia, painter, died in Paris aged 74.

11/10/1953, James Earle Fraser, US sculptor, died aged 76

1/10/1953, John Martin, painter, died in Addison, Maine, USA.

23/3/1953, Raoul Dufy, French painter (born 3/6/1877 in Le Havre, France) died in Forcalquiers, France.

7/9/1951, Painter John F Sloan died in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA, aged 80.

28/7/1951, Walt Disney�s cartoon Alice in Wonderland was released.

30/8/1950, Antony Gormley, sculptor, was born.

14/8/1950, Gary :Larson, cartoonist, was born.

7/9/1949, Jose Clemente Orozco, painter, died in Mexico City aged 65.

15/8/1949, Richard Deacon, sculptor, was born.

3/1/1949, Robert Aitken, US sculptor (born 8/5/1878) died.

3/7/1948, Painter Arshile Gorky committed suicide in New York, aged 43.

19/5/1948, Maximilian Lenz, Austrian artist, died aged 87.

8/1/1948, Kurt Schwitters, German artist, died.

1947, The Institute of Contemporary Arts was founded at Dover Street, London UK. It moved to The Mall in 1968.

4/12/1947, Ann Christopher, sculptor, was born

25/7/1947, Kathleen Scott, British sculptor, died aged 69

9/8/1946, The Arts Council of Great Britain was incorporated.

21/5/1945, Herbert Adams, US sculptor (born 28/1/1858) died.

13/9/1944. William Heath Robinson, the English artist famous for his drawings of excessively complicated machinery cobbled together, died.

1/2/1944. In New York, the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian died, aged 71.

23/1/1944. Death of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

9/8/1943, Painter Chaim Soutine died in Paris, aged 49.

15/3/1941, Alexej von Jawlensky, Russian expressionist painter, died aged 77.

17/11/1940, Eric Gill, English sculptor, died aged 58.

29/6/1940, Paul Klee, artist, died in Switzerland.

22/6/1939, David Blackburn, artist, was born in Huddersfield, UK (died 2016);

19/2/1939, Batman was first drawn by Bob Kane for a �Detective Comic� to be issued in May 1939.

16/2/1939, David Griffiths, portrait painter, was born

22/5/1938, Painter William Glackens died in Westport, |Connecticut, aged 68.

2/1/1938, David Bailey, photographer, was born.

15/10/1937, Renato Paresce, Italian painter, died aged 51.

12/10/1937, Robert Mangold, US minimalist artist, was born in North Tonawanda, New York.

1/9/1937, Allen Jones, artist, was born.

7/8/1937, Henri Lebasque, French post-Impressionist painter, died aged 71

25/5/1937, Painter HO Tanner died in Paris aged 77.

1/6/1936, Gerald Scarfe, British cartoonist and illustrator, was born.

29/1/1936, Patrick Caulfield, painter, was born (died 29/9/2005)

18/10/1935, Gaston Lachaise, painter, died in New York aged 53

13/10/1935, Michael Heath, cartoonist, was born

16/9/1935, Carl Andre, US artist, was born.

2/7/1935. Eva Lambert, artist, was born

13/6/1935, Christo Javachev and his partner Jean Claude, artists, were born.

8/2/1935, Max Leibermann, painter, died in Berlin aged 87.

11/5/1934, Mark Boyle, artist, was born (died 2/5/2005)

27/5/1932, Gordon Browne, English artist and children's book illustrator, died aged 74.

29/9/1931, William Orpen, Irish painter, died aged 52.

25/7/1931, James Butler, sculptor, was born.

29/4/1931, Frank Auerbach, painter, was born.

25/4/1931, David Shepherd, artist, was born.

24/4/1931, Bridget Riley, artist, was born.

29/9/1930, Ilya Yefimovich Repin, painter, died.

2/8/1930, Vali Myers, artist, was born.

9/7/1930, Professor Richard Demarco, watercolourist, was born.

11/3/1930, David Gentleman, painter, was born.

7/3/1930, Earl of Snowdon, photographer, was born.

16/2/1930, FGR Cuming, painter, was born.

20/11/1929, First exhibition of work by Salvador Dali.

7/11/1929, The Museum of Modern Art opened in New York on a rented space on 5th Avenue, Manhattan.

6/8/1928, Andy Warhol, US artist, was born.

28/4/1928, Yves Klein, painter, was born.

25/4/1928, Cy Twombly, US-Italian painter and sculptor, was born.

27/9/1927, Romano Scarpa, comic book illustrator, was born.

29/6/1927, Piero Dorazio, artist, was born (died 17/5/2005)

23/8/1927, Allan Kaprow, artist, was born (died 5/4/2006)

9/2/1927, Norman Adams, artist, was born (died 10/3/2005).

6/12/1926. Impressionist painter Claude Monet died as a recluse in Coventry, aged 86.

10/9/1926, Beryl Cook, painter, was born.

14/6/1926, Mary Cassatt, artist, died.

7/6/1925, Karl Weschke, landscape painter, was born (died 20/2/2005).

14/4/1925, John Singer Seargant, US painter, died aged 69.

14/11/1925, The first Surrealist art exhibition opened in Paris.

14/9/1925, Sandra Blow, abstract painter, was born (died 22/8/2006)

17/7/1925, Lovis Corinth, German painter, died.

17/12/1924, Clifton Pugh, artist, was born.

15/11/1924, Jakub Schikaneder, Bohemian painter, died (born 27/2/1855).

5/10/1924, Kenneth Jack, artist, was born (died 10/6/2006).

21/6/1924, Wally Fawkes, cartoonist, was born.

8/3/1924, Sir Anthony Caro, sculptor, was born.

7/3/1924, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, sculptor, was born (died 22/4/2005).

15/5/1923, Richard Avedon, photographer, was born.

16/1/1923, Keith Shackleton, artist, was born.

26/11/1922. Birth of the American cartoonist Charles Schultz. At an arts instruction school in St Paul, Minnesota, Schultz asked fellow student Charlie Brown if he could use his name . He also used Brown�s moon-face looks to create the friendly loser-kid in the comic strip Peanuts, which featured in some 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries, translated into 21 languages. Schultz died in Santa Rosa, California, in 2000.

8/12/1922, Lucian Freud, artist, was born

24/2/1922, Richard Hamilton, English painter, was born (died 2011).

8/1/1922, Jan Nieuwenhuys, Dutch painter, was born.

25/4/1921, Karel Appel, painter, was born.

30/1/1921, John Francis Murphy, US landscape painter, died aged 67.

11/10/1920, Edgar Negret, Colombian sculptor, was born (died 2012).

8/10/1920, Raymond Reynaud, French painter and sculptor, was born.

27/3/1920, Death of Samuel Colman, US landscape painter (born 4/3/1832).

25/1/1920, Amedeo Modigliani, Italian painter, died.

3/12/1919, Pierre Auguste Renoir, French Impressionist painter, died near Cannes, aged 78. He was born on 26/2/1841.

21/12/1917, Wilhelm Trubner, German painter, died (born 1851)

17/11/1917, Death of the sculptor Auguste Rodin, aged 77.

27/9/1917, The painter Edgar Degas died, aged 83 (born 19/7/1834, in Paris).

27/3/1917, Moses Jacob Ezekiel, US sculptor, died (born 1844);

6/3/1917, Will Esner, strip cartoonist, was born (died 3/1/2005).

28/1/1917, William Gottlieb, photographer, was born (died 23/4/2006).

25/6/1916, Thomas C Eakins, US artist, died (born 25/7/1844).

1/3/1916, Liljevalchs Konsthall art gtallery, designed by Swedish architect Carl Bergsten, was opened in Stockholm.

5/6/1915, French sculptor and draughtsman Henri Gaudier-Brzeska was killed in action in World War One, aged 23.

19/2/1915, Bernard Meadows, sculptor, was born (died 12/1/2005)

28/11/1914, Vincent Fago, American comic book artist, was born.

24/11/1914, Lynne Chadwick, English sculptor, was born.

8/2/1914, Paul Haefliger, artist, was born (died 3/1982).

13/12/1913, Vladimir Tretchkoff, artist, was born (died 26/8/2006)


12/12/1913, Leonardo Da Vinci�s Mona Lisa which had been stolen from the Louvre three years earlier was found in a bedroom of a small hotel in Florence. An Italian, Vicenzo Peruggia, was arrested.

