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18/6/2020, Dame Vera Lynn, entertainer of the UK forces during World War Two, died (born 20/3/1917).

21/4/2016, The artist Prince, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, born 7/6/1958, died.

1/2/2016, Murray Louis, American dancer and choreographer died (born 1926).

10/1/2016, David Bowie, born in 1947 as David Jones in Brixton, London, died of cancer two days after his 69th birthday.

25/1/2015, Greek operatic singer Demis Roussos, born 14/6/1946, died. He sold 60 million albums, and was also known for his excess weight, 23 stone at its peak. Because of his weight be began to wear kaftans for his stage performances, reverting to trousers when he began a weight loss programme in 1980.

8/3/2005, Kathie Kay, singer, died (born 1919)/

28/2/2005, Chris Curtis, drummer and vocalist with pop group The Searchers, died 9born 8/1941).

15/2/2005, Marcello Viotti, conductor, died (born 29/6/1954).

13/2/2005, Sixten Ehrling, conductor, died (born 3/4/1918)

6/2/2005, Lazar Berman, pianist, died (born 26/2/1930)

31/1/2005, The trial of musician Michael Jackson on child molestation charges began. Suspicions were aroused by a documentary from February 2003 by Martin Bashir about the experiences of children at Jackson�s Neverland ranch. Jackson was found not guilty; conviction would have brought a sentence of over 18 years.

28/1/2005, Jim Capaldi, singer and drummer, died (born 2/8/1944)

25/1/2005, June Bronhill, soprano singer, died (born 26/6/1929).

10/1/2005, Margherita Carioso, soprano singer, died (born 8/6/1908).

10/6/2004, Ray Charles, pianist, singer and saxophonist, who pioneered a fusion of gospel, jazz, blues and country music, died.

12/9/2003, Johnny Cash, US musician, died (born 1932).


10/9/2000, The final performance on Broadway of Andrew Lloyd Webber�s musical CATS. It premiered on 7/10/1982 and ran for 18 years and 7.485 performances.

7/10/1982, Andrew Lloyd Webber�s musical CATS premiered on Broadway. It ran for 18 years and 7.485 performances, until 10/9/2000.


2/3/1999, Dusty Springfield, singer, died.

15/5/1998, Frank Sinatra died.

21/10/1997, Elton John�sCandle in the Wind�, a tribute to Diana Princess of Wales, sold 31.8 million copies, the best seller ever.

1/8/1997, Sbviatoslav Richter, Russian pianist, died.

21/11/1995, Jim Eanes, musician, died (born 6/12/1923).

2/9/1995, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened in Cleveland, Ohio.

5/4/1994, US rock star Kurt Cobain, frontman of Nirvana, shot himself aged 27.

4/12/1993, Frank Zappa, US rock musician, died.

20/6/1993, Benjamin Mascolo, singer, was born

8/4/1993, Marian Anderson, US musician, died.

23/2/1993, Jae Curtis, guitarist, was born.

12/8/1992, US composer John Cage died, aged 79.


Jazz music

12/9/2000, Stanley Turrentine, USjazz saxophonist, died aged 66

4/7/1992, Joe Newman, US jazz trumpeter, died (born 1922).

28/9/1991, Miles Davis, US jazz musician, died.

20/8/1988, Thaddeus Joseph Jones US jazz trumpeter, died.

13/5/1988, Chet Baker, US jazz trumpeter, died.

2/4/1987, Buddy Rich, US jazz musician, died aged 69 (born 1917).

13/6/1986, Benny Goodman, US jazz musician, died.

16/4/1984, Count Basie, US jazz pianist, died aged 79.

24/5/1974, Duke Ellington, jazz musician, died of lung cancer aged 75.

6/7/1971, Louis Armstrong, US jazz musician, died aged 69.

30/10/1959, Saxophonists Ronnie Scott and Pete King opened Ronnie Scott�s Jazz Club in Gerrard Street, Soho, London.

25/3/1958, Tom Brown, US dixieland jazz trombonist, died aged 69.

4/3/1956, Kermit Driscoll, US jazz bassist, was born.

12/3/1955, Jazz saxophonist Charles Parker died.

15/12/1943, US jazz musician Fats Waller died.

10/7/1941, �Jelly Roll� Morton, jazz band leader and pianist, died.

5/3/1932, Bill Takas, US jazz musician, was born.

7/8/1931, Jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke died.

29/1/1930, Derek Bailey, British jazz guitarist, was born in Sheffield (died 2005)

23/9/1926, John Coltrane, jazz musician, was born.

15/9/1926, �Jelly Roll� Morton and his band, the Red Hot Peppers, released their first record. Their blend of ragtime with brass band style was a key stage in the development of jazz.

25/5/1926, Jazz musician Miles Davis was born.

10/10/1920, Thelonious Monk, US jazz musician, was born (died 1982)

29/8/1920, Charlie Parker, jazz musician, was born.

26/5/1920, Peggy Lee, jazz singer, was born.

25/4/1918, Ella Fitzgerald, US jazz singer, was born (died 1996).

21/10/1917, Dizzie Gillespie, US jazz musician, was born (died 1993).

10/10/1917, Thelonius Monk, jazz pianist, was born.

7/3/1917. The Dixie Band One-Step was the world�s first jazz record to be released. Ironically it was by the all-white Original Dixieland Jazz Band.

7/4/1915, Billie Holiday, US jazz singer, was born/

16/5/1913, Woody Herman, US jazz musician, was born (died 1987).

1912, The Blues, a style of Jazz characterised by a slow melancholic tempo and flattened 3rd and 7ths, was developed from Black southern USA secular songs. After World War One jazz spread outwards from the Deep South and New Orleans to reach New York, Chicago and other large US cities by the 1920s. There was a �Jazz Age�, usually reckoned as being from 1919 to 1929 (from the Armistice to the Stock Market Crash).

13/10/1910, Art Tatum, US jazz pianist, was born.

1909, The term jazz, for a form of ragtime dance, came into use. The term jazz music was first used in 1913. It was much played by Black musicians in the southern USA

30/5/1909, Benny Goodman, US jazz band leader, was born.

1/8/1904. Birth of American jazzman Count Basie.

3/1/1902, Preston Jackson, US jazz trombonist, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana (died 1983).


28/4/1992, French composer Olivier Messiaen died aged 83. Also this day English painter Francis Bacon died in Madrid, aged 82.

17/4/1992, Hank Penny, country music singer, died aged 73 of heart failure

24/3/1992, Jeremy Rosado, US singer, was born.

15/2/1992, US composer William Schuman died, aged 81.

30/5/1991, First performance, in London, of Harrison Birtwistle�s opera Gawain, based on the mediaeval legend.

24/3/1991, Madonna was awarded an Oscar in Los Angeles.

14/10/1990, Leonard Bernstein, US composer, died aged 72.

25/6/1990, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Australian composer, died aged77

29/9/1989, Georges Ulmer, French composer died (born 1919)

20/9/1989, Musical �Miss Saigon� premiered in London.

6/1/1989, James Durbin, US pop singer, was born.

6/12/1988, US rock star Roy Orbison died of a heart attack, aged 52.

23/9/1988, Arwel Hughes, Welsh composer, died aged 79.

18/7/1988, Nico, singer and model, died.

26/5/1988, Andrew Lloyd Webber�s musical Cats opened in Moscow with a British and American cast.

17/3/1988, Grimes, Canadian musician, was born.

5/2/1988, 3.8 million plastic noses were sold for the first ever Comic Relief Red Nose Day. �15 million was raised.

1987, Garage music, a New York variety of House Music, with heavy Soul influence, became popular. It had a strong vocal and lyrics element. It was named after Paradise Garage, a Manhattan dance club.

14/2/1987, Bola Sete, guitarist, died aged 63.

4/2/1987. Death of US pianist Liberace, unofficially of AIDS. The official cause of death was a brain tumour.

1986, House music became popular. It featured drum machines and a heavy bass, alongside sparse reoetitive vocals and a fast beat.

20/2/1986, Francisco Paolo Mignone, composer, died aged 88.

1/4/1984, Marvin Gaye, US soul singer, died.

1983, Gothic Music, called simply Goth from 1986, became popular. Its adherents adopted stark white and black face make up, black clothing and heavy metallic jewellery, with mystical or apocalyptic lyrics. A style of rock music derived from punk.

25/11/1983, Anton Dolin, English ballet dancer, died aged 79.

30/4/1983, George Balanchine, Russian dance director, died aged 79.

23/2/1983, Sir Adrian Boult, English conductor, died in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, aged 93.

1982, Thrash (Thrash Metal from 1985) became popular. It was a style of loud, fast, harsh-sounding rock music combining Heavy Metal with Punk.

1982, Break Dancing, a style popular witrh Black people in the USA, began. It comprised a loud heavy beat to which energetic actrobatic dancing was performed. Body Popping was an alternative similar style originating in Los Angeles in the late 1970s.

20/12/1982, Artur Rubenstein, Polish-American pianist, died aged 95.

7/11/1982, Salvador Contreras, Mexican composer, died aged 71

6/11/1982, Sowelu, Japanese pop singer, was born in Tokyo, Japan.

1981, The British pop group Bananarama was formed.

25/8/1981, In the USA, John Chapman was jailed fror life (minimum 25 years) for the murder of John Lennon.

11/5/1981, Bob Marley, reggae musician, died of cancer aged 36.

19/2/1981, Frank Merrik, composer, died aged 94.

23/1/1981, Samuel Barber, US composer, died aged 70.

4/1/1981, The Broadway show Frankenstein opened and closed on this night, losing US$ 2 million.

8/12/1980. John Lennon, born 9/10/1940 in Liverpool during an air raid, was shot dead in New York by Mark David Chapman. See 26/5/1969.