22/8/1911, The Mona Lisa was stolen from The Louvre, Paris.



17/2/1913, New York got its first look at Cubism when the Armory Show opened on Lexington Avenue.

1911, Start of the Cubism style of painting, by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The French term Cubisme dates from 1908.

25/10/1881, Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter who created Cubism, was born in Malaga, Andalusia.


12/12/1912, Conroy Maddox, surrealist painter, was born (died 14/1/2005).

15/3/1912, Francis Gruber, French painter, was born.

28/1/1912, US artist Jackson Pollock was born.

14/3/1911, Akira Yoshizawa, creator of modern origami, was born (died 14/3/2005).

29/9/1910, US artist Winslow Homer died at his studio in Maine.

2/9/1910, Henri �Le Douanier� Rousseau, French painter, died.

2/11/1909, William Frith, English painter, died (born 9/1/1819).

28/10/1909, Francis Bacon, Irish-born artist, was born (died 1992).

18/10/1909, Francis Lathrop, US artist, died (born 22/6/1849).

26/2/1909, Artist Emmanuel Poire, pseudonym Caran D�Ache (lead pencil), born 1858, died.

15/5/1908, Monet destroyed some of his own paintings, then worth �20,000, because he was not happy with them.

9/4/1908, Victor Vasarely, painter, was born.

21/2/1908, Harriet Hosmer, US sculptor, died (born 9/10/1830).

2/1/1908, John Knight, English landscape painter, died.

22/10/1906, The painter Paul Cezanne died in Aix en Provence, France (born 19/1/1839).

9/3/1906, David Smith, sculptor, was born (died 1965).

13/2/1906, Albert Gottschalk, Danish painter, died (born 1866).

1905, The Fauvist style of painting was being pioneered by Henri Matisse (1869-1954). Derived from the French �fauve� (wild animal), it is characterised by a vivid use of colour. The term was coined by a French art critic this year.

29/3/1905, Edward Burra, English painter, was born (died 1976).

13/1/1905, Robert Gifford, US painter, died (born 23/12/1840).

11/5/1904. Spanish painter Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Upper Catalonia.

14/1/1904, British photographer Cecil Beaton was born.

13/11/1903, Camille Pisarro, painter, died,

25/9/1903, Mark Rothko, US artist, was born.

5/8/1903, Phil May, English caricaturist, died (born 22/4/1864).

17/7/1903, James Whistler, painter, died aged 70.

8/5/1903, Death of the French Impressionist painter Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin, on the Marquesas Islands, Polynesia, aged 54. He was born in Paris in 1848 and spent a short time with Vincent Van Gogh. He died of syphilis. Gauguin had given up a successful career on the Paris stock exchange at 35 to pursue painting, at which he was self-taught.

10/1/1903, British sculptress Barbara Hepworth was born.

7/12/1902, Thomas Nast, US caricaturist, died.

25/7/1902, Alfred Choubrac, French painter and illustrator, died from pneumonia (born 1853)

2/7/1902, Albert Namatjira, painter, was born.

7/2/1902, Thomas Cooper, English painter, died (born 26/9/1803).

1901, Pointillism was invented by French Impressionist painters. It uses many coloured dots to create special colour effects.

9/9/1901, The bespectacled short painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec died in Malrome from a paralytic stroke, aged 36.

31/7/1901, Jean Dubuffet, French artist, was born in Le Havre, France.

24/6/1901, The first Picasso exhibition opened in Paris.

12/3/1901, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, opened.

7/3/1901, Kate Greenaway, English artist, died (born 17/3/1846)

22/6/1900, In London, the Wallace Collection was opened to the Public.

20/1/1900, John Ruskin, writer and art critic, died near Coniston, Lake District, aged 80.

16/3/1899, London erotic illustrator Aubrey Beardsley died aged 26.

30/1/1899, Harry Bates, British sculptor, died in London (born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire 26//4/1850).

29/1/1899, French artist Alfred Sisley died.

21/11/1898, Rene Magritte, painter, was born.

10/10/1898, Pierre C Puvis de Chavannes, painter, died in Paris aged 73.

26/8/1898, Peggy Guggenheim, art critic, was born.

17/6/1898, Edward Coley Burne-Jones, painter, died in London aged 64.

18/4/1898, Gustave Moreau, painter, died in Paris aged 72

16/3/1898, Aubrey Beardsley, English artist, died in Mentone (born in Brighton 24/8/1872).

29/12/1897, William Linton, English wood engraver, died.

6/10/1897, Sir John Gilbert, English painter, died (born 21/7/1817).

2/2/1897, Homer Martin, US artist, died (born 18/10/1836).

13//8/1896, John Everett Millais, painter, died in London aged 67.

25/1/1896, Frederick Leighton, English painter and sculptor, died.

1895, Art Nouveau was becoming popular. It was charcterised by free-flowing curves, based on natural forms. It was reviled in the 1930s but came into favour again in the 1960s.

14/8/1895, Thomas Hovenden, US artist, died (born 28/12/1840)

22/6/1895, Henry Moore, English painter, died (born 7/3/1831).

3/5/1896, Alfred Hunt, English painter, died (born 1830).

5/8/1894, Giovanni Muzzioli, Italian painter, died (born 10/2/1854).

3/8/1894, George Innes, US landscape painter, died (born 1/5/1825).

17/6/1894, William Hart, US painter, died.

11/6/1894, Don Madrazo, Spanish painter died.

6/10/1893, Ford Brown, English painter, died (born 16/4/1821).

25/9/1893, Albert Moore, English painter, died (born 4/9/1841).

20/4/1893, Joan Miro, painter, was born

6/4/1893, Vicat Cole, English painter, died (born 17/4/1833).

2/4/1891, Max Ernst, artist, was born.

29/3/1891, Easter Sunday. Georges Pierre Seurat, painter, died.

28/2/1891, Giovanni Morelli, Italian art critic, died (born 16/2/1816).

13/2/1891, Grant Wood, US painter, was born in Iowa.

27/1/1891, Jervis McEntee, US artist, died (born 14/7/1828).

21/1/1891, Jean Messonier, French painter, died (born 21/2/1815).

12/12/1890, Sir Joseph Boehm, British sculptor, died in South Kensington (born in Vienna 4/7/1834).

27/8/1890, Ray Mann, artist, was born.


Vincent Van Gogh

29/7/1890, Vincent Van Gogh, born 30/3/1853, died after prolonged insanity. He went to the spot where he had painted Cornfield with flight of birds and shot himself in the chest, on 27/7/1890, dying 2 days later.

23/12/1888, The artist Vincent Van Gogh cut off his left ear lobe.

30/3/1853, Artist Vincemt Van Gogh was born in the Dutch village of Groot-Zundert, the son of a Lutheran pastor.


12/6/1890, Egon Schiele, painter, was born.

31/12/1889, Sir Ernest Daryl Lindsay, Australian artist, was born (died 25/12/1976).

17/5/1889, William Beverley, English painter, died in Hampstead, London (born in Richmond, Surrey).

31/7/1888, Frank Holl, English painter, died (born 4/7/1845).

15/3/1888, Leonard Morel-Ladeuil, French sculptor, died.

20/11/1887, Louis Gaillat, Belgian painter, died (born 9/5/1810).

18/11/1887, Frank Dobson, English sculptor, was born.

15/11/1887, Georgia O�Keefe, artist, was born in Wisconsin.

1/11/1887, Artist L S (Laurence Stephen) Lowry was born in Rusholme, Manchester.

28/7/1887, Marcel Duchamp, painter, was born

7/7/1887, Marc Chagall, painter, was born.

23/3/1887, Juan Gris, painter, was born.

17/9/1886, Asher Durand, US painter, died (born 21/8/1796).

10/7/1886, Henry Brown, US sculptor, died (born 24/2/1814).

12/2/1886, Randolph Caldecott, English artist, died (born 22/3/1846).

16/6/1885, Wilhelm Camphausen, German painter (born 1818) died.

18/5/1885, Alphonse Neuville, French painter, died (born 31/5/1836).

10/12/1884, Jules Bastien-Lepage, French painter, died in Paris (born 1/11/1848 in Damvilliers).

12/7/1884, Amadeo Modigliani, artist, was born.

12/2/1884, Max Beckmann, painter, was born.

11/12/1883, Richard Doyle, English artist, died (born 1824).

24/11/1883, Albert Bellows, US landscape painter, died in Auburndale, Massachusetts (born in Milford, Massachusetts, 20/11/1829)

30/4/1883, Edouard Manet, artist, died.

23/1/1883, French artist Gustave Dore (born 6/1/1832 in Strasbourg|) died in Paris.

8/7/1882, Hablot Browne, artist, died (born 11/6/1815).

10/6/1882, Cecil Lawson, English landscape painter, died (born 3/12/1851).

9/4/1882, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, English painter and poet, died.

7/1/1882, John Jones, English art collector, died.

10/11/1880, The British sculptor James Epstein was born (of Russian-Polish descent) in New York City.

29/8/1880, Sandford Gifford, US painter, died (born 10/7/1823).

18/12/1879, Paul Klee, artist, was born.

7/7/1879, George Caleb Bingham, painter, died in Kansas City, USA, aged 68.

11/2/1879, Honore Daumier, painter, died in Valmondois aged 70.

8/5/1878, Robert Aitken, US sculptor (died 3/1/1949) was born.

1/2/1878, George Cruikshank, English artist, died (born 27/2/1792).

31/12/1877, Gustave Courbet, French painter, died (born 10/6/1819).

12/11/1877, Henry Gray, US painter, died (born 23/6/1819).

4/6/1877, William Frost, English painter, died (born 9/1810).

7/5/1877, Samuel Cousins, English engraver, died (born 9/5/1801).

18/11/1876, Narcisse Diaz, French painter, died (born 25.8/1808).

27/8/1876, Eugene Fromentin, French painter, died (born 1820).

19/2/1876, Constantin Brancusi, sculptor, was born in Romania.

22/1/1876, Sir George Harvey, Scottish painter, died (born 2/1806).

12/10/1875, Jean Carpeaux, French sculptor, died (born 11/5/1827).

25/6/1875, Antoine Barye, French sculptor, died (born in Paris 24/9/1796).

20/1/1875, French painter Jean Francois Millet died in Barbizon.

21/11/1874, Mariano Fortuny, Spanish painter, died (born 11/6/1838).

27/8/1874, John Foley, Irish sculptor, died (born 24/5/1818).

5/5/1874, Marc Gleyre, French painter, died (born 2/5/1806).

7/4/1874, Wilhelm von Kaulbach, German painter, died.

1/10/1873, Sir Edwin Landseer, painter, died in London.

22/10/1872, George Mason, English painter, died.

24/8/1872, Aubrey Beardsley, English artist, was born in Brighton (died in Mentone 16/3/1898).

31/5/1872, Illustrator and cartoonist Heath Robinson was born. He was famous for his drawings of absurdly complicated machinery performing simple tasks.

7/3/1872, Piet Mondrian, painter, was born.

25/3/1871, American sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, was born near Bear Lake, Idaho.

9/12/1870, Maximillian Ainmuller, German artist, died (born in Munich, 14/2/1807).

8/8/1870, Maximillian Ainmiller, German glass painter (born 14/2/1807) died.

14/5/1870, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, USA, received iits Charter.

25/4/1870, Daniel MacLise, Irish painter, died.

13/4/1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA, received its Charter.

31/12/1869, Henry Matisse, artist, was born.

10/6/1869, Frederic Hurlstone, English painter, died (born 1800).

22/12/1868, Solon Borglum, US sculptor, was born in Ogden, Utah.

19/11/1868, William Mount, US artist, died (born 26/1/1807).

13/11/1868, Giovanni Genelli, German painter, died (born 28/9/1798).

24/71868, George Cattermole, English painter, died (born 1800).

18/7/1868, Emanuel Leutze, US artist, died (born 24/5/1816).

22/12/1867, Painter Theodore Rousseau died in Barbizon, aged 55.

6/12/1867, Karl Bitter, US sculptor, was born in Vienna.

14/9/1867, Charles Gibson, US artist, was born.

22/5/1867, Edward Baily, British sculptor, died in Holloway (born in Bristol 10/3/1788).

3/4/1867, Gustav Klimt founded the Vienna Secessionist art movement.

31/1/1867, The four great bronze lions at the base of Nelson�s Column were completed by painter Sir Edward Landseer and positioned in Trafalgar Square.

14/1/1867, The painter Jean Auguste Ingres died aged 86 in Paris.

4/12/1866, Wassily Kandinsky, painter, was born.

26/8/1866, Hermann Goldschmidt, German painter, died (born 17/6/1802).

1/4/1866, Easter Sunday; Chester Harding, US portrait painter, died (born 1/9/1792).

27/1/1866, John Gibson, English sculptor, died (born 1790).

29/9/1865, Francois Heim, French painter, died (born 16/12/1787)

24/11/1864, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, painter, was born.

1/6/1864, John Gordon, Scottish painter, died (born 1788).

22/4/1864, Phil May, English caricaturist, was born (died 5/8/1903).

2/4/1864, Louis Michel Eilshemius, US painter, was born in New Jersey (died 29/12/1941 in New York City.

14/2/1864, William Dyce, British painter, died (born 1806)

10/2/1864, William Hunt, English painter, died (born 28/3/1790).

12/12/1863, Edward Munch, Norwegian artist who painted The Scream, was born.

10/12/1863, Charles Ingham, US artist, died (born 1769).

4/12/1863, James Harding, English landscape painter, died (born 1798).

20/9/1863, Frederick MacMonnies, US sculptor and painter, was born.

13/8/1863, The painter Eugene Delacroix died in Paris.

12/7/1863, Charles Cottet, French painter, was born at Puy.

7/7/1863, William, Mulready, English painter, died (born 30.4/1786).

24/5/1863, George Barnard, US sculptor, was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

26/3/1863, Augustus Egg, British painter, died (born 2/5/1816).

16/2/1863, Alvan Fisher, US portrait painter, died (born 9/8/1792).


3/12/1862, Charles Grafly, US sculptor, was born.

14/7/1862, Gustav Klimt, painter, was born.

7/7/1862, Friedrich Gauermann, Austrian painter, died (born 20/9/1807)).

24/3/1862, Frank Benson, US painter, was born in Salem, Massachusetts.

22/11/1861, Cyrus Dallin, US sculptor, was born.

12/9/1861, Wilton Lockwood, US artist, was born.

9/4/1861, Sir Charles Holroyd, British artist, was born.

9/2/1861, Francis Danby, English painter, died (born 16/11/1793).

22/8/1860, Aleixandre Decamps, French painter, died (born 3/3/1803).

25/4/1860, Thomas Clarke, US artist, was born.

2/10/1860, Louis Hersent, French painter, died (born 10/3/1777).

7/9/1860, Grandma Moses, US painter, was born in Greenwich, New York State.

11/8/1860, Gari Melchers, US artist, was born.

7/6/1859, David Cox, English painter, died (born 29/4/1783).

5/5/1859, Charles Leslie, English painter, died (born 19/10/1794).

12/10/1858, Painter Ando Hiroshige died in Edo, Japan, aged 61.

12/9/1858, Fernand Khnopff, Belgian painter, was born.

14/2/1858, Carl Marr, US artist, was born.

28/1/1858, Herbert Adams, US sculptor (died 21/5/.1945) was born.

9/7/1857, Robert Blum, US artist, was born in Cincinnatti, Ohio, (died in New York City 8/6/1903).

2/2/1857, Charles Davis, US landscape painter, was born.

27/10/1856, Kenyon Cox, US painter, was born in Ohio.

8/3/1856, Tom Roberts, painter, was born.

22/1/1856, Walter Gay, US artist, was born.

4/1/1856, Pierre David, sculptor, died (born 12/3/1789)

28/9/1855, George Brush, US painter, was born.

27/2/1855, Jakub Schikaneder, Bohemian painter, was born (died 15/11/1924).

19/1/1855, Jean Guerin, French painter, died (born 25/3/1783).

22/12/1854, Benedict Fogelberg, Swedish sculptor, died (born 8/8/1786).

10/2/1854, Giovanni Muzzioli, Italian painter, was born (died 5/8/1894).