21/6/1980, Bert Kaempfert, German orchestra leader and songwriter, died of a stroke aged 56

22/3/1980, Shannon Bex, US singer, was born

1979, Rap Music, Black music characterised by rapid rhythmic improvised speech over an instrumental backing, first appeared.

30/12/1979, Richard Rodgers, US composer, died aged 77

15/8/1979, Peter Shukoff, US comedian and musician, was born.

14/1/1979, John Reuben, American singer, was born in Columbus, Ohio.

9/1/1979, Avery Claflin, composer, died aged 80.

1/3/1978, Charlie Chaplin�s coffin was stolen from a cemetery in Switzerland.

1977, The US rock group Dire Straits was formed.

25/12/1977, Charlie Chaplin died in Switzerland, aged 88.

17/9/1977, Operatic singer Maria Callas died.

13/9/1977, Leopold Stokowski, organist and conductor, died in Nether Wallop, Hampshire.

6/9/1977, Guido Pannain, composer, died aged 85.

20/8/1977. Julius, or Groucho Marx, US comedian of the famous Marx Brothers, died in Los Angeles.

18/8/1977, Regine Chassagne, Canadian musician, was born in Montreal, Quebec

4/12/1976. Death of composer Benjamin Britten, aged 63.

23/2/1976, The painter L S (Lawrence Stephen) Lowry, noted for his matchstick people, died in Glossop, Derbyshire.

1975, The Salsa, a Latin American dance, appeared.

9/8/1975. Death of the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovitch.

27/3/1975, Arthur Bliss, English composer, died aged 83.

19/2/1975, Italian composer Luigi Dallapiccola died in Florence aged 71.

10/11/1974, Niko Hurme, Finnish musician, was born in Karkkila, Finland.

9/9/1974, Mathias Farm, guitarist was born in Orebro, Sweden.

6/4/1974, Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo.

3/2/1974, Om Kalsoum, famous Arab singer, died aged 77.

6/1/1974, Alanis Moisette, Canadian pop musician, was born.

1973, Heavy Metal music appeared; a loud vigorous rock music with electronically-amplified instruments anfd a fast beat.

10/11/1973, Nick Lachey, musician, was born.

6/11/1973, After singer Gram Parsons died of a drugs overdose (23/9/1973), his manager Phil Kaufman took his body to the Joshua Tree Desert where he poured petrol over it and cremated it, in accordance with Gram�s last wishes. Kaufman was charged with stealing and burninga coffin, as it was not a crime to steal a body.

22/10/1973, Pablo Casals, Spanish composer, died aged 96.

6/7/1973, Otto Klemperer, Jewish-German composer, died aged 88.

27/3/1973, Boyan Georgiev Ikonomov, Bulgarian composer, died aged 72

10/10/1972, Sir John Betjeman, born 28/8/1906, was appointed Poet Laureate.

29/8/1972, Amanda Meta Marshall, Canadian pop-rock singer, was born.

8/8/1972, The musical Jesus Christ Superstar premiered at the Palace Theatre, London.

24/4/1972, Chad Ginsburg, US musician, was born.

21/4/1972, Severina Vuckovic, Croatian singer, was born.

1971, Punk Rock appeared.

4/10/1971, Janis Joplin, US singer, died of a drugs overdose.

6/4/1971. Igor Stravinsky, Russian-born composer, died in New York City aged 88.

1/4/1971, Method Man, rap artist, was born.

17/2/1971, Martyn Bennett, musician, was born (died 31/1/2005).

16/11/1970, Laurent Wold (Debuire), French musician, was born.

18/9/1970, Rock musician Jimi Hendrix died of a drugs overdose.

7/5/1970, Carlos Estrada, composer, died aged 60.

25/11/1969, John Lennon returned his MBE to Buckingham Palace, in protest at British involvement in the Biafra civil war in Nigeria.

31/8/1969, Bob Dylan starred in a pop festival on the Isle of Wight, drawing in 150,000 fans.

24/5/1969. The Black and White Minstrel Show at London�s Victoria Palace closed after 4,354 performances over seven years. It was the longest running musical show in Britain.

16/4/1969. Desmond Dekker became the first Jamaican artist to top the UK charts with The Israelites.

15/4/1969, The Woodstock music festival began in Bethel, New York.

2/4/1969, Jim Morrison, of pop group �The Doors� was arrested in the USA.

7/2/1969, Marvin Gaye�s I Heard It Through The Grapevine was released.

1968, Reggae Music, from Jamaica, began to become popular. Also about this time Ska Music, also Jamaican in origin, appeared. By 1990 this genre had given rise to Ragga, incorporating faster-beat styles from hip-hop and techno.

25/6/1968. Comedian Tony Hancock killed himself in a hotel bathroom in Sydney, Australia.

30/3/1968, Celine Dion, singer, was born.

23/2/1968, Tom Jones released his song Delilah.

29/12/1967, Paul Whiteman, US composer, died aged 77.

10/12/1967, Otis Redding, US singer, died.

10/11/1967, The Moody Blue�s single, Nights in White Satin was released.

29/5/1967, Geronimo Baqueiro Foster, composer, died aged 69.

5/4/1967, Mischa Elman, Russian-US violinist, died in New York (born 20/1/1891 in Talnoye, Russia).

11/3/1967, Geraldine Farrar, US opera singer, died in Ridgefield, Connecticut (born in Melrose, Massachusetts, 28/2/1882).

6/3/1967, Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly died.

20/2/1967, Kurt Cobain, guitarist, was born.


The Beatles 1962-74

24/12/1974. The Beatles� legal partnership was formally dissolved.

8/5/1970. The Beatles� final album, Let It Be, was released.

9/4/1970, The Beatles pop group disbanded.

20/3/1969. The Beatle John Lennon married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

12/3/1969, Beatle Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman at Marylebone Registry Office, London.

30/1/1969. The Beatles performed together for the last time.

30/8/1968, The single Hey Jude was released by The Beatles.

5/12/1967. The Beatles opened their Apple store on Baker Street.

27/8/1967, Brian Epstein, who managed The Beatles rise to rock stardom, died in a swimming pool accident.

17/2/1967, The Beatles� hit, Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever single was released.

28/2/1966, The Cavern Club, where The Beatles first played, went into liquidation.

26/10/1965. The Beatles went to Buckingham Palace to be presented with their MBE�s.

12/6/1965. The Beatles were made MBEs in the Queen�s birthday honours.A number of other holders of the medal returned theirs in disgust.

1/2/1964. EMI�s managing director announced that The Beatles were making over �500,000 a month.

23/8/1963, The Beatles single She Loves You was released.

3/8/1963. The Beatles played in The Cavern, Liverpool, for the last time.

26/12/1962. The Beatles, an obscure group from Liverpool, just made no.17 in the charts with their single Love Me Do.

9/5/1962, The Beatles signed a recording contract with EMI�s Parlophone label.

21/1/1962 The Beatles and Cliff Richard were making the charts.

1/1/1962. The Beatles had their first audition with a record company in London. Their manager, Brian Epstein, was told, guitar groups are out, this group won�t make it, go back to Liverpool.

24/2/1943, George Harrison, musician (The Beatles), was born.

18/6/1942, Paul McCartney of The Beatles pop group was born in Liverpool.

19/9/1934, Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles, was born.


The Rolling Stones 1962-73

4/9/1973. The Rolling Stones played in London for the first time in 2 � years, and then attended a party at Buckingham Palace which Mick Jagger described as �very dull�.

6/12/1969. A free concert given by the Rolling Stones, at Altamont, California, ended in tragedy when Hell�s Angels stabbed a man to death.

2/7/1969, Brian Jones, member of the Rolling Stones rock group, died.

24/5/1968, The Rolling Stones hit, Jumpin� Jack Flash was released.

1/11/1967, Rolling Stone Magazine started publication, the first Rock�n�roll periodical in the USA.

10/8/1964. An emergency casualty station had to be set up in Brighton to deal with a constant stream of hysterical girls overcome during a performance of the Rolling Stones.

16/7/1964, The Rolling Stones had their first UK No.1 hitwith It�s All Over Now.

3/6/1964, The Rolling Stones began their first US tour.

17/4/1964, The Rolling Stones released their first LP.

21/7/1962. The Rolling Stones made their first appearance at the Marquee Club in London.

1/6/1947, Ron Wood, guitarist for the Rolling Stones, was born.

26/7/1943, Mick Jagger, English rock singer (The Rolling Stones), was born as Michael Philip Jagger in Dartford


1/6/1966. Folk music fans at the Albert Hall booed Bob Dylan for performing with an electric guitar.

9/2/1966, Sophie Tucker, last of the �red hot mamas�, died.

6/11/1965, US composer Edgar Varese died.

2/3/1965, The Sound of Music went on release in the USA. It was an instant hit.

17/5/1964, Bob Dylan made his first major London appearance, at the Royal Albert Hall.

23/4/1964, Gianandrea Noseda, Italian pianist, was born.

15/3/1964, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married in Montreal.

9/8/1963, Whitney Houston, US singer, was born.

29/6/1963, Anne Sophie Mutter, violinist, was born.

25/6/1963, George Michael, British pop musician, was born.

22/6/1963, Maria Tanase, Romanian folk singer, died aged 49.

16/4/1963, Jimmy Osmond, US singer, was born.

11/4/1963, Nigel Pulsford, English guitarist, was born.

7/12/1962, Kirsten Flagstad, Norwegian opera singer, died aged 67.

6/9/1962, Hanns Eisler, composer, died.

16/4/1962, Ian MacKaye, musician, was born.

1961, Soul Music, of Black origin, combining Rhythm and Blues with Gospel Music, appeared.

1961, The US pop group Beach Boys was formed.

11/11/1961, Jan Kuehnemund, US guitarist, was born.

9/11/1961, Jill Dando, British journalist and BBC television presenter, was born in Weston-super-Mare (murdered 1999).