11/12/1853, John Murphy, US landscape painter, was born.

17/1/1853, Thomas Harrison, US artist, was born.

18/12/1852, Horatio Greenhough, US sculptor, died (born 6/9/1805).

10/12/1852, Henri Gervex, French Painter, was born.

20/9/1852, William Finden, English line engraver, died (born 1787).

1/4/1852, Edwin Austin Abbey, US painter, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

19/12/1851, The painter Joseph Turner died in his house in Chelsea, London, under the assumed name of Booth.

3/12/1851, Cecil Lawson, English landscape painter, was born (died 10/6/1882).

4/5/1851, Thomas Dewing, US figure painter, was born.

3/12/1850, George Manson, Scotish water colour painter, was born (died 27/2/1876)

26/4/1850, Harry Bates, British sculptor, was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire (died in London 30/1/1899).

20/4/1850, Daniel French, US sculptor, was born.

22/2/1850, Sir William Allan, Scottish painter, died.

15/12/1849, Alfred East, English painter, was born.

21/11/1849, Francois Granet, French painter, died (born 17/12/1777).

22/6/1849, Francis Lathrop, US artist, was born (died 18/10/1909).

8/6/1849, Julien Dillens, Belgian sculptor, was born (died 11/1904).

6/5/1849, Wyatt Eaton, US portrait painter, was born (died 7/6/1896).

11/3/1849, William Etty, British painter, died (born 10/3/1787).

30/1/1849, Peter de Wint, English landscape painter, died (born 21/1/1784).

15/12/1848, Edwin Blashfield, US artist, was born in New York City.

9/10/1848, Frank Duvenek, US portrait painter, was born.

5/10/1848, Jean Detaille, French painter, was born.

7/6/1848, Paul Gauguin, French painter, was born in Paris.He was the son of a journalist.

11/2/1848, Thomas Cole, US landscape painter, died (born 1/2/1801).

25/12/1847, Frederick Dielmann, US painter, was born.

10/11/1847, Frederick Bridgman, painter, was born.

17/3/1847, Jean Gerard, French caricaturist, died (born 13/9/1803)

3/11/1846, Francis Millet, US artist, was born.

22/3/1846, Randolph Caldecott, English artist, was born (died 12/2/1886).

17/1/1846, Henry Inman, US artist, died (born 20/10/1801).

30/10/1845, Nicolas Charlet, French painter, died (born 20/12/1792)

23/9/1845, Jonathan Hartley, US sculptor was born.

8/9/1845, William Muller, English painter, died (born 28/6/1812).

15/8/1845, Walter Crane, English painter, was born.

25/5/1845, Thomas Duncan, Scottish portrait painter, died (born 1807).

2/11/1844, Sir Francis Gould, caricaturist, was born.

25/7/1844, Thomas C Eakins, US artist, was born (died 25/6/1916).

22/5/1844, Mary Cassall, Impressionist painter, was born.

20/2/1844, Michael von Munkacsy, Hungarian painter, was born (died 30/4/1900).

10/11/1843, John Trumbull, painter, died in New York aged 87.

9/7/1843, Washington Allston, US artist, died in Cambridge, Massachusetts (born 5/11/1779 in Waccamaw, South Carolina).

24/7/1842, John Cotman, English landscape painter, died (born 16/5/1782).

25/11/1841, Sir Francis Chantrey, English sculptor, died (born 7/4/1782).

4/10/1841, John Enneking, US landscape painter, was born.

4/9/1841, Albert Moore, English painter, was born (died 25/9/1893).

6/6/1841, Henry Mosler, US artist, was born.

25/2/1841, Pierre Auguste Renoir, French impressionist painter, was born in Limoges, the son of a tailor.

12/1/1841, Edward Henry, US painter, was born.

28/12/1840, Thomas Hovenden, US artist, was born (died 14/8/1895)

23/12/1840, Robert Gifford, US painter, was born (died 13/1/1905).

12/11/1840, Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, was born in Paris.

14/11/1840, Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, was born in Paris.

10/4/1840, Alexander Naysmyth, Scottish painter, died (born 9/9/1758).

19/3/1840, Thomas Daniell, English landscape painter, died (born 1749).

30/12/1839, William Hilton, English painter, died (born 3/6/1786).

30/4/1839, Robert Minor, US satirical painter, was born (died 4/8/1904).

16/2/1839, George Bissell, US sculptor, was born in New Preston, Connecticut.

19/1/1839, Paul Cezanne, French artist, was born in Aix en Provence, France.

10/10/1838, David Neal, US artist, was born.

11/6/1838, Mariano Fortuny, Spanish painter, was born (died 21/11/1874).

1/8/1837, Walter Geike, Scottish painter, died (born 9/11/1795).

8/5/1837, Alphonse Legros, French painter, was born.

31/3/1837, The painter John Constable died, aged 60.

12/1/1837, Thomas Moran, US artist, was born.

13/12/1836, Framz von Lembach, German painter, was born.

28/10/1836, Homer Martin, US artist, was born (died 2/2/1897).

31/5/1836, Alphonse Neuville, French painter, was born (died 18/5/1885).

24/2/1836, US artist Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

14/1/1836, Ignace Fantin-Latour, French artist, was born (died 28/8/1904).

26/6/1835, Baron Antoine Gros, French painter, drowned himself in the River Seine at Meudon, aged 64.

31/3/1835, John la Farge, US artist, was born in New York.

19/7/1834, Edward Degas, painter, was born in Paris.

11/7/1834, James McNeill Whistler, painter, was born.


28/8/1833, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, English painter, was born.

6/7/1833, Pierre Guerin, French painter, died (born 13/5/1774).

20/6/1833, Leon Bonnat, French painter, was born in Bayomnne.

17/4/1833, Vicat Cole, English painter, was born (died 6/4/1893).

8/4/1833, Raffaello Morghen, Italian engraver, died (born 19.6.1758).

6/1/1833, Gustav Dore, French artist, was born.

12/12/1832, Mauritz de Haas, US painter, was born (died 23/11/1895).

4/3/1832, Samuel Colman, US landscape painter, was born.

23/1/1832, Edouard Manet, French painter, was born in Paris.

6/1/1832, Gustave Dore, French artist, was born.

15/7/1831, Reinhold Begas, German sculptor, was born in Berlin.

7/3/1831, Henry Moore, English painter, was born (died 22/6/1895).

10/11/1830, Jacob Epstein, British sculptor, was born.

9/10/1830, Harriet Hosmer, US sculptor, was born (died 21/2/1908).

7/1/1830, Albert Bierstadt, US landscape painter, was born in Solingen, Germany (died in New York City 18/2/1902).

20/11/1829, Albert Bellows, US landscape painter, was born in Milford, Massachusetts (died in Auburndale, Massachusetts, 24/11/1883).

19/8/1829, Edward Moran, US artist, was born (died 9/6/1901).

18/7/1829, Paul Dubois, French sculptor, was born (died 1905).

8/6/1829, Sir John Millais, English painter, was born (died 13/8/1896).

5/3/1829, Jean Henner, French painter, was born (died 1905).

8/11/1828, Thomas Bewick, wood engraver, died (born near Newcastle on Tyne 8/1753).

16/7/1828, Jean Houdon, French sculptor, died (born 18/3/1740).

14/7/1828, Jervis McEntee, US artist, was born (died 27/1/1891).

9/7/1828, Painter Gilbert Stuart died in Boston, USA, aged 52.

16/4/1828, Francisco de Goya, Spanish painter and etcher, died in France aged 82.

16/10/1827, Arnold Bocklin, Swiss painter, was born in Basel (died 16/1/1901).

15/10/1827, Ralph Blakelock, US painter, was born in New York.

22/8/1827, Thomas Rowlandson, painter, died aged 70.

11/5/1827, Jean Carpeaux, French sculptor, was born (died 12/10/1875).

22/4/1827, Thomas Rowlandson, English watercolour painter (born 1756) died in London.

2/4/1827, William Hunt, English artist, was born (died 7/9/1910).

22/2/1827, Charles Wilson Peale, painter, died aged 85.

4/5/1826, Frederick Church, US landscape painter, was born (died 7/4/1900).

6/4/1826, Gustave Moreau, French painter, was born (died 18/4/1898).