11/10/1961, Chico Marx, the piano-playing member of the Marx Brothers comedy team, died.

14/7/1961, Boy George was born.

23/8/1960, Oscar Hammerstein, US theatrical producer, died aged 65.

14/8/1960, Sarah Brightman, English singer, was born in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire.

18/4/1960, Eddie Cochrane, US rock and roll star, was born.

12/4/1960, musician Ray Charles won Best Male Vocalist Grammy award.

15/2/1960, Mikey Craig, rock bassist, was born.

1959, The Barbie Doll was introduced at the annual Toy Fair in New York.

17/7/1959, Billie Holliday, US singer, was born.

2/6/1959, Lydia Lunch, US singer, was born.

28/5/1959, The Mermaid Theatre opened in the City of London.

30/3/1959, Sabine Meyer, German clarinet player, was born.

18/2/1959, Erich Zeisl, US composer, born 18/5/1905, died.

3/2/1959, Buddy Holly, US musician, was killed in an air crash in Iowa.

9/12/1958, Rikk Agnew, US guitarist, was born in Newport Beach, California.

29/9/1958, Robert Mason Carlisle, US singer, was born.

26/8/1958, Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer, died aged 85.

22/8/1958, Vernon Reid, musician, was born.

16/8/1958, Madonna, US singer, was born.

8/8/1958. Columbia Records signed up a 17-year-old singer called Cliff Richard.

25/7/1958, Thurston Moore, US guitarist, was born in Coral Gables, Florida.

7/6/1958, Prince, American singer, was born.

28/3/1958, William Christopher Handy, US composer, died aged 84.


Elvis Presley

20/12/1957. At the height of his career, Elvis Presley received his call-up papers.

2/11/1957, Elvis Presley set a record with 8 simultaneous UK top 30 entries.

19/3/1957, Elvis Presley paid the US$ 1,000 deposit on a mansion called Graceland, being sold by Mrs Ruth Brown-Moore.

13/1/1957, Elvis Presley recorded All Shook Up in a Hollywood studio.

6/4/1956, Paramount Pictures signed Elvis for a three-film, five-year contract worth $450,000.

10/2/1956, Elvis Presley walked into a recording studio and made his first record, Heartbreak Hotel.

13/5/1955, A riot took place at an Elvis Presley concert in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.


21/10/1957, Steve Lukather, US singer, was born.

20/9/1957 Jean Sibelius, composer, died.

13/9/1957. The Mousetrap became Britain�s longest running play, reaching its 1,998th performance.

16/8/1957, Madonna Louise Cicerone (�Madonna�), musician, was born.

19/1/1957, Micky Virtue, musician, was born.

26/11/1956, Tommy Dorsey, band leader, died.

27/11/1955, Arthur Honegger, Swiss composer, died aged 63.

25/11/1955, Bruno Tonioli, Italian dancer, was born.

29/10/1955, Dmitri Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No. 1, originally completed in 1948, was premiered by the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra.

8/10/1955, Lonnie Pitchford, US blues musician, was born in Lexington, Mississipi (died 1998)

4/5/1955, Georges Enescu, Romanian composer and violinist, died in Paris, France (born 19/8/1881 in Liveni, Romania.

24/10/1954, Jozef Raz, Slovak musician and singer, was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.

5/10/1954, Bob Geldof, rock musician and charity fundraiser, was born in Dublin.

25/8/1954, Elvis Costello, English musician, was born.

29/6/1954, Marcello Viotti, conductor, was born (died 15/5/2005).

19/5/1954, Charles Ives, US composer died (born 1874).

9/11/1953. Welsh poet Dylan Marlais Thomas, born in Swansea on 27/10/1914, died in New York City aged 39 after falling into an alcoholic coma. He had drunk 18 stiff whiskies. His major work, Under Milk Wood, was broadcast on radio in 1954.

15/10/1953 Youth culture was yet to arrive, as was the word �teenager�. Top of the pop charts were Mantovani, Doris Day, and Dean Martin.

17/7/1953, Maude Adams, US actress (born 11/11/1872) died.

5/3/1953. Sergei Prokofiev, Russian composer, died.

14/11/1952, Charts for pop singles were published in Britain for the first time, in New Musical Express.

27/8/1952, Harvey Corbett, US architect, died in New York city.

5/3/1952, Vladimir Scherbachov, composer, died aged 63.

21/1/1952, Billy Ocean, musician, was born.

15/9/1951, Jacinto Guerrero, Spanish musician and composer, died aged 56

10/9/1951, Giuseppe Mule, Italian composer, died aged 66

6/9/1951, Melih Kibar, Turkish composer, was born (died 2005).

16/8/1951, Louis Jouvet, French theatre director., died.

2/5/1951, John Glascock, British bass guitarist and singer, was born in Islington, England (died 1979)

27/4/1951, Ace Frehley, musician in KISS, was born

26/4/1951, John Alden Carpenter, US composer, died aged 75.

6/3/1951, Ivor Novello, Welsh composer, died aged 58.

31/1/1951, Phil Collins, rock musician, was born.

5/7/1950, Huey Lewis, singer, was born.

17/6/1950, Phoebe Snow, US musician, was born.

13/5/1950, Stevie Wonder, US singer, was born.

26/2/1950, Sir Harry Lauder, Scottish comedian and singer, died aged 79.

4/2/1950, Philip Ehart, rock drummer, was born.

1949, Sreel bands, from Trinidad, were becoming popular.

24/9/1949, Pierre Breville, composer, died aged 88.

23/9/1949, Bruce Springsteen, US musician, was born.

22/9/1949, David Coverdale, English rock musician, was born.

8/9/1949, Richard Strauss, composer, died.

31/12/1948, Donna Summer, US singer, was born.

17/4/1948, Jan Hammer, composer, was born.

22/3/1948, Andrew Lloyd Webber, British composer, was born.

23/1/1948, Anita Pointer, singer, was born.

31/12/1947, Burton Cummings, musician, was born.

10/7/1947, Arlo Guthrie, musician, was born.

24/8/1947, The Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama was launched. It was an antidote to the prevailing austerity.

25/3/1947. Elton John, British musician, was born in Pinner, London, as Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

8/3/1947, Carol Bayer Sager, singer and songwriter, was born.

15/2/1947, John Coolidge Adams, composer, was born.

8/1/1947. David Bowie, British musician and rock star, was born in London as David Jones.

15/7/1946, Linda Ronstadt, singer, was born.

9/7/1946, Bon Scott, singer for AC/DC, was born.

14/6/1946. Demis Roussos, Greek operatic singer, was born; see 25/1/2015.

22/3/1946, Harry Vanda, composer, was born.

30/11/1945, Roger Glove, Welsh bass player songwriter, was born.

23/10/1945, Kim Larsen, rock musician, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

26/9/1945. Bela Bartok, composer, died.

6/6/1945, Bob (Robert Nesta) Marley, reggae musician,was born in Jamaica.

19/5/1945, Pete Townshend, musician in The Who, was born,

10/2/1945, Juan de Hernandez, composer, died aged 63.

10/1/1945, Rod Stewart, British rock singer, was born in London.

24/6/1944, Rio Gebhardt, German composer, died aged 36

24/5/1944, Patti LaBelle, musician, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1/3/1944, Roger Daltry, rock singer, was born.

10/2/1944, Peter Allen, musician, was born

28/1/1944, John Tavener, English composer, was born (died 2013)

24/1/1944, Klaus Nomi, German singer was born (died 1983).

30/11/1943, Oscar Harris, Surinamese singer, was born.

7/11/1943, Joni Mitchell, singer and songwriter, was born.

30/4/1943, Bobby Vee, singer, was born.

28/4/1943, Sergei Rachmaninov, Russian composer, died in Beverley Hills, California.

24/3/1943, George Harrison, musician, was born.

22/3/1943, George Benson, musician, was born.

7/3/1943, Carolyn Carlson, American ballet dancer, was born.

11/5/1942, Ian Drury, singer, was born.

25/3/1942, Aretha Franklin, US singer, was born.

4/3/1942, Yuliya Lazarevna Veysberg, composer, died aged 62.

13/2/1942, Peter Tork, musician, was born.

5/11/1941, Art Garfunkel, of Simon and Garfunkel, was born in New York.

20/2/1941, Buffy Sainte-Marie, musician was born in Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada

2/2/1942. Graham Nash, musician and singer, was born.

24/1/1941, Neil Diamond, singer, was born.

21/1/1941, Placido Domingo, Spanish operatic tenor, was born in Madrid.

20/1/1941, Pierre Lalonde, Canadian singer, was born.

9/10/1940. John Lennon, songwriter and musician in The Beatles pop group, was born in Liverpool.He was the son of a ship�s steward.

7/7/1940, Ringo Starr, drummer in the Beatles pop group, was born Liverpool as Richard Starkey.

8/6/1940, Nancy Sinatra, daughter of singer Frank Sinatra, was born.

13/4/1940, Lester Chambers, American rock and soul singer, was born.

12/4/1940, Herbie Hancock, composer, was born.

19/2/1940, Smokey Robinson, musician, was born.

26/11/1939, Tina Turner, singer, was born.

3/8/1939, Eugust Enna, composer, died aged 80.

13/7/1939. Frank Sinatra made his first record, �From the Bottom of my Heart� with the Harry James band.

21/4/1939, Edna Savage, UK singer, was born (died 31/12/2000).

10/4/1939, Glen Miller recorded Little Brown Jug.

2/4/1939, Marvin Gaye, soul singer, was born.

1/3/1939. Leo Brouwer, composer and guitarist, was born in Havana, Cuba

19/1/1939, Phil Everly, musician, was born.

20/12/1938, John Harbison, composer, was born in Orange, New Jersey.

12/12/1938, Connie Francis, singer, was born.

5/12/1938, JJ Cale, musician, was born.

3/10/1938, Eddie Cochran, US singer, was born.

2/8/1938, Bjarni Thorsteinsson, Icelandic composer, died aged 76

29/4/1938, Klaus Voormann, rock bassist, was born in Berlin, Germany

17/3/1938. Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev born in Irkutsk, Siberia.

16/2/1938, John Corigliano, US composer, was born.

11/7/1937, US composer George Gershwin died, aged 38.

15/6/1937, Waylon Jennings, singer, was born.

11/5/1937, Viliam Figus, composer, died aged 62.�����������������

31/1/1937, Philip Glass, US composer, was born.

8/1/1937, Shirley Bassey, British singer and entertainer, was born in Cardiff, Wales.

24/10/1936, Bill Wyman, musician, was born

7/9/1936, Buddy Holly, US singer songwriter, was born.

23/4/1936, Roy Orbison, singer, was born.

15/3/1936, Howard Greenfield, songwriter, was born in Brooklyn, New York (died 1986)

1935, The Conga dance, Latin American but of Black origin, became popular.

24/11/1934, Alfred Schnittke, German composer, was born (died 1998).

13/10/1934, Nana Mouskouri, singer, was born in Chania, Crete, Greece.

10/6/1934, British composer Frederick Delius died in France.

25/5/1934. composer Gustav Holst, who wrote The Planets, died aged 59. He was buried in Chichester Cathedral.

29/4/1934, Otis Rush, musician, was born.

24/4/1934, Laurens Hammond filed a patent for an "electrical musical instrument" known today as the Hammond organ.

24/2/1934, Renata Scotto, soprano singer, was born

23/2/1934. Sir Edward Elgar, English composer, (born 2/6/1857), died of pneumonia in Worcester. On 10/11/1910 he conducted the first performance of his violin concerto, played by Fritz Kreisler, at the Queen�s Hall, London Applause was described as worthy of the Battle of Trafalgar.

18/2/1934, Yoko Ono, the widow of Jon Lennon, was born.

3/11/1933, John Barry, composer, was born.

15/7/1933, Julian Bream, guitarist, was born.

4/5/1933, James Brown, musician, was born.

16/4/1933, Easter Sunday. Dusty Springfield, singer, was born.

21/2/1933, Nina Simone, singer, was born.

15/11/1932, Petula Clark, singer, was born.

16/10/1932, Henry Lewis, US musician, was born.

13/9/1932, Bengt Hallberg, Swedish pianist and composer, was born.

26/2/1932, Johnny Cash, US singer, was born.

29/5/1932, Karl Ridderbusch, German musician, was born.

9/4/1932, Carl Perkins, musician, was born.

4/3/1932, Miriam Makeba, singer, was born.

8/2/1932, John Williams, composer and conductor, was born.

6/3/1932, John Philip Sousa, composer, died.

3/10/1931. Death of the Danish composer Carl Nielsen.

27/4/1931 Igor Oistrakh, violinist, was born.

13/4/1931, Anita Cerquetti, Italian soprano, was born (died 2014).

23/3/1931, Dame Nellie Melba, Australian singer, died.

22/1/1931, Sam Cooke, singer, was born.

3/12/1930, Andy Williams, US singer, was born.

22/3/1930, Stephen Sondheim, composer, was born.

2/3/1930, Stephen Sondheim, US composer, was born.

26/2/1930, Lazar Berman, pianist, was born (died 6/2/2005)


2/11/1929, The first News Theatre Cinema opened in New York, the Embassy.

12/10/1929, Magnus Magnusson, British writer and TV presenter, was born in Reykjavik, Iceland.

29/9/1929, Lata Mangeshkar, musician, was born.

19/8/1929, Sergei Diaghilev, Russian impresario, died.

13/5/1929, Burt Bacharach, composer, was born,

3/2/1929, Val Doonican, singer, was born.

30/7/1929, Christine McGuire, American singer, was born.

23/6/1929, June Carter Cash, singer, was born.

17/4/1929, James Last, composer, was born.

18/11/1928, Otar Gordeli, Georgian composer, was born in Tbilisi (died 1994)

26/8/1928, Actress Barbara Stanwyck and vaudeville comedian Frank Fay were married in St. Louis.

12/8/1928, Leos Janacek, Czech composer, died aged 74.

26/2/1928, Fats Domino, US pianist, was born.

1927, First instance of tap dancing.

1927, The first all-electric jukeboxes were produced in Chicago. Mass production of them began in 1934 and by 1939 there were 350,000 of them in US bars and restaurants.

3/12/1927, Andy Williams, singer, was born.

14/9/1927, US dancer Isadora Duncan, aged 49, was strangled to death when her long scarf became tangled in the rear wheel of a sports car.

13/8/1927, HermannAlbert, German musicologist, died in Stuttgart (born 25/3/1871, Stuttgart).

19/6/1927, Karel Kupka, Czech composer, was born in Rychvald.

1/3/1927, Harry Belafonte, singer, was born.

7/11/1926, Dame Joan Sutherland, opera singer, was born.

18/10/1926, Chuck Berry, US singer, was born.

6/7/1925, Bill Haley, musician, was born.

29/11/1924, Composer Puccini died in Brussels.

11/6/1924, Th�odore Dubois, French composer, died aged 86.

4/3/1924, Happy Birthday to You, a song written by two US teachers, the sisters Patty and Mildred Hill, first appeared in print in a book by Robert H Coleman.

2/2/1924, Elfi von Dassanowsky, singer and pianist, was born in Vienna, Austria (died 2007)

6/12/1923, Jim Eanes, musician, was born (died 21/11/1995).

2/12/1923, Maria Callas, Greek-US soprano singer, was born.

1/11/1923, Victoria de los Angeles, soprano singer, was born (died 14/1/2005).

17/9/1923, Hank Williams, musician, was born.

28/5/1923, Gyorgy Ligeti, Hungarian composer, was born (died 2006).

22/4/1922, Charles Mingus, musician, was born.

3/1/1922, Siegmund Nissel, German musician, was born.

16/12/1921, French composer and organist Camille Saint-Saens died aged 86.

27/9/1921, German composer Engelbert Humperdinck died.

2/8/1921. Death of the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso, whose funeral in Naples was attended by 50,000 people.

26/5/1921, Hal David, musician, was born.

20/11/1920, Armin Schibler, Swiss composer, was born.

23/5/1920, Helen O'Connell, US singer was born in Lima, Ohio (died 1993)

30/8/1919, Kitty Wells, singer, was born.

18/5/1919, Margot Fonteyne, English ballerina, was born (died 1991).

16/5/1919. Waldzin Valentino Liberace was born in Wisconsin. His father wanted him to be an undertaker.

17/3/1919, Nat King Cole, singer, was born.

20/1/1919, Stepan Lucky, composer, was born.

1918, The Shimmy Dance became fashionable. It was a type of foxtrot, and remained popular through the 1920s.

16/10/1918, Felix Arndt, composer, died aged 29.

17/5/1918, Birgit Nilsson, Swedish opera singer, was born (died 1999)

3/4/1918, Sixten Ehrling, conductor, was born (died 13/2/2005)

25/3/1918, Claude Debussy, French composer, died of cancer in London aged 55.

18/11/1917, Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer, was born.

13/9/1917, Robert Ward, American composer, was born (died 2013)

22/8/1917, John Lee Hooker, singer, was born.

1/4/1917, Scott Joplin, American composer, died in poverty in an asylum.

20/3/1917. Dame Vera Lynn was born.

20/1/1917, John Raite, baritone singer, was born (died 20/2/2005).

22/4/1916, Yehudi Menuhin, US violinist, was born.

1915, The Foxtrot dance was becoming popular in the USA.

9/12/1915, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, singer, was born.

28/10/1915, The first performance of Richard Strauss�s �Alpine Symphony� in Berlin.

24/10/1915, Tito Gobbi, Italian baritone singer, was born (died 1984)

3/2/1915, Richard Bales, composer, was born.

27/1/1915, Jack Brymer, English musician, was bornin South Shields, England (died 2003)

9/11/1914, Jean-Baptiste Faure, French opera singer, died.

22/11/1913, Benjamin Britten, English composer, was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

1/5/1913, Walter Susskind, conductor, was born.

24/3/1913, The Palace Theater, New York, opened on Broadway, 47th Street.

5/9/1912, Composer John Cage was born

27/8/1912, Tarzan of the Apes, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, first went into print as a magazine serial.

14/7/1912, Woody Guthrie, US folk singer, was born in Oklahoma.

1/7/1912, The first Royal Command Performance took place at the Palace Theatre, London, watched by King George V and Queen Mary.

24/5/1912, Joan Hammond, New Zealand soprano singer, was born.

1911, The Quickstep (ballroom) Dance became popular.

26/10/1911, Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer, was born.

6/7/1911, Laverne Andrews, singer, was born.

14/6/1911, Johan Svendsen, Norwegian composer, died aged 70.

13/6/1911, First performance of Stravinsky�s ballet, Petrushka.

18/5/1911, The composer Gustav Mahler died of heart disease in Austria, aged 51.

2/2/1911, Jussi Bjoerling, Swedish operatic singer, was born (died 1960).

3/9/1910,Samuel Barber, US composer, was born.

23/6/1910, Jean Anouilh, French dramatist, was born (died 1987).

25/3/1910, Magda Olivero, Italian opera soprano, was born in Saluzzo (died 2014)


6/10/1909, Dudley Buck, US composer, died (born 10/3/1839).

14/6/1909, Burt Ives, musician, was born.

25/4/1909, Jaroslav Doubrava, composer, was born in Chrudim, Czech Republic (died 1960)

3/1/1909, Victor Borge, musician, was born.

11/12/1908, Elliott Carter, US composer, was born.