21/2/1826, Joihn Kay, Scottish caricaturist, died.

29/12/1825, Jacques David, French painter, died (born 30/4/1748).

30/11/1825, Adolphe Bouguereau, French painter, was born in La Rochelle (died 20/8/1905).

1/5/1825, George Innes, US landscape painter, was born (died 3/8/1894).

27/4/1825, Dominique Denon, French artist, died (born 4/1/1747).

16/4/1825, Henry Fuseli, Swiss-German painter, died (born 7/2/1741).

13/4/1825, William Beard, US painter, was born in Painesville, Ohio (died 1900).

14/1/1825, George Dance, painter, died.

9/11/1824, Anne Girodet, French painter, died (born 5/1/1767).

29/7/1824, Eastman Johnson, artist, was born (died 5/4/1906).

31/3/1824, William Hunt, US painter, was born (died 31/7/1895).

27/1/1824, Josef Israels, Dutch painter, was born.

26/1/1824, Jean Gericault, French painter, died (born 1791).

10/8/1823, Charles Keene, English artist, was born (died 4/1/1891).

10/7/1823, Sandford Gifford, US painter, was born (died 29/8/1880).

31/3/1823, William Hart, US painter, was born.

13/10/1822, Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor, died (born 1/11/1757).

4/7/1822, Jean Baptiste Guillaume, French sculptor, was born (died 1905).

22/2/1822, Rosa Bonheur, French painter, was born in Bordeaux (died 1899).

10/9/1821, Johann Fiorillo, German painter, died (born 13/10/1748)

4/7/1821, Richard Cosway, English miniature painter, died

22/4/1821, Easter Sunday; John Crome, English landscape painter, died (born 21/12/1780).

16/4/1821, Ford Brown, English painter, was born (died 6/10/1893).

16/12/1820, Sir George Scharf, director of the British National Portrait Gallery, was born (died 19/4/1895).

8/4/1820, The famous Venus de Milo sculpture was discovered by a peasant on the Aegean island of Melos. Thought to have been crafted by Alexandros of Antioch, the object was given to King Louis XVIII, who donated it to the Louvre.

11/3/1820, Benjamin West, painter, died aged 81 in London.

28/2/1820, Sir John Tenniel, illustrator and cartoonist, was born.

21/11/1819, James Hook, English painter, was born (died 14/4/1907).

23/6/1819, Henry Gray, US painter, was born (died 12/11/1877).

10/6/1819, Gustave Courbet, French painter, was born (died 31/12/1877).

9/1/1819, William Frith, English painter, was born (died 2/11/1909).

21/6/1818, Sir Richard Wallace, art collector and philanthropist, was born.

24/5/1818, John Foley, Irish sculptor, was born (died 27/8/1874).

22/3/1818, Easter Sunday; John Kensett, US painter, was born.

29/8/1817, John Leech, English caricaturist, was born (died 29/10/1864).

21/7/1817, Sir John Gilbert, English painter, was born (died 6/10/1897).

15/2/1817, Charles Daubigny, French landscape painter, was born (died 19/2/1878).

29/1/1817, John Horsley, English painter, was born (died 18/10/1903).

14/10/1816, Daniel Huntingdon, US artist, was born (died 19/4/1906).

2/5/1816, Augustus Egg, British painter, was born (died 26/3/1863).

24/5/1816, Emanuel Leutze, US artist, was born (died 18/7/1868).

16/2/1816, Giovanni Morelli, Italian art critic, was born (died 28/2/1891).

29/9/1815, Andreas Achenbach, German landscape painter, was born (died 31/3/1910).

11/6/1815, Hablot Browne, artist, was born (died 8/7/1882).

21/2/1815, Jean Messonier, French painter, was born (died 21/1/1891).

18/2/1815, Hendrik Leys, Belgian painter, was born.

8/12/1815, Adolph Menzel, German artist, was born (died 9/2/1905).

1814, Dulwich Art Gallery opened; the first public art gallery.

29/3/1814, Claude Michel, French sculptor, died (born 20/12/1738).

22/3/1814, Thomas Crawford, US sculptor, was born (died 10/10/1857).

24/2/1814, Henry Brown, US sculptor, was born (died 10/7/1886).

28/6/1812, William Muller, English painter, was born (died 8/9/1845).

11/3/1812, Philip de Loutherberg, English artist, died (born 31/10/1740).

15/10/1811, Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland, English painter, died (born 18/5/1735).

11/11/1810, Portrait painter Johann Zoffany died in Middlesex, England.

23/1/1810, John Hoppner, English portrait painter, died

20/9/1807, Friedrich Gauermann, Austrian painter, was born (died 7/7/1862).

14/2/1807, Maximillian Ainmuller, German artist, was born in Munich (died 9/12/1870).

26/1/1807, William Mount, US artist, was born (died 19/11/1868).

22/10/1806, Thomas Sheraton, furniture designer and cabinet maker, died.

25/8/1808, Narcisse Diaz, French painter, was born (died 18/11/1876).

22/8/1806, Jean Honore Fragonard, eminent French rococo painter before the revolution, died in poverty. He no longer had any clients for his artwork.

10/7/1806, George Stubbs, British painter and engraver, famous for his sports-related pictures, especially of horses, died in London.

2/5/1806, Marc Gleyre, French painter, was born (died 5/5/1874).

22/2/1806, James Barry, English painter, died (born in Cork 11/10/1741).

6/9/1805, Horatio Greenhough, US sculptor, was born (died 18/12/1852).

19/6/1805, Louis Lagrenee, French painter, died (born 30/12/1721.

2/2/1805, Thomas Banks, English sculptor, died in London (born in London 29/12/1735).

27/1/1805, Samuel Palmer, artist, was born.

29/10/1804, George Morland, English painter, died (born 26/6/1763).

4/5/1804, Antonio Cavanilles, painter, died (born 16/1/1745)

26/9/1803, Thomas Cooper, English painter, was born (died 7/2/1902).

13/9/1803, Jean Gerard, French caricaturist, was born (died 17/3/1847)

3/3/1803, Aleixandre Decamps, French painter, was born (died 22/8/1860).

15/11/1802, George Romney, British painter, died.

9/11/1802, Thomas Girtin, british watercolour painter, died.

17/6/1802, Hermann Goldschmidt, German painter, was born (died 26/8/1866).

7/3/1802, Sculptor and animal painter Sir Edward Landseer was born in London, the son of an engraver. He designed the bronze lions at the base of Nelson�s Column in Trafalgar Square.

20/10/1801, Henry Inman, US artist, was born (died 17/1/1846).

4/9/1801, Alfred d�Orsay, French artist, was born (died 4/8/1852).

16/8/1801, Ralph Earle, US portrait painter, died (born 11/5/1771).

9/5/1801, Samuel Cousins, English engraver, was born (died 7/5/1887).

1/2/1801, Thomas Cole, US landscape painter, was born (died 11/2/1848).

9/2/1800, Joseph von Fuhrich, Austrian painter, was born (died 13/3/1876).

4/8/1799, John Bacon, sculptor, died in London (born 24/11/1740 in Southwark),

28/9/1798, Giovanni Genelli, German painter, was born (died 13/11/1868).

26/4/1798, The painter Eugene Delacroix was born near Paris.

17/7/1797, Hippolyte Delaroche, French painter, was born (died 4/11/1856).

21/8/1796, Asher Durand, US painter, was born (died 17/9/1886).

26/7/1796, Jean Baptiste Corot, French landscape painter, was born (died 22/2/1875).

28/5/1796, William Miller, Scottish line engraver, was born (died 20/1/1882).

3/2/1796, Jean Madou, Belgian painter, was born (died 31/3/1877).

9/11/1795, Walter Geike, Scottish painter, was born (died 1/8/1837).

24/9/1795, Antoine Barye, French sculptor, was born in Paris (died 25/6/1875).

3/1/1795, Josiah Wedgwood, English potter and creator of blue jasper ware, died in Staffordshire.

19/10/1794, Charles Leslie, English painter, was born (died 5/5/1859).

17/11/1793, Sir Charles Eastlake, English painter, was born (died 24/12/1865).

19/7/1793, Thomas Doughty, US painter (died 22/7/1856 in New York city) was born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

20/12/1792, Nicolas Charlet, French painter, was born (died 30/10/1845).