20/9/1908, Pablo de Sarasate, violinist and composer, died

10/9/1908, Raymond Harry Warnow Scott, US composer, was born in Brooklyn, New York.

21/6/1908, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Russian composer, died at Lyubensk.

8/6/1908, Margherita Carioso, soprano singer, was born (died 10/1/2005).

13/5/1908, Eugen Kapp, Estonian composer, was born.

24/1/1908, Edward MacDowell, US composer, died (born 18/12/1861).

25/12/1907, Cab Calloway, band leader, was born.

19/10/1907, Roger Wolfe Kahn, bandleader, was born.

4/9/1907, Edward Greig, Norwegian composer, died in Bergen.

22/1/1907, In London, a strike by music hall artists disrupted theatre performances.

25/9/1906, Dmitri Shostakovich, Russian composer, was born.

26/8/1906, Eugen Gura, German singer, died (born 1824).

6/4/1906, The Poet Laureate, John Betjeman, was born in London.

8/12/1905, Charles Cushing, American composer, was born in Oakland, California (died 1982)

2/12/1905, Osvaldo Pugliese, Argentine composer, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (died 1995)

12/9/1905, Boris Arapov, Russian composer, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia (died 1992)

4/7/1905, Dante Fiorillo, US composer, was born in New York City (died 1970)

29/4/1905, Rudolf Schwartz, Viennese conductor who survived the Nazi concentration camps to become conductor of the BBC Symphony orchestra, was born.

15/2/1905, Harold Arlen, musician, was born in New York.

2/1/1905, Michael Tippett, English composer, was born.

20/11/1904, Alexandra Danilova, Russian ballerina, was born in Petergof, Russia (died 1997)

27/7/1904, Anton Dolin, English ballet dancer, was born in Sussex.

5/7/1904, The composer Edward Elgar was knighted.

1/5/1904. The Czech composer Antonin Dvorak died.

1/3/1904, Glenn Miller, US trombonist, was born in Clarinda, Indiana.

29/2/1904, Jimmy Dorsey, musician, was born.

9/1/1904, George Balanchine, ballet choreographer, was born (died 1983).

26/10/1903, Victorin Joncieres, French composer, died (born 12/4/1839).

18/7/1903, Bozidar Kunc, composer, was born.

12/5/1903, Lennox Berkeley, English composer, was born (died 1989).

20/1/1903, The first showing of the musical, The Wizard of Oz, at the Majestic Theatre, New York.

11/4/1902, Fred Gaisberg, of the Gramophone Company, made the first recordings of Caruso.

29/3/1902, Sir William Walton, English composer, was born in Oldham, Lancashire, to musical parents.

6/1/1902, Mark Brunswick, composer, was born.


1901, The Pianola was coined as the brand name of a device that could be attached to a piano and automatically play tunes. It became obsolete when gramophone records were available.

22/11/1901, Joaquin Rodrigo, composer, was born.

22/10/1901, Frederic Archer, 63, English-born American composer and organist, died aged 63.

16/8/1901, Edmond Audran, French composer, died in Paris (born in Lyons 11/4/1842).

23/5/1901, Edward Rubbra, composer, was born (died 1986)

8/3/1901, Peter Benoit, composer, died in Antwerp (born in Flanders 17/8/1834).

1/3/1901, Tommy Jarrell, US fiddler and banjo player who attained nationwide recognition in the 1960s, was born.

27/1/1901, Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi died in Milan aged 87. His works included La Traviata and Il Travatore.

8/11/1900, Georges Lonque, Belgian composer, was born in Ghent, Belgium

21/4/1900, Charles Beecher, US composer, died in Georgetown, Massachusetts (born in Litchfield, Connecticut 7/10/1815).

2/3/1900, Kurt Weill, German-US composer, was born.

26/1/1900, Karl Ristenpart, conductor of the Chamber Orchestra of the Saar, was born in Kiel (died 1967)

14/1/1900, Puccini�s opera Tosca premiered at Teatro Costanzi, now the Rome Opera House.


21/12/1899, Charles Lamoureux, French violinist, died (born 28/9/1834).

11/9/1899, Jimmie Davis, composer, was born.

3/6/1899, Johann Strauss the Younger, Austrian composer, violinist, and conductor, who wrote The Blue Danube waltz, died in Vienna.

10/5/1899, Fred Astaire, singer, was born.

26/9/1898, George Gershwin, composer, was born.

9/1/1898, Gracie Fields, singer and music hall star, was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, as Gracie Stansfield.

20/9/1897, Karel Bendl, Bohemian composer, died in Prague (born in Prague 16/4/1838).

10/5/1897, William Best, English organist, died in Liverpool (born 13/8/1826 in Carlisle).

3/4/1897, Johannes Brahms, German composer, died at his home in Vienna, aged 64.

6/12/1896, Ira Gershwin, songwriter, was born.

1/2/1896, The opera La Boheme premiered in Turin, Italy.

28/11/1895, Jose Iturbi, Spanish pianist and conductor, was born in Valencia, Spain (died 1980).

25/10/1895, Sir Charles Halle, English pianist and conductor, died (born 11/4/1819).

6/10/1895 Sir Henry Wood�s promenade concerts began at Queen�s Hall, London.

13/7/1895, John Carrodus, violinist, died (born 20/1/1836)

10/7/1895, Carl Orff, composer, was born.

6/3/1895, Henry Lazarus, British clarinettist, died (born 1/1/1815).

17/2/1895, The ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky was first performed in full length at St Petersburg, Russia.

10/1/1895, Benjamin Godard, French composer, died (born 18/8/1849).


13/9/1894, French composer Alexis Chabrier died (born 18/1/1841).


Saxophone invented

9/2/1894, Adolphe Sax, the Belgian musical instrument maker who invented the Saxophone, died in Paris.

23/6/1848. Adolfe Sax, born on 6/11/1814 in Dinant, Belgium, was awarded a patent for the saxophone.

30/7/1845, The French Army introduced the saxophone to its band.

6/11/1814, Adolphe Sax, Belgian musician and instrument-maker who invented the Saxophone and Saxhorn, was born.


6/11/1893. Composer Peter Illich Tchaikovsky, born.7/5/1840, died of cholera, after drinking infected water.

9/10/1893, Sir George Elvey, composer, died (born 27/3/1816)

28/1/1893, Julius Eichberg, German composer, died (born 13/6/1824).

24/10/1892, Robert Franz, German composer, died (born28/6/1815).

24/9/1892, Patrick Gilmore, US bandmaster, died (born 1829).

4/9/1892, Darius Milhaud, composer, was born.

23/4/1892, Edouard Lalo, French composer, died.

16/1/1891, Clement Delibes, French composer, died (born 21/2/1836).

28/12/1891, Alfred Cellier, English composer, died (born 1/12/1844).

29/10/1891, Fanny Brice, singer, was born.

9/6/1891, Cole Porter, composer, was born.

5/5/1891, New York�s Carnegie Hall opened on west 57th Street. Until 1962 it was the city�s premier concert hall.

5/1/1891, Emma Abbot, US opera singer, died in Salt Lake City.

21/12/1890, Niels Gade, Danish composer, died (born 22/2/1817).

8/11/1890, Cesar Franck, French composer, died (born 10/12/1822).

28/5/1890, Victor Neszler, German composer, died.


24/11/1889, Frederic Clay, English composer, died (born 3/8/1838).

10/10/1889, Adolf von Henselt, German composer, died (12/5/1814).

7/7/1889, Giovanni Bottesini, Italian composer, died in Parma (born in Lombardy 24/12/1823).

29/4/1899, Duke Ellington, musician, was born.

31/1/1889, Josef Gung�l, Hungarian composer, died (born 1/12/1810).

26/3/1888, Francis Bache, composer, died in London (born 14.9/1833 in Birmingham)

22/2/1888, Jean Alard, French violinist, died in Paris (born 8/5/1815 in Bayonne).

14/1/1888, Stephen Heller, Austrian composer, died (born 15/5/1815)

28/2/1887, Alexander Borodin, Russian composer, died in St Petersburg.

1886, The Glockenspeil was invented by Auguste Mustel,

31/7/1886, Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer, died aged 74, in Bayreuth, Bavaria.

12/7/1885, Oscar Hammerstein II, singer, was born.

5/6/1885, Sir Julius Benedict, composer, died in London (born in Stuttgart 27/11/1804).

12/5/1885, Ferdinand Hiller, German composer, died (born 24/10/1811).

31/3/1885, Franz Abt, German composer, (born 22/12/1819 in Eilenburg, Saxony) died in Weisbaden.

27/11/1884, Fanny Essler, Austrian dancer, died (born 23/6/1810).

12/5/1884, Bohemian composer Bedrich Smetana died in an asylum for the insane.

29/4/1884, Sir Michael Costa, British composer, died (born 14/2/1808).

18/2/1883, Funeral of the composer Wagner held at Bayreuth.

24/1/1883, Friedrich Flotow, German composer, died (born 27/4/1812).

17/6/1882, Igor Stravinsky, composer, was born.

17/4/1882, Artur Schnabel, pianist, was born.

28/3/1881, Modest Mussorgsky, Russian composer, died of chronic alcoholism aged 42.

25/3/1881, Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer, was born.

5/10/1880, Jacques Offenbach, composer, died in Paris.

17/8/1880, Ole Bull, Norwegian violinist, died (born 5/2/1810).

10/5/1880, Sir John Goss, English composer, died (born 27/12/1800).

9/7/1879, Ottorino Respighi, composer, was born.

6/7/1879, Henry Smart, English organist, died (born 26/10/1813).

29/4/1879, Sir Thomas Beecham, English conductor, born.

25/5/1878, Bill �Bojangles� Robinson, tap dancer, was born

27/7/1877, Ernst von Dohnanyi, Hungarian pianist (died New York, 9/2/1960) was born in Pozsony, Hungary.