1/9/1792, Chester Harding, US portrait painter, was born (died 1/4/1866).

9/8/1792, Alvan Fisher, US portrait painter, was born (died 16/2/1863).

16/6/1792, John Linnell, English painter, was born (died 20/1/1882).

27/2/1792, George Cruikshank, English artist, was born (died 1/2/1878).

23/2/1792, Joshua Reynolds, English portrait painter, died in London.

22/8/1790, Francois Forster, French engraver, was born (died 27/6/1872).

28/3/1790, William Hunt, English painter, was born (died 10/2/1864).

19/7/1789, John Martin, English painter, was born (died 17/2/1854).

2/8/1788, The painter Thomas Gainsborough, born 14/5/1727, died.

10/3/1788, Edward Baily, British sculptor, was born in Bristol (died in Holloway 22/5/1867).

18/2/1788, Maurice la Tour, French pastel painter, died (born 5/9/1704).

16/12/1787, Francois Heim, French painter, was born (died 29/9/1865)

10/3/1787, William Etty, British painter, was born (died 13/11/1849).

3/6/1786, William Hilton, English painter, was born (died 30/12/1839).

30/4/1786, William, Mulready, English painter, was born (died 7/7/1863).

26/1/1786, Benjamin Haydon, English painter, was born (died 22/6/1846).

14/12/1785, Giovanni Battista Cipriani, Italian born English neoclassical painter, died in London aged 58.

26/4/1785, John James Audubon, US artist, was born in Les Cayes, St Dominique, west Indies (died 1859).

10/8/1784, Allan Ramsay, portrait painter, died in Dover, England, aged 70.

21/1/1784, Peter de Wint, English landscape painter, was born (died 30/1/1849).

18/12/1783, Johan Bystrom, Swedish sculptor, was born (died 1848).

29/4/1783, David Cox, English painter, was born (died 7/6/1859).

25/3/1783, Jean Guerin, French painter, was born (died 19/1/1855).

16/5/1782,John Cotman, English landscape painter, was born (died 24/7/1842).

7/4/1782, Sir Francis Chantrey, English sculptor, was born (died 25/11/1841).

14/11/1780, Jacobus Houbraken, Dutch engraver, died (25/12/1698).

29/8/1780, Jean Ingres, French painter, was born (died 17/1/1867).

6/12/1779, Jean Baptiste Chardin, painter, died in Paria aged 80.

6/12/1779, Jean Baptiste Chardin, painter, died in Paria aged 80.

5/11/1779, Washington Allston, US artist, was born in Waccamaw, South Carolina. He died 9/7/1843 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

29/6/1779, Anton Raphael Mengs, early Italian neoclassical painter, died in Rome aged 51.

22/12/1778, Simon Lantara, French landscape painter, died (born 24/3/1729).

10/3/1777, Louis Hersent, French painter, was born (died 2/10/1860).

11/6/1776, John Constable, landscape painter, was born in East Bergholt, Suffolk, the son of a landowner and miller.

13/5/1774, Pierre Guerin, French painter, was born (died 6/7/1833).

30/5/1770, Painter and engraver Francois Boucher died in Paris.

4/5/1770, Francois Gerard, French painter, was born (died 11/1/1837).

21/12/1769, John Crome, English landscape painter, was born (died 22/4/1821).

4/5/1769, Sir Thomas Lawrence, English painter, was born (died 7/1/1830).

10/12/1768, The Royal Academy of Arts, London, was founded.Joshua Reynolds was the first President.

8/10/1768, Pierre Fournier, French engraver, died (born 15/9/1712).

20/4/1768, Painter Canaletto died in Venice. Born there in 1697, Canaletto painted many scenes of Venice before moving to England in 1746 to paint the country houses there.

11/4/1767, Jean Isabey, French painter, was born (died 1855).

5/1/1767, Anne Girodet, French painter, was born (died 9/12/1824).

27/10/1764, The painter and engraver William Hogarth died in London, aged 67.He was buried in Chiswick churchyard. He also pushed for legislation to protect the intellectual property of artists, the so-called �Hogarth Act� of 1753.

26/6/1763, George Morland, English painter, was born (died 29/10/1804).

21/4/1760, Britain�s first art exhibition opened. The Annual Exhibition of United Artists was held at the premises of the Society of Arts on The Strand, London.

15/10/1758, Johann Heinrich von Dannecker, German sculptor, was born (died 1841)

9/9/1758, Alexander Naysmyth, Scottish painter, was born (died 10/4/1840).

19/6/1758, Raffaello Morghen, Italian engraver, was born (died 8/4/1833).

1/11/1757, Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor, was born (died 13/10/1822).

6/7/1755, John Flaxman, English sculptor, was born (died 7/12/1826).

12/3/1749, Allesandro Magnasco, painter, died aged 81 in Genoa.

13/10/1748, Johann Fiorillo, German painter, was born (died 10/9/1821)

30/8/1748, Jacques David, French painter, was born (died 29/12/1825).

4/1/1747, Dominique Denon, French artist, was born (died 27/4/1825).

30/3/1746, Francisco de Goya, Spanish painter, was born in Fuendetodos, near Saragosa, son of a master gilder.

20/3/1746, Nicolas Largilliere, French painter, died (born 20/10/1656).

16/1/1745, Antonio Cavanilles, painter, was born (died 4/5/1804).

14/9/1743, Nicolas Lancret, French painter, died (born 22/1/1660).

30/10/1741, Angelica Kauffman, French painter, was born.

11/10/1741, James Barry, English painter, was born in Cork (died 22/2/1806).

7/2/1741, Henry Fuseli, Swiss-German painter, was born (died 16/4/1825).

24/11/1740, John Bacon, sculptor, was born in Southwark (died 4/8/1799 in London)

31/10/1740, Philip de Loutherberg, English artist, was born (died 11/3/1812).

18/3/1740, Jean Houdon, French sculptor, was born (died 16/7/1828).

20/12/1738, Claude Michel, French sculptor, was born (died 29/3/1814).

29/12/1735, Thomas Banks, English sculptor, was born in London (died in London 2/2/1805).

18/5/1735, Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland, English painter, was born (died 15/10/1811).

12/7/1730, Josiah Wedgewood, potter, was born at Burslem, Staffordshire.

24/3/1729, Simon Lantara, French landscape painter, was born (died 22/12/1778).

14/5/1727, Artist Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury, Suffolk. He was the son of a cloth merchant.

21/8/1725, Jean Greuze, French painter, was born (died 4/3/1805).

30/12/1724, Louis Lagrenee, French painter, was born (died 19/6/1805).

7/11/1723, Sir Godfrey Kneller, portrait painter, died (born 8/8/1648).

16/7/1723, Joshua Reynolds, English portrait painter, was born at Plympton Earls, Devon.

8/9/1721, Michael Brokoff, sculptor, died.

18/7/1721, Painter Jean Antoine Watteau died aged 36 of smallpox in Nogent sur Marne.

10/10/1720, Charles Coysevox, French sculptor, died (born 29/9/1640).

5/4/1717, Jean Jouvenet, French painter, died.

13/12/1716, Charles de Lafosse, French painter, died.

15/9/1712, Pierre Fournier, French engraver, was born (died 8/10/1768).

12/9/1712, Jan van der Heyden, Dutch painter, died (born 1637).

7/12/1709, Meindert Hobbema, painter, died in Amsterdam aged 71,

8/4/1707, Painter Willem van de Velde the Younger died in Greenwich, London, aged 73.

5/9/1704, Maurice la Tour, French pastel painter, was born (died 18/2/1788).

27/9/1703, Francois Boucher, painter, was born.

25/12/1698, Jacobus Houbraken, Dutch engraver, was born (died 14/11/1780).

10/11/1697, Painter William Hogarth was born at Smithfield, London, the son of a teacher.

18/10/1697. Birth of painter Canaletto. He was born in Venice, as Giovanni Antonio Canal, and was trained by his father who was a scene painter. As a youth Canaletto went to Rome to study under the classical painter Pannini. He returned to Venice to become the most famous painter of Venetian views of the 18th century. His patron was Joseph Smith who served as English consul in Venice; as a result Canaletto�s work became popular with English travellers and he cane to England in 1746, staying there for most of the next 10 years. He painted his four views of Warwick castle, the two largest of which are (2001) in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

16/4/1696, Giovanni Batista Tiepolo, Venetian painter, was born.