4/3/1877, Tchaikovsky�s ballet Swan lake was first performed, at the Bolshoi theatre, Moscow.

4/12/1876, Hermann Goetz, German composer, died (born 17/12/1840).

29/8/1876, Felicien David, French composer, died (born 13/4/1810).

27/8/1876, Eugene Fromentin, French painter, died (born 1820).

17/8/1876, Wagner�s opera Gotterdammerung premiered at Bayreuth.

28/6/1876, August Wilhelm Ambros, Austrian musician, died in Vienna (born 1816).

13/3/1876, Joseph von Fuhrich, Austrian painter, died (born 9/2/1800).

3/6/1875, Georges Bizet, French composer of the opera Carmen, died in Bougival near Paris.

7/3/1875, Maurice Ravel, French composer, was born in Ciboure in the Basque Country.

3/3/1875, George Bizet�s opera Carmen was first performed for the first time, in Paris.

15/2/1875, Sir William Bennett, English composer, died in St Johns Wood, London (born in Sheffield 13/4/1816).

21/9/1874, Gustav Holst, English composer, who wrote The Planets, was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, as Gustavus Theodore von Holst, of Swedish origin.

13/9/1874, Arnold Schoenberg, composer, was born.

16/11/1873, William Christopher Handy, band leader, �Father of the Blues�, was born.

1/4/1873, Sergei Rachmaninov, last of the great Russian romantic composers, was born in Oneg, Nijni Novgorod. He later settled in the USA.

25/2/1873, Enrico Caruso, Italian operatic tenor, was born in Naples.

12/10/1872, Ralph Vaughan Williams, composer, was born.

11/8/1872, Lowell Mason, US musician, died.

10/8/1872, Bill Johnson, musician, was born.

22/5/1872, In Germany, the foundation stone of the Bayreuth Theatre was laid. It was built specially for the performance of Wagner�s works.

7/3/1872, Piet Mondrian, painter, was born.

26/3/1871, Francois Fetis, Belgian composer, died (born 25/3/1784)

20/10/1870, Michael Balfe, Irish composer, died (born in Dublin 13/5/1808).

22/7/1870, Josef Strauss, composer, died

10/3/1870, Ignaz Moschelles, Bohemian pianist, died (born 30/5/1794).

29/11/1869, Giulia Grisi, Italian opera singer, died (born 1811).

20/4/1869, Johann Lowe, German composer, died (30/11/1796).

8/3/1869, French composer Berlioz died in Paris.


28/11/1868, Frantisek Drdla, Czech composer, was born

11/8/1868, Halfdan Kjerulf, Norwegian composer, died (born 15/9/1815).

20/9/1867, Michael Lacy, Irish musician, died in London.

10/9/1867, Simon Schechter, composer, died

13/11/1866, Rossini, Italian composer, died in Passy, France, aged 76.

8/12/1865, Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer, was born in Hameenlinna, the son of a surgeon.

8/10/1865, Heinrich Ernst, German composer, died (born 1814).

1/10/1865, Paul Dukas, French composer, was born in Paris, France (died17/5/1935 in Paris).

10/8/1865, Alexander Glazunov, Russian composer, was born.

6/7/1865, Emile Jacques Dalcroze, inventor of eurhythmics dancing, was born.

9/6/1865, Carl Nielson, composer, was born.


11/6/1864, Richard Strauss, composer, was born in Munich, Germany

18/5/1864, Milton Aborn, US operatic singer, was born (died 12/11/1933).

13/1/1864, Stephen Foster, musician, died in New York (born 4/7/1926)

7/12/1863, Pietro Mascagni, Italian composer, was born.

31/7/1863, Richard Aldrich, US music critic, was born (died 1937).

2/5/1863, Giacomo Meyebeer, German composer, died (born 5/9/1791).

22/8/1862, Composer Claude Debussy was born in St Germain en Laye, France.

29/1/1862, Frederick Delius, English composer, born in Bradford, Yorkshire.

18/12/1861, Edward MacDowell, US composer, was born (died 24/1/1908).

8/8/1861, Cecile Chaminade, French composer, was born.

19/5/1861, Dame Nellie Melba, opera singer, was born.

18/12/1860, Edward MacDowell, US composer, was born in New York City.

7/7/1860, Gustav Mahler, composer, was born in Kalischt, Bohemia.

23/6/1860, On St John�s Eve, Mussorgsky completed St John�s Night on a Bare Mountain. After his death Rimsky Korsakov edited it and removed St John�s from the title.

14/3/1860, Louis Jullien, musician, died (born 23/4/1812)


19/5/1859, Dame Nellie Melba, Australian singer, was born.

1/2/1859, Victor Herbert, cellist and conductor, was born.

22/12/1858, Composer Puccini was born in Lucca, Italy.

16/4/1858, Johann Cramer, English composer, died (born 24/2/1771).

25/1/1858, �The Wedding March�, by Felix Mendelssohn, became popular at weddings after it was played at the marriage of Queen Victoria�s daughter, Victoria, to Friedrich of Prussia.

23/1/1858, Luigi Lablache, French-Italian singer, died (born 6/12/1794).


10/10/1857, Thomas Crawford, US sculptor, died (born 22/3/1814).

16/9/1857, The tune Jingle Bells by James Pierpoint was copyrighted under its original title One Horse Open Sleigh. In 1965 it became the first song to be broadcast from space.

15/7/1857, Karl Czerny, Austrian composer, died (born 21/2/1791).

2/6/1857, Sir Edward Elgar, British composer, was born in Broadheath, near Worcester, the son of a music seller and organist.


29/7/1856, Robert Schumann, German composer, died in an asylum near Bonn.

3/5/1856, Adolphe Adam, French composer (born 24/7/1803) died.

17/2/1856, John Braham, English vocalist, died.

30/4/1855, Sir Henry Bishop, composer, died (born in London 18/11/1786).

6/11/1854, John Philip Sousa, composer, inventor of the sousaphone (a sort of large tuba), was born.

3/7/1854, Leos Janacek, composer, was born

13/1/1854, The accordion was patented by Anthony Faas.

23/12/1853, Giacomo Puccini, composer, was born.

1/11/1852, Dame Emma Albani, Canadian singer (died 3/4/1930) was born.

30/9/1852, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, Irish composer, was born.

29/1/1852, Frederic Cowen, English composer, was born.

8/10/1851, George Lee, English musician, died.

11/3/1851, Verdi�s opera Rigoletto was first performed, in Venice.

21/1/1851, Gustav Lortzing, German composer, died.


7/5/1850, Anton Seidl, Hungarian operatic conductor, was born (died 28/3/1898).

14/12/1849, Konradin Kreutzer, German composer, died (born 22/11/1780).

17/10/1849, Frederic Chopin, born 1/3/1810 near Warsaw, Poland, died aged 39 of tuberculosis in Paris.

25/9/1849, Johann Strauss the Elder died, aged 45, of scarlet fever.

18/8/1849, Benjamin Godard, French composer, was born (died 10/1/1895).

12/6/1849, Angelica Catalani, Italian opera singer, died (born 1780).

1/4/1848, Gaetano Donizetti, Italian composer, died (born 1798).


29/12/1847, William Crotch, English musician, died (born 5/7/1775).

4/11/1847, The composer Felix Mendelssohn died in Leipzig of a stroke, aged 38.

27/9/1847, Marie Lajeunesse, or Albani, Canadian singer, was born in Chambly, Quebec.

16/4/1846, Domenico Dragonetti, musician, died (born 7/4/1763)

19/10/1845, Wagner�s opera �Tannhauser� was first performed at Dresden.Wagner�s music inspired either wonder or loathing, and he was also highly anti-Semitic.

7/3/1845, Edward Lloyd, English tenor vocalist, was born.

13/7/1844, Johann Gansbacher, Austrian composer, died (born 1778).

21/5/1844, Guiseppe Baini, Italian musician, died in Rome (born in Rome 21/10/1775).

3/5/1844, Richard D�Oyly Carte, who produced the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, was born.

18/3/1844, Rimsky Korsakoov, Russian composer, was born in Novgorod.

15/6/1843, Edward Grieg, Norwegian composer, was born in Bergen.He was of Scottish descent.

22/10/1842, Anne Louise Cary, US singer, was born.

12/5/1842, Jules Massanet, French composer, was born.

11/4/1842, Edmond Audran, French composer, was born in Lyons (died in Paris 16/8/1901).

15/3/1842, Maria Cherubini, Italian composer, died (born 14/9/1760).

8/9/1841, Anton Dvorak, Czech composer, was born near Prague.

18/1/1841, French composer Alexis Chabrier was born (died 13/9/1894).

17/12/1840, Hermann Goetz, German composer, was born (died 4/12/1876).

12/11/1840, Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, was born in Paris.

7/5/1840, Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer, was born in Votkinsk, the son of a government mines inspector.

7/11/1839, Hermann Levi, German orchestral conductor, was born.

12/4/1839, Victorin Joncieres, French composer, was born (died 26/10/1903).

21/3/1839, Modest Moussorgsky, Russian composer, was born in Karevo (now called Pskov).

25/10/1838, Georges Bizet, composer, was born in Bougival, Paris (died 3/6/1875).

12/8/1838, Sir Joseph Barnby, composer, was born in York (died in London 28/1/1896).

3/8/1838, Frederic Clay, English composer, was born (died 24/11/1889).

6/10/1837, Jean Lesueur, French composer, died (born 15/1/1760).

24/8/1837, Francois Dubois, French composer, was born.

7/8/1837, Allan Foli, Irish bass singer, was born (died 20/10/1899).

26/6/1837, Ernest Guiraud, French composer, was born (died 6/5/1892).

11/1/1837, John Field, English composer, died (born 1782).


31/12/1836, Mili Balakirev, Russian composer, was born in Nizni-Novogorod.