3/4/1695, Melchior d�Hondecoeterk Dutch painter, died.

25/4/1690, David Teniers the Younger, painter, died aged 79.

22/2/1690, Charles le Brun, French painter, died (born 24/2/1619).

14/1/1684, Jean-Baptiste van Loo, painter, was born.

21/11/1682, Claude Lorrain, painter, died in Rome aged 82.

3/4/1682, Bartolome Murillo, painter, died in Seville aged 64.

14/3/1682, Jacob van Ruysdael, painter, died in Amsterdam, aged 53..

28/11/1680, Italian sculptor Giovanni Bernini died.

15/6/1679, Guillaume Courtois, French painter, died (born 1628).

28/3/1677, Wenzel Hoillar, Bohemian etcher, died (born 13/7/1607).

20/5/1676, Jacques Courtois, French painter, died (born 1621),

15/12/1675. Jan Vermeer died aged 43.

22/10/1674, Gerbrand Eeckhout, Dutch painter, died (born 19/8/1621)

12/8/1674, Philippe de Champaigne, Belgian painter, died (born 1602).

15/3/1673, The painter Salvator Rosa died in Rome, aged 57.

5/5/1672, Samuel Cooper, English miniature painter, died (born 1609).

21/1/1672, Painter Adriaen van de Velde died in Amsterdam aged 41.

4/10/1669. The Dutch painter Rembrandt died in solitude and poverty, aged 63, in Amsterdam, having survived both his wife and his mistress. He gradually went bankrupt after his wealthy wife died in 1642, although in his 30s he earned large sums of money from painting portraits of the elite in Amsterdam. He left a legacy of 600 paintings, 1500 drawings and 350 etchings.

9/4/1667, The world�s first art exhibition opened at the Palais Royale in Paris, organised by the Academie de Peinture et de Sculpture. It closed on 23/4/1667.

22/12/1666, Painter Guercino died in Bologna, aged 75.

26/8/1666, Painter Franz Hals died in Haatrlem aged 86.

6/8/1660, Diego Rodriguez Velazquez, painter, died in Madrid.

22/1/1660, Nicolas Lancret, French painter, was born (died 14/9/1743).

28/12/1656, Laureint de Lahire, French painter, died (born 27/2/1606).

20/10/1656, Nicolas Largilliere, French painter, was born (died 20/3/1746).

30/4/1655, Eustache le Sueur, French painter, died (born 19/11/1617).

27/4/1656, Jan van Goyen, painter, died.

10/6/1654, Alessandro Algardi, Italian sculptor (born 1602 in Bologna) died in Rome.

22/6/1650, Matthew Merian, Swiss engraver, died (born 25/9/1593).

8/8/1646, Sir Godfrey Kneller, portrait painter, was born (died 7/11/1723).

18/8/1642, Reni Guido, Italian painter, died (born 4/11/1575).

9/12/1641, Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Flemish court painter to Charles I from 1632, died in his studio in Blackfriars, London, aged 42, and was buried in Old St Pauls.

15/4/1641, Zampieri Domenichino, Italian painter, died (born 21/10/1581).

29/9/1640, Charles Coysevox, French sculptor, was born (died 10/10/1720).

30/5/1640, Peter Paul Reubens, Flemish Baroque painter, died in Antwerp.

31/10/1632, Jan Vermeer, Dutch painter, was born in Delft, the son of an art dealer.

17/3/1628, Francois Girardon, French sculptor, was born (died 1715).

24/2/1619, Charles le Brun, French painter, was born (died 22/2/1690).

7/1/1619, Nicholas Hilliard, English painter, died.

19/11/1617, Eustache le Sueur, French painter, was born (died 30/4/1655).

1/1/1617, Hendrik Goltzius, Dutch painter, died (born 1558).

8/4/1614. The Greek-born Spanish painterDomenikos Theotokopoulos, or El Greco died in Toledo.

7/4/1613, Gerhard Douw, Dutch painter, was born (died 1680).

19/8/1621, Gerbrand Eeckhout, Dutch painter, was born (died 22/10/1674)

18/7/1610, Italian painter Caravaggio died, A man with a violent temper, he had killed a man in 1606 and had to flee Rome for Naples, He heard that he was to be pardoned by the Pope and died on his way back to Rome.

19/8/1609, Johannes Fyt, Belgian painter, was born (died 1661).

22/9/1607, Alessandro Allori, painter, died.

15/7/1606. Rembrandt, or Harmenszoon Van Rijn, the Dutch painter, was born at Leyden.He was the son of a prosperous miller.

13/7/1607, Wenzel Hoillar, Bohemian etcher, was born (died 28/3/1677).

27/2/1606, Laureint de Lahire, French painter, was born (died 28/12/1656).

6/6/1599, Diego Velasquez, Spanish painter, was born in Seville.

22/3/1599, Sir Anthony van Dyck, Flemish artist and court painter to Charles I of England, was born in Antwerp, son of a cloth manufacturer.

7/12/1598, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, sculptor and architect, was born.

13/1/1596, Jan Goyen, Dutch painter, was born (died 1656).

31/5/1594, Tintoretto, his real name being Jacopo Robusti, one of the great Italian painters, died in Venice, aged 76.

25/9/1593, Matthew Merian, Swiss engraver, was born (died 22/6/1650).

8/7/1593, Artemisia Gentileschi, painter, was born.

5/3/1592, Michael Coxcie, Flemish painter, died (born 1499).

21/10/1581, Il Domenichino, Italian painter (died 15/4/1641 in Naples) was born in Bologna, Italy.

21/12/1579, Vicente Joanes, Spanish painter, died (born 1506).

5/2/1578, Giambattista Moron, Italian portratit painter, died.

28/6/1577, Peter Van Rubens, Flemish painter, was born in Siegen, Westphalia, the son of a lawyer.

27/8/1576, Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) died, of bubonic plague, in Venice. His age was uncertain, but was believed to be over 90.

4/11/1575, Reni Guido, Italian painter, was born (died 18/8/1642).

28/9/1573, Caravaggio, painter, was born.

22/12/1572, Francois Clouet, French miniature painter, died.

23/11/1572, Painter Bronzino died in Florence, aged 69.

18/2/1564. Michelangelo Buonarotti died in Rome, aged 88.

12/2/1538, Abrecht Altdorfer, painter, died.

6/4/1528, Albrecht Durer, German artist and engraver, died in Nuremberg, aged 57.

6/4/1520, The painter Raphael died on his 37th birthday.He was born in Urbino, Italy, on 6/4/1483.

29/9/1518, Tintoretto, Venetian painter, was born as Jabobi Robusti, the son of a dyer.

11/3/1514, Lazzari Bramante, Italian painter and architect, died.

1/11/1512, Michaelangelo unveiled his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

25/10/1510, Giorgione, painter, died.

17/5/1510, Death of Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli, aged 65, whose work included The Birth of Venus.

13/9/1506, Andrea Mantegna, Italian painter, died in Mantua.

8/9/1504, Michelangelo, 29, unveiled his statue of David in Florence. The 13 foot high marble statue had taken him three years to carve.

3/11/1503, Michaelangelo was commissioned to painta portrait of Lisa Gherardini, by her husband, Francesco del Giocondo. This painting, completed in 1507, is now known as the Mona Lisa.

29/8/1499, Alessio Baldovinetti, Florentine painter, died (born 14/10/1427).

11/1/1494, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Florentine painter, died (born 1449).

28/3/1483, Raphael, Italian painter, was born in Urbino as Raffaello Sanzio or Santi.

14/2/1483, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Florentine painter, was born (died 1560).

6/3/1475, Michelangelo, Italian painter and sculptor, was born in Capresse, Tiuscany, as Michelagniolo di Lodovico Buonarroti.

21/5/1471, Albrecht Durer, German artist and engraver, was born in Nuremberg. He was the son of a goldsmith.

8/10/1469, Fra Filippo Lippi, painter, died.

13/12/1466, Donatello, sculptor, died.

16/6/1464, Roger van der Weyden, painter, died.

26/4/1452, Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, scientist, and inventor, was born into The Renaissance.

16/4/1446, Filippo Brunelleschi, the Florentine architect and sculptor who designed the city�s cathedral, died.

9/6/1441, Dutch painter Jan van Eyck, equerry to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, died.

14/10/1427, Alessio Baldovinetti, Florentine painter, was born (died 29/8/1499).

14/2/1404, Leone Alberti, Italian artist, was born (died 1472).

8/1/1337, The painter Giotto died, aged 70.

18,000 BCE, The world�s oldest sculptures, made in Asia, have been dated to this period.


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11/5/1976, Alvar Aalto, Finnish architect, died aged 78.

24/3/1971, Arne Jacobsen, Danish architect, died aged 69.

17/8/1969, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect, died.

5/7/1969, Sir Walter Gropius, architect, founder of the Bauhaus school of design, died.

27/8/1965. The Swiss architect Le Corbusier died.

9/4/1959, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed New York�s Guggenheim Museum, died aged 89.

22/9/1942, Ralph Adams Cram, US architect, died

7/7/1935, George Keller, Irish-born US architect, died aged 92

23/7/1933. Richard Rogers, architect who designed the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Lloyds Building in London, was born.

7/8/1929, James Pilditch, designer, was born.

10/6/1926, Spanish architect Gaudi y Cornet died. His most famous building is the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.

14/4/1924, Louis Sullivan, US architect, died in Chicago.

7/1/1908, Sir Frederick Gibberd, town planner who designed Harlow New Town, was born (died 1984).He also designed Didcot power station (1968), the Intercontinental Hotel at Hyde Park Corner, London (1975), Liverpool�s Catholic cathedral (1967), and the Regent�s Park Mosque (1977).

21/10/1907, George Bodley, English architect, died in Water Eaton, Oxford (born 1827).

8/7/1906, Philip Johnson, architect, was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

21/1/1905, Christian Dior, French designer, was born in Granville.

21/5/1902, Marcel Lajos Breuer, architect, was born (died 1981)

11/2/1902, Arne Jacobsen, Danish architect, was born (died 1971)

20/2/1901, Louis Isadore Kahn, architect, was born (died 1974).

23/2/1900, William Butterfield, English architect, died (born 1814).

30/10/1899, Sir Arthur Blomfield, English architect, died (born 6/3/1829).

3/8/1898, Jean Garnier, French architect, died (born 6/11/1825).

11/1/1891, Baron Georges-Eugene Haussman, architect who designed the broad straight boulevards of Paris, died in poverty.

25/3/1888, William Nesfield, British architect, died (born 2/4/1835).

27/3/1886, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect, was born in Aachen, Germany.

9/11/1880, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, British architect, was born.

19/4/1874, Owen Jones, British architect, died (born 1809).

8/1/1873, Harvey Corbett, US architect, was born in San Francisco,

29/3/1869, Sir Edward Lutyens, British architect, was born in London.

25/3/1867, Jacques Hittorff, French architect, died (born 20/8/1792).

18/4/1867, John Smirke, who designed the fa�ade of the British Museum, died.

8/6/1865, Sir Joseph Paxton, ornamental gardener and architect who designed the Crystal Palace for the 1851 Great Exhibition, died.

20/10/1860, Walter Cope, US architect, was born in Pennsylvania.

12/5/1860, Sir Charles Barry, architect, died in Clapham, London (born in London 23/5/1795).

10/10/1853, Pierre Fontaine, French architect, died (born 20/9/1762).

14/9/1852, Lord Pugin, co-designer of the Houses of Parliament with Sir Charles Barry, died at Ramsgate.

26/11/1847, Harvey Elmes, British architect, died (born 1813).

24/8/1847, Charles McKim, US architect, was born (died 14/9/1909).

15/4/1844, Charles Bulfinch, US architect, died (born 8/8/1763).

20/1/1837, Sir Robert Soane, architect, died in London. He designed the Bank of England building on Threadneedle Street.

13/5/1835, John Nash, architect of Regents Park and Brighton Pavilion, died on the Isle of Wight. He had been commissioned by King George IV to redevelop parts of London, such as Trafalgar Square and Regent Street.

2/4/1835, William Nesfield, British architect, was born (died 25/3/1888).

14/8/1833, Luigi Cagnola, Italian architect, died (born 9/6/1762).

6/3/1829, Sir Arthur Blomfield, English architect, was born (died 30/10/1899).

6/11/1825, Jean Garnier, French architect, was born (died 3/8/1898).

1821, The designer, Louis Vuitton, was born in Jura, eastern France, to a farming family. At age 13 he walked to Paris and became apprentice to a master trunk maker.

13/7/1811, Sir George Gilbert Scott, architect who designed the Albert Memorial and St Pancras Station, was born.

9/3/1808, Guiseppe Bonomi, English architect, died in London (born in Rome 19/1/1739).

26/2/1808, Honore Daumier, painter and sculptor, was born.

31/8/1801, Sir Joseph Paxton, architect of the Crystal Palace, was born at Milton Bryant near Woburn, Bedfordshire.

23/5/1795, Birth of architect Sir Charles Barry, who designed the Houses of Parliament in London

6/2/1783. English landscape gardener Lancelot �Capability� Brown died. Kew Gardens and Blenheim Palace are examples of his work.

9/7/1764, Louis Baltard, French architect, was born in Paris (died in Paris 13/1/1874).

8/8/1763, Charles Bulfinch, US architect, was born (died 15/4/1844).

20/9/1762, Pierre Fontaine, French architect, was born (died 10/10/1853).

9/6/1762, Luigi Cagnola, Italian architect, was born (died 14/8/1833).

10/9/1753. Birth of architect Sir John Soane. He was born at Goring, near Reading, the son of a mason, and in 1788 he became architect and surveyor to the Bank of England. The new exterior he created for the Bank was regarded as his most famous work. In 1806 he became Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy; he was knighted in 1831. His home at 13 Lincoln�s Inn Fields, which he designed, was the setting for his art and antiques collection. He lived there alone after his wife died in 1815; it is now the John Soane Museum. He also designed the Dulwich College Picture Gallery in south London.

19/1/1739, Guiseppe Bonomi, English architect, was born in Rome (died in London 9/3/1808).

17/1/1738, German architect, Matthaus Poppelman, died aged 74.

25/3/1736, Nicholas Hawksmoor, Emglish architect, pupil of Christopher Wren, died (born 1661).

26/3/1726, Sir John Vanbrugh, English playwright and architect of Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard, and many other stately homes, died of quinsy.

5/4/1723, Austrian architect JB Fischer von Erlach died aged 66.

25/2/1723, Sir Christopher Wren, architect, born 20/10/1632 in East Knoyle, Wiltshire, died aged 91, in London. His works included St Paul�s Cathedral (see 22/6/1675) and Chelsea Hospital. He was buried in the crypt of St Pauls Cathedral.

26/3/1721, Nicolas le Camus, French architect, was born (died 27/7/1789).

21/6/1652. The architect, Inigo Jones, died. He had designed the Queen�s House at Greenwich and the Banqueting Hall at Whitehall. He also laid out Lincoln�s Inn Fields and Covent Garden.

16/4/1646, Birth of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, French court architect to King Louis XIV who designed the Hall of Mirrors and the Orangery at Versailles.

20/10/1632, Christopher Wren, English astronomer and architect, designer of St Paul�s Cathedral, was born in East Knoyle, Wiltshire, the son of a dean.

19/4/1588, Paolo Veronese, Italian painter, died.

15/7/1573, Architect Inigo Jones was born in London.He was the son of a clothmaker.

7/71573, Giacomo Barocchio, Italian architect, died in Rome (born in Vignola 1/10/1507).

8/1/1570, Philibert Delorme, French architect, died.

30/11/1518, Andrea Palladio, Italian architect, was born.

11/3/1514, Lazzari Bramante, Italian painter and architect, died.

1/10/1507, Giacomo Barocchio, Italian architect, was born in Vignola (died in Rome 7/71573).

18/2/1455, Fra Angelico, Florentine painter, died.

26/4/1452, Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, scientist, and inventor, was born into The Renaissance.

9/7/1440, Jan van Eyck, Dutch painter, died in Bruges.

28/3/1438, Santi Raphael, painter, died.


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