23/9/1836, Marie Malibran, French operatic singer, died (born 24/3/1808).

26/6/1836, Rouget de Lisle, composer of La Marseillaise in 1792, died.

22/2/1836, John Clarke-Whitfeld, English organist and composer, died aged 65.

21/2/1836, Clement Delibes, French composer, was born (died 16/1/1891).

16/2/1836, Benjamin Edward Woolf, Dutch composer, was born.

20/1/1836, John Carrodus, violinist, was born (died 13/7/1895).

3/10/1835, Charles Saint-Saens, French composer, was born.

24/9/1835, Vincenzo Bellini, operatic composer, died in Puteaux, Paris (born in Catania, Sicily 1/11/1801).

28/9/1834, Charles Lamoureux, French violinist, was born (died 21/12/1899).

1/9/1834, Amilcare Ponchielli, Italian musician, was born (died 17/1/1886).

17/8/1834, Peter Benoit, composer, was born in Flanders (died in Antwerp 8/3/1901).

12/11/1833, Alexander Borodin, Russian composer, was born in St Petersburg.

14/9/1833, Francis Bache, composer, was born in Birmingham (died 26/3/1888 in London).

7/5/1833, Johannes Brahms, German composer, was born in Hamburg, the son of a poor orchestral musician.

20/1/1833, Gertrud Mara, German singer, died.

18/1/1833, Louis Herold, French musician, died (born 28/1/1791).

3/6/1832, Alexandre Lecocq, French composer, was born.

18/5/1832, Karl Goldmark, Hungarian composer, was born.

9/3/1832, Muzio Clementi, Italian composer, died.

5/8/1831, Sebastien Erard, musical instrument maker, died (born 5/4/1752).

28/6/1831, Joseph Joachim, German composer, was born (died 13/8/1907).

8/1/1830, Hans Bulow, German pianist, was born (died 13/2/1894).


1829, The accordion was invented by Cyril Damian (1772-1837) in Vienna.

16/2/1829, Francois Gossec, French composer, died (born 1734).

19/11/1828, Franz Schubert, born 31/1/1797, died of typhus, aged 31.

9/8/1827, Marc Desaugiers, French composer, died (born 17/8/1772).

26/3/1827, Composer Ludwig van Beethoven died in Bonn, aged 57. His last words were reputedly �I shall hear in Heaven�. His funeral was on 29/3/1827, in Vienna; thousands attended it.

9/10/1826, Michael Kelly, British composer, died.

25/10/1825, Johann Strauss junior, composer, was born in Vienna, Austria.

7/5/1825, Antonio Saleri, composer, died

4/9/1824, Anton Bruckner, Austrian composer, was born (died 11/10/1896).

13/6/1824, Julius Eichberg, German composer, was born (died 28/1/1893).

2/3/1824, Bedrich Smetana, Czech composer, was born in Litomysl, Bohemia.

24/12/1823, Giovanni Bottesini, Italian composer, was born in Lombardy (died in Parma 7/7/1889).

1/12/1823, Ernest Reyer, French composer, was born.

7/5/1823, Despite his deafness, Beethoven conducted the first performance of his Ninth Symphony.

1/3/1823, Pierre Garat, French singer, died (born 25/4/1764).

10/12/1822, Cesar Franck, French composer, was born (died 8/11/1890).

1821,The harmonica was invented by the German CFL Buschmann, as an aid to tuning a piano.

15/5/1821, John Callcott, English musician (born 20/11/1766) died.

6/10/1820, Jenny Lind, Swedish singer, was born (died 2/11/1887).


22/12/1819, Franz Abt, German composer, (died 31/3/1885 in Weisbaden) was born in Eilenburg, Saxony.

13/9/1819, Clara Schumann, German pianist, was born (died 20/5/1986).

11/4/1819, Sir Charles Halle, German musician who founded the Halle Orchestra in Manchester, was born.

26/9/1818, John Sims Reeves, English vocalist, was born (died 25/10/1900).

25/8/1818, Elizabeth Billington, opera singer, died near Venice.

17/6/1818, Charles Gounod, French composer, was born (died 18/10/1893).

20/3/1818, Johann Forkel, German musician, died (born 22/2/1749).


18/10/1817, Etienne Mehul, French composer, died (born 24/6/1763).

22/2/1817, Niels Gade, Danish composer, was born (died 21/12/1890).

13/4/1816, Sir William Bennett, English composer, was born in Sheffield (died in St Johns Wood, London, 15/2/1875).

27/3/1816, Sir George Elvey, composer, was born (died 9/10/1893).

20/2/1816, Gioachino Rossini�s opera, The Barber of Seville, was first performed, at the Teatro Argentina in Rome.

7/10/1815, Charles Beecher, US composer, was born in Litchfield, Connecticut (died in Georgetown, Massachusetts, 21/4/1900).

15/9/1815, Halfdan Kjerulf, Norwegian composer, was born (died 11/8/1868).

28/6/1815, Robert Franz, German composer, was born (died 24/10/1892).

15/5/1815, Stephen Heller, Austrian composer, was born (died 14/1/1888).

8/5/1815, Jean Alard, French violinist, was born in Bayonne (died 22/2/1888 in Paris).

1/1/1815, Henry Lazarus, British clarinettist, was born (died 6/3/1895).


1814, The first reliable metronome was invented, by German organ-maker Dietrich Winkel. His idea was stolen by musician Johann Nepomuk Maelzel, who patented the device in his own name.Winkel successfully sude, but by then Maelzel had retired to the USA with the profits.

8/6/1814, Frederick Himmel, German composer, died (born 20/11/1765)

12/5/1814, Adolf von Henselt, German composer, was born (died 10/10/1889).

10/10/1813, Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi was born in Le Roncole, near Busseto, the son of an innkeeper.

24/9/1813, Andre Gretry, French composer, died (born 8/2/1741).

22/5/1813, Richard Wagner, German operatic composer, was born in Leipzig.

2/3/1813, Sir Georhge MacFarren, English composer, was born (died 31/10/1887).

27/6/1812, John Hullah, English composer, was born (died 1884).

27/4/1812, Friedrich Flotow, German composer, was born (died 24/1/1883).

23/4/1812, Louis Jullien, musician, was born (died 14/3/1860).

24/10/1811, Ferdinand Hiller, German composer, was born (died 12/5/1885).

22/10/1811, Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer and pianist, was born in the village of Raiding near Odenburg.

1/12/1810, Josef Gung�l, Hungarian composer, was born (died 31/1/1889).

8/6/1810, Robert Schumann, German composer, was born.

23/6/1810, Fanny Essler, Austrian dancer, was born (died 27/11/1884).

13/4/1810, Felicien David, French composer, was born (died 29/8/1876).

1/3/1810, Frederic Chopin, Polish composer and pianist, was born in Zelazowa Wola, near Warsaw, the son of a Frenchman.

5/2/1810, Ole Bull, Norwegian violinist, was born (died 17/8/1880).


12/10/1809, John Hatton, English composer, was born (died 20/9/1886).

31/5/1809, Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer, died in Vienna.

3/2/1809, Felix Mendelssohn, German composer, was born in Hamburg, son of a banker.

22/12/1808, Beethoven�s 5th and 6th symphonies received their premiere in Vienna.

15/5/1808, Michael Balfe, Irish composer, was born in Dublin (died 20/10/1870).

24/3/1808, Marie Malibran, French operatic singer, was born (died 23/9/1836).

14/2/1808, Sir Michael Costa, British composer, was born (died 29/4/1884).

10/8/1806, Michael Haydn, composer, died

20/11/1805, Beethoven�s opera, Fidelio, premiered at the Theater an der Wein, in Vienna.

7/4/1805, Ludwug van Beethoven conducted the first public performance of his Symphony No.3 in E Flat Major, also known as the Eroica Symphony, in Vienna.

28/5/1805, Luigi Boccherini, Italian composer, died in Madrid (born 1743).


27/11/1804, Sir Julius Benedict, composer, was born in Stuttgart (died in London 5/6/1885).

19/11/1804, Pietro Guglielmi, Italian composer, died (born 5/1727).

16/6/1804, Johann Hiller, German composer, died (born 25/12/1725)

14/3/1804, Johann Strauss the Elder, Austrian composer, was born in Vienna, son of an innkeeper.

11/12/1803, Hector Berlioz, French composer, was born in La Cote St Andre, near Grenoble, son of a doctor.

5/9/1803, Francois Devienne, composer, died

24/7/1803, Adolphe Adam, French composer, was born (died 3/5/1856).

2/6/1803, Michael Glinka, Russian composer, was born (died 2/2/1857).

22/10/1802, Samuel Arnold, English composer, died in London (born 10/8/1740 in London).

7/10/1802, Wilhelm Molique, German composer, was born.

3/3/1802, Beethoven�s opera �Moonlight Sonata� was published.

1/11/1801, Vincenzo Bellini, operatic composer, was born in Catania, Sicily (died in Puteaux, Paris, 24/9/1835).

11/1/1801, Domenico Cimarosa, Italian composer, died (born 17/12/1749).


29/11/1797, Gaetano Donizetti, composer, was born.

31/1/1797, Franz Schubert, Austrian composer, was born near Vienna. He was the son of a schoolteacher.

30/11/1796, Johann Lowe, German composer, was born (died 20/4/1869).

19/11/1795, Thomas Linley, English musician, died.

7/4/1795, Theobald Boehm, who invented the modern Western flute and its fingering system, was born.

6/12/1794, Luigi Lablache, French-Italian singer, was born (died 23/1/1858).

30/5/1794, Ignaz Moschelles, Bohemian pianist, was born (died 10/3/1870).

29/2/1792, Gioacchino Rossini, Italian composer, was born in Pesano, on the Adriatic coast. He was the son of an itinerant horn player.

5/12/1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer, died of typhus in Vienna and was buried in the common ground of St Mark�s churchyard.

30/9/1791, Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiereed his opera, The Magic Flute. Unfortunately he died 2 months later so did not live to see its great success.

5/9/1791, Giacomo Meyebeer, German composer, was born (died 2/5/1863).

21/2/1791, Karl Czerny, Austrian composer, was born (died 15/7/1857).

28/1/1791, Louis Herold, French musician, was born (died 18/1/1833).

15/2/1789, Frederic Fesca, German composer, was born (died 1826).

10/7/1788, Mozart completed his Jupiter Symphony. Born on 27/1/1756, Mozart died on 5/12/1791 from typhus and was buried in a pauper�s grave with several other paupers.

10/8/1787, Mozart completed his famous Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

20/6/1787, Karl Abel, German musician (born 1725) died in London.

18/11/1786, Sir Henry Bishop, composer, was born in London (died 30/4/1855).

19/5/1786, John Stanley, composer, died.

1/5/1786, Mozart�s opera, The Marriage of Figaro, had its first performance, in Vienna, Austria.

3/1/1785, Baldassare Galuppi, Italian composer, died (born 18/10/1706).


4/8/1784, Giovanni Martini, Italian musician, died (born 24/4/1706).

5/4/1784, Louis Spohr, composer and violinist, was born.

25/3/1784, Francois Fetis, Belgian composer, was born (died 26/3/1871)

23/12/1783, Johann Hasse, German composer, died.

27/10/1782, Birth of Italian composer and violinist Niccolo Paganini, in Genoa.

15/7/1782, Carlo Broschi (Farinelli), Italian singer, died (born 24/1/1705).

1/1/1782, Johann Christian Bach, composer, died.

22/11/1780, Konradin Kreutzer, German composer, was born (died 14/12/1849).

7/2/1779, William Boyce, English composer, died (born in London 7/2/1710).

14/11/1778, Johann Hummel, German composer, was born (died 1837).

5/3/1778, Thomas Arne, English composer, died in London.

20/11/1776, John Callcott, Englishmusician, was born (died 15/5/1821).

21/10/1775, Guiseppe Baini, Italian musician, was born in Rome (died in Rome, 21/5/1844).

5/7/1775, William Crotch, English musician, was born (died 19/12/1847).

1/12/1774, Johann Agricola, German musician died in Berlin (born4/1/1720 in Dobitschen).

15/11/1774, William Horsley, English musician, was born (died 1858).

25/8/1774, Niccola Jommelli, Italian composer, died (born 10/9/1714).

17/8/1772, Marc Desaugiers, French composer, was born (died 9/4/1827).

24/2/1771, Johann Cramer, English composer, was born (died 16/4/1858).

16/12/1770, Beethoven, German composer, was born in Bonn, the son of an undistinguished tenor.

20/11/1766, John Callcott, English musician (died 15/5/1821) was born.

20/11/1765, Frederick Himmel, German composer, was born (died 8/6/1814)

24/6/1763, Etienne Mehul, French composer, was born (died 18/10/1817).

7/4/1763, Domenico Dragonetti, musician, was born (died 16/4/1846).

17/9/1762, Francesco Germianni, composer, died.

14/9/1760, Maria Cherubini, Italian composer, was born (died 15/3/1842).

12/2/1760, Johann Dussek, Bohemian composer, was born (died 20/3/1812).

15/1/1760, Jean Lesueur, French composer, was born (died 6/10/1837).


8/8/1759, Carl Graun, German composer, died (born 7/5/1701).

14/4/1759. George Frederick Handel, German composer, died, aged 74, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was born in Halle, Saxony, on 23/2/1685. He settled in England and became court composer to George II.

23/7/1757. The composer Scarlatti died, aged 71.

27/1/1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer, was born in Salzburg, the son of a musician.

1/12/1755, Maurice Greene, English composer, died (born 1695).

13/8/1755, Francesco Durante, Italian composer, died (born 15/3/1684).

5/4/1752, Sebastien Erard, musical instrument maker, was born (died 5/8/1831).

15/9/1750, Charles Pachelbel, composer, died.

28/7/1750. The composer Johann Sebastian Bach died, almost blind, of apoplexy. He was born on 21/3/1685 in Eisenach, Germany. He fathered 20 children, and also composed 300 cantatas, two oratorios, the St John and St Matthew Passions, and Mass in B Minor.


17/12/1749, Domenico Cimarosa, Italian composer, was born (died 11/1/1801).

22/2/1749, Johann Forkel, German musician, was born (died 20/3/1818).

9/7/1747, Giovanni Bononcini, composer, died.

31/10/1744, Leonardo Leo, Italian composer, died (5/8/1694).

10/10/1743, Marie Guimard, French dancer, was born (died1816).

13/4/1742, The performance of Handel�s Messiah in Dublin marked the climax of his popularity.

28/7/1741, Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer, notably of The Four Seasons, died in Vienna.

10/8/1740, Samuel Arnold, English composer, was born in London (died 22/10/1802 in London).


2/11/1739, Karl Dittersdorf, Austrian composer, was born (died 1/10/1799).

1738, The musical glasses, (verillon) ancestor of the harmonica, was demonstrated by Eisel.

18/12/1737, Antonio Stradivari, famous Italian violin maker, died in Cremona, Lombardy.

3/2/1736, Johann Albrechtsberger, Austrian musician, was born in Kloster-Neuburg (died 7/3/1809 in Vienna).

7/12/1732, The Covent Garden Theatre, London, opened

31/3/1732, Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer, was born in Rohrau, son of a wheelwright.

27/1/1731, Bartolommeo Cristofori, Italian harpsichord maker, who designed the first piano in 1710, died in Florence.

29/5/1730, William Jackson, English musician, was born (died 5/7/1803).

14/8/1727, William Croft, English composer, died (born 1678).

25/12/1725, Johann Hiller, German composer, was born (died 16/6/1804)

4/1/1720, Johann Agricola, German musician (died 1/12/1774 in Berlin) was born in Dobitschen.


2/3/1717, First ballet performed in England, The Loves of Mars and Venus , at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.

19/2/1717, David Garrick, English actor and theatre manager, was born in Hereford, son of an army captain.

28/4/1715, Franz Sparry, composer, was born.

10/9/1714, Niccola Jommelli, Italian composer, was born (died 25/8/1774).

2/7/1714, Christoph Gluck, German composer, was born (died 15/11/1787).

8/3/1714, C P E Bach, composer, born.

1711, The tuning fork was invented by English instrument maker, John Shore.


15/4/1710, Marie Camargo, French dancer, was born (died 1770).

12/3/1710, Thomas Arne, composer of Rule Britannia, was born in London, the son of an upholsterer.

7/2/1710, William Boyce, English composer, was born in London (died 7/2/1779).

18/10/1706, Baldassare Galuppi, Italian composer, was born (died 3/1/1785).

24/4/1706, Giovanni Martini, Italian musician, was born (died 4/8/1784).

24/1/1705, Carlo Broschi (Farinelli), Italian singer, was born (died 15/7/1782).

1704, The first piano was constructed by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

7/5/1701, Carl Graun, German composer, was born (died 8/8/1759).


25/3/1699, Johann Hasse, German composer, was born (died 23/12/1783).

28/11/1695, Giovanni Colonna, Italian musician, died.

21/11/1695, Henry Purcell, English composer, died in London from tuberculosis.

3/9/1695, Pietro Locatelli, composer, was born.

5/8/1694, Leonardo Leo, Italian composer, was born (died 31/10/1744).

22/3/1687, Jean Baptiste, director of the Parisn Opera, died of sepsis after stabbing himself in the foot with his long baton whilst conductinga Te Deum of thanksgiving for King Louis XIV�s recoverty from illness.

21/3/1685, Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer, was born in Eisenach, Thuringia.

23/2/1685, George Frederick Handel, German composer, was born in Halle, the son of a barber-surgeon.

15/3/1684, Francesco Durante, Italian composer, was born (died 13/8/1755).

14/3/1681, Georg Philipp Telemann, composer, was born.

4/3/1678. Birth of Venetian composer and violinist Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.

2/1/1678, The Hamburg Staatsoper (Opera House) opened.

8/6/1671, Tomaso Albinoni, Italian composer, was born.


2/5/1655, Bartolommeo Cristofori, Italian who invented the first piano, was born in Padua.

1/9/1653, Johann Pachelbel, composer, was born.

7/2/1652, Gregorio Allegri, composer, died.

1634, Villagers at Oberammagau vowed to put on an annual Passion Play if they were spared the Black Death.

5/9/1629, Domenico Allegri, composer, died.

12/3/1628, John Bull, composer and organist, died.

5/6/1625, Orlando Gibbons, English composer, died (born 1583).

15/2/1621, Michael Praetorius, composer and organist, died.

19/5/1611, Death of Chinese mathematician Zhu Zhaiyu, who discovered equal temperament in music.

10/9/1607, Luzzasco Luzzaschi, composer, died.

24/9/1605, Manuel Mendes, composer, died.

2/2/1594, Composer Palestrina died in Rome (born ca. 1525).

29/2/1592, Alessandrio Striggio,composer, died.

20/9/1590, Lodovico Agostini,composer, died.

10//9/1588, Nicholas Lanier, composer, was born.

18/9/1587, Francesca Caccini, composer, was born.

15/2/1571, Michael Praetorius, composer and organist, was born.

3/9/1568, Adriano Banchiieri, composer, died.

18/10/1545, John Taverner, English composer, died.

21/3/1527, Hermann Finck, German composer, was born (died 1558).

27/8/1521, Josquin des Pres, French composer, died.


1499, Oxford University instituted a Degree in Music.

1472, First printed sheet music, in Bologna, Italy.

50 AD, Earliest version of the oboe in use, in Rome.

45,000 BCE, The oldest musical instrument in the world, a flute, has been dated to this period.


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